Not another one!

I wanted to do a slide show for the pop-up, but I wasn’t 100% happy with the photos I had taken for it so I figured the best thing to do was to do another card and be rigorous about photographing the steps clearly.  I figured I wasn’t going to get time to post anything else so I’d post the card and let the video follow (tomorrow? or am I being optimistic?  I still have that crop project to work on! Julia will smack me if I don’t stop dithering and bombarding her with emails about stuff I forgot) as soon as I can manage it.

No wires this time, so a bit easier for people, I hope!

Now, DD is home and calling for me so I must go “play!”


Another slider card and a PDF

I made another slider card and created a little PDF so you can see how to do it!

Here is the inside:

and you will find the PDF here.

I may also do a video slideshow for You Tube if I get the time.  No Sunday-someplace-else today, maybe tomorrow, as a Monday-someplace else.  I have another project to woirk on for the crop I am attending next weekend!



Butterfly pop-up card

I had such a day, I missed out posting yesterday.  Tsk, Tsk.  But I finished my card from WOYWW day and wanted to share it, since I can’t share what I was working on.

Here is a closer view of the front – the card is quite thick, between the flowers on the front and the surprise inside, so I think I will work on perfecting the idea a bit more.  Right now I am thinking it needs to be a side open, and a the side scored so it is thicker, not just a fold.  It does fit in an envelope, but I wouldn’t want to mail it!

The little bit of ribbon is the hint to what happens when you open it up…

And then when you pull the ribbon…

and finally a bit of an angle

All the Mariposa stack.

Now, on with the daily chores….


WOYWW – 26/1/2011

Working on a tricky card today – I must say it is going better than my experiments of yesterday! You can see my little Distress Ink tools, from my Sunday-someplace-else, made with dolls house signs (actually just little wooded rectangles, but that’s what they are sold as), Cut ‘n Dry foam, a bit of sticky backed Velcro and old chess pieces – so cheap compared to the “real thing” and they work perfectly) and lots of rubbish strewn about.  What the card is all about is all hidden inside but after the Shaped slider card from last week I am into things that move so experimenting with something else – we’ll see if it works, although with the day I had yesterday, I have my doubts…

Have a happy WOYWW and pop over to Julia‘s to see what everyone has on THEIR desk – it’s fun and neat desks give you something to aspire to and messy ones make you feel virtuous, so def. WIN/WIN.

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Metal embossing templates

Binkin’ ‘eck!  The day I have had!  I’ve been playing around with the little metal embossing templates that I unearthed in my stash and everything I tried with them failed – mostly because I have the wrong cardstock.  I wanted to try something that looked a bit like Letterpress – ie depressions (DEbossed rather than EMbossed) filled with colour.  But everything ran, bled or smeared.  Usually when I use my Copics, there is a stamped image so the black ink acts, I think, as a bit of a barrier.  I know I have successfully coloured in on the cardstock I was using in the past, but today, it was all just a huge mess.

Anyway, I found, in the end, that if I edged the debossed areas with gold gel pen it keeps the Copic ink from bleeding.  YAY!  It looks ok, but I am not sure I would wast too much more time on it, if I’m honest.

You can’t really see that it is debossed in the photo, but the light is fading and so is my patience! It actually looks quite pretty IRL.

In the end, I think I prefer the one that I coloured, still the debossed side, with Distress Inks:

But there you go.

I suspect they will end up on cards one day, if I don’t lose them LOL!

I have some other cards to make, so really must get on with that….


Sunday-someplace-else (Lollyrot)

As I mentioned earlier Stampotique has some new DT members.  I checked out a few of the new blog links and found a great and useful project on Lollyrot‘s blog. She does lovely work so well worth a browse around, don’t just stop at seeing this one!

Home made blending tools!

She has a YouTube vid for this which you can watch:


Of course I didn’t have all the “stuff” and what you can find in the UK is sometimes different to what you may find elsewhere, so I went my own way with it. I have a little bin full of bits of Cut&dry foam that I use for applying my Distress ink but there are a couple of problems with this – firstly, I tend to get quite inky, as they have no holder and secondly, I sometimes mix up what chunk is for what ink (disastrously mixing PIGMENT ink on to one of my DI pads – oh the horror!)

So I got some little dolls house signs and my last bit of Cut&Dry foam, some sticky-backed Velcro, an old chess set with some pieces missing, my trusty glue gun…


I still need to label them, but for less than £10 I got 16 tools!  The C&D foam can be removed and a new piece stuck on when it gets too shabby – why is it I always seem to have a lot of the SOFT side of the Velco and use the GRIP-y side less?  I suspect it is the iPad covers, which grip to the felt.  Anyway, I find the pawn shape quite easy to hold and they fit in my storage drawers alongside the ink pads so I call that a RESULT!


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Nestabilities Slider card tutorial

OK, well I am not 100% pleased with the slide show, not because the card is that hard to make, but I am just not sure if the instructions communicate well in that format.  So I also made a PDF which you should see in the right sidebar, that you can download.  I would say watch any of the slider card You Tubes, although personally I think Kathryn’s is a good one (and hers is linked in my video’s info section) to familiarize yourself with the basics of how simple slider cards work, THEN give my shaped version a go.

Here is the other one I made for the video:

I hope you like my variation and would love to see a link if you make one.  Trust me, it really isn’t that hard – if you can make a normal slider you can make this one!

Have a happy Friday!

(hummm.  Either I’ve forgotten how I did it before or WordPress changed how you add PDFs or this theme handles them differently than the other one did, but when you click the text in the sidebar another page will pop up and if you click the name of the tut there it WILL download)


SDC – welcome the new DT members!

Another day, another SDC!  And very exciting, there are new DT members, and a fair few from the UK.  The challenge was to make a Welcome card, so I did!

Doesn’t look like much at first, but I had been looking for instructions on slider cards and saw a video on YouTube that made it all very clear.  Of course, I had to find a new twist on it so I used Nestabilities and made a shaped slider.  Fun – I’m working on a video slide show but am a bit worried it is perhaps hard to communicate the steps in stills.  We’ll see.

Here is a look at the card as it slides:

And a bit of a close up of the words – watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? over the holidays and Jessica Rabbit’s line of “I’m not bad…I’m just drawn that way” was very much the inspiration there.  I needed to use this image as it fit the space, but he didn’t look as pleased, or as “welcoming” as I felt he should 🙂

And the UK ladies will appreciate the Congratulations and Celebrations sentiment – you can’t beat Sir Cliff for a bit of schmaltz, can you? LOL!

So congratulations to all the new DT members – can’t wait to see what you make and to a load of fun new challenges to come!

As a sidebar, I am sorry to hear that Milo has left the DT – she was my favourite, so I’ll miss seeing her cards every week or so but will make do with her blog.


WOYWW – 19/01/2011

My work desk hasn’t been tidied from the calendar from yesterday because I was working on a little video of how I changed the original print&cut version. You can see that here:

Not terribly inspiring, I know, but some Ws are like that!

Have a great WOYWW – looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to!


That calendar….

If you saw my Sunday-someplace-else post you know I planned n making a perpetual calendar based on the print-cut-&-fold one from the Canon site.  Well, I did it!

I did quite a lot different to it to make it sturdier and obviously to use scrapbooking paper and stash rather than the printable version, which was a bit flimsy.  I’ll be working on a tutorial for it and will post that as soon as I get it done, so if you are interested, stop back by.

The papers are from the Mariposa stash by DCWV (gorgeous) and it only took 4 sheets total and most of them were only about 1/2 of the 12×12 sheet so plenty economical.

Now maybe I won’t lose track of the date and (shockingly) the day of the week LOL!

The footprint is only about 7 inches across and maybe 3 or 4 wide so small enough to sit quietly on my desk and not get in the way – always a good thing when you are as chaotic as I am when creating!