Pleated Tag book finished!

Happy with how this turned out, even without taking the class. I may have missed some detail, and no doubt it would be nicer with larger tags, but yeah, I enjoyed the making process, and it was better than sitting in front of the computer with my thumping headache.

I began where I left off, after a bit of a tidy up:

I was addressing the little tiny elements that slip into the pleated tags, adding some word stickers to each one. Here are the pages:

And the little elements from the pockets (each one is two-sided):

Thoughts: all the elements make use of the most rubbish scraps. Just all kinds of bits from other projects, the kind of thing you normally would throw away. My challenge to myself was if I pick it up, I must strive to use it in the best way possible and to do that, working on multiple elements at the same time was a must. Also, I really love using the surrounds – so if I punched a heart, using the leftover outline became a kind of go-to element, and ditto with circles. I had a sheet of quotes I wanted to use, and getting them all to hang together in a coherent (kinda) way was also a challenge. I thought it might be helpful to see it written out as text:

  • My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness (Virginia Woolf)
  • Life can be grating. (all the rest is Charles Butkowski)
  • The tigers have found me and I do not care.
  • We don’t even ask happiness, just a little less pain like roses that never bothered to bloom
  • Some people never go crazy.
  • Having nothing to struggle against they have nothing to struggle for.
  • We must bring our own light to the darkness
  • I want so much that is not here.
  • Forget my brother, I am my own keeper.
  • What matters most is how well we walk through the fire
  • and to and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us

Some artistic license taken, occasional words omitted or added to make the quotes hand together a little better. The added single words might make little sense to anyone but me, but they link to my thoughts as I created the project.

I’d maybe do another at some point and maybe try to refine the structure a little – adding the pleated tags so they don’t all fall in the same place on the spine would keep the book a bit flatter but as my tags a small (2 1/2 x 5 1/4 inches rather than the 5 1/8 x 10 1/2 inches of the original ones!) I feel like I did pretty well with about half the surface area LOL! I would consider cutting tags from heavy cardstock if I did.

I love using up scraps and making something from them. And these scraps called to mind the specific projects I used them on, so that was a nice throwback.

I have another medical thing next week so posts might be a bit thin on the ground after Monday. Fair warning….


Tag book without the class

If it is humanly possible my desk is in even more of a state than yesterday. I had a thumping headache and a sore arm and throat after my 4th full dose of the vaccine and didn’t do much yesterday at my computer. I had a long lovely chat with my sister and that was about it. But I do have progress to share on the “pleated tag book” that I saw – there is a class, which I did not take, cause I am rubbish at following classes, so mine probably deviates from the actual book in many ways. I dragged out my box of collage scraps to try to make a dent in them:

As I was sifting thru the scraps I began setting aside a few things I thought would be good for the cover.

I ended up using pretty much all of it – maybe not the leaves, although I did use them elsewhere. I sewed the pleats in the tags – my tags are tiny, nothing like the large Ranger luggage tags that I think formed the base of the original book, so my accordion spine was kraft cardstock:

The book came together pretty much as I sketched (seen yesterday) after seeing a couple of sample others had made.

and I managed to get the cover tag sorted and began planning the inner tags:

The cover quote is Virginia Woolf, but all the rest are Charles Bukowski. I decides to use my Lynne Perrella stamps too:

and in the end my desk was super chaotic and my head was thumping so I just ignored it all…. Maybe tomorrow I will work on it, after my WOYWW visits and dealing with the electrician for a radiator and dodgy plug repair. Another shocking week. Doh!

I must tell Julia – I have four scissors on show and there are three more pairs you can’t see as this shot is framed. Note the pair that say MOM ONLY on them LOL! Had to try to stop the boys in the family from running off with them somehow. {wink}


Ornament cards and a Envelope punch board trick!

So on Friday I added a PDF that has both little folded cards and circle tags to punch. In the past I have made ornament cards for my darling daughter, for her to give to friends at school. Lately she is more interested in picking cards to give out herself, so I have been a bit out of the habit of doing them. But while I was sorting out the top menu of Christmas goodies I was looking back on previous ones and I thought I would make a set to use in case of drop-in guests. Nice to have a stack of signed, in envelope cards that you can just grab if you are caught unawares! Two seconds to scrawl a name (top tip – have a pen stashed with the cards!) and hand it over. All you do is print then cut and fold the cards:

then punch out the circles. I find a medium scalloped square fits the cards perfectly, but you can also use a slightly larger circle or a plain square. Punch the hanger-hole and ink the edges…

then stick the round motif on it with some fun foam or foam squares (or not!) to pop it up, and add a hanger and slip it into the card:

The tricky part is the envelope, right? Well I have one of those envelope punch boards and I thought Perfect! but, then, Nope. The cards are 2.5 inches and is there a square instruction for the board? There is not, or at least not for the one I have. I think there is a different punch board for gift cards, the Mini, but I don’t have that. So I tried to be a bit logical and came up with the solution! I need to experiment a bit more, but I think it works for all squares.

Take your card measurement (in my case 2.5 inches square) and double it then cut you beginning piece to that size.

Align the left edge to the size of your card (in this case, 2.5 inches) and make your punch then score (as per the usual instructions)

Rotate, punch and score as normal and you will have an envelope that perfectly fits your card! It measures just shy of 3 inches square.

To be honest the 3×3 one would have been fine but I like the idea that I can cut the paper and punch without trying to read the stupid writing on the board. I find it very hard to read. What’s wrong with black text on cream so it’s easy? Old eyes struggle, or at least mine do. So for square cards, at least, I can just wing it with a formula.


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Circle Tags – cause people love them….

That big December holiday is creeping ever closer. I have been if a frenzy of wrapping around here, so tags are a must have! I thought I would share some of the packages using those non-traditional colours that I shared with you.

There is a little hint of something else I have been fiddling with but that won’t come till Monday. Such a tease…

Anyway, people always ask for whatever I don’t choose. And this time I got asked for the tags to fit punches. This PDF has both the little folded cards you see there

as well as a sheet of the circle tags that fit a 2 inch punch.

And because I know someone will ask, here is a set of circles based on the more traditional colours:

Hope they bring some colourful cheer to your wrapping! We are finally taking delivery of our new tree today so luckily I have my Calendar post for tomorrow already scheduled as I will be knee deep in boxes of tinsel (ugh! but darling daughter loves it) and baubles all weekend!


One final set of tags for 2022

I love these. I am not a huge fan of the traditional Red & Green of Christmas. I quite like the off colours, like pink & lime, or burgundy & pine, but not the tomato & kelly green that so often appears. Funny, isn’t it, that the shade and hue really matter so much? I always said I hate green, but certain limes and celery’s really appeal to me.

So this set took a LOT of editing to get it to where I was happy about it. The original resource was, I think, a printable Advent calendar, but there were a lot of black backgeounds so some of the motifs needed tweaking to show up. I think they are super cute, and will probably use them for at least some of our gifts. Hopefully you will find them useful as well. I think they will look fab with plain kraft paper wrapping and pale blue and mustard ribbons!

Grab the sheet to print here!

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Is it too late for Christmas tags?

It seems late, but maybe not. Every year I do some sort of Christmas printables. I enjoy finding just the right freebie elements to use and creating them, and I tend to make things that I want to use myself. I mean, if not, what’s the point right? I thing these are really cute and hope they will be useful. I decided to forgo the To: & From: because I usually add that info to the back of the tag anyway. More room to write, and sometimes we do witty little personal hints as to what’s in the box, so that can be important.

You can grab the PDF here. I will probably add another set that is less the traditional colours and more whimsical. I found another set of images that I quite like so we’ll see if it works.

The menu tab at the top has links to most of my Holiday printables, including plain and the ornament cards, and previous tags. I left the image of a major error I once made cause it still amuses me – every Christmas I think of Jungle Bells LOL!


Finally! My Dina-debris tag book is DONE.

I always struggle to get things finished during the school holidays. I usually only manage a coupe of hours each morning to do everything crafty I want to do, then chores and family take over. So on a usually week I would have managed to get this done in maybe three days, it’s taken me a lot longer than that to be able to share the final piece. Here is a gallery view of all the pages in order:

To avoid the final massive, zoomed-in, blurry photo here is the last page:

So there has been a slight re-arrangement of pages and a slight edit to make the words flow a bit better. All of the words are from stamps or from the packaging. You will recognize the small text and the large MEs if you have any Dina stuff, I’m sure. The few changes are swapping pages three and four – I felt the flow of Be willing to be me. Be the best kind of me, me, me flowed into Be willing to play better than the other way around. Do you agree?

The other change is more subtle. Pair seven is:

All well and good. But there was a disconnect, for me, with the text on the next page. The original pair eight is on the left.

Annoying that as I was flipping thru the pages were not laying perfectly flat for photography so one side is slightly angled. Any way, I removed the Stop Wishing line because the flow of Never Stop Trying then Never Stop, flowing immediately into Stop Wishing was too much of a contradiction to suit me! Start Doing as the next line made more sense.

Overall, this was a lot of fun. It was a great using-your-trash project (and I am still thinking a 100 Days of Trash Transformed project would be a lot of fun) and it was challenging to make something I love from really limited supplies. Other than those two flowers that have been hanging around looking for a home for MONTHS, it is 100% Dina supplies. And that was fun too. It confirmed the annoyance I have with that lumpy stamp, but otherwise yeah, all good. I thought I might manage to use the alpha stamps that finally arrived on this project but I was too far into it to manage that. Next time…

Day 56 – sorry for the slightly off centre shot, I took it in a bit of a rush :


Tag book assembly – love this construction!

I’ve mentioned that I watch YouTube art videos on the treadmill often. I would say my walking time is split evenly between political commentary, art videos and cooking/recipes! I didn’t mention that I often watch them on anything from 1.25 to 2x speed. I just want the meat of the project, not the waffle, IYKWIM. So I can watch a couple of long videos and a few short ones every day. Last week I saw this one by Birgit Koopsen. I thought the construction was super interesting for a few reasons.

I have done bindings like this with tape, but the problem is it obscures the pages. This method does not. As she mentions, and it is well worth watching the video to see (from about the 25 minute mark for just the binding) the key is getting the bottom edge flush, for a neat book. The quick look is just a bunch of scored and folded strips of paper, the height of just the edge of the tag, up to the angle, no further, and the tags adhere INSIDE the folded piece.

Once you have them all paired you can join each pair in sequence easily.

I love the look of the little tab tops on the tags, but at the assembly point I realized that waiting till the tags were adhered back-to-back would mean a single tab could cover two tags. Of course then I would have more scraps leftover, so….

The spine then goes over the tags. Mine was sprayed with gloss spray, then a bit of spatter and stenciling and doodles too.

I used the same colours as inside. This is the kind of strapping you would use to cover a hockey stick or tennis racket – sticky one side, fabric the other. I added a ribbon tie as a closure.

Then the spine over that.

Just the covers to complete and add. But now, page 54!

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My tag book progress, using Dina-debris

I am very nearly done. Usually I hate splitting up a project over multiple blog posts, but when there are so many photos to deal with, and it take me many days to finish, there really isn’t any choice!

If you look back a post or two, you will see the beginnings, and a bit about the technique for the base of the tags, gloss gel medium thru a stencil, with gloss sprays over the top. Then it was all about adding a focal image using stamps, collage tissue, and other bits

Another thing I did was make a block out of the side strips from the packaging. I ended up stamping and cutting some bits and using some bits as strips, as you can see above and below.

For the text I used word bits from stamp sets and collage tissue – and you can just see one of the pages made from the strips above here in this shot:

As I cut the tags from the packaging sheets, they didn’t have the usual holes in the top. I considered punching them but decided to make tabs from some of the strips instead.

They were definitely the thing I had the most of, as they appear on all the packaging! So much so they will form the basis of the covers. I had all this left over after I made all the tags

and only this much actual debris!

Although I am still refining my choices for pairings and placements, here is an overview of the tags so far! I’ll be making final choices on pairings and the order they will appear before the final assembly. Very excited!

Here are some close-ups, still subject to change! Because there is an odd number of items, I’ll add the first page pair on it’s own, or I get a massive, zoomed-in image that is out of focus – darn you, WordPress!

I can already see some changes I need to make, so I will probably do another page-pair gallery when I am finally done. But overall I am pretty happy with it. Not bad for trash, transformed. Hey, I can add that to my long list of 100 Days projects – 100 Days of Trash Transformed LOL!

And now, Day 53- I think I used the fishes on Day 1 so about time for them to make an appearance again:


Stamp update and progress!

Thanks to all who (mostly) agreed with me that the stamp with the weird lump in it should be replaced. A reminder:

I have to say the seller is being an absolute star, but the sad thing is the shop will take the hit, probably, rather than the manufacturer, who is really the one at fault. That is a real shame – she will be out the initial shipping to me, the cost for me to ship the set back to her, the shipping back to the USA if they make her return the stamp to them, the shipping of the new set to me, plus she loses a “hot” item she can sell when it is hot…. All of that makes me feel bad about sticking to my guns rather than just cutting out the offending lump but at the same time I feel it is the MANUFACTURER who should bear these costs. Not only are they a HUGE company that can better afford the loss, they are the ones at fault. If they manufacturer doesn’t make her return the faulty stamp, I can ask her to just ship me the one stamp and let her resell the set (minus one stamp) at a discount and make back at least some of her costs, if no all of them. That would make me happy. SOMEONE will want the set even missing one stamp, I bet.

I am blazing ahead with my debris project and here is a shot of some of the play – dithering over a few things but probably more significant progress tomorrow. I made a block using the strips cut from the edges of the packaging, all very bright and colourful, to stamp on, then cut. And I used that head in an interesting way, by adding it to the top of a stamped image to change it

The circles worked out OK but I feel like maybe the goddess images would have left more of the strip paper identifiable.

Still playing around with those very small thumbnail images from the stencils, as you can see. These are just some of my ideas – I haven’t settled on anything yet. I am still undecided if I want to limit myself to using only the debris from the packaging or if I want to mix in some of the goodies from my collage stash.

Now, drum roll please! DAY 50 of my 100 Days project. Woo hoo! The next page willbe in the brand spankin’ new Day 51-100 book I made by disassembling the original book and splitting it to avoid a 90 degree angle of the front and back covers LOL!