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Less chaos but in danger of not finishing in time!

I spent far too long yesterday sorting thru bins of things – I got my letter stickers and chipboard alphas organized and weeded out a bit for donations to my daughters disability group and for the local craft club, and sorted out a couple of book shelves that were pretty disorganized, or organized by what fit on them rather than grouping like with like. Still there is stuff everywhere and I now have only three days to finish. You can kinda see the before on the left and a better shot of the after if you click on it. I have all my glues and colour things like Neocolours and Gelato-like pens and Inktense, etc in one place now, and all my various gel plates together. Basically all my art journal stuff is at this end of the room mostly within reach of the desk.

I have a sort of false wall created by a couple of book shelves that mean you walk between them and the big Ikea side-less cube thing into the room. One is all organized with art books and collage fodder, and the other will be organized as soon as I find once again the tiny Allen wrench I need to remove the handle from my Big Shot – it sticks out from the shelf and I can see myself bumping in to it every time I walk into the room if I don’t remove it. You can see it in this shot.

Boring, I know. But I did unearth something I saved – I made this project, which I still love a lot. This in progress shot makes me happy:

The idea came from an article in The Sunday Times called Art Speak

I am such a pack rat – I still have the article!

Day 85!


Chaos retreats, a bit

I am not sure if it is related but OpenReach has been working in our area and my internet has been pretty crap. I am hoping to get to my WOYWW visits today as it seems a little better. I am awaiting a call from my internet provider about an upgrade as well. In the meantime, the fact the internet is dodgy means I feel slightly less guilty about focusing on cleaning. I really need to finish before Monday and my week of treatments!

Rather than continuously boring you withe progress, I will share progress but also share something I unearthed in my tidy up that may be new to some. First, a look at what was and what is:

Such a dismal day, yesterday AND today! I really should colour correct but it isn’t like I am sharing art that needs to look good, and time is of the essence! So maybe this desk wasn’t the worst, but it has gone thru stages when it very mush was over the last couple of days! Now, what I unearthed was a small coin envelope full of the little folded paper flowers I used to make as card toppers. The original post is here and the big difference seems to be I lost the large blur flower off the one sample!

Today I attack a 4 drawer unit that has been a thorn in my side for at least 5 years, then all of my cardmaking stuff – honestly, for someone who doesn’t make a lot of cards, I seem to have a lot of stuff. Well, a lot for ME, anyway. Finding these goodies has triggered an idea which I will share when it comes to fruition.

Now 100 days page for day 84, which I like much better than the previous one! I think all of us in the UK get the word for the day today!


WOYWW 623 – chaos remains….

Oh my. I decided to reorganize my room – I have no idea why – so I thought I would show you were I am. actually, where I WAS when I knew where my phone was and I could take a photo. It has no SIM card, I just use it for taking photos, so I can’t even call it. I heard it vibrate a minute ago but didn’t get a bead on where it was. Oh well.

This is possibly the most telling photo:

in that you can kinda see my desk in it. But the rest of the room is just as bad, if not worse. This is where my spray box lives and I want to make better use of that space.

And this desk by the window needed to take advantage of the light better. Part of my re-org was hemming the 95 inch curtains (we have HIGH ceilings) to hit the window ledge so I can close them when the sun is at that annoying in-my-eye angle

Only my computer desk remains unscathed! The thing is, I go thru this like five times a year. Every time, when I get to the point where I really need to burrow in and sort out all the little bins of small unrelated items, like the one where I found my WOYWW button (like the one I would show you if I could find my damn phone!) and the many, varied receptacles for paper and cardstock (and there are MANY) I just get fed up and shove it all into some semblance of order and think next time…. THIS time I am attacking it all. Interesting things I found – like that I could bind a book for every week of the year with the Bind It All supplies I have. I think I got send a bunch when I was working for Scrapbook Inspirations so at least I can’t say I overbought. Also, Club Scrap paper and card. OMG I have so much untouched. It is lovely quality cardstock but some of the printed ones are simply UGH.

I wonder – who other than Shaz loved scenic stamping? Cause I have a massive box of stamps of mountains and foliage and rocks, and who knows what else that I accept I will N E V E R use. If you are near Dorset, feel free to stop by after next week LOL!

I found my Man Bites Dog cards finally – Kyla, we can play every Weds. – so there is that too. (found my phone so I am inserting the shot here!)

Before I made my space unworkable, I did finish my WOYWW 12th anniversary ATCs. I have 12 – but 11 to trade, cause I have to keep one. In true WOYWW fashion they were made with the scraps from various projects on my desk. I’m not one to feel I have to hide them and make them a surprise so you might see them in progress a post back.

So just the 100 Days re-cap:

And today, Day 83:

Yeah. Well I would add it if I COULD FIND MY PHONE WITH THE PHOTO ON IT!

I may have to go get my real phone and take another photo of it – although I really am not keen on the page – stuff went wrong. There was an ink smudge from the facing pages, a rub-on went horribly wrong and I had to place things in a way I didn’t want to to hide those flaws, and the journaling spot really needed inked edges to show up. There – maybe I don’t have to show it …

[sigh] found the phone, so there is no escaping it….See what I mean?

Up at the hospital for IVIG next week so not sure how much I can desk-hop from the hospital WiFi but THIS week, I should manage it OK unless I block myself in while moving stuff about.

LOL! and Happy WOYWW!


Chaos ensues….

I am doing a bit of an overhaul. When I first set up my room, I got too weak (because of the myositis) to use it. Then it took a couple of years for them to sort out a treatment tha gave me back much, if not all, of my strength. So I re-did my room to try to get it to a more usable state, according to how I craft and the types of craft I do NOW. And that has been…ok, but it really feels like a Spring clean and a bit of a re-org and weeding of my stash needs doing. So yeah, of course I pick the week right before I am up in the hospital for a week of infusions. SO me.

I think part of what really prompted this was dumping out a huge bin of scraps to make my ATCs for WOYWW. My desk went thru a number of stages, none of them good.

I am not one that feels my ATCs need to be hidden away as some sort of surprise, but you can see a few of them there on the corner. There will be better shots eventually, as well as some explanation of the significance of some of the choices I made and the things I used.

I did want to share a couple of things. First, my new Sidekick. OMG this has revolutionized my crafting. Rather than having to get up, drag out either the BIg Shot Pro or the Grand Calibur to cut a 2.5 inch die, I just have this little guy sitting on my desk. He clamps perfectly to my glass mat and cuts loads more than I expected. I dragged out lots of dies to check the size, I cut loads for my ATCs and that process was ANOTHER prompting for a re-org. Because I wanted both my Sidekick and a good selection of dies closer to me, it made me reanalyze what was on my desk close to me. These things were meant to be the stuff I needed to reach for constantly. And that has changed. So I am sorting out dies and working out a good close by storage solution.

Weirdly, one thing that has changed is my need for my massive self-healing mat to be on my desk all the time. Not, it is just prone to getting covered in paint and spray and glue. So I decided to get a PVC tablecloth and put that down instead, with the glass mat close by. A smaller cutting mat can go beside my desk and if I need it I can bring it up. But the tablecloth is wipe clean. But a lot of stuff needs to be shifted to get the tablecloth in place!

On the corner there you can see a new purchase- a mini-stapler. I fancied a Tiny Attacher but when Iooked on Amazon (where we have gift certificate money to spend) I was shocked – between £14 and about £18 with 100 staples? and £7.40 for the refill staples?? Blimey. My tiny stapler from Tiger was in a box with other mini supplies and was £3. It works great, the staples are tiny, but the throat is also very tiny (about 1.5cm or not quite 3/4 inch) so you can’t staple in the middle of a tag for example. I spent a lot of time looking for tiny or mini staples to try to figure out how they compare to the Tiny Attacher staples. Near as I can figure, these are every so slightly larger but only by about 3/8 inch. But in my searching I found the cutest little mini stapler (with 1000 staples) for £6

Of course I bought one! You can see the selection – the little panda and the tiny Tiger stapler use the same size staples (the box says #10 staples) and you can maybe see the visual comparison to “normal” staples

One thing I have heard people complain about is that the throat of the TA is not very deep – the Panda allows for a staple to be attached about 1 1/8 inch into the page. I am sure I had read the TA has a 2″ throat but I can’t find that article again now. No matter – I know I can open up the base. “staple” into my cork stamp pad, then simple fold the legs if I really need to. And for a savings of over £15 I am OK with that as well as the extra 3/8 inch size!

I’ll just pop in my 100 Days page then get back to it. I need to get sorted before WOYWW tomorrow!!

Again with the holey paper…

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An ATC display cube that sort-of works

Long time readers will know I love my origami cubes. The original post of how to make them is here and I did a version with graph paper that I really love here, and a larger one with 12×12 papers here. I am not going to bore you and do a whole tutorial again. The first link has both photos and a video so if you want to make one, start there.

I did an ATC swap as a warm up for the WOYWW anniversary swap and I was wonderng how I might display some ATCs on my desk. I thought the cube might work. This one was folded using A4 size, fairly thin Kraft paper. All of the sides and the hinges were thin paper, but the lining was fairly thick black card.

After adding all the hinges with double-stick tape facing inward and assembling the cube…

… I took the extra set of adding a thin bead of glue to seal it all securely and reinforce the structure. OK so not traditional origami then but it works well to strengthen the structure.

Then, cause it was a bit plain, I added some decoration in the corners. I tried to make it so the decor didn’t detract from the ATCs themselves. Also, the large corners do obscure a bit of the ATCs – although, as you can see, you can pick and choose which corners to tuck under to hold the ATCs in place

They are reasonably secure – not if you toss the cube around the room, but certainly sitting on a desk. Maybe next time, no decor? Maybe see if there is a way to make the corners smaller? I think not, because of the mechanics of it, but you never know.

Day 81

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Day 80

OMG. Day 80. I ALMOST managed to get the stamping straight with the little cubes. I really am now looking in my stash box for stuff that is already cut and for ways to use things up without altering it – so like the light green sheet is the size it was, the cream bit had a circle already punched, the bow & scallop sticky tape was almost that size – I had to trim of just a small smidge – and the brown strip was that size. Can you maybe see the bit with the letters stamped is the bit cut off the other brown strip? This method is going well, I think. I’ll keep doing it. But I am not going to use up as much as I would have hoped.

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Day 79 – and a comparison

Day 79!

And I mentioned eariler in the week I thought I might compare the thickness of the two books. You will recall that Book One, for Days 1 thru 50, looked about like this at day 25 (it might actually be day 22 but I can’t see the page in the photo!)

but just look at all the stuff on Day 1!

Here is a shot of Book 2, days 51-100, at Day 75:

No comparison! I loved Day 1, and all the early days, for sure, but unless I shifted to a loose-leaf binder it was never going to be sustainable!

Day 80 tomorrow – woo hoo!

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Finally done with that double accordion book

I finished it and I am really happy with it! It was a hard fought battle, getting it where I wanted it, and it took me about three days to get from this:

To this:

And a little closer on the covers – that lady with the binoculars stamp is one I made with a stamp-making kit, 10+ years ago and it still works beautifully. All the rest of them, save the text circles, are Teesha Moore stamps.

Interesting to note that the cover quote is NOT by Gandhi, as is often claimed. He did say

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.”

which The Quote Investigator says in thematically similar – it has an interesting bit of info of where the quote might have come from, if you are interested.

Phew. Day 80 is in sight. This is day 78:

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So many things – the return of Mr Spiky, the patio, and more

Such a long title. Right now, I SHOULD be walking on the treadmill – the darn steroids I have to take to help suppress my immune system and keep the myositis at bay wreaks havoc with my blood sugars, as does the methotrexate I take for the same reason. My daily treadmill walk is essential to help counteract that. But I have failed in my scheduling of posts for a few days now, because I am working on many things. I don’t so much get creative blocks as I get overwhelmed with things that I want to do and I simply cannot settle on one of them. Or I am in the middle of something and indecisive about which direction to go with it. I am struggling with my cover for my double accordion book, but I may have cracked that. I have to make my ATC for the WOYWW swap cause I will be in the hospital for treatment the week of the swap and might not be feeling up to creating much. I still have to keep up with the 100 days, although I have the cushion I built in by making pages before posting them so I am still ahead a few days. AND the Hubster and I spent an intense few days in the dining room assembling some new patio furniture. That we didn’t kill each other is demonstration that when we put our minds to it we work well as a team. Next task is a good tidy of the garden, once the weather is better – maybe you can see the bricks that weigh down the other light-weight furniture in the back? It’s been miserable and so windy!

Because I was looking back in my blog for the WOYWW ATC backs and looking at past ATCs I have made, I also came across another project that I have made SO MANY TIMES cause I just love this guy. Mr Spiky got made for past WOYWW events, I made him for my daughters disability group, and I made one for my son with art from an album by Nujabes, an artist he likes.

I had been considering making a version using the Collage Collective – I love some of those papers SO much, and as they come in both a thin paper version and a thicker cardstock version, I thought I would give it a go and scratch that itch. I was a bit unsure about how best to do it so my first attempt was to stick the thinner paper to a thicker sheet of cardstock.

I think I forgot, with the passage of time, that thinner paper actually allows for a less sturdy but more precise figure. He isn’t bad, but things like the gently curved ears are tricky at best and bloody hard going at worst!

The ears on the Nujabes one are very smooth. I must make more to get it right, I think. This guy was printed on A3 paper so he is about 7 inches tall, where the originals were more like 4 inches tall.

Just adding my 100 Days then off for an indoor walk! Kinda an odd one – I used two scraps that already had holes cut in them and a weird assortment of greens.


WOYWW 622 – what a crazy week!

Happy WOYWW y’all! I can’t even really say WHY it has been busy but it has. Just a whole series of run-of-the-mill family stuff, an extra busy time for the Hubster in his job, some housekeeping over on UKScrappers that has needed action, but more importantly thought. Pluse I have at least three larger projects on the go, none of which are going as smoothly as they should, again for various but not specific reasons. Maybe the 100 Days project is occupying too much mental and artistic real estate in my head, I don’t know.

So interesting “desk” this week. My desk Tuesday lunchtime was chaotic, with one of the projects, that long, tall, double accordion mini-book you saw Monday strewn about.

You may not be able to tell but I am working on the covers – that thing kinda at the back is the book, collapsed and clamped. But while my desk was in that state, I still wanted to make a folder for my ATC – a different style one, so I had to work on one corner of the desk next to where my computer is. The space is about 18″ square. Sheesh.

So then I tidied up and now you can see the book, collapsed and clamped, and what of the stuff on the desk that was the cover items!

One “desk” that I don’t usually share, cause it in basically a box on top of am open book shelf that I use as a table, has one of the projects on hold. Long time WOYWWers might recall my Card Balls. I have has one in the window of the snug pretty much since we moved in. It has faded in weird ways – all the card FACES are basically white, while the card BACKS (a specialty deck) look great. You can see how good it looked in 2013 LOL!

Anyway, my hope is to disassemble, spray with gloss spray, maybe stamp some and assemble it again. I just don’t have a clear vision for what I want it to look like in the end. So I am pondering a bit longer on it.

I have my IVIG on the 17, 18th and 20th (how handy, missing out the WOYWW 12th, which is also the Hubster’s 2nd jab day) so no idea how I will be doing that week – I usually come home wrecked, with a massive headache. Might not be at my best for desk-hopping but I will do the best I can, and will def. be looking for my swap partner! I am still going strong on the 100 days but worried that week may eat up all my (actually, I believe it is only four) advance spreads. For the last couple of weeks it may be making the spread on the day – that might be too challenging so I will hope I get to my desk every day, headache-y and tired or not. Here is the week’s recap!

Hum. Wander on the last page is hard to read in the photo. Oh well. I still quite like all of these (maybe day 72 not so much) and am again getting a little more experimental. The book is still flat – I might talk about that a bit on the weekend, and grab a photo comparing this book to the first book.

OK, that is enough blathering! I’ll be popping around to your desk for a peek very soon. Happy WOYWW!