Printable strips and what you can do with them…

I created a couple of pages of strips, some decorative, some words or phrases.  I suppose you could print them and add them to your photos in a Project Life style book, but my intention is to use them on scrapbook layouts.  This is what they look like – again, since I made them for ME, they are things I know I will use.  Some of the phrases are more British, but then after nearly 20 years here that makes sense.  There are only a couple you may not get immediately – CRACKING (as in “Cracking cheese, Gromit!”)  is used similar to Awesome or Great, as is ACE, SMASHING and BRILLIANT (although you can surely use it in a more literal way, as in Bright, either in terms of brain-power or like bright white or a bright sun.)


Now I’m not kidding myself – these were super-simple to make.  Obviously you can make your own, in fonts you like and words you like with no more than a basic word processing program.  But you might appreciate NOT having to type it all out, so I’ll add them for you – the letter/number/decorative strips are here, and the stencil words here.

The more interesting bit is what you can do with them, although again, this is not earth-shatteringly original stuff. You may still appreciate seeing my samples:


All of those were altered with various mixed-media like stuff, inks, sprays, stamps, stencils…

This one was first cut into a banner shape, then coloured with Distress ink, then a couple of spray inks were flicked over the top:


You can see I printed on some linen paper – lovely stuff, really holds the printer ink, and it was not expensive at all.  Not as heavy as cardstock weight but more than printer paper.

This one I inked then stamped over:


A tiny text stamp in a slightly darker colour, then I punched out the butterfly for some added interest.

This was stamped with a grid, and I rounded two corners to make it look more like a tab:


This was masked – you can see in the final sample above I also drew around the masked areas:


This one I used a baking grid and spray ink:


And then of course the little banner made from the words:


So there is a lot of scope for you to  customize these.  And of course they would work perfectly printed over light patterned paper as well, and could also be printed two images per page to make them much smaller.

Have fun…I am LOL!


File folder layout

Very excited!  I tried doing a mixed media layout on one of the file folders but using the whole surface for a “double page” spread.  At first I thought I might try crossing the centre divide with the photo but as it will fold, I am not sure that will work as well as it does with the single pages, as with a traditional 2 x 12×12 layout.  In the end this is what I came up with.



I managed to use mostly some scraps, a Gelli print, some of the cut and gesso-covered swirls and some fabric ivy I’ve had kicking about to ages.



Love how the swirls turned out, although the colour here isn’t as bright as it should be.  Can you see I dry-brushed some Gesso onto the ivy and stamped over it?

Here is a better shot of the swirl. Again, it’s hard to see but I edged the papers first with a smudge of Gesso, then a thick application of a deep violet paint.  See how crusty it looks?



I did the same with the chipboard stencil letters.



Now I need to weigh it down to make it as flat as can be, then test the back-to-back sticking.  Wish me luck! I sure hope it works out like I hope it will….


Title for my page

Yesterday turned into the day from hell.  I made the mistake of trying to clear a bit more space on my desk, which lead me to look at my super-messy stencils and stamps and think they needed cleaning.  And that led me to the chaos of my stamps in general, then to the pile of need-to-mount stamps, and…you get the picture.  Add shopping and skating and some time with DD and it was a fairly non-productive, craft-wise, day.

I DID do the title for the last page.  I love how it turned out.  I first picked the word from a bag of random chipboard letters and stuck them to a bit of paper.



I smeared on some modelling paste then pressed a grid into it.



I picked off the letters and shifted them to a clear spot – I didn’t want the overspill paste to dry and the letters to stick…



Propping them up I sprayed with spray ink, dripped on some acrylic ink, etc and let them dry



and stuck them on.  Yummy. I think it really balances and finishes the page off nicely.


It MIGHT benefit from a bit more ink or spray ink under the title but I’m not sure.  I may think on it….

Now a few WOYWW return visits to finish up then on to the next one.


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The next page…

I am really anxious to make enough pages on the file folders to get to the point I can test out the back-to-back construction.  I’m also wondering, like with an art journal, how unrelated pages will look side by side. So of course I had to make another one.

For this page, I also wanted and overall brighter look.  I went back to Bizous Zoo paper that I have had for YONKS.  I just couldn’t get enough of that line when it came out and still adore it. As the photo was B&W I could really use anything with it.



I liked this paper as it had both great blocks of fab colour, but also the plain, misty bottom strip and some perfectly punchable flowers. I deconstructed it.



Love this bit



I took the bits and first played around with the layers to get a basic idea of the size and position.



Of course it always changes.  I also wanted to look at how it would work with the other page. From there it’s just distressing and inking edges, adding the background texture and colour, then sticking it all down.



I feel like it needs a little shot of something upper right, not sure.  I always look at the rubbish on my desk to see what I might be able to add.  For this, the black star is the mask from that Gelli print last week,  I also coloured a bit of the drywall tape with an ink pad.  And there was a long string from one side that stuck to the roll.  I peeled that off and coiled it (it sticks to itself! How handy – much better than string or thread) and spritzed it with ink.



The ink sort of neutralizes (but to totally) the sticky on the top so I’m not worried about it sticking to the page on the other side.  Not sure about the title yet.  Maybe that will fill that top right corner and balance it better…..

Side by side:



Part of the placement is dictated by where dimensional elements from one page will press against the other page when closed.  For the most part I am trying not to have something press against the photo, but other than that I’m not bothering about it.

I am having so much fun…..


Mixed media canvas for DS

and not a Gelli print in sight for a change.  I am pleased with how this turned out.  The idea was to document DS’s obsessions.  They come and go but there are a few that seem to carry on – sushi, cards and magic tricks, and League of Legends (a big online game) – so those were the main elements to incorporate.

The cards, as you may have seen, form the base of the piece, on top of the canvas.


Only barest hints of them show thru


The sushi is represented by some napkins, a gift from DH on one of his trips to Japan:



and again, only a few glimpses survive



If I would have had a stash of metal gears I might have used them but I didn’t so used tarted up card ones – some rust and Distress embossing powder gave them texture, and gold leafing pen provided some shimmer.  The single diamond gem is because he’s achieved a goal – Diamond status in the game (apparently something like the top .2% of players from what I can find but I’m sure he’ll correct me if it’s wrong )



There is some black modelling paste, squidged thru a screen, with metal leaf over it in a few places and a bit of stamping.


When DS is playing his game, he often streams the feed on Twitch (like YouTube for gamers) and I drop in every so often to see if he’s broadcasting.  If so I can watch the live gameplay and listen to him chatting with his team.  Always interesting.  Sometimes we’ll have a Skype chat running at the same time so I can make the odd comment.  After watching perhaps too many hours of games I have my favourite “champions” he plays.  That brings me to the focal point – a desktop wallpaper graphic I found at a LoL site and printed.


Most of the graphic are very colourful but this B&W one appealed to DS a lot.  I considered and discarded a number of methods to get a print onto the canvas but while hunting up a possible solution (tee-shirt transfer on fabric) I found this ancient pack of specialty paper:


DS saw it on my desk and his first comment was “Jeez.  How old is that? Look at that FONT!” The apple does not fall far from the tree….

Anyway, it’s a bit of a faff, as you have to print the graphic on special film, stick a sheet over it, peel off the backing and stick THAT to cardstock, burnish it for a while, then carefully peel away the film, leaving you with the ink-jet print now waterproof and with a sort of canvas-like texture. I stuck THAT to a piece of board and the board to an embossed scrap of metal.

Here is an OK overall shot – in a lot of ways the covering of the old obsessions, with the current one taking pride of place, makes symbolic sense:


DS has seen it and pronounced it “good”

So that may end up completing my foray into mixed media – unless you are so talented that you can sell your work, or such a brilliant teacher you can do classes or workshops, or you have a large family that loves getting your art as a gift, or you have seriously large and very bare walls, there really are only so many pieces like this you can make before you end up with a storage problem.  I love doing it but I have to be a bit sensible about it.  As I say that I am looking into the wall behind my monitors and can see a very empty corner that could easily take maybe four canvases so…..