WOYWW 652 – another big tidy.

Happy WOYWW everyone! Now Thanksgiving is over I can properly look towards Christmas! And what is on my desk is an old set of 3D cards that I bought years ago and never used. I’m planning on having a bit of a play with them, probably using them more as templates than actual cards. We’ll see.

Anyone recognize them? They are branded Sandi Genovese (I seem to recall her being a die cut goddess of sorts) and def. came from a shopping channel.

I have spent the better part of three days doing some shifting of stuff in the house and will share a look at my room tomorrow, as there are still a few things I need to sort out. But I do have a shot of the window desk, with the If You Had To… cards

And something I unearthed, which is a book fold I did of, well, ME. I’ve shared it before but I thought I would share it again as it’s been years.

So there we go. Oh!! and I nearly forgot! The redone faux postage along with a new stamp, sized to fit MY postage stamp dies. Find more detailed info here and this is what it looks like – the new stamp features the Wen Des D’ay islands – see how they form a W? Cute hummm?

See you round yours!


Workdesklandia – a new stamp, and sized to fit.

Scheduled, as surely I am stuffed to the gills with festive foods.

If you recall I mentioned earlier in the week that I had gotten some faux postage stamp dies. They are of various sizes and sadly not quite right for any of the previous Workdesklandia stamps I made previously.

Some were close but some of the dies were joined in such a way that you can’t really cut them apart.

I took the time to go thru a few steps, scanning those frames and making .pngs of them so I could reduce the opacity and see thru them.

That made placing the stamps a lot easier, and allowed me to create a specifically placed grouping for the grouped dies!

Then I just laid them out as a full sheet – probably less than appealing for any non-WOYWW participant but you can download them here if you want.

I had to create a new stamp because one of the trios (which I could cut apart) was a very different size to the other two.

I create the Wen des D’ay Islands by grabbing an .svg of the Hawaiian Islands and breaking the group apart then arranging them in a loose W shape – all playing into the WOYWW theme.

In future I will probably leave the stamp backgrounds a plain white and any colourful background to the overall .pdf will be just surrounding that. But the whole thing was really a bit of fun, and great for WOYWW related Happy Mail, so expect to see them mentioned again on the next WOYWW.

The issue remains, however, that there are dozens of stamp dies, all of different sizes, and there is no way to create something to fit them all. But at least these fit mine, and I’m happy with that.


WOYWW 651 – some mess, some sharing, and an extra to get rid of

Happy WOYWW to everyone hopping over to my desk this week. You are most welcome. My desk, in the last 24 hours, has been in a state of flux. It went from pretty horrific to not awful to WOYWW ready!

I was playing with my faux postage, if you recall, and there will be more on that Friday. The semi-clean version was after the mostly tidy tidy-up but then I had to spread out again to compose my ATC trade bags of goodies. Once I had done that my desk really was neat.

I did get two super cute ATCs in a trade that I will share, cause I do love them so.

Aren’t they fab? They are sharing the second-desk space at the moment with the If You HAD To…. cards and the choice is clear this week.

The Big Orange Cheet-o Man is my least favourite person by a mile and there is no way in hell, no matter how much time elapsed, that I could ever call him “friend” so I guess I’ll be yelling Lights! Camera! Action! a LOT. Oh well.

And finally, when I got my postage stamp dies from Wish, I also got a duplicate of something I ordered in the past. Anyone want to trade one of their own duplicates for it? If not, off it goes to the charity shop…

I’ve not used the original one yet, as I kinda fell off the cardmaking train, and now even if I did make some these aren’t exactly seasonal. They do look quite cute, once you cut them all apart, as they should layer nicely.

The Hubster and Darling Daughter have their booster jabs today, then Thanksgiving tomorrow, so you won’t hear from me again till Friday. I will be overindulging in a feast. Yummy.

Hope you all have a super happy WOYWW day and I hope you will forgive me for adding the link to my DDs disability Synchro team competition. They won gold, with a score that passed even some “normal ability” teams. I can’t embed the video but this is the link where you can watch it. They skate to This Is Me and (fair warning) expect to cry.


WOYWW 650 – feels like a milestone, even if it isn’t

Happy WOYWW! Doesn’t 650 feel like an important week? It isn’t really, other than halfway to 700 but still…

My desk in the midst of my ATC play yesterday was very restrained:

Barely messy at all! My ATCs were all about the mind and a quote that I didn’t end up using, but seems appropriate for WOYWW is:

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

DOH! Even if it wasn’t super messy, only because the week was busy and I was way more on my computer than I was at my arty space (all the annual review paperwork, some other paperwork) or away from my desk completely (prepping for the big skate competition over the weekend, laundry, etc) I still had a tidy up.

Fed up already with the bad light in winter. My desk near the window isn’t horrid, but I do have a bunch of stuff for making up ATC trade extra goodies bags strewn about:

Some of it is stuff I got from other people as goodies but you can see my WOYWW stamps there, and some extra text bits. I always like making up the goodie bags. I was ransacking the bookshelves looking for a book I know I have and I cannot find, and in the process, came across these:

I have ideas….

And finally If you HAD to…

Hummm. Regurgitated worm food sounds pretty revolting but having people depend on you as if you were superhuman and always disappointing is pretty bad too. For me, this is a no win situation. I hate both choices.

Have a lovely desk hop. I will have to read double posts this week due to my poor performance last week. Actually, I’m looking forward to that. Might take longer but think of all the inspiration!

Happy WOYWW!


WOYWW 649 – sort of tidy….

My desk in stages…

…as it moves from absolute chaos, to kinda tidy, to as good as it is likely to get!

I have collected all the recent ATC sets that don’t yet have backs printed and applied. It is a job I usually put off until I have to do it (because I have a pending trade for example) cause it is not the fun part of making ATCs. You can see I have completed the ones I was undecided about and will share a close up of them tomorrow – darling daughter has her “annual review” at school tomorrow and while I usually attend via ZOOM this one is a pretty important one (moving from SEN education into adult services) it feels important I be there in person. So I plan to schedule a post so I can focus on organizing any last minute paperwork we need to take with us.

My other desk is still quite tidy and I just have a couple of ATC trades laid out – just finally re-watched IT part one and watched IT Part 2 while I was laid up with my back so the I {heart} Derry one is very timely LOL! The baby-soup one just made me laugh.

and of course If you HAD to…

Honestly this one is a struggle. I do tend to awake in the night more than I would like, so that isn’t ideal. But if all my WOYWW friends turned into snakes, how ever would they be able to share their desks? I might have to take one for the team in this case.

Happy WOYWW y’all!


WOYWW 648 – throw back to last week and not much else

Happy WOYWW all! My desk is very very tidy at the moment

because I cleaned it up after my play of yesterday and the only thing I had time to drag out my much neglected junk journal. So much has happened over the last month and I have not documented it at ALL.

I don’t think I journaled a single entry in October, after doing very well in September. Maybe I need to take my own advice and use one of my Amazon line-a-day journals to instill the habit! I really thought after the 100 days project, then my 50 day project I would have nailed the every-day routine but I still didn’t. Maybe I am just a lost cause…

I also want to add in the WOYWW faux postage from last week, for those who might have missed it and would like a copy. I thought I would add the image (page 2 of the PDF) that has only the stamps without the faux postage border around them. If you have either postage edge scissors (like I do) or a postage-sized die that fits this is the one for you. Zsuzsa, you need to give me the dimensions of your dies and I can make a sheet that is sized exactly to fit, if you like. It’ll take me moments. If anyone else has a common postage stamp die, feel free to chime in as well.

As you can see my postage edge scissors don’t quite match. I might sort that out one day but not anytime soon. I don’t think the faux postage edge, cut straight, is a bad look but the option is there.

And finally, If you HAD to….

I am totally OK with running with scissors, it’s the marathon aspect that I worry about! As to the other choice, I suppose if Ben is still attached to the stubble, well then…. {wink}

Have a great and crafty day! I am hoping to get to Facetime or Zoom my poorly best knitting mate, who is recovering from Covid but slowly. It will be good to see her for a proper chat after what feels like an eternity.


WOYWW 647 – a persistent idea

Happy WOYWW to all. I think I can say with a great degree of certainty I did not catch Covid from my knitting mate. And I hope that her recover will continue today as it has so far. She is my best mate and I have been quite worried about her. I will begin with what you came here for, my desk:

I was doing a bit f a tidy up on one set of bookshelves and came across my Nick Bantock books. That made me think of faux postage. Which made me spend far too much time hinting on my studio space for the Hair Mail aux postage I made years ago. And then I had the dawning realization that I think I binned it, as it had been more than a decade since I even thought about them and found them during the Grand Tidy. That made me obsessed with the idea of making a set, perhaps as I am sending out so much mail with the ATC trading. I’ll do a fuller post on this tomorrow but the process will end up a mix of hand made bits and the scanner and some digital bits. On my other desk (much cleaner) I have a variety of stamp images that may (or may not) factor in to the project:

As it is half-term, darling daughter is extending her birthday into the week and has outlined a busy movie-watching schedule thru Friday. So not much more than this to say today. Unlike last week, I did manage to remember to grab the If You HAD to… cards. Again a clear winner, I think.

Given how worried my poor friend was that she might have given me Covid, and how worried I was about the very small get-together (only three people, all tested, all vaxxed) we had, I can say having Paris Hilton narrate my life would be amazingly annoying but a far better choice!

Happy WOYWW!


WOYWW 646 – Booster jab day!

Happy WOYWW y’all! Happy Booster Jab Day is here for me. I have been reading that recent studies are showing that the AZ jab followed by a booster of Pfizer or Moderna is a great combo but since I had two Pfizer jabs to begin with I am very much hoping this one will be an AZ one. I’ll know soon.

Desk is pretty much as it was left last night. I had plans to tidy up but never managed it – something got in the way.

There are some more stamp images scanned and printed in better sizes for ATCs that may appear on cards or coins some time soon. I am happy to say my other desks are still quite tidy, so not a complete black hole of messiness. Yet. Even my so called messy desk remains tidy!

The other desk has a bucket of birthday gifts for darling daughter. It may look like a small pile but those damn Orly nail polish’s are like £12 each so, no inconsequential in cost, if small in size. A handmade card with extra gift cards hides the loot, in case she pops in to my office for any reason. I will be hiding them a bit better once I finish scheduling my post.

Other than that, I have another notebook in review, and selfishly, this one is more for me. There are loads of log books on Amazon but generally they are either full of blank pages, or have inner pages listing projects. I gave a lot of thought to what I wanted in a stash notebook and sent it past another knitting friend before settling on the final design. I’ll probably share it at some point but it takes about a week for the Look Inside feature to be working on Amazon. All in all it’s quite fun! I bought one of Ali’s notebooks but darn it I can’t share it lest I ruin a surprise. Grr. Check her ones out. Super cute design! Here’s mine:

Wish me luck with the jab and see you round at your desk hopefully sometime today! Happy WOYWW.


WOYWW 645 – Full disclosure…

Happy desk-hopping day! I am edging closer to the dental appointment I am both dreading and anxious for. Last night I broke my (fairly new) glasses (thank god for washi tape for a temporary fix) and everything seems to be going all Pete Tong! A bit fed up really. As a result, my creativity has taken a nosedive, and my desks, all a mess. Where to begin. Main desk is still full of the remnants of the last set of ATCs

My side desk has a bunch of ATC mailing and packaging debris and my album, which needs some new pages added to house recently received swaps. I’ll pop those in here, while also showing my one mostly clean desk, where my computer sits:

Also some WISH dies I’ve yet to show or play with.

My little seen side desk, where my Sizzix sits, is also a bit disorganized. The shelf under has my little LLJ trash bin, recently emptied and not yet placed where it needs to be) and my bins of collage fodder.

A desk way over on the side has my massive pads of A2 and A3 paper, hiding under some stuff I pulled out for ATCs and have not yet sorted back into their rightful homes.

You can just about see the weird peculiarities of this house, which is a sink and a fireplace in virtually every bedroom. The sink gets used, the fireplace, never. So yeah, today is pretty much going to be all about the tidying so I can hopefully have a weekend of creativity!

Knitting was yesterday, so I should have a clear shot at desk visits for the day. I had a great flurry of activity early last week, as knitting got cancelled, but I missed out some later arrivals when the week got crazy. If I didn’t manage to get to them all before today, I vow to do better. I mostly hit my goal of visiting every desk and commenting on all that don’t make me sign in to Google to do so. I hate to break my streak.

Happy WOYWW!!


WOYWW 644 – like a lemming….

I have had a mad week. Need a root canal (What fun!) and then there were Drs. appointments and admin stuff around the house and all manner of …stuff. I also had a bit of a mad ATC trading session, and trying to get everything sorted and packaged up for the next time I am near he post office resulted in my desk looking like THIS:

Chaos. With a bit of dedication – scuppered for a bit as Facebook was down for a long time, and many of the trades were in private FB groups, where I wanted to double (and triple) check to make sure that I was sending the right cards to the right people – I managed to get everything packaged up, the envelopes constructed, the extra goodie bags compiled, and quite a stack of the extra-bits-bags pre-made for future trades!

The clear pouch is full of all I have left to trade, so I will aim to update my page at the top so it only has items available. If you want to trade, feel free to let me know here!

Now, I have hinted over the last week or so that I was waiting for a bit of news. Here it is, and I have to thank (blame? lol!) fellow desker AliWade for mentioning KDP, which is Kindle Direct Publishing. Who among us has not received, for some occasion, a blank journal, with a clever title on the front, that reflects an obsession? I think I have gotten 4 or 5 over the last year or two, all knitting related. I love them and have used them. Well, KDP is the way those get made. Google it or look for it on YouTube. Basically you make a cover (to the exact specs from Amazon) as a pdf, then make interior pages (and 120 pages seems a sort of norm) with lines or dots or grids or whatever, the upload it for sale. In theory you passively wait for the money to roll in. In reality, it’s a lot more complex than that. But fun. I now have three for sale – and long time readers will note that the Life is so Daily image is based on a planner I made back in…2015 I think, so not very hard to make.

Part of the reason I was delayed was first I made a typo in my subtitle on the bright one (and you cannot correct that yourself, only Amazon can do it) which will surprise regular readers not one little bit and then my slightly buggy and no longer supported program didn’t save a change I made to correct the spacing on the pastel version and I didn’t notice. The two line-a-day journals and for journaling (surprise, surprise) so are what they call “low-content” in that they have pages full of date blocks and journaling lines, plus a little intro page about establishing habits and journaling, etc. The Walking one has a much more complex interior, and is sort of a log book for walkers. I have a lot more to say about this whole Low/No-content KDP publishing phenomenon but I’ll save it for another day. So yeah, thanks Ali! It’s been a fun process. I may never sell a copy, but I know someone who loves what was on YOUR journal and that may end up as a gift in December…..

Lastly, If you HAD to…

Oh dear. No a fan of alcohol (diabetes and all) OR pain, but in the hopes that the LIGHT means less sugar, I guess I would have a big lunch as an actual MEAL then graze for the rest of the day. It doesn’t say “with every bit of food” so as long as I can justify eating not-a-meal I figure I can game the system well enough. How about you?

Oh and PS if you didn’t listen to Julia’s interview by her daughter that she linked previously, do. It’s entertaining and interesting. Happy WOYWW!