WOYWW 641 – still dithering, but in a different way

Happy WOYWW to all. What a mess I was in last night! The re-cap of my play will be here tomorrow because I am not quite done with what I am making for some experimental Distress Oxide bits. But my desk at then end of yesterday was in a state.

You can see the bits from the final contest coins I showed yesterday still hanging about. I had a quick whirl of cleaning (even hoovered the floor!) and …

The little magazine journal is made from an old issue of Vamp Stamp News (an old stamping mag from, gosh, the 80s I think) and it may get used at some point, not sure for what. It was the making that interested me not what I might do with it. A couple of other coin options for the contest that are, for the moment, unfinished. Up at the top you see my folder of dither. I had begun a set of ATCs on the topic of Dystopian quotes, all from 1984 (a great book that I love, love, love) and as I was making them I was feeling a little sense of unease.

I was feeling like the casual observer might take it to mean I was anti-vaxx, anti-mask mandates, anti-government, whatever. I am not. I am very much PRO vaxx, PRO mask mandates, and while I am not ANTI-government, I am not blind to its failings. Hence the putting in a folder of these. If I make one, I suspect I might opt for the two quotes at the top:

  • War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.
  • Stupidity was as necessary as intelligence and as difficult to attain.

but for now, they will stay tucked away. Just the If you HAD to.. cards left, I think, then off to knitting with my mate.

Hummm. Tricky. Voldemort is pretty horrible and has no sense of loyalty, so I’m thinking I get to be a billionaire then spend my money just to pay my family all of it. Then *I* don’t have to spend anything anymore! Of course, that depends on my family having that loyalty I mentioned…. LOL!

Happy WOYWWeeeee!


WOYWW 640!

Happy WOYWW all! Last week’s WOYWW seemed to be riddled with technical issues so fingers crossed this week it will be back to normal. Let’s see – what is there to talk about…I am still into the ATC thing. I am really enjoying nearly daily Happy Mail from all over the world trades. My desk, as of yesterday, was in a bit of a state.

Perhaps not as bad as it could have been but not tidy in the least. The trimmed is acting up a LOT and I’ve ordered a couple of new ones but although I have had a notice it was shipped in the 30th, nothing has arrived yet and when I check the site, it tells me I have placed no orders! I did one of the online contact forms and no reply as yet. Annoying. Other stuff is all collage fodder, and did result in a set of cards that I really like a lot:

Keen eyed British folk might recognize the text. I found it amusing that Tim Holtz and Timmy, the dog from the Famous Five books share a name, and that bit of (exact) text from The Famous Five – Five Run Away Together worked so perfectly on that card with Tim Holtz paper dolls! Made me laugh anyway. I call the series Bad to the Bbbone but it probably should have been Bbbad to the Bbbone, as I sing it in my head. Ah well.

If anyone is a at all interested in trading coins or cards, I have added a page with my currently available items at the top.

And speaking of trades, I did a set of oddly shaped coins and traded one of them with WOYWW mate Bishopsmate! Here is hers:

Pink is indeed good. And these two really made me smile, from a trade in a Facebook group:

Let’s see…If You HAD to… cards for the week:

Seems like hair-trigger harpoon arms are pretty deadly, and having to make multiple trips to the store is good exercise, so a clear choice for me. How about you? And a final shot of my desk after a good clear up – much better!

My junk journal (that I am managing to write in most mornings, well on my way to establishing that habit) and a pile of cut but not decorated ATC card bases. What’s on YOUR desk? Do share, I’m dyin’ to have a look….


WOYWW 639 – time flies…..

Happy WOYWW. Time is rocketing by at the speed of light recently. Can’t believe where we are in the calendar. Crikey. My desk is tidy because I have been quite busy with not-crafty things. Bra shopping for my darling daughter, a couple of also shielded people coming for a visit (not as shielded as we all once were but everyone with reason to be a bit more careful than most) and lots of pre-start of school prep . I still find time to work early morning, when all still sleep, but it isn’t as much time as I’d like. Both desks looking good.

On one desk we have my bottles of glue and free-flowing matt-medium used for sticking that both need re-filling. I will take a moment to add a tip that I always do when I am dealing with glue! After filling the bottles, I makes sure I wipe the threads on both the bottle and the screw on lid carefully with a wet wipe, then rub just a bit of Vaseline around both. This keeps the any stray glue from sealing the bottle and lid. I also do the large tub of matt medium – and I do this with my tubs of gesso as well!

I also have a little pile of foodie photos from a Waitrose calendar of years past. I thought they might make interesting additions to my ATC coins.

Not quite 2.5 inches but still potentially useful. On the desk-by-the-window is the beginnings of a “magazine journal” but I first have to address my much ignored junk journal. More on that in a post tomorrow, even if today is a sort of goal day regarding that!

Finally, let’s see what terrible choices we have in the If You HAD to… cards. Do tell me which you think is the worst option! Sometimes’ it’s obvious, but not always…

Both seem pretty bad, but I can’t even imagine what being on meth might be like – having watched Breaking Bad it doesn’t sound good, so that one is my worst pick!

Hope you all have a lovely crafty day!


WOYWW 638 – a new card game and a mess, then a tidy

Happy WOYWW y’all! Another knitting day but I will hit all the desks on show before that begins! Oh my desk was in a right state after the masterboard/ATC card backs play of yesterday. I did a rubbish job of taking process photos, but really I am beginning to think it doesn’t really matter that much. I don’t do videos, people don’t come to my blog for step-by-step instructions (not usually, anyway) and I know from experience that you can’t follow someone else’s process and get the results they do. You are always going to bring yourself into the mix. You can probably pick out the stuff I used (I listed it yesterday if you can’t)

And here is the final masterboard again, and the final ATC card bases.

Now, what to top them with?! Always tricky, but I have an idea (look back to yesterday for a hint!) that I think will be just the ticket.

But first, a tidy. So much easier to work without the chaos.

I have been feeling a little guilty that Kyla started the MBD card thing and I copied her. I have always loved them and when I found a full set for like £2 at the local SCOPE shop I snatched them up. But they are her thing and I think they should stay her thing. Finding a different card-drawing game that looked fun at the same SCOPE shop reinforced that! Here it is:

It actually smelled totally new when I opened it, and maybe it was. I think it’s a hoot. So I will share the 2-card draws and you can pick between them. As the box says, If you HAD to… choose between:

what would you pick? Technically this isn’t how you play the game – you are meant to justify why YOUR card flip is the worst one. To be honest both of these are pretty bad, but one seems way worse than the other….right? RIGHT? Happy WOYWW!


WOYWW 637 – replacing things, new buys, etc.

Happy WOYWW to all my desk-hopping mates. A weird mix this week – but tidy! Some ATC coins in progress, some frequently used stamps, my bottle of Tack It! (Over and Over) to replenish the sticky on that piece of crappy Creative Palette I cut up. It is perfect for using to stamp with unmounted stamps. Read about that here. It has just the right amount of “give” so I get a good image even with no foam. Saved me £100s.

Just there in the very far left, very low corner, is the hint of a storage book I made for my ATC coins. It’s OK, a bit of a prototype, but I will share it tomorrow. This week I had a few things happen. I finally got a refund for the broken EK Success punch from the Amazon seller (after they bombarded me with offers of ever increasing amounts of a “good will” refund of up to 50%, all which I refused) and bought a new 2.5 inch one from Vassen Creative, also on Amazon. It works beautifully, seems very sturdy (but then the EK Success one did too) and was about £8 cheaper. We’ll see. My embossing gun, a real workhorse for the last 20 years, finally died. I bought a new one. Different style, but two speeds/temps. I think Iike it. Again, we’ll see.

Composing my posts is taking longer. WordPress made it easy, so you can simply drag a photo over into a block, and I got lazy. Used to be I would rename all my photos with something that gave an indication of what it was a photo OF. Like WOYWW637-desk, or the like. Now I have a few months of images all titles IMG_Some Number.jpg. Useless for finding something. Not sure if it would work to go back an rename them now, given some might be pinned, for example, and the photo “name will be the identifier, IYKWIM. Renaming them would mess it up. On the fence on that one. It’s not like my blog is so super popular or gets pinned so often that it will matter, but I hate to screw up people’s links. I know I hate it when it happens to me!

My other desk, also clean and then MBD this week:

Interesting that I have my long ago created ATC card storage book out as well. I need to order more baseball card sleeves to add more pages. It’s interesting – I have only a very few landscape cards, and probably put in too many pages in that orientation. Still working well, still not full, still plenty of room.

Short and sweet. Determined to get to as many desks as I can today as Wednesdays are becoming increasingly difficult. Darling Daughter now works up at the Scope shop as a volunteer every Tuesday and Thursday till school begins again, so that leaves Weds. as the only day available for my knitting mate to visit. Can’t give that up, so must get my desk-hopping in before she arrives!

I’ll be hopping around to yours in a tick….


WOYWW 636 – disaster!

Happy WOYWW to all! I am frustrated in the extreme this week, on many levels. There seems to be an annoying correlation between my CK levels (a marker of how in-control the infusions are keeping my myositis) and the propensity for my back to “go.” The last infusion, my levels dropped to under 500 which seem to be the tipping point. I have had two incidents of my back seizing up in the last 3 weeks. That is at least partially why my desk looks like this:

Lord help me. The problem with working on a desk like this is there is far too much potential for messing up good work when your desk is an inky minefield! DOH!

Yeah. It’s not great. The painkillers must have gone to my head a bit as well, because I made these ATCs, thinking I was making them for a contest. I seem to have missed the critical point that they should have been COINS not Cards!! Heck, I even dragged out my Copics for pretty close to the first time in about 6 years…

I love them. Which brings up another struggle. I mentioned I joined a few ATC swap groups and as I was contemplating trades, it occurred to me that I may encounter a situation where I have an ATC that I love, that took a lot to create, that is (in my mind at least) something special, offer it for trade, and someone gets in touch. I look, and I literally can find nothing in their online offerings that 1. I like or 2. has anywhere near the work put in to it that I put in to mine. Think, oh, I don’t know, a peel-off word on a plain painted background the colour of baby poo, and a punched out plain cardstock flower. You get my drift. Not that I have seen one like that but the point is I could. I have not yet figured out how to handle that – I mean you can’t insult someone’s art and say, Sorry, I don’t see anything I like in your selection can you? You can’t just not reply, cause once someone comments that they want to swap, no one else is going to then ask – and if they did, bypassing the first person is not on. {sigh} What a minefield.

That only leaves the MBD cards to add. Let me see if I can find a clear spot to snap a photo… I have to guess that B’way means…Broadway? In any case, whenever there is any less than complimentary headline that mentions the Prez (which is 100% for President) you have to add in the implied ex- before it. In which case, Broadway Suspect Snubs Accused ex-President. So many questions!

Right. The day from hell today – car to Salisbury for servicing, bra shopping with darling daughter, a hospital appointment for casting her “resting splint” and probably more stuff I forgot. After literally hiding at home for ages, it all feels like too much for one day. Wish us luck and if you see me out and about … keep your distance LOL!

Happy WOYWW.


WOYWW 635 – tidy again, and my glue holder hack

Happy WOYWW. Is summer over? I may very well be with my knitting mates, depending on the weather, but as is my way when knitting and WOYWW collide, I will try to get to as many desks as I can before the day spirals out of control. My tiny little LifeBook one-sheet booklet caused quite stir, desk-wise, as I dragged moe and more stuff out while I worked on it:

It isn’t the worst you will have seen here, but it was pretty untidy for sure. I thankfully begin the day with a tidy desk, after a proper sort out so I could take some photos of the project. Phew. Let’s call last week an anomaly and say no more about it.

Now, I suspect many of you might think I have been unable to mend my wicked ways, and have simply shoved all the chaos off on to one of the other desks. I have not! the “messy desk” is also pretty clean. I have my large tub of extra-heavy gel medium and the nearly empty tub there, ready to mix up another pot of more fluid gel medium for art journal use. That massive pot is still more than 3/4 full. It’ll last me a loooonnnnggg time.

The only other thing of note is my solution for my little glue bottles. The word “hack” used to mean using something or doing something to solve a problem that is unusual is very overused, but I’ve come over all click-bait-y and popped it in the title. Dear me. I claimed a little trio of those very small jars you often see at garden centre buffets, all washed out and saved to take dressing or sauces with lunch to hospital appointments. With a simple wrap of some pretty washi tape around the middle, they hold my Tombow glue bottle, one precision tip bottle full of Art Glitter glue, and one precision tip filled with matte medium, slight watered down to a more liquid consistency.

Note the broken tipped needle held, ready to de-clog as needed. I am all set up for an art journal page. I have an idea that needs to be realized. MBD, a little sad this week, if you imagine the hyphen. They came out like this, so I left them, although Beauty Weds Tot – Drops Dead might have been slightly less awful.

Maybe next week, something uplifting? Probably not – good news rarely sells papers like bad.

Hope you all have a lovely WOYWW day. See you round at yours very soon!


WOYWW 634 – fun stamps

Happy cooler weather WOYWW! Much more comfortable desk-hopping from my upstairs craft space when the weather isn’t 30+ degrees thank you very much.

Not a lot going on on my desk this week. I have found another LifeBook class after more fully exploring the ones on offer, that I might have a go at but at this point I am still considering. The journal I am using for those pages is there on the left. But what else is there?

I saw those stamps on some WOYWW desk and now I forget whose it was! I thought they were just quirky and cute (rather than sickly sweet and cute, which is very much NOT my thing) and as so often happens when desk hopping, I could see a ton of uses for them for birthday cards for many friends, especially the ewe, for so many knitting mates.

I had to have them but the £18-£20+ price I was seeing was more than I felt I wanted to spend. Google showed me a place I have never seen before, Supermart, which listed prices in ££. When I was going thru the ordering process, as I often do, to get thru the point so that I could see what the shipping would be, and nothing got added! The package itself came with no customs declaration, the shipped from info was QUITE tiny, but clearly says GB. The cost was about £12. It took about 3 weeks, which isn’t awful, and well worth it for the reduced cost.

My other desk, where I staged the MBD cards last week, is also in a bit of a state, as that is where I was working on the art journal pages from yesterday:

So really that only leaves my computer desk for the cards. I am running out of clean spaces…time for another full tidy for next week. Mustn’t backslide…. First time since I’ve pulled five cards where all five go together to make a reasonable headline! Dithered between this and Last Czar Sues Crazy Blond, but blondes get enough bad press, don’t they?

The upside down gorilla is because the oversized mouse-mat is great, but the mouse works better on the plain black part. The blue gorilla seems to confuse it and the cursor scoots all over the place if I have it the right way round.

So there we go, another WOYWW gone and crikey the year is going fast. And we have been perilously close to the January peak in cases here in the UK, if not deaths. When will the lesson finally sink in? This is not anywhere near over and we cannot get back to normal. I read there is a study going on in the USA on vaccine effectiveness for immune-compromised people (like me) in addition to the one in the UK. It will be very interesting to see that data. I know I don’t feel safe out and about, not yet, and I see very little evidence that Boris’ hope that people will take personal responsibility to protect the most vulnerable has been shown to be justified. But I AM willing to take the steps I feel I need to to protect myself. So to riff off the old saying East, West, inside home’s best. For now.

Happy WOYWW to all.


WOYWW 633 – not so tidy

Happy Desk Hoppin’ Day, WOYWWers! It should be Throwback Thursday, really as for one week I return to my bad old ways and show you what my desk looks like in the morning. Ok, so I snapped the shot on Tuesday but my desk will be as this in the morning I am sure. Too darn hot to do much of anything upstairs! Still taking it a little easy so my back doesn’t relapse on me. Always the worst idea to think Hey, yeah, I’m FINE! then overdo it. Can’t afford to have that happen.

I think this is pretty restrained, not a lot of mess at all. I am in the middle of an art journal page, one that I thought I would be finished with to share but nope, not today. Still working in the small journal and finding it so easy to use. The lovely base pages all have something of interest on them already so it is just figuring out what and where the focal image should go and how that will support the text – usually a quote. I have three or four I am considering for this one, all with a similar vibe. Hoping I can get it sorted for tomorrow.

I do have an idea that seems to be working but it began with the cutting of a stamp, again. I think, when the whole long-legged guys issued happened, that people got the idea that somehow I was scared to cut my stamps. Not at all, not in the least. BUT I prefer to do it when I choose to do it for reasons that are MY reasons and not because there was a flaw in the manufacturing process. I’m stubborn that way…. I like these little faces and (for now) want to keep the stamp with the open faces and the grid lines intact. But I have cut the solid faces into strips.

Ideally, I will cut the sketchy faces out of the grid, and cut the solid faces apart into individual stamps, so I have all the faces loose and free and the grid as just the grid. I need to really look carefully at it to see if it is possible. Not quite there yet.

Finally, I went to my other desk to add the MBD cards – I think I read Kyla pulls FIVE cards so I did too! In this case blasts or weeps for work equally as well, but this is my headline and I’m stickin’ to it!

Hope you have a lovely day visiting all the WOYWWers. If you don’t join it, why not? It’s such a lot of fun.


WOYWW 632 – a few things…

Well Happy WOYWW hoppers! My week has been crazy and my crafting has been a bit all over the place. Let’s see how my desk looked on Tuesday, shall we?

I am a week behind sharing my cards (kinda like the 100 days thing – I never want to be stuck on a Sunday having to make stuff to add that day IYKWIM) and as I abandoned the A DAY part of the process, so long as I am making 7 cards to share on the weekends, I’m happy. Or in this case, a set of cards. Planning on sharing the little box (from a single sheet of 12 x 12 cardstock) tomorrow but the set looks like this:

All of them made from the scraps of a single card and the printed sentiments to match the banner die. I love this particular font and the black background on white card works perfectly. So the tidy shot, where I begin today:

Finally took the plunge and grabbed this book. It’s full of goodness but often takes me a while to work out the actual folds. The sample is a Diagonal Pocket Fold and not in this book, but I am dying to make a project out of it. The little dies and the cover die are from Amazon and were pretty cheap. I think the little ones will be more useful but the art deco one may be fun to play with.

And now my little whinge – I only seem to have 300gsm white card at the moment, and Hobbycraft reminded me I had a voucher that was about to expire. So I popped on to grab some lighter card. Two Hobbycraft cardstock packs, both labelled WHITE. One is very much white while the other is very much CREAM:

I mean, c’mon…. Grrr….

Almost forgot! MBD, happily I can use all 4 cards this week!

Happy WOYWW friends!