A sweet little folder

I have been really in to my folders and little hiding places for journals recently. This one is really simple but quite cute.

Really doesn’t look like much, does it? But after cutting and scoring the few fold lines and sticking the pocket in place

you make a closure from the two small cut lines

If you have a strong corner rounder for the bottom (which has the thickness of the pocket as well) you can soften the whole thing by rounding all the sharp angles and stick it in your journal to hold tags or anything like that.

I think they turned out quite sweet.

Now I am all anxious for the WOYWW anniversary tomorrow. I had thught to mail some out in advance, but then I thought what if I drop one in the post and it ends up being to my “special” swap partner, who should really get a bit of a special mailing?

Poo. I will have to mail on Thursday then, I guess.



Tag booklet done.

Very happy with this. I raided my stash of ribbons to make quite a lush tie for the booklet and used that paper to cover the front and back – thee was JUST enough!

and I went to my stash of tags to fill it. Not all of them are finished, and not all of them will stay in the book, but some of the less wonderful ones may get added to. I expect I will keep the two-word theme going, because I do like those ones best so far.

I am toying with making another one, with some changes, but I am just not sure if that is something I really need to do. I have been playing with some Brushos and I will just have to see where it leads. I am also still deep in the weeds of digital papers, so honestly, just no clue where I will land at this point. But I like this booklet a lot, think it is really pretty, and just have to decide if I want to add some more words to it, add some sort of focal point to the cover, IDK.

Indecision is my downfall….

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Last week was a black hole!

Yikes. Been saying that a LOT recently. I don’t know how life got so out of control, but honestly, had I not scheduled a bunch of posts before all the medical stuff began this place would have been a black hole as well LOL!

OK so back at it, and I swear by April things have GOT to slow down.

One of the things I was working on in my spare few moments the week before was this little folded tag book. It was shown in the PMAS YouTube streams. I try to watch them all but honestly at nearly 2 hours every time I can just about manage it on 2x speed. They sound like chipmunks but I can always slow it down it there is something I really need to see. I know I miss a lot, but crikey, it is just too much time with three streams a week NOT to speed it up.

Anyway. I think this was the stream, but I think they showed bits over a few of them.

They used US letter paper, and of course I have A4 so mine is a bit different size-wise. You basically fold the sheet in half width-wise, cut the bottom fold-up flap from the back side – which I did NOT bother to do, I just folded it over and stuck the flaps together, then to the front to make the pocket.

You then rip a bit from the top side to make a pocket opening

then join the four sheets into (what is supposed to be) a bi-folded book. Mine ended up being an accordion because I stuck one of the top sheets used to decorate it to the wrong side. So very me.

I had quite a lot of roll-off/clean-up sheets from the Teal & Purple challenge, and that is a fave colour combo anyway, so I used it mostly for the base paper bits.

Of course the light changed before I got to take the final photos of the inside, so this is not a great one.

I will hope for better light before the final shots of the front, and the ties, and maybe even the inside full of tags. We’ll see. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the silver edging on the flaps…

I have never been a fan of gold in jewelry but I do prefer it on art – it just glistens so. Anyway, for this, the silver seemed more logical choice, but is not as shiny as I hoped. I need a better paint!

I do have one really pretty sheet from the colour combo to use to decorate the fronts. Typical, it is adorned with gold, but there you go…also so like me.

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Determined. Not just PLAY but actual items made

I seem to have fallen into the trap of endless play days with nothing that you can call real finished pieces. Gel prints I love bit haven’t used for anything, endless experimental pulls that are piling up, just so so much stuff.

I am making a conscious effort the make stuff. So I had a play with those bits of card I pulled from the mostly dried up paints and made some tags. I always need things for extras in a swap envelope, or Happy Mail , and these will fit the bill quite nicely. The UK tags I get are not huge and I wanted to use the hole protectors too so I punched them out, then covered the tags with the papers.

I used bits and bods from my desk t decorate, including chopped up sheets of my various word printables and some collage fodder.

I ended up making six of them and in the process had a bit of an idea for a set of printables based on the two-word combos I ended up using. They should be fun and I’ll sort them in a couple different fonts then share them with you all. I like the idea of drawing “one from column A, one from column B” to get an odd and maybe surprising phrase to then build a piece around – tag, ATC, art journal page, whatever.

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Just a few more tags – Caroling Cats and a set for non-cat lovers!

I always have a few versions of things I am plying with and I don’t always add them all. I figured this week is super busy so I might as well fill a day with something useful.

Two kinds, As I said in the title, another cat-oriented set:

and a more generic, holiday set for non-cat fanatics.

These were so simple to make, all of them basic shapes, no complicated drawing required. I also like how they are right-angle cuts. While I do like the tag-top shape of the cat ones, sometimes I jut want to guillotine them apart in a flash. Lazy, me… especially when time is tight. Last WOYWW before Christmas tomorrow so time to take some festive photos….

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Stencils and a tag

I will hope to find time to add at least SOMETHING crafty most days, but I must sort out the freakin’ guest room for Dear Son, sooner rather than later. Slow and steady work should be enough, but who knows? I also committed to a tag swap on a private group run by PM Artist Studio. Gosh I am out of practice!

I am very happy going back to the stencil organization I had previously (keeping them in binders) but have finally gotten them organized is a sensible fashion. Like my stamps they are all sorted by loose subject. I have 4 binders full:

Simple geometric shapes and markmaking

I have all my texture plates and homemade foam stamps, plus things like bottle tops or other sorts of rubbish-bin tools in the drawers and boxes with all my wallpaper texture plates from a decade ago, still used and useful.

I grabbed a few bits from various recent gel printing sessions, and some random bits I found while tidying – like that little silhouette figure, which was well coated with paint after being used as a mask on MANY previous prints – and had a go at a tag. Not in LOVE with it, but it isn’t bad.

I need to have two, and this one is more of a warm-up than anything else, so I still need two LOL!

Hope I can find the time and I don’t regret signing up for a swap that is time dependent – to be honest, I have done ATC swaps but generally not of the “make X by this date” kind. I may not crumble under pressure but I do stress about it more than I should. And yeah, life has a way of getting in the way…


Pleated Tag book finished!

Happy with how this turned out, even without taking the class. I may have missed some detail, and no doubt it would be nicer with larger tags, but yeah, I enjoyed the making process, and it was better than sitting in front of the computer with my thumping headache.

I began where I left off, after a bit of a tidy up:

I was addressing the little tiny elements that slip into the pleated tags, adding some word stickers to each one. Here are the pages:

And the little elements from the pockets (each one is two-sided):

Thoughts: all the elements make use of the most rubbish scraps. Just all kinds of bits from other projects, the kind of thing you normally would throw away. My challenge to myself was if I pick it up, I must strive to use it in the best way possible and to do that, working on multiple elements at the same time was a must. Also, I really love using the surrounds – so if I punched a heart, using the leftover outline became a kind of go-to element, and ditto with circles. I had a sheet of quotes I wanted to use, and getting them all to hang together in a coherent (kinda) way was also a challenge. I thought it might be helpful to see it written out as text:

  • My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness (Virginia Woolf)
  • Life can be grating. (all the rest is Charles Butkowski)
  • The tigers have found me and I do not care.
  • We don’t even ask happiness, just a little less pain like roses that never bothered to bloom
  • Some people never go crazy.
  • Having nothing to struggle against they have nothing to struggle for.
  • We must bring our own light to the darkness
  • I want so much that is not here.
  • Forget my brother, I am my own keeper.
  • What matters most is how well we walk through the fire
  • and to and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us

Some artistic license taken, occasional words omitted or added to make the quotes hand together a little better. The added single words might make little sense to anyone but me, but they link to my thoughts as I created the project.

I’d maybe do another at some point and maybe try to refine the structure a little – adding the pleated tags so they don’t all fall in the same place on the spine would keep the book a bit flatter but as my tags a small (2 1/2 x 5 1/4 inches rather than the 5 1/8 x 10 1/2 inches of the original ones!) I feel like I did pretty well with about half the surface area LOL! I would consider cutting tags from heavy cardstock if I did.

I love using up scraps and making something from them. And these scraps called to mind the specific projects I used them on, so that was a nice throwback.

I have another medical thing next week so posts might be a bit thin on the ground after Monday. Fair warning….


Tag book without the class

If it is humanly possible my desk is in even more of a state than yesterday. I had a thumping headache and a sore arm and throat after my 4th full dose of the vaccine and didn’t do much yesterday at my computer. I had a long lovely chat with my sister and that was about it. But I do have progress to share on the “pleated tag book” that I saw – there is a class, which I did not take, cause I am rubbish at following classes, so mine probably deviates from the actual book in many ways. I dragged out my box of collage scraps to try to make a dent in them:

As I was sifting thru the scraps I began setting aside a few things I thought would be good for the cover.

I ended up using pretty much all of it – maybe not the leaves, although I did use them elsewhere. I sewed the pleats in the tags – my tags are tiny, nothing like the large Ranger luggage tags that I think formed the base of the original book, so my accordion spine was kraft cardstock:

The book came together pretty much as I sketched (seen yesterday) after seeing a couple of sample others had made.

and I managed to get the cover tag sorted and began planning the inner tags:

The cover quote is Virginia Woolf, but all the rest are Charles Bukowski. I decides to use my Lynne Perrella stamps too:

and in the end my desk was super chaotic and my head was thumping so I just ignored it all…. Maybe tomorrow I will work on it, after my WOYWW visits and dealing with the electrician for a radiator and dodgy plug repair. Another shocking week. Doh!

I must tell Julia – I have four scissors on show and there are three more pairs you can’t see as this shot is framed. Note the pair that say MOM ONLY on them LOL! Had to try to stop the boys in the family from running off with them somehow. {wink}


Ornament cards and a Envelope punch board trick!

So on Friday I added a PDF that has both little folded cards and circle tags to punch. In the past I have made ornament cards for my darling daughter, for her to give to friends at school. Lately she is more interested in picking cards to give out herself, so I have been a bit out of the habit of doing them. But while I was sorting out the top menu of Christmas goodies I was looking back on previous ones and I thought I would make a set to use in case of drop-in guests. Nice to have a stack of signed, in envelope cards that you can just grab if you are caught unawares! Two seconds to scrawl a name (top tip – have a pen stashed with the cards!) and hand it over. All you do is print then cut and fold the cards:

then punch out the circles. I find a medium scalloped square fits the cards perfectly, but you can also use a slightly larger circle or a plain square. Punch the hanger-hole and ink the edges…

then stick the round motif on it with some fun foam or foam squares (or not!) to pop it up, and add a hanger and slip it into the card:

The tricky part is the envelope, right? Well I have one of those envelope punch boards and I thought Perfect! but, then, Nope. The cards are 2.5 inches and is there a square instruction for the board? There is not, or at least not for the one I have. I think there is a different punch board for gift cards, the Mini, but I don’t have that. So I tried to be a bit logical and came up with the solution! I need to experiment a bit more, but I think it works for all squares.

Take your card measurement (in my case 2.5 inches square) and double it then cut you beginning piece to that size.

Align the left edge to the size of your card (in this case, 2.5 inches) and make your punch then score (as per the usual instructions)

Rotate, punch and score as normal and you will have an envelope that perfectly fits your card! It measures just shy of 3 inches square.

To be honest the 3×3 one would have been fine but I like the idea that I can cut the paper and punch without trying to read the stupid writing on the board. I find it very hard to read. What’s wrong with black text on cream so it’s easy? Old eyes struggle, or at least mine do. So for square cards, at least, I can just wing it with a formula.


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Circle Tags – cause people love them….

That big December holiday is creeping ever closer. I have been if a frenzy of wrapping around here, so tags are a must have! I thought I would share some of the packages using those non-traditional colours that I shared with you.

There is a little hint of something else I have been fiddling with but that won’t come till Monday. Such a tease…

Anyway, people always ask for whatever I don’t choose. And this time I got asked for the tags to fit punches. This PDF has both the little folded cards you see there

as well as a sheet of the circle tags that fit a 2 inch punch.

And because I know someone will ask, here is a set of circles based on the more traditional colours:

Hope they bring some colourful cheer to your wrapping! We are finally taking delivery of our new tree today so luckily I have my Calendar post for tomorrow already scheduled as I will be knee deep in boxes of tinsel (ugh! but darling daughter loves it) and baubles all weekend!