Cute Christmas Tags – easy cut for a change!

Hello and Happy Holidays!

Every year I create Christmas tags for my own wrapping.  I often create circles, because I have the punches and they are easy.  But some people have told me that not everyone has a circle punch of the right size, and dies are too hard to do many cuts quickly.

SO, this year, I made a simple grid of tags.  Not a lot of white space except at the edges, and it should print on any size paper, A4, US Letter, even smaller, if you want teeny tiny tags.

Cute, hummm? You can download the sheet here

Hope they help with your holiday wrapping!



Just a few Xmas tags for 2017

I tend to design things I need then share.  Here is a sheet of Xmas tags for you.  Hopefully you will find them useful!

You can download them here.

There are a few different styles so hopefully one of them will appeal! If not, I do have a ton of Xmas stuff in the menu under Freebies & Project Life Printables at the top.  Lots of tags there – here are a few (links to all, and more, in the menu link):

There are also some ornaments, a few cards, and more.

And although I showed this as a holder for swapping ATCs, I think it words perfectly as a gift card holder.  You can find the post on Twisted Cards here and here. You can see in the second link how to adjust the folding to accommodate a sideways card, which would pretty much equal a gift card.



Trees for 2016 – ornaments, tags, whatever.

As I mentioned, I usually do some sort of card that incorporates an ornament.  Most years I do some sort of tree.  The simple version is to print them and stick two back-to-back. The more fiddly, but 3D version is to stick three (or even four) in a ring. The flat one obviously works best if you want to mail it.


Here are some new ones for 2016!

Colourful trees

Green Trees

Red Tress

These are 3d versions, and I’ve streamlined the process a bit.


After you print and cut three of any set, just crease slightly at the bottom


Just a bit of a pinch is all you need, rather than the full top to bottom centre score


Add a strip of double-sided tape like so, with a fat strip in the middle of one tree


Stick your hanger string/yarn/twine to the fat piece


then stick the sides.  If there is a gap at the top, you can stick a button or a pom-pom or a punched star over it.


Of course you can punch a hole at the top and use them for tags, writing the To: and From: on the back.

The back-to-back sticking is super easy, so very quick for kids!




I can’t avoid it any longer! The C-word….. (and a bit of a tag round-up)

Traditionally, Black Friday kicks off the Christmas season for many.  I made these little sets of tags for those who buy and wrap this weekend.  That isn’t me, to be honest, but I tip my hat to those of you who are that organized!

A set of roly poly Santa’s first. Grab them here:


And a set of colourful trees next. Grab them HERE:



I tried to minimize the cutting, but you can round the corners, or cut them to a more tag-like shape.

You can also go back and grab any of the previous tags.  I have been sorting out some little gifts myself and used these tags, which I still like a lot:


And if punching is your thing, these circle ones are perfect! They work well as card toppers too.



And these  are still a particular favourite:


And for quick cards, these are still cute:


I’m working on some 2016 3D-trees, like these I’ve done for past years.  I might have an easier method for assembly, I just need to play with them a bit more…

This post  has the Scandi-style ones and links to three different printable versions.


The flat ones make up in minutes and give you a card and a small gift!


The WOYWW crop is tomorrow – and although  have not really been able to take part recently, I am still planning on going!  Maybe I’ll see some of you there? I should see if I can comment on blogger/blogspot blogs again, maybe it was just glitch that’s been fixed?



Hats done – on to Christmas!

I have my 100 hats boxed up and ready to go, a package full of preemie beanies ready to mail (including a few Santa hats!) and something I made as a gift that needs to get in the mail pronto.  And so my thoughts turn to holiday packaging.  I always like to make a few tags and toppers, handy for wrapping and last-minute surprise cards.  It can save the day when someone stops by with a gift I wasn’t expecting – a decent bottle of wine, in a wine-bottle bag, and a few simple cards with their envelopes (and a pen stashed in the pantry) is perfect for quick scribbling of holiday greetings!  It doesn’t happen often, but when it DOES, I’m always happy when I’m prepared LOL!

So these are both tags and toppers, as yo prefer.  Only the actual tags are single use – the toppers can be Project Life filler cards, card toppers, or tags, if you write the To:/From: on the back.  The round tags work the same – toppers for a small card, with a brad or button hiding the hole, or an eyelet and a bit of ribbon, or as a tag, with the To:/From: on the back


Grab the 2-page PDF here.

Now with Thanksgiving out of the way, it’s time to focus on the Big Day in December. {sigh} I guess I can’t put it off any longer…


Early Christmas tags

I made a quick set of tags, in two colourways, for those of you who, unlike me, get your shopping and wrapping done before the week of Christmas.  I envy you all and every year try to get a little bit better, a little earlier.  I usually fail miserably.  But there is no reason you should be delayed.

One simple and plain:


Download the plain set here.



one a bit more colourful:

brownboxescolourDownload the colourful set here.

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Some early Christmas tags

Yes, yes, I know.  Long-time readers will be well aware that I generally tend to leave every bit of my Christmas shopping and wrapping till the last minute.  Well, this year I have vowed to change my wicked ways.  I’ve made some little tags for Christmas and am adding them for those who like to get ahead of the game.  Not early enough for those who make cards over the summer (or heaven forbid on 1 January!) but hopefully useful.


You can grab them here.


Christmas tags – the .svg version

I made the tags I added last week a .svg cutting file.  Since I can’t add them here due to WordPress , I am trying once again to add them elsewhere so you can download them without having to resort to Dropbox.

Let me know if this works! Here is the link. OK I’ll have to sort that out then… Back to DropBox then …

They look like this:


Yeah, I probably could have come up with a 6th one LOL!  I did think maybe a stocking, but didn’t follow thru on it.

Cut, they look like this, and you can save the bits and stick them to another set of plain tags, in a sort of twofer.


OK, so I did lose the tiny nose from the cut file, but I like the bigger circle too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….

You should be able to break apart the elements and adjust the tag size if you prefer, or eliminate the hole entirely if you want more of a card topper or scrapbooking element.

If I find that housing the files where they are works, I may end up doing a few more .svgs – it’s a challenge and therefore fun for me … unless it becomes more stress and less fun.  At that point, I’ll stop!


Christmas tags

Yeah, I know.  But I am still not meant to be working.  Thursday is the day I can ease back in to a regular routine.  But some of my “work” has to be working on other aspects of life, not just blogging and UKScrappers stuff. So I still may be here today, gone tomorrow for a bit longer.

Under the heading of made but holding, I have these Christmas tags. Cute enough, very simple, and useful, I hope.  This may be the year that I attack Christmas far in advance, just to minimize the stress of my usual last-minute panic.  So for me as well as for the chronically pre-prepared, here they are:


You can grab them here.

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Remember those card toppers? Gift tags!

I got such a nice comment on my circle greetings from this year, that they have formed the cornerstone of her card-making this year.  I usually also design some gift tags and to be honest, this year I was doing so much knitting and other hand crafting, that I just didn’t make the time.  When it came time to start wrapping up my own gifts it was a struggle – did I take the time to think up  a new design?  did I go back to last years tags, or (heaven forbid!) use store-bought ones? My eyes landed on the circles I had printed out to check the colour and sizing.  Although they don’t have the TO: and FROM: bits I didn’t see any reason not to use them as tags.  So I did. I used both the original, modern coloured ones linked above and the richer, more Christmas coloured ones from this post


I opted for a pretty simple wrapping style this year, red yarn and a soft twine.  DDs gifts usually get stick-on bows, as with her disability, opening gifts can be tricky.  I tend to use minimal tape and bows that can be ignored.  The boys have to work a little harder to open their gifts. I think the tags look quite nice, even if the photo is a little dark.


The point is, think outside the box (package?)  These are even easier to cut out than tags, as the smaller ones fit a 2″ circle punch and the larger ones a Nestability die or other circle cutter.  Easy peasy. Feel free to use them … OR read on


As I had already done the hard work, and I had some time today, I went ahead and converted the circles to blocks.  My idea was that you can do a number of things with them. I did the 2-to-a-page PDF, so you can just slice and dice then, to make 18 smallish tags (about 1 3/4 wide by 2 1/2 tall, seen there at the left) or you can cut the larger ones either as a block or use some sort of tag die.  In the actual PDF the greeting part is slightly smaller than here so it fits better in the couple of tag dies I have.


On a whim I popped a couple of the larger ones into an embossing folder.  I love how they turned out so I am adding the ones with the bigger greeting part as well.  Hope that isn’t confusing.  All three will be useful in different ways, I think.

2xmastagsampleSo to recap:

THIS set is the 18 small tags

THIS set is the 9 large tags with a slightly smaller greeting (1 1/2 ”  size)

THIS set is the 9 large tags with the larger greeting (2″ size)

And of course the reverse use works too – you can easily use the blocks for cardmaking, either with a punch or a die.  Hope they are useful!