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2018 and 2019 plain PL cards, as requested

Jess commented that she liked the Doily PL cards because they had a larger font.  Perhaps they are more readable without the large decoration, and it is easy to REMOVE something and re-create the PDF, so here they are:

Download 2018 version HERE


Download 2019 version HERE!

I also centred them in the middle of the card.  They could be enhanced by:

  • trimming a scant border and mounting them on patterned paper or coloured cardstock
  • trimming them with decorative scissors, maybe only top or bottom, and mounting on card
  • dusting distress ink around the edges
  • adding a stamped or sticker border top and/or bottom

You could also create a larger calendar with them by mounting the cards onto a much larger piece, with more room to decorate!

Be sure to check back on my calendar projects page for other ideas with 3×4 cards. This shows a larger calendar block but could easily be adapted to use cards like these:



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OK, so I know this is well in advance of when it might be needed, but I have had more than one request for a Prom? template over the years.  I always intended to make a set available but never got around to it.  Then I had another email request and it prompted me to just do it.  I figure Prom?– askers might appreciate the extra time to wrap their heads around the craftiness required, make a test fold, and find the right, most significant book.

Not to appear too cynical but the book can be folded and hidden away.  And it’ll still work, even if the potential recipient changes over the course of the year.

Now, there are 7 fonts, but with the last one, I experimented with a top-to-bottom stretch to give it a bit more height.  I think it will work.  I quite like funky #5 personally.  But you should also know I have not folded any of these myself.  If you do, send me a photo. I’d love to add it to show people how they turn out! Grab the whole set in the PDF here.

I think it would be cute to present the book with a long-stem rose threaded thru the spine….just a thought…..


Book folding Templates – BIG Alphas

I am getting the sense that the serifs on the collegiate-style alphabet makes them less useful, and have been meaning to take the 20 minutes it needed to make a big, bold, plain alphabet, like this:

Only the I and the J share a page.

I also did the numbers (use the O from the alphabet for Zero) with a couple of extras:

Grab them:



Hope they are useful!

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2018 Monday to Sunday One-sheet

This will work with the top&bottom backgrounds from the previous post.  It looks like this:

and you can download it by clicking here.

I’ve sort of stopped doing the Project Life versions.  Feel free to comment if that s something you really really miss and add a link to any style that you’d like as PL cards.  If time allows I’ll make a couple.


Calendar Post – One-sheets in English, Spanish and French

It has been a while since I’ve done calendars in foreign languages.  I mentioned that I thought making ones that could mix and match would be a nice idea so I went ahead and did it.

So here is what you can do.

Pick your top&bottom design.  Here are the choices:


Download the 6-page PDF here.

Next, download the calendar that you want to use.

There are font variations in these two:

If you want Sunday to Saturday 2018 calendars CLICK HERE.

If you want Sunday to Saturday 2019 calendars CLICK HERE.

For the foreign language ones there is a single font choice for each year.

If you want Sunday to Saturday SPANISH calendars (2018 AND 2019) CLICK HERE.

If you want Sunday to Saturday FRENCH calendars (2018 AND 2019) CLICK HERE.

Because my research tells me French calendars are traditionally Monday to Sunday, I did a M to S version in French.

If you want FRENCH (MONDAY TO SUNDAY) 2018 calendar CLICK HERE

I sorted out the little error – the blocks were correct but the day strip was Sunday to Saturday.  All fixed!

Once you have the files, print the background sheet, slip that printed page into your printer and print the calendar blocks on THAT. Or the other way around, as you prefer.

You can select A4, US letter, A5, whatever.  They should work.  But get back to me if they don’t!

We have a visitor for the next few weeks, and many more Dr. appointments, so hopefully this will keep you busy, playing with the variations. If there is enough interest and I have the time, I might sort out a Monday to Sunday version.



Cheap planner? Ha!

Well, I ordered another cheap planner from an online shopping site called Wish.  We use the sister site, Geek for cheap technology items like charging cables and robot vacuums (and DD loves the other sibling site Cute for hair accessories etc) and have very rarely been disappointed.  The shipping takes forever, usually, and so long as you actually read the description carefully, it is usually a good shopping experience.

I saw the listing and thought Great! a 2nd planner would be lovely.

Actually, this is one of about 20 listings for the same planner.  Mine was £4, not £7.  Anyway, I selected the A5 size, 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches (or 148mm x 210mm)  and what I got isn’t even remotely that size.  It’s more like not QUITE 7.5 x 5. And the internal 6 rings are not spaced the same as the Filofax hole-punch.

I am in the process of trying to re-size my printable planner pages so I can use it at all – that is the good thing about being the designer LOL! I actually rather like the smaller size.

On a side note, they do sell some nice dies for very cheap prices.

You usually have to look for an image that shows the number of each item but sometimes it doesn’t have that.  I usually email their customer service and get the info back fairly quickly.  You can see the shipping price by clicking SHIPPING. This one is £1.  So for £2 you can get a set of 7 circle dies, from over 4 inches down, similar to Spellbinders.  Most of the reviews say they cut fine, but I’d happily risk £2 to find out! 


I was also playing around with some design elements and a trio of 2017/18/19 one sheet calendars. Might as well add them a I’ve already made the slow, difficult trip up the stairs to my Mac. The  seemingly missing lines (look at Feb in 2017) is a weird artifact of the on-screen PDF.  It should NOT be that way when printed.




Again, I have been thinking of interesting ways to make these more usable.  I might end up making the centre section, with the month blocks, available as a download and either leave it so you can decorate the top and bottom to match whatever planner you have, or offer a mix&match set of top&bottoms so you print the date block you like then over-print the decorative elements.

What do you think?  Good idea? I think I have two versions of each year, although at this point I imagine 2017 isn’t really useful, so I would maybe aim to offer 3 each of 2018 and 2019.



Leafy watercolour planner

It takes me ages to do anything lately but I have been slowly playing around with a new planner.   I think this one is going to be the one I will use, so I’ve just been plugging away at it steadily.  As I made it, I’ll share it.

First thing is possibly useful for lots of people.  This is a three-year run of yearly One Sheets. Use them for planners (print as A5 or 8×5) or print as A4/US letter and stick them on your wall:




Then I have the weekly planner pages, two to a sheet.  Cut in half and hole-punch. There are four colourways, salmon, peach. blue and dusty purple.   Just to keep it interesting. The blank area by Week Of?  I thought it would be a nice place for a small photo, or a place to clip or staple something like a business card.

Then there are the monthly sheets, across two pages. Some variation in colours.  Again, cut in half and hole punch the outside edges then shift so the days are in order. I stressed so much over these, so if there is an error in them do let me know!

Then, for those who need it, there are the Daily Diabetic sheets. Also in four colours, and two-a-page.



Next, the hourly planner page and the Notes page.  These are as single pages so you can pick which pages you will print them on the back of.  You can print them as A5/8×5 size OR as A4/US letter.  Just select the size in your printer dialog box.

Nearly done! A couple of pages of bits – print them on sticker paper if you like.

These tabs are for the months, and there are some with useful words or phrases.  Use them as tabs, or cut them in half and use as regular stickers.

These arrows and flags can be used anyway you like!

So there you go.  Hope they are useful and do let me know what you think.

I did spend some time organizing my planner bits in a top menu, so any old ones are up there, in case you were looking….


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FAMILY book folding templates

I may have mentioned that my most requested book folding templates are for the word FAMILY.  I’ve also said that I would be adding a set for easy download.  Here they are.  Don’t worry about the overlapping bits in some of the fonts.  This is what I usually send with my templates:

The words/images are s t r e t c h e d so they will look in proportion when folded.  

Don’t worry! Overlapping lines show on the screen but not when printed 🙂 

The lines DO NOT tell you how many pages you need for your template, they are to help with the counting. Be sure to go back to my blog post for info on how to calculate the page count. has links to two different posts for how to do this. Be careful to count the alternating folds correctly!

Why I won’t tell you how many pages you need can be found here

Here is the PDF for download.  The one inside the heart is one that had been requested.  As I had it I thought I might as well  include it.  I think it might work better as a cut & fold, but if you give it a go and it works, be sure to share a photo with me.

Hope you find it useful!




Another one to play with – the Pretty Cd calendar and 2018 re-post

OK, so I thought I would try offering the pretty CD calendar to play with:
Download that here.

I’ve created the month blocks and the blank circles.  Let me add them right now lest I get sidetracked and forget like yesterday!

I tested it out and yes, it is tedious and annoying to do, no question.  But, if you have any sort of simple editing program you can easily create your own month blocks. Once you have a basic set of seven in 31-day blocks, it is simple to edit away day 31 for 30-day months and 29-31 for February (except a leap year!) as needed for any given year, and reuse the basic set over and over again.

Here is another month block set.  When printed it will fit either the inky circles or the pretty CD.

I know this sort of DIY effort is not to everyone’s  taste, but maybe someone will take the ball and run with it. And the Pretty CD calendar is one of my most popular.  I’d love to see what great ideas anyone else comes up with!





Experimenting with editable calendars, by request

Note:  Clearly I was in a too much of a rush yesterday – the links to the PDFs are now included! I also replaced the start-days PDF with one that includes both a Sun to Sat block and and Mon to Sun block for the 2020 leap year February!

I had a request from Kelly, who liked my Inky Circles calendar.  She asked about an editable version.  I have mentioned in the past ways that you can edit the PDFs I make using Photoshop (although Photoshop has changed since 2015 when I did that post, so some things might be slightly different now)  but I wondered if there was a way to make a low-tech version.

Let me go thru the PS/PSE version first:

Here are the files so you can see what I am talking about:

There is a 6 page PDF that has 12 empty circles on a square that fits the CD frame

There is a PDF with the different start days, in 31, 30 and 28 day blocks, with a 29 day one for 2020. Remember, the thing about calendars?  There are only 7 options for start days, and the same blocks work for a Sunday start or a Monday start, depending on the day strip you choose.  Usually I make the 7 blocks all with 31 days, then edit out the days I don’t need on any given year when creating the PDFs.  I thought this would be easier for you and I had the space to fill on the sheet {wink}


There is a PDF with the Month names (in Black and in the colours that match the inky circles) and the years (font is Bonveno CF if it helps) as well as strips that start on a Sunday and ones that start on a Monday.

To edit, you need to open all three PDFs as well as a calendar for the year you want to create for. Nothing is locked and I other than to day blocks, nothing is grouped so it SHOULD be easy to edit.

Methodically copy and paste the Month name, the strip of days, the block of days that matches the start day and number of days for the year you want, and the year number onto the blank inky circle.  Do the same for the 2nd inky circle on that page, save as a PDF, then print.

You can instead type the Month name and the date if you want.

For the Low Tech version, you can look at the calendar for the year you want.  Identify the day blocks that match the 12 months of that year and print enough of the sheet so you have what you need.  Cut out the month blocks, the day strips, the Month name and the year, and glue them to the printed inky circles sheet.

Even easier? Print the inky circles, grab any right-sized little calendar and cut out and stick a month to the sheet.  Or print out a calendar and use the month blocks to do a cut&paste – I already have some 2018 and 19 samples up.  I don’t have time to check them now (off to the Dr in a bit) but I think some of the  one sheet and/or 3 x 4 cards will have month blocks that fit.  Ink the edges and it will look like you meant it to be that way! You can punch them with a circle punch or a die and use that too! You can resize a PDF just within your printer options (like print two pages on one to make things smaller, and that works with any PDF, not just mine) to make it fit. Check out the Tear-Off versions.

And LOL!

Your 2017 calendar is reusable in: 2023

So you can just change the year! 2018 will take till 2029 before it is reusable.

No mater how you slice it, it is all pretty tedious.  I know – I’ve been making calendars for years and it can be mind-numbing.  But fun too.  So there yo go.  Feeling adventurous?  Have a play and report back.  I don’t know what other programs might allow you to edit – Adobe Acrobat and Inkscape come to mind, and I love Intaglio, despite it’s bugs.  I’ll have a go with the version of PSE I have (10 and 14, I think, for Mac) when I get back and report back.