Year end goodies – just a couple

Hi all.

Hope your holiday season was a happy healthy and joyful one.

Looking back over my in-process stuff, I find a couple of things I mean to add and never did.  First, a sheet of book-folding fillers motifs.  People often find they have pages leftover, or maybe have a book that is bigger than needed for their project. These will help.  Also, maybe to add between two letters instead of a & for example.  I have a few sizes all on one sheet, just cut the one you want out!

and the other is a one-sheet calendar for 2020.  I found a glitch, where one day was in the working file bit for some unknown reason failed to appear in the PDF.  VERY weird.  I thought it was going to be a hunt to figure out what was making it happen, but in the end all I had to do was re-save as PDF and there it was.

Or at least it appears to be there – do tell me if 31st May disappears when you print it…..

Have a Happy New Year if I don’t get back before then!

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A little Christmas Round-up

Hi all!

I have been a bit useless this year in creating printables but in looking back to print my own Christmas goodies, I can see that many of my previous efforts are still useful and cute.  I thought I would add them in one place, as a sort of curated list.

But first, a new printable that we used for Hipp!!Bones fundraising – slightly sarcastic gift tags:


Always the most useful printables this time of year! Links are first, images follow!

Cartoon style – found here!


Traditional colours (seen at the top) – Download them by clicking here

Modern colours (seen at the bottom) – Download them by clicking here


Download these by clicking here


blogdividerI still love these !

Cute trees:


Need a last-minute gift AND a card?  Make one of my ornament cards.  This post (with the red and white Scandi-style cards) has links to three different printable versions.


The flat ones make up in minutes!



Just need a quick card?  The word-search ones are cute and they are in 4 x 6 or 3 x 4 sizes. This PDF has both sizes on a kraft card colour background, and this PDF has the three shown here on a white background.


Print, cut and stick to a card blank.

and lastly, these.  Download the PDF, then cut out and stick to a card.  You can add a patterned paper background, and ribbon or a gem, if you have the time!



3×4 printables but they work for quick card toppers too:


Slightly geeky Christmas card is here

And although I showed this as a holder for swapping ATCs, I think it words perfectly as a gift card holder.  You can find the post on Twisted Cards here and here. You can see in the second link how to adjust the folding to accommodate a sideways card, which would pretty much equal a gift card.

And finally, a book fold of Rudolph!

Happy holidays to all!

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Some printable wine bottle gift tags

Hello all.

As mentioned I made a fair few things for the Hipp!!Bones fundraising efforts and we did very well at the craft fair and selling at a few other craft groups.  The Lump of Coal chocolate orange covers were very popular!

As that is done now, I thought I might offer as a printable the funny wine tags.  A bit of a play on the This wine pairs well with fish…red meat… turkey…. As you can see vaguely from the not great photo, I tarted them up with metallic disk stickers, bakers twine and some glitter snowflakes.

There are three pages in the UK-centric version:

There is one with a Frozen vibe:

One with a traditional Christmas vibe:

and a more quirky modern version:

I also made a USA-centric version, which leaves out BREXIT, but includes Impeachment (be careful you are very sure the recipient shares your views or sense of humor when attaching either of them to a gift!) and which subs sweater for jumper and fruitcake for pudding and omits crackers.  Are Christmas crackers a thing in the USA now?  I know I tried to send some back as gifts at some point and since they have a teeny tiny bit of explosive to make the SNAP when you pull them they are banned from mailing.  

Just a bit of fun and a few that are unique to others I’ve seen. They are sized as they are to fit my tag-top punch but they can also be cut as is and stuck to a luggage tag or you can cut and round the corners.

We give out many bottles during the holidays and a tag like this just adds a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy them!