Book Folding Templates

These are the links to my Folded Book posts

Newly added: a set of BIG ALPHAS, if you want to fold a book with a single large plain letter. There is also a full set of numbers (use the O from the alphas for Zero) and both the & and a heart.  Useful if you want a wedding gift or decoration, you can do a trio of books as  Letter & Letter or Letter (heart) Letter


Also single letters, BIG varsity style ones are here



Be sure to review the FONT CHOICES POST when submitting a request. Here are some thumbnail samples of a few of the fonts I’ve used.  The most popular from each list are Coolvetica and Habano.






This one has the basic info about folding books with lined templates, including the original post I saw on the topic and YouTube videos that explain a different way to do it.


This post has an alternative for counting the pages.  I think it may be easier!


THIS post explains why I am so reluctant to give you a page count, and includes a nice Harry Potter PDF using the Deathly Hallows symbol.


This post shows how I fold back “spacer pages” to create a break between letters, like when you have an M next to an L or K and the two uprights butted up to each other are too undefined.


Alternatively you can fold to a point, as seen here, which may work better in some cases:


This post has an idea for adding a ribbon to keep the book open/closed to the best point for display.



Not something I have done more than a sample of, but see the post on Multi-line folding here



Newly added, a post full of hearts!


This post with some cute Baby images for folding.




This post has a useful alphabet with instructions how to create your own words


This post has some templates you can print and use, including numbers.

UPDATED: I’ve re-added the PDF to include the number zero.  Critical for 10th 20th, 50th, etc and really it should have been there from the beginning.  Sorry about that.



and this one has ordinals and cute candles for birthday folding:


plus hat, present, balloons….

and this new post has a lot of templates I made for others, including LOVE, MUM, MR & MRS, some more shapes and lots of &s


And this post has ??s



This post has two alphabets – you can print the individual letters and assemble any word you like


This post has a new way that you can create a template.  Not tested by me, but feel free to have a go.


It also has another alphabet with the lines added, for creating a template using the original method. This is the font:



I am starting to update my old pages of templates, with the words more s t r e t c h e d so they fold fatter.  The first one, for READ is here



And I am adding a trio of Friends here.

A reader shared her project, and it turned out FAB!  Thanks Alexa!


This post has a group of FAMILY templates:

This post has a PDF of multiple templates for JOY, all stretched.


and this one has multiple templates for PEACE.  Perfect for the holidays!



and THIS post has lots of LOVE templates – now updated with stretched words



This post has a calendar but also a PDF of ! templates



This post has Class Of templates and two sets of numbers

class of

This post has a link to a simple heart done in a different way (with measurements)


This post has links to other book folding that may interest you, including more measurement-style templates


Inverted Book Folding

Check out this variation and the post here that explains it a bit.


My lined templates work for this style as well, although in general, folding the black AND white lines will form a nicer book.  This one is just the back lines and I feel like it is a bit less defined than it could have been.