WOYWW 694 – sorted, but for how long?

Happy WOYWW! Finally a week where I can get around to allll the desks, after weeks of chaos and all new windows! And my desk (and room) are as tidy as they ever have been. Plus, removing one bookcase (which had been part of a “false wall” ) and turning another has given me a lot more floor-space and lets the light reach all but the doorway. Result!

And the new windows are so fresh and clean! And lurking there is my ancient Cricut, 1st gen, still running Sure Cuts A Lot. Queen of old technology, me.

And my desk is quite tidy too.

Doing a little repair work on my paper doll garland, but I’ll save that to share when I have sorted them out. Other than that, it’s just pushing on with the daily Gelli Arts printing challenge, as small moments of art are all I have time for at the moment.

This has been a bit of a challenge for sure. But now it’s time for a new challenge…


See you round yours in a bit. Promise.


WOYWW 693 – a real shocker

Happy WOYWW to all. With every passing day the likelihood of making the crop gets slimmer and slimmer. Poo, say I. Poo Poo. But there is simply too much happening for me to ask the whole family to swan off for a weekend to travel so far for pure indulgence. I would have managed it if I could do the train own my own but a quick check shows a choice between leaving the day before, travel time between 5 and 10 hours with at least two changes, or travel on the day to arrive halfway thru the crop. Coupled with how weak I am at the moment and all the prep for potentially the arrival of Far-Flung Son, on balance, it just will not work. I am gutted. Maybe a zoom on the day is possible? Who knows.

OK, enough of my whinging. Here is the state of the craft room right now….This is main desk with window desk beside it. I am considering this, but not sure if it will mean I lose the window bay real-estate if I do.

A closer look at the other side of the room now – and that is the desk that has my printers and the bookcase that has been reorganized:

I also reorganized most of my art supplies to one shelf close to my main desk.

I mean, it’s functional but it isn’t PRETTY, is it?

Hopefully next week I will be back to full participation, although with the sad Bank Holiday for the funeral of the Queen, and a long delayed Drs. appointment that week who knows? I sure hope so.

Happy WOYWW to everyone. I’ll hope to have a peek at the desks even if my comments are brief or non-existant. I will hope, at least, for the former!


WOYWW 692 – no chance of me visiting and commenting so…

…skip me if you want. But if you do hang about, these photos might show why!

This, I am ashamed to say, is my desk

but my other desk is slightly different!

Have you ever seen such a sight? Apparently, because the windows we are getting are the ones that look just like the original sash windows, and unlike most replacement windows, they need to be installed from the INSIDE. That means all the area in front of the window needs to be cleared. FML!

As long as that had to happen, I might as well shift a few things about, with how I work and what I work on NOW being the primary driver. A couple of areas are already sorted.

They may still look a bit chaotic to an outsider but for me, it is all about grouping like with like! For the first time in forever I have all my scrapbooking albums on one bookshelf! Crikey.

I am finally in a place where I can let Idea Books from 1999 go LOL! Anything that I open to a random page and the layout makes me laugh, in the recycling it goes. Books go to the craft club or charity shop. I WILL finish this before they come on Monday, as MY craft room could get done on day one. Which could mean back to normal before the next WOYWW. What a treat that would be.

In other not great news there is a real possibility I will not make the crop but for the best reason – my wandering son, who has been living in LA, then San Fran for the last 6 years, might finally be coming home. Depending on the timing the conflict might mean no crop for me. I should know after a phone call later today …

In any case, Happy WOYWW!!


WOYWW 691 – still a bit of a mess

Happy WOYWW to everyone! My desk is first mid-play, adding colour to the back of the bare flags (see yesterday’s post for more on THAT!)

and I wish I could say it got better, but instead I think it got worse. And even worse, all my desks are still a mess! Eek.

I am nearly finished with the double tag book, but have some process steps to share (tomorrow) and if things work out like I hope they will the final piece will be done. I jumped to something else in that left photo, doing botanical gel plate prints, in advance of a class I am considering

Of all the gel printing I have done, and it has been A LOT, I have never done botanicals at all. As the garden is waning with the end of summer, it seemed like the right time to finally give it a go just to see. Not an amazing pull, but also not complete crap either!

It was interesting enough a process to confirm that the class will teach me something and the teacher makes stunning art, so very much thinking it will be fun. But, final touches on my flag book are needed.

Happy WOYWW – windows on track for week after next so fingers crossed all done and dusted pre-WOYWW crop. Just hoping nothing ELSE stops me from coming…


WOYWW 690 – I lied. Not clean at all.

Happy WOYWW! Getting excited for the crop and hoping all goes well and I can actually make it. Fingers crossed!

What can I say? Chaos!

So I have been playing with a printed tissue paper resist thing I shared in the Gelli Printing FB group last week and really having fun with it. It was only when I went back to repeat the images here that I realized I never did blog about it! Crikey, that’s shameful. So while my desk above is horrifying I will share now as a distraction LOL!

I got this cheap-ass “metallic” tissue paper that was not at all shiny metal as the Amazon image implied. Very dull. I thought it might be cool if I gel printed on it. It was, but in a totally different way to what I expected!

Yeah baby! So the printed bits on the tissue resist the paint on the gel plate, much in the same way the ink in a magazine image or a laser printed image does. You end up with really cool prints and the combo of the paint you put down to resist+the paint you add to pull is super fun to play with. Here is an in-process shot of a project I am working on – this is a series of small tabs covered in those prints from above and something that will turn into a real project very soon. Unlike that damn box, which sits, accusing me of neglect, on my desk, STILL. Bah!

So more to come on this, and very soon. The next couple of days are packed, again, but I am determined to not leave another project abandoned. Happy WOYWW!


WOYWW 689 – messy, clean, then back again

My poor desk goes thru the stages almost every day or two at most. It was pretty bad yesterday morning, as I was working on my mica+gel plate fun, then I tidied up to drag out some little collages I was going to play with

After that, I had to have a proper tidy up so I could spread out the collage bits and have room to work on a few at a time – well, that was the plan anyway!

My window desk is also pretty neat. Not sorted out my glue gun yet – I am pretty sure The Hubster has the weird triangle-of-dots screwdriver that is needed to take the damn thing apart but he is away and it was too hot to just let it heat up to see if it will clear the glue by having it melt and run out.

I picked up a couple of things last week on our trip to Salisbury. Not even sure what the wooden box thing is meant to be for, but it works better for helping keep my most-used tools handy. And the spice-holder Lazy Susan was moved from the kitchen when it got replaced by a newer one. That lets me better organize my fat coloured markers.

50p well spent! There we go. Another week, another WOYWW desk hop! I did well last week, probably 90% of the desks visited in the morning and I have now caught up with the rest, commenting where I can. It felt like an accomplishment LOL! Let’s see if I can keep the trend going.



Happy desk hop day!

The last month has been ridiculous. I am not going to whine on about how busy, stressful, and at times overwhelming it has been but simply apologize for my chronic lateness for my WOYWW visits. Today I am hosting a much anticipated and very rare luncheon with a trio of knitting mates. Due to work schedules we only manage maybe once a month and this visit is a bit celebratory, with lunch carried in and eaten in the sunshine – hopefully not TOO much sunshine for my photo-sensitive bestest bag (pet name, said with love) or the others. Good news is we will meet later than usual so hopefully I will manage all my visits early. Fingers crossed.

My desk from yesterday looked pretty bad:

After we got back from that mammoth Salisbury trip, knackered but determined, I had a swizz round to tidy up. I have the little pieces I made using that “painted old walls” technique I have been obsessed with all laid out and will speak more about the project I plan with them tomorrow or Friday, depending on the progress.

I have a few other changes to make, as I picked up a few kitchen organizing items and that let me shift some of the older things over to my office. Not yet sorted it all but I will. My window desk has another project, making use of a ton of experimental pulls with that same technique, some small collage play that will eventually make it into a small book of some kind:

And a closer look at that kinda weird thing to the left – I finally dragged out my hot glue gun and made a stencil. In the process I think I killed it. I need to either unscrew it and remove whatever is stuck or heat it up and hope the glue all dribbles out. Bah! Love the stencil tho’

So. I now have about 90 minutes to get around as many desks from last week as I can. It is a shocking admission that I have let it go till now but what can I say? Will do better. Really and truly I will.


WOYWW 687 – time creeps ever onward!

Happy Desk Hop Day! The next two weeks are incredibly manic. Literally something every day. Despite that, I have a few projects on the go.

My desks each have one of them. My main desk is the tidiest and most restrained.

I signed up for a short class called Print & Paint. The teacher describes it like so:

In this class, we’re going to take a step away from the digital and into the analog world of images to incorporate magazine images to create pops of color and visual texture in a way that can be tricky to create from scratch. I’ll show you how to approach a page as a study of sorts to conjure up sweet vignettes of color and form from magazine images that are totally transformed from their original state.

What you see are some of the images I ripped from magazines and even a few books. Honestly I don’t have many mags, I just don’t read them and am never in a place where I can just grab a handful – also, have you seen how much they cost?? Crikey. A lot to spend just to rip them to pieces. This class is very unlike any I have done and it was fun. We’ll see how the final piece turns out – if I make one. So rubbish at the follow thru, me.

My OTHER desk is full of the gel prints and some experimental collages made on the small pieces I was playing with and both scrap and collage fodder from my keeper. A lot of work to be done there, but I am trying to find time to do at least one a day. Nothing special, just a kind of limbering up exercise.

This is more what you are used to seeing, I bet. You can see my version of a Fodder Keeper there and it is working out really well! The addition of the badge holders from yesterday really increases the storage and I love that I used up something that has been cluttering up my space FOREVER. I’ll add a photo to save you paging back, but do pop back to Monday and Tuesday if you want to see the ins & outs of that.

So that’s me. Darling Daughter’s social worker and the cleaner due this morning so it may be some time before I get to hop over to yours. But I will be there, eventually!

Happy WOYWW!!


WOYWW 686 – serendipity rules!

Happy WOYWW day. I am having a break this week from my knitting mates because so much else is going on. But I am still keeping busy in an arty way, just not with yarn for a day.

I should begin with my horrifying desk. There is just a ton of stuff all over it – lots that you might recall from my AJJ prompt page, with the weird stenciling tip using packaging debris. Page back a day and see.

Yeah. I work in chaos most of the time. Luckily I have the other desk. And this is where the serendipity comes in. Forgive me for all of the upcoming links (or maybe you will appreciate them?) I have a few things laid out, ready to begin a project birthed from such a wide variety of things I feel like the trail is interesting at least.

The gel printed papers are from a couple of days of playtime, trying to mimic a technique by Robyn McClendon that she calls Venetian Plaster. She uses a weird product called Stainz to get the effect, and these were from some of my attempts to get similar with none of that. The deck of cards was from a box of card decks I found while having a tidy before the in-laws visit and set aside in my craft room. While walking on the treadmill, up popped a 6-year-old video about making a little accordion book from playing cards and that included just a hint about making “washi tape” using Scor-tape. Which I have. Hearing that was enough, no need to watch. I had signed up for a small class (also by Roben Marie) called Urban Journal Remix. THAT came with a load of really lovely printables (you can see a sheet of what she calls washi strips there) that I thought went nicely with the papers. I have something like 23 pages of those and while not all go with my papers, a lot of them do. So there you go. All of those breadcrumbs led me to a creative trail I plan on following to the end.

But before I do, I have some desk hopping to do! Happy WOYWW once more!


WOYWW 685 -hopefully cooler by today…

Happy WOYWW to all. Well. I am scheduling this from Sunday, when I have cleaned the chaos off my desk, shut down the Mac, closed the curtains and shut the door. All the not-needed rooms are treated the same, and the rest of them dark with fans. Can’t have the machine’s melt down because of the heat. It’s not good for computers and printers and the like.

All of my desk are fairly clear. My main desk is very tidy, with no hint of all my gel plate play of earlier.

My side desks are pretty darn tidy too!

Keeping the curtains closed on the side where the sun is streaming in def. keeps the heat at bay! Hard to see but my craft room sink got brand new lever taps and a new flex underneath, which is quite good, as it was getting harder to turn the taps off (drip, drip, drip) and always the fear of a leak from MY craft office right down into The Hubster’s office! Oh dear. Now that would be a disaster!!

Nothing else to show, really. No work of interest. Oh. Wait! I do have the little Collage Fodder book from one of the lessons. I’ll add a quick peek then share it more fully tomorrow. Maybe if it really IS cooler by today I will have some bits inside it to share as well. It is actually sitting on TOP of the small stack of collages from a previous lesson so don’t be fooled by the size.

OK, happy WOYWW and hope we all made it thru the record breaking heat. It might only be a day every so often, but when high heat comes…DAAAMN I miss air con.