Calendar projects

One of the easiest calendar stands for a gift, this Card+stand idea can be adapted to fit the 3×4 cards.  I may work up a sample if I get the time, but it really is just re-orienting the calendar part to fit the sort of calendar block – or circle – you want to use.


This post shows a CD calendar, but you can also make the centre match the 3×4 inch card or a smaller circle

Make a frame


The possibilities are endless when it comes to design!

Make a frame

Crochet edge

Cream on Cream Calendar


This post shows my 2010 calendar, using foam core to create a stand and flip-able pages made from office supply divider cards.  This link is for the YouTube slideshow. Easy enough to use the cards and add a photo or print a strip of important dates  and/or birthdays where the kraft card is!


See THIS post for how to convert any of the 3×4 calendar cards into a CD calendar



and this post for a different sort of cd-based stand

NEW: CD with tear off

This post has a stand that can be used with a cd Circle, but easy enough to convert the idea for a 3×4 card. 5quotecalendar

This is one of MANY calendars made by Carol – you can see more on her blog here:



This is a really cute idea one of my followers, Melissa,  shared using the punched circle calendars.  I just love it!