WOYWW 627 – no-sew Junk Journal and finally the MBD cards

Happy WOYWW ya’ll! Blimey, it has been a week. My head, and my crafting has really been very much all over the place. I am sad to say my papers are still in a muddle, because I have skipped off, tra la la, back into actually making things. It always happens. I am determined I WILL finish, I just have to claw back a little more time. With my daughter back in school this week, hopefully the time will be there.

First, I received a couple more ATCs: Julia’s and my official swap partner Robyn’s (from Iowa!)

Both came with lovely extras (card, post card & decorated envelope) so truly happy mail!

First, my desk (snapped Tuesday at the end of a crafty day)

and then a bit about what led up to that! I have been dithering about finding a way to use up my scraps and/or my 12×12 papers and saw a You Tube video about a no-sew Junk Journal, where you take scraps and build an accordion. Seemed easy and I had a lot of scraps:

I basically grabbed a pile of scrapbook paper scraps, my drawer of arty samples, where I tested out techniques and the results never got used. I sorted them into loose groups, then built the l o n g accordion. Double sided, plenty of room to do whatever on it:

I do like the riot of colour and am sure it will be fun to work in, somehow. The little pile leftover in the first photo of my mostly clean desk was all that was left. I could pobably wedge those bits in if I really wanted too, and may still if I find any page is a little on the thin side, but we’ll see.

Now, for WEEKS I have said to Kyla I would remember to share my Man Bites Dog cards and FINALLY I have – a great headline!

I had to count and found yes, the set is complete, and a bargain at £1 in the charity shop. So all that is left is desk-hopping all day! I missed out a few last week, in all the craziness, but back to visiting every desk if I can manage it this week. I do love my weekly jolt of inspiration!

Oh and just a heads up – I really am doing my A Card A Day challenge (only challenging myself!) but sharing on the weekend days. I am planning on adding a click in the top menu (which you may or may not see, depending on how you read my blog) to collect them together. Otherwise, scroll back to Saturday and Sunday each week to see what I have been up to!

Happy Desk Hopping!


WOYWW 626 – cardmaking stuff sorted

Happy WOYWW, after a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend! Phew. It was a hard slog to get from this:

to what is covering my desk

Actually, my “desk shot” is really a series of shots – the above is at the solid-cardstock-sorted stage and this is at the all-scraps-sorted stage, and where I am today!

There you can see a big box of embellies, two long storage boxes of 12 x whatever strips of patterned paper and one of 12 x 2.5 cardstock strips (plus a handful of shaped-edges in zig-zags and scallops) then the sorted-by-style (dots, stripes, florals, etc) patterned papers and 6×6 paper pads, then another shot of the solid-cardstock sorted by colour – in the front you can see the folder of already diecut or punched shapes. Here are a couple of closer shots:

While it is unlikely to be the final home for card supplies, it does all fit on one shelf!

Truly frugal crafters will blanch at the full bin:

To be fair, that is ALL the recycling, not just scraps. I will NOT be shamed for disposing of paper I feel is too small, too ugly, or too useless to keep because it is stained, crumpled or creased. In my defense, I do feel I saved as much of the scraps as I could. I even took a photo of how I tended to trim things!

My next task. and the one that is giving me the MOST problems, is the patterned 12 x 12 papers:

Oh yeah, and these two boxes that are filled with scrapbook layouts planned – some with all the goods, cardstock, sketch, embellishments, and photos – ready to go.

I’ve done a few warm-up cards at this point but I am of two minds. Yes, the other day I felt like I NEEDED to make something cause two full weeks of endless sorting was getting me down. But I don’t want to get distracted at this point. So time will tell if I begin the A Card A Day effort immediately of if I bore all for a few more days of endless organizing. At the moment I am discovering the whole One-Sheet-Wonder idea of cutting a single sheet of paper to make the most cards from it. Yesterday’s experiment with that single mangled sheet of 12×12 paper and making 5 cards from it, must have alerted Google to my interest and all of a sudden I am seeing the OSW ideas in every Google search that seems even remotely pertinent! But this is now tooooo long so I’ll save that for another day.

Happy WOYWW once again.


WOYWW 625 – ATCs and more

Happy WOYWW day! Well, things have progressed for me in my Grand Tidy and I am very happy with the progress. I have a huge pile of stuff to donate to the local craft club, a large box of goodies earmarked for a WOYWW mate who I just hope will make use of them, and a full recycling bin plus a large trash bag of true rubbish. Letting go of things like the old Decorator Chalks (remember them?) and rubbish oil pastels bought in error (NOT water soluble) and lots of sun-faded or creased cardstock was…liberating. Sure, my room is still stuffed to the brim with goodies, but now they are all things that I can only hope to live long enough to use up LOL! My desks are mostly clean:

Even my “messy” desk is tidy:

I really am doing my “card a day” plan and I made a warm-up card to share soon. This is NOT a 100 Days project, just something to do every day to help use stuff up. I got no mail yesterday for some reason, so just the ATCs received last week to show.

Neet, Angela Radford, Zsuzsa on the top, Cindy, Helen (H), LLJ and Caro on the bottom

All so gorgeous. I love Neet’s little house shaped envelope, and Zsuzsa’s envelope went right into my collage fodder bin because it was stunning. I am housing them in my ATC folder for now, till I can make another hanger for them.

At this point, while I am NOT giving up on the tidy, I am planning to attack the paper a little bit each day. This is not all of it, but it’s the bulk. I have a few bins of scraps and of grouped papers (like Basic Grey, Rouge de Garance, and Bizous Zoo, three of my most favourite lines) and way too much Club Scrap cardstock, which I will incorporate into the general cardstock units

To be honest, I have SO MANY empty drawer units and containers, I need to find someplace else to either use them or store them. No point taking up space with them. So, that’s me finished – except the 100 days project re-cap:

And the one from today – pretty much sums up how I am feeling about the 100 days!

If you recall, I am running a few days ahead. I will add 98 tomorrow then add 99 and 100 on the last day – Friday seems a good day to end on. Frankly, I cannot wait to be done!!

Happy desk-hopping!!


WOYWW 624 – Happy 12th Anniversary!

Happy 12th Anniversary WOYWW!! I simply cannot believe this weekly desk-hopping adventure has been going on for 12 years! And yet, here we are. And here is my desk:

One of the things I did in my massive tidy was to re-locate the hanging displays that house most of the WOYWW ATCs so they hang above my desk:

Some are in an ATC binder I made but many of them are here in my eyeline. Lovely sign when I am working at my desk.

As mentioned many times I am up at the hospital this week for my IVIG. I will ensure I visit every desk but it may not be today. I will also add just my 100 Days page for day 90, which is all about WOYWW:

Pop back to yesterday’s post to see the 6-day recap. I really wanted to add only this page on this day so I have shuffled things about slightly so I could do that.

I have 11 ATCs to trade (one to keep) and have confirmed trades with SIX people. I have two that I mentioned I would trade with them, but not confirmed yet and may not manage it before tomorrow. If you want to trade, email me at ma (at) If one of my trades ALSO ends up being my “official” partner, as decided by the list position, well, then I may have an extra! It always seems like it will be super chaotic, but it always works out in the end.

Happy WOYWW to all my desk-hopping friends! I would love to see the 25th anniversary one day…


WOYWW 622 – what a crazy week!

Happy WOYWW y’all! I can’t even really say WHY it has been busy but it has. Just a whole series of run-of-the-mill family stuff, an extra busy time for the Hubster in his job, some housekeeping over on UKScrappers that has needed action, but more importantly thought. Pluse I have at least three larger projects on the go, none of which are going as smoothly as they should, again for various but not specific reasons. Maybe the 100 Days project is occupying too much mental and artistic real estate in my head, I don’t know.

So interesting “desk” this week. My desk Tuesday lunchtime was chaotic, with one of the projects, that long, tall, double accordion mini-book you saw Monday strewn about.

You may not be able to tell but I am working on the covers – that thing kinda at the back is the book, collapsed and clamped. But while my desk was in that state, I still wanted to make a folder for my ATC – a different style one, so I had to work on one corner of the desk next to where my computer is. The space is about 18″ square. Sheesh.

So then I tidied up and now you can see the book, collapsed and clamped, and what of the stuff on the desk that was the cover items!

One “desk” that I don’t usually share, cause it in basically a box on top of am open book shelf that I use as a table, has one of the projects on hold. Long time WOYWWers might recall my Card Balls. I have has one in the window of the snug pretty much since we moved in. It has faded in weird ways – all the card FACES are basically white, while the card BACKS (a specialty deck) look great. You can see how good it looked in 2013 LOL!

Anyway, my hope is to disassemble, spray with gloss spray, maybe stamp some and assemble it again. I just don’t have a clear vision for what I want it to look like in the end. So I am pondering a bit longer on it.

I have my IVIG on the 17, 18th and 20th (how handy, missing out the WOYWW 12th, which is also the Hubster’s 2nd jab day) so no idea how I will be doing that week – I usually come home wrecked, with a massive headache. Might not be at my best for desk-hopping but I will do the best I can, and will def. be looking for my swap partner! I am still going strong on the 100 days but worried that week may eat up all my (actually, I believe it is only four) advance spreads. For the last couple of weeks it may be making the spread on the day – that might be too challenging so I will hope I get to my desk every day, headache-y and tired or not. Here is the week’s recap!

Hum. Wander on the last page is hard to read in the photo. Oh well. I still quite like all of these (maybe day 72 not so much) and am again getting a little more experimental. The book is still flat – I might talk about that a bit on the weekend, and grab a photo comparing this book to the first book.

OK, that is enough blathering! I’ll be popping around to your desk for a peek very soon. Happy WOYWW!


WOYWW 621- ATC backs for the swap

Happy WOYWW to all my desk-hopping buddies! I am now fully vaccinated, and quite happy to be so, but my desk sat unloved and untidied for far too long because I had a thumping headache, a sore arm, and was SO tired. I really started to feel more myself by last night and did a good clear-up.

Still there is a before and after. The before is the debris from the weekend and a project that is now done. More on that possibly tomorrow.

And the after is from yesterday – I kinda ignored the whole chaotic mess on Monday, and did nothing but my 100 Days project.

Much of the debris from the project is in my collage fodder basket, and I will possibly use some of it to make my ATC for the swap. I went back and found the ATC backs I designed for the 6th Anniversary swap, and thought I should do a set for the 12th. It needed more than just changing the words cause Julia’s blog header has changed. For the 6th Anniversary I matched the colours to the blog, and wanted to do the same this time! I used my quite ancient, but still working, PSE and the colour-picker to get them just right

and designed three different option on on sheet. Hopefully you will find them useful. The image is just a .jpg – this PDF will print better and clearer. Do download it if you want.

Here is my 100 Days re-cap – I think the vaccine fog in my head has meant my design choices aren’t as good as usual. A couple of questionable pages here!

And today’s, which I do actually like, although for maybe the first time I just stamped the letters, rather than stamping them then punching them out. As a result they are a little wonky and less clear then they should be. I might re-stamp them and overlay the punched letters.

So have a lovely day getting your arty fix from all the deskers! I know I’ll be hopping like mad today.


WOYWW 620 – time is flying!Happy

Happy WOYWW!

OMG. Cannot believe the passage of time as it rockets by. It’s been a busy couple of (school holiday) weeks around Chez Walters. The good news is I finally got my second dose appointment via text – Friday! Yay! Although my poor friend sent me a photo of her red and sore arm after HER second dose so there is that. Not going to stop me getting it. I cannot WAIT to be as fully protected as possible, till the booster jab. It also won’t keep me from exercising precaution when I do eventually go out and about.

Desk. EEK. I was in a frenzy of creativity and at the end of yesterday my desk looked like…this:

Just stuff everywhere. A wider view would show it is so much worse that the shot I snapped. The page is the one I shared yesterday. I have managed to fix a couple of the issues I mentioned and will share that tomorrow – along with how I did it. No more cursing wet glue! It took all the afternoon to sort the chaos out and I am happy to say at the end of it my desk was a lot more usable:

And my so called messy desk is about as pristine as it gets too!

Plus a rare shot of my computer space, with a Stephen King book playing on Audible, a piece of art by my daughter, and nothing else very interesting on view

I am still steaming ahead on the 100 Days project so here is the week’s re-cap for you:

And, of course, today’s page!

I seem to have slipped into a series of tiny words LOL! Still enjoying the process and the writing, but am still on the fence – to continue or not? I think in the end the project is more about forcing yourself to create every day and like I keep saying, I have 100 other ideas for X Day projects. I am not on the fence that my next one will be a 50 Days one. The shorter time frame will let me do more in a year and reduce the chance of me losing interest. I like that compromise!

Now, I have to think about the true WOYWW anniversary Julia mentioned – ATCs and post card will be needed, so I’d better get thinking…


WOYWW 619 – poor planning!

[sigh] Happy WOYWW and apologies in advance. I have been working on a project and I finished it after my desk shot but will hold off adding it so this post doesn’t get overwhelming with photos. Plus I have some explaining on a couple of pages, and I can never be succinct so I’ll add the final shots of that tomorrow. First, desk.

You can see the second 100Days book that I am now working in. And it is still flat – OK so only four days in, but still – look at the first book. The split is at about day 24 or so – before that it is quite fat.

After that I was making a huge effort to keep the bulk at the edges. Same with the new book – I am sort of working in the four corners and in the middle, in rotation. Here is my 7 day re-cap:

And Day 55 for today

Do look back a day and see the interesting tag book construction info – I really like it and am glad to add it to my mini-book binding arsenal. And have a great WOYWW day. My son, and his girlfriend, in LA got the J&J vaccine, one and done. Both felt pretty ill for a day but other than that no real side effects. At this point all four of us, and about 90% of our family in the USA have had their jabs. Fingers crossed a trans-atlantic meet up isn’t so far away.

Just to add – heard back from the seller and Ranger refunded her (phew!) and a new set is on it’s way to me. All praise for great customer service to That’s Crafty!


WOYWW 618 – debris, with purpose and a question

Happy WOYWW to all! Managed to tidy up, despite my back acting up. A weird part of my myositis is that I have not been plagued with a bad back for a couple of years. Now the IVIG is keeping things at bay, my back has been playing up. Argh. Anyway, desk first:

I have saved all of the packaging from my various Dina Wakely stuff, cause I had the idea to make something from it. Here you see the bits and pieces I have saved. We’ll see if anything comes from it.

So on to the question. I bought some stamps. They were not cheap, about £22 for the set, and as soon as I inked them one problem stood out. Honestly I have NEVER encountered this before.

There is a LUMP under the rubber layer – a bit like a rock trapped under your vinyl kitchen floor (I know cause we have that too!) – and it means that that black dot gets printed every time.

I am in the FB group for this designer, and I posted about the problem, suggesting that I was unsure if I should cut into the stamp and wondering if this was a frequent problem. I contacted the shop I bought it from, but of course it was Easter weekend so no reply yet. I got a TON of replies, including from the designer, telling me to just cut out the offending bit of rubber and move on. My reply, which I stand by, is that sure, I cut stamps. I cut another of this designers stamps to remove a bit of it that I felt made the stamp more useful. But the thing is that was my CHOICE. I don’t think I should have to cut into a stamp to correct an manufacturing flaw and risk ruining the stamp. As soon as I cut it, I transfer the blame for damage from the manufacturer to ME. I don’t think that is reasonable, and telling me to “be brave” and just cut it is not helpful. Your thoughts in the comments! I am curious to know if you agree with me or not and why.

Wrapping up with my 100 days week re-cap – day 51 in the new book is tantalizingly close!


WOYWW 617 – 100 days diary – sorting out the mess

So Happy WOYWW all! And a departure. NOT a clean desk, intentionally so. I am to the point in my 100 Days project that things are descending into chaos. I have a number of boxes and bins that sit in a stack at the side of my desk, and while I have TRIED to keep them orderly, it hasn’t really worked out that well. My error was organizing them by size rather than TYPE. So yesterday I started my clear up in anticipation of my WOYWW post and thought Well, why not share how bad it has gotten? instead of a clean desk?

Oh my.

So this shot is not long after completing my page for the day. I attacked the piles and began sorting the items into logical groups, picking the bin that is the right size to fit the largest of the items.

Papers, mostly scraps and leftovers from the original bin

Journaling options – labels, paper pads, etc – and tags


and options for adding my word that are NOT stamps. They sit on my desk with my ink pads and the punches that match them, and I’ve shown that before!

Phew. It’s all done now and my desk is back to tidy again! YAY!

So all that is left is to show my 7-day re-cap, including today’s page. So close to the halfway point…

Hope everyone has had a lovely creative week and looking forward to desk-hopping today! Me? I am looking forward to 1 April and hopefully it is no April Fool’s joke that I can finally stop shielding so completely. Of course I won’t be throwing caution to the winds and throwing myself back into society quite yet – my second jab is still maybe two or three weeks away, I have another infusion due end of April, and I feel like we have been here before. I will cautiously meet up with my best knitting buddy in the garden on the first dry and sunny day. I cannot WAIT.