Font choices for book folding


Here are two sheets of the fonts I use most often when making book folding templates.  If you request one, please also pick a font (or two!) This will give you more control over the final template – and don’t forget I am always happy to TRY a font of your choice, not from the list.  It has to be free for me to acquire (or one I already own) and a link to it would be helpful. I can Google with the best of them, but a link saves me time.




Seeing them will give you a good idea of how many interruptions letters are likely to have, so if you are a novice at book folding, pick a simple, straight and upright font like Helvetica or Mondo Cane. If you are just branching out into scripty ones, Habano has to be my top choice. To be honest, I would avoid Brush Script.  Not sure why I have it as a possible, I am not sure I’ve ever sent a template out using it LOL! Some of them, like Grand Hotel, works better if I fatten it up, some work well only for very specific words. I test the names/words requested, and usually send a sheet with one from the scripty list and one from the plain list.  And if nothing works for me I branch out to my whole 5000+ font library….

There will be another post with more interesting content arriving soon.

194 thoughts on “Font choices for book folding

  1. Hello again! So I loved the template you sent me for this request however I am having a hard time finding a book large enough. Would you be willing to send me one maybe all lowercase to shorten the page fold count? Thank you!

  2. Hello once again! Would I be able to get “THE CREW” one word on top of the other and centered? Like the example below. This is for my dad who wants it to replicate a white water river rafting book he is writing, so I’m not positive which type of font would look best. Maybe Bernard MT or Gabo Drive? If you have a suggestion I’d love to see it! Thank you!!!

  3. Hi! Would you possibly be able to send a template for the word J u s h i? I think it would be closest in the font of a Britannic Bold. Thank you so much!!

  4. Hello! Would I be able to get a template for the initials “KT” in black chancery please? I’m not sure if this is possible.. but I would love if an archery arrow could be incorporated somehow! If not, just the initials would be perfect =) thank you so much! I love following your templates for book foldings. I appreciate you sharing your gift!

    • Not sure how successful it is but you can always just ignore the bow part and just do the initials!

      • Thank you so much! I love it =) would you mind doing the same thing (arrow included) in the font grand hotel? Thank you again!

  5. Hi there! Thanks for this blog and sharing your talent! I’ve been trying to figure out myself how to do it but no luck, could you please send me a template for 6/20/20? Thank you so much in advance!

  6. Could you make a template for me with a date? 4/15/20 is my daughter’s anniversary. I’d like to do a book folding for their 1st anniversary. (It’s okay if it’s late). After all, paper is the traditional 1st anniversary gift.

  7. Could you please send me a template for ‘Lois’ in a script font that you think would suit this word. I wish to make a present for a friend who is turning 80. Thank you

  8. Hi
    Would you be able to send me a pattern

  9. Hello,

    May I request Raman in habano. Also if you would be able to do a stitch from lilo and stitch pattern for me?

  10. I posted a request to you earlier today about.a template for
    Robert Gore BEM
    Can you make it in
    A L Libretto
    My wife would be very grateful thank you.

  11. Could you do a pattern for me?

  12. Wow your work is amazing. You have explained the folding technique very well. Could I ask you to create a template for me? Word READ in any font. I will be really Thankful.

  13. I would like to request a template. I have a photo of a book fold that the lady said she obtained from you. The font looks like Habano. I can send a photo of the finished book

  14. Hello. My younger daughter and I just finished making READ and it looks awesome! Thank you so much for a fun, easy-to-follow pattern. Now both of my gals would like to do ones of their names. Could you make two patterns for them? One that says Lola and one that says Eve. Probably in the Mondo Cane pattern. They are 9 and 12 and these will be their first solo attempts. (I’m finally getting my old law school books off my shelf and making them into something much more fun. 🙂

  15. Hi there! Im trying to get a two line one reading : Better
    Is that possible? I like the Abril FatFace script but really I would be completely fine with any you think would fit and look good. Thank you so much!! 😁

  16. Hello! I love this blog and everything you’re doing. Thank you so much! Could I get the word “hero” (one all lowercase and one with a capital “h” if possible) in Milk Script please? Again thanks so much…

      • Thank you so much! They’re beautiful. As well, I downloaded the app you mentioned you used for the templates. Do you have a tutorial or know of one for this app? (Intaglio if this is still the one you use.) Thank you!

        • I use a desktop version so not familiar with the app. But there should be a user guide you can download. Have fun with it!

  17. Thank you so much for your tips! Could you please make George? I kind of like Abril Fatface and Lobster Two, but whatever you think looks good. Thank you!

  18. I would love a template of a lighthouse, something very simple don’t want it to be very overpowering at all. I thank you in advance and think you are doing a wonderful job.

  19. I am looking for a template to create something special for my niece and her partner – Lucy & Desi.

    • It;s long, but on the way. Might be an idea to do one name in each book? Just a thought….

      • Can you send me a pattern for: Robin Alex Class of 2022 Thanks!


        • Personally, I think this is a waste of your time! There is NO WAY a phrase this long is going to look good! I would say either do the name in one book and 2022 in another or do just the year and add the name in a banner. Have a think and get back to me! I’ve sent what you asked for but really, don’t bother.

          • I was wanting one that says Robin One that says Alex and One that says Class on 2022


        • C O 2022 is still really long so sent it as well as 2022 alone!

          • Hi can you send me a temple any print Alyssa & Lee Thank you

            On Fri, Nov 1, 2019, 5:15 AM scrappystickyinkymess UKMA commented: “C O 2022 is still really long so sent it as well as 2022 > alone!” >

  20. Can you make a template for:
    CROSS in Bernard MT
    12 30 16 in Bernard MT with “dots” in between the numbers?

  21. I’d like to request “Dr.Ashcom” in coolvetica or franklin gothic. It is for a 665 page book. I will gladly donate to your page for your time.

  22. I have a book (Game of Thrones book 1, 694 numbered pages) I’m wanting to fold into a wedding date as a bridal shower gift. You mention making requests in your blog but I’m not sure how you take/accept these requests. Like this? I’m open to creating the template myself as well but I don’t have MS Word. I’d really love your help in either creating the pattern for me or helping me create it!! Please and thank you!

  23. Hi,
    Is it possible to make a template with “Robbe” in Abril Fatface, of Bernard MT?
    And, if possible, can it be done with a heart instead of the “o”?
    Thanks in advance, Inge

    • Hello Would you happen to have a cancer ribbon you can send me. I am coming up on my 10th year and would love to do a book! Thank you

      On Tue, May 7, 2019, 3:53 AM scrappystickyinkymess Inge commented: “Hi, Is it possible to make a template with “Robbe” in > Abril Fatface, of Bernard MT? And, if possible, can it be done with a heart > instead of the “o”? Thanks in advance, Inge” >

      • I think I’ve done a ribbon before but maybe just a plain one? If you can post a link to an image I’m sure I can sort it out!

  24. Hello, Can you make me a pattern for “Nana” in the font Bernard Mt or Britannic Bold? Thanks in advance

    • Sorry, I think I got your request mixed up with another one for Nana and missed out sending yours. Will do so now. Watch your email.

      • Thank you so much!

        On Tue, Apr 9, 2019, 4:34 AM scrappystickyinkymess UKMA commented: “Sorry, I think I got your request mixed up with another > one for Nana and missed out sending yours. Will do so now. Watch your > email.” >

      • I dont know how to use fobts wirb out the lines graph on them im just learning how to do this. I have tge 2 fonts you attached but. I was looking for something different.

  25. I’m interested in the alphabet and numbers in the milk script font. How much do you charge? Thank you

  26. Hi, I am interested in learning how to do this but I am not sure how to make the pattern. Is there a way you can make it and I can pay for it???
    I like Franklin Gothic print for a 550 page book
    Name or the pattern is Walrath

    Please let me know if you can help,
    Thank you

  27. Good evening. I would like to do a book fold for a school. Are you able to send me the template for “Oak View Elementary School” on two lines – “Oak View” on the top line and “Elementary School” on the bottom line? My book is 25 centimeters long and 16 centimeters wide and has 1014 pages (half of that for folds). If not, could you do a template for just “Oak View” in the Black Chancery font? I can pay you for it. Thank you.

    • I think the book you would need to fold something that long would be equal to the normal sized book Alice would see when she was shrunk and the book was not! I mean just really REALLY huge. Maybe as a cut and fold but even then I fear it would be massive. I’ll send Oak View, you count it out and see what it is. Then we can talk again 🙂

  28. Hello!
    Love your site, I have learned a lot! I have four no longer used church hymnals and I would like to fold either LOVE, HOPE, PEACE or FAITH (all capital letters) in a font called Whitin. My problem is I don’t have a program to make the letters taller but not longer. When I print the sample from the font website and overlay it on your lined paper the letters are only about 2 1/4 inches tall. I would prefer them to be at least 4 inches tall. If you could alter the dimensions of the letters for me, I would be most grateful!

    Thank you,

  29. Could you make me a template for the word Boji in milk script and in fraklin gothic? Also would like one of a horseshoe. Thanks!

  30. Hey, looking for template for #shron. Can you help.

  31. Hi, I was wondering if you still made book folding templates and if so, how much do you charge? I am wanting to fold the name “Simpson” or even a scrolly “S”. I like the Brush Script and Milk Script fonts…especially the “S” on the Milk Script font. I am relatively new to this craft. I completed your “Mr & Mrs” template over the summer for my mother as an engagement gift. I totally didn’t count right and picked a book way too small. LOL! So I put “Mr &” in one book, then “Mrs” in another book. It actually turned out beautifully! So now I would like to try it again as a Christmas gift for my soon to be step brother and his wife. Thank you so much!

    • I do still do them, a few a day actually 🙂 Watch for mail from me! If you don’t see it soon, check your SPAM folder…

  32. Hi are you still providing book folding templates? I’m looking for a list of size sized numbers, full stop, dash and small heart that I could use to compose dates, in either fonts Franklin gothic or Helvetica. This would be so helpful if this could be provided. Thanks in advance

    • I do still do templates but I limit them to 3 at a time – and I don’t do full sets of alphabets or numbers. I do have a set of numbers already here and hearts in a few places, although probably not sized as small as you want. When creating dates there is much I need to do (like kerning) to fit them to a single sheet and those things can’t be included in a set. So better to ask for the specific date you want in the font you want. HTH

      • Okay not a problem would you be able to do a template for the date 13.10.17 but with hearts instead of dots if that’s possible. That book im using has around 400 pages but I can change it if needed. Could I have it in the font Bernard MT. Thanks again!

  33. I have a 440 page book that I just want to fold the letters N and A (NA) in it. It’s just medium average size book. Do you have a template I can follow? Just a plain font is ok since I am a beginner.

  34. Hi there. Are you still providing book folding templates? I am looking for “Chris & Kat” and date of “26-08-2018” in Habano ST. Could you also advise what size paper the pdf will need to be prited on as my home printer only does A4 as largest size. Mamy thnx

  35. Hi! I would love to do “Grace” in Bernard MT if you have time for another template! Yours are the best!! Thanks so much!

  36. I would love a template in Habano script for Prychun and one for my parents……Wright. I did print out your alphabet templates with the script but for some strange reason cannot get them to work right. You do beautiful work and am so appreciative that you help all of us out here. Thank You!

  37. I was hoping you could send me a temple for a capital letter H in Habano script, please. Thank you!

  38. I was hoping you could send me a capital letter H in the Habano font. Thank you so much!

  39. Hi, I love book folding and your blog! Can you do the name Maya in Habano? Would be super appreciated!

  40. Hi, I love book folding and your blog! Can you do the name Maya in Habano? Would be super appreciated!

  41. Greetings from Colorado/US, Maryanne! I’m wondering if you could send me the name Jenna in Habano ST, please?

  42. Hi would you be able to do “HOME” with a heart in place of the O in Bernard MT? Thanks!!!

  43. Hello!! Love your templates! My mom is working on “Read” but I would love to do “Inspire” in Bernard MT!! Thanks in advanced!!

  44. Hello,

    Would it be possible to get “chocolates” in milk script please. Trying to make a book for a friend. Thank you

    • I can do it but it is a pretty long word with lots of alternating folds. even on legal sized paper it is not going to be very tall. Watch for it in your email….

  45. Heyyy I’m trying to make an anniversary gift for my boyfriend would it be possible to get a template in black chancery saying “M&M”
    Thank you so much!!!

  46. Hi I would love to have a go at book folding I have a book with 314 pages to use and would love to do the word home. Thanks

  47. Hi. I’d really like to try the word “Chef”. Not sure what font would be best.

  48. Hi Maryanne,
    I would love to have the word “Friend” in whatever font you think would look best. I want to make this for someone who has been so kind.
    Thank you for your generosity!

  49. Would love the word Friend done in Grand Hotel font please. How much do you charge please?

    Thank you

    • I don’t charge but then I won’t count the lines and you are kinda at the mercy of my schedule and what time I have available, 🙂

      watch for email from me and check you spam folder if you don’t see it today.

  50. Hi Mary Anne.
    I love the templates that you provide and your post helped me learn how to book fold! I was wondering if you would be able to make me templates for the names Ayanna, Molly, Emily and Alex – all in Gabo drive- unless you know a font that may look better with the names! Thanks so much!!

  51. I need three templates, all in Helvetica, Chris,Maci and Cole. Book with 400 pages. can you please do this for me it is for some students.

    • On the way, but remember, I don;t make templates to fit a specific book. There are people who do that, for a fee. Mine are free but you have to count the lines and find a book to fit yourself!



    • Actually, I can’t send them – you didn’t leave an email address! They are ready…

  52. I like the Black Chancery font. I would like the letter R folding template. Can you please help me? Thank you

  53. Thanks so much for all that you have shared with us for free! Your site is so awesome and you are inspiring. May I please have a template for Imagine in Bernard MT Condensed?
    Thank you so much!

      • Thank you so much, Mary Anne! I love it. I hope to send you a pic of book when I finish it. Would you recommend putting any spacer pages between letters in the Imagine in Bernard MT Condensed? Like maybe between the letter I and the m. Thanks for being so generous with your time and talent!

  54. hi there, I am new to the book folding art, but love it! I was hoping for a template with my last name. Can you help me with that?
    The name is Fagan
    I like the Gabo Drive font and the Mondo Cane 🙂

    thank you

  55. Hi, i have just found your page & i am new to book folding i have a book that is just under 9ins in height & has 439 pages, i would love to try a basic heart can you help me with this please, thank you x.

  56. Hello, I was wanted to see if I could get 2 templates in Mondo for “Cline” and “Atha?” Thank you!

  57. Hi. Would it be possible to get the word Insight in black chancery please. I have tried myself but have become very frustrated. Thank you

  58. You are so awesome for doing this. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Can I get a few with the names of Ashley, Stephanie, Tiffany, Inez, and Christopher in Gelato Script and Milk Script? Is there a way to give you a donation for all the work and effort you have put into this???? ❤

    • Been quite busy recently but I will do three for you – I am limiting request to three so I can spread the time I do have over all the requests I get! Do you want to pick which three?

  59. Hi! Not sure, if my comment posted. Your work is wonderful and very easy to understand. I wanted to make my niece a birthday present. I was wondering, if you could make me a template for Harper in milk script. Very appreciated.

  60. Hi! I just starting reading and watching YouTube videos about book folding tonight. You are absolutely wonderful and your website has been very helpful. I want to make my niece a birthday present. Would you be able to make me Harper in milk script? It would be greatly appreciated.

  61. Hi! This is wonderful! I want to make a gift for my sisters wedding anniversary. She had a stack of books as her wedding cake so I am wondering if it would be possible to use a specific book to do the book fold? I think it would have more meaning to her gift if I chose one from her wedding cake. Would you be able to send me a template for A (heart) M in Bernard Mt. thank you so much in advance!

    • There are people who will make a template for you to fit the page count of a specific book, for a fee. Mine are one where you need to find a book to fit the template, but are free. Look at the one I will send you (and I can sent two of slightly different sizes) and see if they fit a book she has. Watch for it soon 🙂

  62. Hi, I am new to this and would like an easy font. I want it to say “Prom?” The book I bought has pages 7.5″ tall a 5.5″ wide. It is 470 pages (so 235 papers). Hope you can help! thanks

  63. Again I hope you get this, as I am not sure if it is the correct place. But could you do me the name Mark, in either milk script or habana. I would do it cut and fold if the book I have will not take the usual method. Thank you for your time.

  64. Hello. I really appreciate your website. This should make for a great anniversary gift for my wife. Can you create a template for me that has 3-5-2016 in Brittainic Bold? Can I also get a heart-shaped pattern (in case I can’t finish the date in time?)

  65. Would love to have a template in milk script that says Rokeby and one that says Brady if it isn’t too much trouble. Your site has been my best resource for this newest adventure of mine! Thanks for all the great info!

  66. Hello MaryAnne,
    I don’t see my question to you, so I am going to try again. Can you make be the word “Dream” in Black Chancery. Thank you so much for all your help.

  67. Hi! I have a couple of template requests. What do you charge, and how can I give you the request in a less public manner?
    This is such a neat site…Well done!

  68. Hi, it’s me again. I’m the one who needs a template for “Sara.” Could you make it in Black Chancery please? Thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤

  69. Britannica Bold or Halevetica Neue please. I know it is a long request but important to me and I am willing to do the work.

    May I have: Life is an Adventure 2 lines with Adventure on 2nd line or Adventure for 2nd book. Thank you so much.

    • I’ll send it but you may need a book 10 inches thick to fold it 🙂

      • Is there a font that would make it less pages? I have found some thick books. I will just divide it in to more books if needed. I promise to send you photos of work in progress and finished work. When my husband proposed to me, he wrote a poem and the last 2 lines were: Life is an adventure, I want to share it with you. Grateful for your help.

        • The font I sent was the one I thought was the best, but two books would be a great option, life is an on one and adventure on the other! Did you get it the other day? If not check spam 🙂

          • Yes, I did get the one you sent the other day but did not see it until after previous response to you. I was just so excited to see your response that I just clicked on the first one I saw. Again, thank you so much for your help.

  70. Could you send me Coolvetica and Gabo Drive alphabet templates? Thank you

  71. Hi! Would you please send me the alphabet templates in Coolvetica font? Thank you for your time!

  72. Hi! Do you have the alphabets for these already or do you create each request every time? Can I get the word “Read” in Milk Script and Gelato Script? Thank you so much!

    • For some words, I have them ready. But I really need to update some of them to load the words stretched, which makes for a fuller design. READ is one of these. You can find them in the top Book Folding menu drop down, but if you give me till Monday I’ll update them – and probably will email you your font choices in the meantime 🙂

  73. Help… how can I fold ‘Always’ in the Deathly Hallow copy of Harry Potter when the English copes are only 607 pages instead of the us version being the 752 pages that’s needed
    Please help

    • You may not be able to. The sample here could be using the US version with 759 pages. You could fold just the ALWAYS part without the symbol. Unfortunately, reducing it in height won’t always make such a significant difference in the page count, it’ll just make the word smaller. At least one of the other UK editions has more pages, Order of the Phoenix has 766 pages! You could also fold ALWAYS using DH and the symbol using another book from the series. There are also people who will make a custom template for you for a fee, matching the design yo want to the exact book and page count you want. I have the software to do that but I don’t make templates that I would have to charge people for. HTH


  74. Hi there I was wondering if you could help, I need a Mr & Mrs template with the date 23.07.16 but I can’t find one and don’t know how to make my own.

    • I’ll email you – I think there is no way you can FOLD both Mr and Mrs and a date in the same book – it would have to be 3000 pages long or something 🙂 It would work well as a cut&fold, or you could do two books as folds.

  75. Can you please make book folding templates for:
    “S” and “Savanna”
    Font: ” Abril Fatface”
    Thanks for reading this and I hope you make them. -if you do please send
    them to me

  76. Hi, love the post! Would you be able to send me the initials M F E for folding in a monogram style (F being larger than M & E)? I appreciate it!

  77. Love your blog! Mahalo (that’s ‘thank you’ in Hawaiian) for sharing! I would like to request a template for the word Aloha in Pacifico font. Aloha in Hawaiian has multiple meanings, the most prominent being love. With much appreciation!

  78. Just came across you blog…… Love it……. I have found a book that I would like to word fold for an anniversary gift. I am new at this and would like your sugestions. The book is quite large 91/2 x 7inchs — has 1025 pages. Love a romatic look. Rhonda

    • Sorry, we are in the middle of a house move and my blog is getting neglected. But I cleared some time today to catch up. I would say given you are new to it, maybe something like a heart with their initials inside it might work – it’s a little more complicated than one with Initial {heart} Initial, but a book as big as that can take it. Also not a super difficult option might be a sillhouette of a man and a woman embracing? there are some here you can look at – obviously the simpler ones will be easier to fold. I wouldn’t do one with free-flowing hair for example 🙂

      Have a think and get back to me – I’ll try to find the time.

  79. Hi would you possible be able to do me Dad in black chancery or lobster two and grandad in mondo cane please? Btw I love your blog!

  80. Hi lovely, really enjoy your blog and wondered if you had a template for Mum&Dad in a plain font that would work well? Many thanks

  81. Mary Anne* sorry auto check xx

  82. Hi Mary Jane. Would it be possible to do me ‘family’ in either milk script or black chancery please :-),. Xx

  83. Hi there, I really love your blog and I love this idea of book folding, do you happen to have ‘family’ in either milk font or black chancery. Thankyou

  84. Hi would you be able to do mum in Mondo Cane? I did it in your normal template font and it took soooo long 🙂 thanks

  85. Hi. Not sure if I’m submitting this in the right place but would you be able to make the name Alsky in Lavenderia? Thanks in advance!

  86. Hi I’ve now completed the mum folds that you sent me the templates for an now have the book fold bug would it be possible for you to send me nan in any feminine font please I also asked before about one saying happy 40th Becky I’ve now decided to try a cut and fold book with this could you please send me a template for this to I don’t have a computer so have been trying to draw them on graph paper an not really getting anywhere thanks

    • Oh dear! Did I miss out on sending the Becky one? Sorry about that. Life has been quite hectic – the Cut&fold uses THE SAME templates as the folding, esp. now that I s t r e t c h the words so thee is no need to work out if you need the black AND white lines, the back lines should be enough! Given that Happy 40th Becky will need to be on 3 lines, I think the only way you could do it is Cut&fold. Watch your email….



  87. how do you make the templates for book foulding

    • I use a peculiar little Mac-Only program called Intaglio. There are many tutorials for using Illustrator or Photoshop/Photoshop Elements to do it but I’ve never done that so I can’t offer any advice. All I can say is Google it and see what you can find – or buy a Mc and get Intaglio 🙂



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