Pretty printables for Project Life – and smaller, for…. you tell me!

I’ve added these for the UKS Project Life challenge today, but as usual I will also add them here.


The two-page PDF has the lined version for journaling, if you prefer to have a guide for your writing, and a sheet of the same cards, no lines.  They can be used as a base for your own creations or as a filler card, and a few could easily fit a small photo.

As I have been doing a lot recently, I will also add the half-sized version.  All 10 cards on a single sheet.  This size would be fine on a 12 x 12 layout, used as a card topper, as Smash book addition, or in a planner.  The edges of the motifs on many of them are quite simple and easy to cut.  There are some interesting possibilities there.

Have fun with them.



Link added from yesterday and Watercolour flags today!

I’ve restored the link to the Selfie printables.

Always when I am busy with real life, blogging life suffers.  DH would maintain it is senility setting in.  He might be right sometimes but I KNOW I added a link and it disappeared.  The GAP was there, just not the text.  Maybe it was a twitchy finger, who knows?  Anyway, I had this all set up to publish so I’ll let it carry on…

A couple of weeks back I did a set of watercolour cards.  They weren’t popular, but hey ho, not every set can be a winner, right?  Still, I loved the misty watercolour backgrounds, and have used them on a couple of sets you will see soon.  One of the things I played with was another set of the planner/PL/SMASH book flags,  I hesitated to add them as they are big files.  About 5 mb each.  But I had planned to add the Selfie with no text version and didn’t have time to sort them out.  And I am holding out for some feedback from digital folk on the .pngs. So I’m putting them up.

I went ahead and made a blank set too, so there is WITH TEXT here:



and the NO TEXT version here:



I didn’t make the half-sized set but you can sort that in your printer as I have shown many times before.

Hope they prove useful and I KNOW the links are there!


More flags, simpler, basic, but colourful

This is a set I had made back when I made the planner pages.  I forgot to make the PDF from the source file and add them for download, then life got busy, and they kinda slipped my mind.  Same colourway, pretty simple, but I hope useful.  I love the quirky curved shape of the block one, and the rounded flag too.  Most of them work for planners, SMASH books and for Project Life pages.


Grab them here. And in case you fancy them quite small, grab the 1/2 size set here. The full size standard flags (at the top)  are about 1 1/2 inch tall by about 1/2 inch wide and the little ones just over 1 inch by 3/8 of an inch.



This was a quick print, on plain printer paper on the standard setting.  They would look much more vibrant on a high/photo paper setting and on quality (textured) cardstock or linen photo paper.  I’m just sayin’….


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Some flags – planners, SMASH books, or Project Life

I have been playing around with some icon sets from Freepik.  They have LOADS of little icons that are free to use with attribution.  I have learned some new things in Intaglio that makes working with these a lot easier.  It was a big learning curve, given the documentation is pretty slim, but I’ve cut my working time in half, at least, with one simple trick.

But you don’t care about that – just the results!

Here they are:



This is half the sheet.  All of these are included flipped on the other half, so you can choose where to attach them, left or right.  I hate it when they can only go one way!  It’s easy enough to flip them when printing, but that doesn’t work for the text ones.   There are a couple of ones that are NOT included flipped that finish off the row of 12 :


Anyway, hope you find them useful.  I’ll be experimenting more with these, I’m sure cause I’ve used maybe 10% of the sets I have.

Grab the full sheet here.  any requests or suggestions, LMK.


Quickie printable elements – wooden arrows

Just super quick today – DS and I are sneaking off to see Now You See Me today – it’s the last day of school for many so the cinema should be pretty empty for a morning show.  Not as bad as when DD persuaded me to take her to see the Justin Bieber concert movie, when we were the only two people in the whole cinema LOL!

I made some arrows.  I made them t use in my Smash book, which has seen very little action, really, but this summer seems the perfect time to actually use it.





The PDF sheet has loads of little arrows – on a barn wood background, with a selection of words in a rubber stamp sort of font (Press it) and in white and black, with a blank one for you to add your own text.



You can maybe just about see that there are a couple of options for cutting.  Cut just along the border lines, cut just outside them for a white border, or cut just INSIDE them then smudge on some ink to add a bit of colour.

I think they work nicely for scrapbooking elements too so double duty!



More on my SMASH book

So this is the cover of my homemade Smash book – living in the UK it seemed the only possible title. The elastic closure is just elastic and eyelets, easy peasy.

It’s perhaps bigger that normal, almost 9×9, but there is a reason for that:

To the side of the pages is a little slider tray that holds my pens, a glue stick, a little pair of scissors and a small roll of tape.  Once I get a Quickie glue pen, which is much smaller, I will add a tiny little stapler.

The tray itself was cannibalized from an old Klutz book, but I think something like plastic pillowbox packaging, that opens at the top, or a slim pencil case, with an attached, hinged lid might work just as well.

The tray is inside a clear sleeve and slides out

The divider tabs you saw last week, and my struggle with the printable business card blanks.  Honestly – is it too much to ask for a simple, editable Photoshop file that prints exactly in the right place, every time?  Apparently so.

From the side you can see how neatly it fits.

A couple of other surprises – some of the pages are pages from an old book – I wrapped the spine-side with paper so the binding would not rip through so easily.

And lastly a little page from a cut-down baseball card sleeve, for storing other little decorative elements.

It won’t hold much, but a few tickets, stickers, tiny type, etc. so it is on hand for smashing-on-the-go.

So that is my version.  I’m looking forward to collecting all my little scraps of info into one place!



My own SMASH book

Well, there is something HOT in the scrapbooking world and it’s SMASH books. Rumblings in forums are that the shipping and availability on them is taking some time, and the natives are restless.  Lots of people over at UKS are making their own, and I wanted to as well, so yesterday I did.

Using a collection of a few things, all black and white and a bit of kraft, I cut my papers and using Staples divider cards made tabbed pages.  The size of the book was sort of determined by a couple of things.  First, cutting A4 paper quickly and easily.  Second, the size of the divider cards.  It’s more or less 5 x 8.  I added envelopes too. Some of the papers are from a pad I got that is black (thin) paper with silver lines on it.  Also some grid paper from a school notebook.  I’m not much bothered about the weight of it, as it will be covered with all the bits and bobs I run across in mags and newspapers, flyers, brochures, etc.  I collect A LOT of stuff, and usually have a pile of torn out scraps on my desk – books I want to read. movies to see, restaurant reviews, cool products, eye-catching colour combos, stuff I think I could make myself, all that.  This seems the perfect place to collect it all and have a handy place to go when I need a reminder of something I saw.  I am forever coming across scraps years later and saying Oh yeah – I wanted that….

Not bound yet, but hopefully today.

Part of what kept me so busy yesterday was the little folded cards on the left.  I had the brilliant idea to use some printable business cards to make Smash book additions myself – I was thinking journaling spots, sort of, places for lists, etc.  The cards come on a printable sheet where they are attached but not permanently stuck IYKWIM.  Well, I spent a totally frustrating day looking everywhere for a PhotoShop template with all the placement exact for the card I was using.  The site itself has only MS Word templates (hate Word) and the sheet that came with the cards had all the measurements on it.  Surprise, surprise, when I entered them into the Photoshop file as guides and printed a sample, they did NOT line up at all.  I have a printer that prints borderless A4 so they SHOULD have but no.

So I fudges the guide lines a little, leaving a 5mm border above and below the break between cards and created then then printed, popped them off the backing and for some I folded them (to cover the tabs on the divider cards) and others I left as additions.  way cool. I’ll probably do more.  They have a good weight and are already rounded on the corners.

Most of them have space for my own writing, which will be important on the black pages.  I’ll probably use the cool closure I have been keeping track of for a few years, which  you can find here.

It will be a great way to incorporate a black and a white pen.  Maybe even a glue stick.  SOMEWHERE I have a tiny pair of scissors that I can add in some way, perhaps a slide holder or small plastic baggie, for adding stuff on the go.

I am looking forward to having all my bits in one place.  Funny, but as soon as I read about the Smash books the first thing I thought was it’s sort of a Pintrest board in paper form, without the sharing.  It also makes me wonder if there is a circle journal idea in there somewhere – make your smash book, send it or drop it off with a mate, let them add THEIR cool thing they think you will love, and then give it back.

I still have another idea, equally as annoying as working out the business cards, I’m sure, that I want to play with.  More on that llater….