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Christmas Card extravaganza!

I showed a pile of bits from a card kit I bought probably 10 years ago from one of the shopping channels. I always meant to have a play with then every Christmas since I bought them and never managed it.

There is a LOT of stuff in the kit. And it seems like even more when it is spread out all over the desk LOL!

I looked thru the book and picked out the bits for the cards I really liked and made those first. This is one of my favourites:

I like both versions. And I love the Ho Ho Ho ones as well.

I made one very like this but not from the kit, a long time ago and still think it’s cute:

I am not a fan of this one, but I wanted to see how it came together so I made it. The left is the card closed and inside when you open it, on the right. Sorry for the poor lighting. Winter and all that.

So I have a huge pile of bits still left and many of the remaining cards leave me a bit cold. These two seem to be complicated for the sake of being complicated! And the end result I don’t care for.

These two use a ton of stuff that could be used to make many multiple cards that are much cuter!

And this one is just plain ugly!

So now I will have a look at the bits and maybe marry them with other things in my Christmas bin, and see what I can come up with. Should be interesting!

Heads up for all: I have been working on 2022-2023 calendars. As I have mentioned I am not sure how long my old program can be used. My Mac is from 2009 and at some point I am going to have to give it up. When I do the ease with which I make my calendars might go away as well. So I am working on a handful that I know are always popular and making ahead for 2023. I will be adding them thru December, on Saturdays. They will get collected into the Calendar Making menu at the top and be there well in advance of when they will be needed! Then, if my Mac dies, you will be good for a couple of years.

I haven’t made any holiday gift tags yet, so that may appear at some point soon. Any requests? Drop me a comment!


Well, that was a surprise!

Sorry about the snafu and super late post yesterday! I had created a post, and thought I saved it and scheduled it, but them The Hubster came home from skating and I asked him to do a back-up on my machine (he keeps the back-up disk in the car so if the house burns down the disk is safe) and I guess I messed up the date and time of the post. It might have published but been placed in early November rather than December. Oh well. It’s in the right place now.

So today I am able to share some progress on the cover:

I want to add the word STORAGE under ATC and maybe edge the whole thing with the gold, but it needs a little bit longer to dry.

The big news is…Christmas cards! Going back to a tried and true design, printed the embellished.

Some Happy Christmas and some Merry, depending on which side of the pond they go. I did a post AGES ago on how to make these. Maybe it will be of interest? And there is a set of kraft-background printables as well as the white background here. You can see these (made from the kraft version) are cute too.

I have to get a wriggle on because stuff mailed to the USA is taking a while and I want to make sure they arrive before Xmas. Most will go in packaged with the gifts, but the odd one might go on it’s own.

WOYWW tomorrow!


Something to look forward to – a book gift

As you may have read, my daughter is disabled. She has learning difficulties as well as physical ones. She does pretty well in life, but as is true of ALL of us, but perhaps more so for people like her, the whole Covid-world, lockdown, social distancing thing is a struggle. She is FINE with masks, and even asked for some more for Christmas – thank goodness. But not getting her usual, if occasional, retail therapy, has been hard.

I thought, now the vaccine in “here” – if not actually HERE in our house yet – I would make her a little riff on the old coupon books, with a list of some of her favourite treats that are out and about. Just to give her something to look forward to.

The whole thing is based on my Hungarian Map fold book, which you can find here.

Slightly crap photo – using a paper pad I loathe, but she really likes cause it is butterfly heavy. I might have even bought it at her request, but it’s been ages so I can’t be sure.

You can see how the Hungarian folds, stuck back to back, fan open when you open the book.

I won’t bore you with all her favourite things, but there is some shopping, some cinema, some dining out…luckily one of HER favourites is one of MY favourites.

and her disability skating group, which is open but is a 2 hour drive (each way) and space is limited to maintain social distancing. We’ve opted to let those who are closer claim a spot. But she REALLY misses it, perhaps even more so the shopping and eating out.

Perhaps the very last thing she did was take part in the international Synchro skating competition at Sheffield – or was it Nottingham? Can’t recall, but I do recall they considered cancelling it as Covid was beginning to spread. I feel we dodged a bullet there, and had we had any idea how bad things would get, and how fast, we would have given it a miss!

So all very sparkly and full of butterflies and I hope she really likes it. And I simply cannot WAIT to get out and do all of these things with her. 2020 has been a black hole and the sooner we can be done with it, and put Covid, if not behind is, at least far, far to one side, the happier I will be.


WOYWW 601 – Saturday was a triumph!

I managed to pop in for quite a while to the AM session, and to pop in briefly to the evening session, and it was WONDERFUL to see all the people who I know only thru their art and their blog-voices. I enjoyed the discussion on how you pronounce WOYWW (I don’t care how it is spelled, to me it is, and will ever be, WOWWEE!)

After seeing so many last week and a few on the Zoom, I thought I would begin with our tree.

and the front of the house. Looks weird, I know, but the people we bought from joined a pair of Victorian semis into a singe house. Both doors are us!

Desk is less attractive, maybe.

A couple of things. Still inching closer to completing my journal page. And I had to make an odd card. Card first. My son’s girlfriend is Jewish, born in Israel, and celebrates Hanukkah. We celebrate Christmas. I have nothing stamp-wise or embellishment-wise that could be for Hanukkah, as this is the first year they have been together for the holidays. I decided to combine the two holidays on a single card. I often see blue & white or silver on Hanukkah cards so I went with that and snowflakes. They live in LA so it is likely to be the only snow they see!

And now the journal page…

A few additions since the last glimpse. I decided it is less about ME feeling good as hell and more about the entire PLANET feeling a massive sense of relief once we can finally say BYE, DON. The fact he has raised something like $200 million from mostly small donors (who can least afford it and who he puts at risk EVERY DAY with his the virus is a hoax claptrap) makes my blood boil. The fact it is in essence his own private slush fund makes me even madder. January 20th simply cannot come soon enough but I won’t finish this page till that psycho either concedes or is replaced in the White House.

And I can’t wait to never have to mention him here again…

As ever I vow to VISIT every desk and COMMENT on every blog that allows open ID. I’m going to shout out to a couple of blogs where I can’t comment but enjoy week after week – Sarah Brennan, I love every one of your pen and ink drawings and look forward to seeing them every week. Diana@Velvet Moth Studio, your art is stunning. There have been so many things I have seen that pushed me right to the edge of commenting when signed in to Google! But my resolve is firm. Just know I pop round every week to have a look….

Happy WOYWW to all.

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More Christmas tags!

My friend has a specific punch (hers is the Vaessen Creative XXXL) and I offered to size my Elf feet tags to fit the punch exactly. She tested them and it works great. The trick is to positiong the feet in the bottom right corner with just the barest sliver of white space. Maybe the photo she shared will help?

I have done a couple more sets as well. The elf tags to fit this specific punch look like this – of course you can cut them by hand if you like! I really packed them in, because I had the advantage of knowing the specific diameters of the punch they were meant for. 18 tags to a sheet! Grab this set here.

The next set also fits the punch. These print just the front of the tag – you can write in the TO and FROM on the back. Gnomes are so cute right? Get that sheet here.

I oriented the images on all the tags very specifically, so the punch can punch efficiently – you SHOULD be able to punch all of the outside images and only fiddle with the two in the very middle. Well, that was the plan, anyway.

OK so the last set is based on some Banksy artwork. I did a little research on copyright for this one. I think I am OK in adding them, especially for free, for your personal use only. While Banksy supposedly once said Copyright is for Losers! I was hoping for something more solid than that by way of permission. But the recent court case is confusing at best. So I’m adding them here. If that is wrong, I imagine I’ll hear about it.

I am unlikely to start designing tags to fit a huge range of punches, so don’t ask. Unless of course you want to send me the punch LOL! I got my mate to bring hers over so I could use it to test out the placement. I tried doing it from measurements and it was never quite right. Just letting you know….


As requested, Merry and Happy Elf tags

I can always count on my followers to let me know when they want something specific. While I am not always able to comply (like doing tons of specific font single letter downloads for book folding – sorry) I do my best, especially when it is reasonably easy to accomplish.

As I ever, being a Yank in the UK, I managed to please neither side. To remedy that, here are two full sheets – one only Merry and one only Happy. I think that is likely to be better than the mix of the two, except in the odd case where someone might have relatives across the pond.

Get the MERRY CHRISTMAS elf sheet here.

Get the HAPPY CHRISTMAS elf sheet here. As you can see I matched the round tags to the main choice as well. 

It has been so long since I have done downloadable tags, but I hope you enjoy using them.


Cute Christmas Tags to Download

OMG, I am out of practice! It seems to have been so long since I did any digital designing. But as I am feeling in a Christmas-y mood at the moment – mostly because some of my knitting friends have been doing Christmas stuff for MONTHS now, I am guessing it’s cause they are NOT American and have neither the Thanksgiving holiday nor the election distraction in the middle! I though I would dust off my skill set and see what I might come up with.

I am trying something slightly different this time.  If you can see, the circles at the bottom have no framing lines.  For those, I figured no lines mean people can use a punch or a die in a few different sizes to cut them out.  That seems more helpful to me.  That PDF is downloadable here.

Now, that made me think – what if people wanted a slightly different tag shape than the one I made? what if they wanted a straight rather than curved top, or straight corners? Both would be easier to cut. So I decided to add another version where there are no lines at all!

If you prefer THAT PDF, you can download it here.

So I think these are pretty cute. If you do use them, as always, I would love to see how you do – if you have a die that works perfectly or if a trimmer, guillotine or scissors is how you did it. I haven’t done the more British Happy Christmas this year, but might do, if requested.

Honestly, those images look a little fuzzy to me – can’t tell if it is my tired, election watching eyes, old age, or my struggles with the unavoidable WordPress changes recently. And the TO/FROM black is THIN but darker than the image shows. Reports back on how it prints for you would be welcome.


Cute Christmas Tags – easy cut for a change!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

Every year I create Christmas tags for my own wrapping.  I often create circles, because I have the punches and they are easy.  But some people have told me that not everyone has a circle punch of the right size, and dies are too hard to do many cuts quickly.

SO, this year, I made a simple grid of tags.  Not a lot of white space except at the edges, and it should print on any size paper, A4, US Letter, even smaller, if you want teeny tiny tags.

Cute, hummm? You can download the sheet here

Hope they help with your holiday wrapping!



A break from sending templates, printable Hipster card toppers, and the most bizarre tech tip

First, I am taking a break from sending out templates over Christmas.  I will sort out the few I have in my comments today and respond to any that come in until DECEMBER 19TH.  After that, you can click on the Book Folding categories or tags or menu item at the top and feel free to download any of the templates I have shared.  While you won’t find specific images or words or names, there is probably going to be SOMETHING you can use to make a last-minute gift!

Here are a couple of printables.  This PDF will print two images has six of the images which print at about 3.5 inches square

This PDF has 12 images at just shy of 2.5 inches square, perfect for tags.

Lastly, I just have to share this bizarre tip I found.  I had a moment of absolute panic when my trusty Canon Pixma stopped working, throwing out a B200 error and telling me I needed to take it in for a service.  Cue copious cursing and a pretty weak tantrum, but only because of my myositis LOL!  Trust me, inside, I was RAGING.  I dropped a Slack to dear hubby, who is my tech hero, as well as having a very calm head in the face of things I totally lose my sh*t over, who suggested checking online for an error reset hack.  I found a few that involved things that did NOT work (like pushing a series of buttons, holding them down on a coordinated and times fashion, or uninstalling the print head, which didn’t work for MY Pixma model and turned out to create another problem) then I stumbled on the genius, simple, but frankly totally BIZARRE solution that worked first time!! The steps are simple:

1. Turn OFF the printer
2. Open the flap as if to change inks cartridges
3. Turn the power back ON
4. Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left and let it go past half way

This was where I was thinking in my head There is NO WAY this is going to work! HA!

5. Before print carriage reaches left hand side (but after going halfway across) shut the cover.

Again, I am thinking I will miss the exact point I need to close the cover and should be spending my time figuring out how to convince DH to stop and buy me any printer he can, then bring it home and install it this afternoon. But the closing of the lid at the right moment was either luck or the window of opportunity it quite a wide one or it doesn’t matter at what point you close it

6. Leave the Printer on
7. Good to go.

I printed a test sheet, did all the cleaning functions offered in the print utility and printed a perfect sheet.  My green ON light is steady and as the instructions said, GOOD TO GO!

So it PRINTS, and the B200 error has been cleared, except now, the previous attempt and removing the cartridges and removing the print head must have misaligned it somehow, so in the end I am not good to go.  I am back to raging.  Oh well….



A few Christmas folds

Here are a few Christmas book folding templates I have been playing around with.  The trees are simple, and could be tarted up with decorations – oooh, I wonder if you could add those tiny battery-operated LED lights to the fold somehow?  Hummmm…

The reindeer are maybe a little more tricky, maybe better for cut&folds.  But either way, if you do make one, send along a photo so I can see and if the photo is clear and in focus I might share it here. I never have time to fold all the designs so it is nice for people to see they work and what the end result looks like!

Grab that PDF here.

And just a reminder of a more challenging one:

and the design folded by Melanie.

You can find some other Christmas folds, including Rudolph, here.