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Internet issues

Sorry all.  I have no email at the moment and I depend on email notifications to alert me when I have a comment I need to respond to (for the DASH planner link or for a book folding template.)


I will TRY to go back and find all comments I have not replied to but if I miss you please comment again here and I will try to monitor it.

Hope you are all staying safe, washing your hands, and practicing social distancing! One of these may help…..



Wreath Calendar done!

I have been working on the wreath calendars and have the one most people seem to like better done. I did play around with the fonts a little and like the vibe of this font :

You can download the PDF here.

I have been clearing up my craft spaces.  I finally have the sewing room sorted, mostly because I found an alternative for the storage of my son’s drum kits (one proper drums, one electronic, both HUGE) and that has allowed a better placement of furniture.  It really doesn’t help that that room is tiny, and has a sink in it – unlike most of the rest of the rooms there is not a fireplace in there.  This house has eight sinks upstairs (only three in actual bathrooms) and seven fireplaces in all, plus another 4 that have been blocked off or walled over.  It makes furniture placement a challenge! One thing I unearthed is a stash of clear CD covers, like I used to create the CD calendar project:

And this one:

I am about to start a major clear-out and re-org of my scrapbook space. This is likely to take some time LOL! My hope is that once the space is usable again I can actually get on with some crafting.  And I think I might have to do another CD calendar as my first project. Although, given the state of this room, it might by 6 months into the year before I manage it.  DOH!


That Doily calendar – onesheets for 2020 thru 2022

I am always amazed at the number of requests I get for the same calendars over and over again.  The Doily calendar is one of those – although I think the pretty circle CD one is still the most requested one.

As I have been doing, I’ve made these for 3 years.

Small but enough for you to see what they look like, I think

You can grab the PDF here.

On a side note, I have noticed a number of posts on various blogs, doing a round up of 2020 calendars.  I’ve noticed this in previous years as well. The thing is, they all seem to repeat the SAME calendars across the board.  I usually have a calendar on those lists, and this year it is the leafy circles one:

In past years it has been this doily one, or the doily cards one.  But every year it’s the same.  One person posts a list and 10 other bloggers just shuffle the order and re-post the same darn calendars.  I make SO many calendars, it can’t be that it is always, year after year, that every round-up blogger picks THE SAME ONE.

But hey, if that is the style that is trendy, so be it.  At the very least it made me want to play around with the wreath concept a bit more.  Here are two I like, although I feel the fonts need to be changed, maybe.  Which do you prefer?


Leap Year calendar one-sheet and updated Project Life graphics

I am working on the Doily one-sheets, as requested by an anonymous commentor, who says she has used them for the lat few years and wants the 2020 version.  Like with the month cards, I am doing 2020, 2021 and 2022.  A number of people have said they like to make 18 month or 24 month calendar gifts so it makes sense to do that.  ANYWAY, just a reminder – if you make a request, do be sure you add your info so I can get back to you.

In the meantime, I updated some old (2012!) Project Life cards and made a one-sheet calendar for leap year.

It has been AGES since I made any Project Life things and I am not sure how popular it is at the moment.  Comment if you still scrapbook that way.  These cards are slightly less than 3×4 so you can maintain the black border and (I think) round the corners of your base cardstock if you want to mount them on a colour.

Hope they are useful.  Hands up anyone who DIDN’T already know it was a leap year….




Year end goodies – just a couple

Hi all.

Hope your holiday season was a happy healthy and joyful one.

Looking back over my in-process stuff, I find a couple of things I mean to add and never did.  First, a sheet of book-folding fillers motifs.  People often find they have pages leftover, or maybe have a book that is bigger than needed for their project. These will help.  Also, maybe to add between two letters instead of a & for example.  I have a few sizes all on one sheet, just cut the one you want out!

and the other is a one-sheet calendar for 2020.  I found a glitch, where one day was in the working file bit for some unknown reason failed to appear in the PDF.  VERY weird.  I thought it was going to be a hunt to figure out what was making it happen, but in the end all I had to do was re-save as PDF and there it was.

Or at least it appears to be there – do tell me if 31st May disappears when you print it…..

Have a Happy New Year if I don’t get back before then!

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A little Christmas Round-up

Hi all!

I have been a bit useless this year in creating printables but in looking back to print my own Christmas goodies, I can see that many of my previous efforts are still useful and cute.  I thought I would add them in one place, as a sort of curated list.

But first, a new printable that we used for Hipp!!Bones fundraising – slightly sarcastic gift tags:


Always the most useful printables this time of year! Links are first, images follow!

Cartoon style – found here!


Traditional colours (seen at the top) – Download them by clicking here

Modern colours (seen at the bottom) – Download them by clicking here


Download these by clicking here


blogdividerI still love these !

Cute trees:


Need a last-minute gift AND a card?  Make one of my ornament cards.  This post (with the red and white Scandi-style cards) has links to three different printable versions.


The flat ones make up in minutes!



Just need a quick card?  The word-search ones are cute and they are in 4 x 6 or 3 x 4 sizes. This PDF has both sizes on a kraft card colour background, and this PDF has the three shown here on a white background.


Print, cut and stick to a card blank.

and lastly, these.  Download the PDF, then cut out and stick to a card.  You can add a patterned paper background, and ribbon or a gem, if you have the time!



3×4 printables but they work for quick card toppers too:


Slightly geeky Christmas card is here

And although I showed this as a holder for swapping ATCs, I think it words perfectly as a gift card holder.  You can find the post on Twisted Cards here and here. You can see in the second link how to adjust the folding to accommodate a sideways card, which would pretty much equal a gift card.

And finally, a book fold of Rudolph!

Happy holidays to all!

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Some printable wine bottle gift tags

Hello all.

As mentioned I made a fair few things for the Hipp!!Bones fundraising efforts and we did very well at the craft fair and selling at a few other craft groups.  The Lump of Coal chocolate orange covers were very popular!

As that is done now, I thought I might offer as a printable the funny wine tags.  A bit of a play on the This wine pairs well with fish…red meat… turkey…. As you can see vaguely from the not great photo, I tarted them up with metallic disk stickers, bakers twine and some glitter snowflakes.

There are three pages in the UK-centric version:

There is one with a Frozen vibe:

One with a traditional Christmas vibe:

and a more quirky modern version:

I also made a USA-centric version, which leaves out BREXIT, but includes Impeachment (be careful you are very sure the recipient shares your views or sense of humor when attaching either of them to a gift!) and which subs sweater for jumper and fruitcake for pudding and omits crackers.  Are Christmas crackers a thing in the USA now?  I know I tried to send some back as gifts at some point and since they have a teeny tiny bit of explosive to make the SNAP when you pull them they are banned from mailing.  

Just a bit of fun and a few that are unique to others I’ve seen. They are sized as they are to fit my tag-top punch but they can also be cut as is and stuck to a luggage tag or you can cut and round the corners.

We give out many bottles during the holidays and a tag like this just adds a bit of fun. Hope you enjoy them!


2020 and 2021 Gradient One Sheet calendars, as requested

As promised yesterday I created the gradient one-sheets for 2020 and 2021.  One-sheets are easier than other calendars so I thought as I was doing the 2020 anyway….

You can download both years here.

I’ll be sorting out a 2020 page in the top drop down menu soon, as I have posted a fair few 2020 (and beyond) calendars already, and I know people use them to make Christmas gifts.




2020 calendar request – B&W leafy circles

Note: If you came here from one of the round-up blog posts, check out the other leafy wreath options in the post here and here. You might prefer one of the other choices better!

I got a comment from Melissa, asking for an update for 2020 to my leafy circles.  But she also appended a photo of her lovely project from last year, using those printables.


How adorable is that?  I love it.

I do try my best to update those calendars that people like to use again and again.  I may not get to them in a day, but I WILL try my best to get to them in a timely fashion.

So here they are   – and here is a sample:


I have another request for a one-sheet that I will try to add tomorrow or Friday!