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An American living in the UK.  I dabble in many things – primarily my passion is scrapbooking but I also love making Printables, quilting, and artsy techniques.

You can email me at ma (at) – yes, my email really is THAT short….

86 thoughts on “About me

  1. Do you have a utube channel? Are you on Instagram? Thank you

    • I have a very very old YouTube channel but not posted on it for AGES. I am on Insta and don’t post there very much either, but I do a bit. What are you looking for info-wise?

  2. Is there a mailing address so I can send you something to try??

  3. I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve subscribed for several years and gotten much inspiration from all the crafts you do. It was so fun to see someone else who makes shoe laces (and yes, I prefer shrink tubing too!). I may even try making socks next. I am grateful for what you do and share. Thank you.

  4. OK, so I read every article you had created about folding art into books. Then I started googling….. then I found this free generator. Have you ever seen it? curious on your thoughts, it basically generates a picture copy (like the line one’s you create) and a sheet of paper with how far each fold is in comparison to the top or bottom of the page. It can also help calculate how many pages in the book you need (I see this has been a problem in the post about “why I don’t calculate page #s”…etc). Anyway, the best part is that it is free. The creator goes on to explain that he started with one program and has progressively improved upon it throughout the years. It may be a game changer for a lot of people inquiring about “how to” this or that. PS. I have not created this, it is not my account but I will very likely use it to create some pretty cool book art. One other question, have you ever tried dipping your book in paint or colorant of some sort after you have finished folding? just curious as I haven’t seen anything like that in my google searching. Happy crafting, so glad I found your site.

    • Interesting. I think the only way to know if it is any good is to do a fold 🙂 I did try to test it using a .jpg of a word that I have done recently for someone to see, and the “image” of the fold, it’s quite hard to determine how it is going to turn out, and the list of measurements, again who knows? Impossible to wedge it in during the holiday season, but perhaps after I might try it. I’ve not tried adding paint, but you will have seen the additions of paper or scrapbook letter stickers etc. I just wonder if a wet medium is likely to make the pages warp and ruin the effect of the folded pages! maybe a light mist of a spray ink or perhaps a glimmer mist might be OK? Might need to experiment!
      Thanks for the link.

      • You know, I didn’t think about that, with the pages getting warped. I kinda like the idea of trying out misting it with some alcohol ink. Imma experiment with it. I haven’t even finished my first one yet, but looking forward to the challenge. The program actually works fairly well. I didn’t use the measure method that the website suggested. Instead I just printed off the “line sheet” and went line by line, marking it on my book. I hope it comes out. Thanks for your very helpful website. It’s very cool, I just happened to stumble on it by accident, clicking through the interweb! Have a good one.

  5. Can I please get a book folding template for the capital letter E with the Bernard MT font, about 7″ tall?

  6. can I pay you to make 2 name templates for me?

  7. I have been searching for the Inkadinkado Deluxe Stamping Gear Bar Set for a family member. I been able to find the circle/oval and rectangular/square set, but this one has been difficult to find.

    I appreciate any information or resources you can offer. I am looking for new and pre-owned items. If you or anyone you know is interested in selling this item I am interested in buying it.

    Thank you for the help.

  8. I would love to see a video of this project. It’s awesome!

    • 2 things – first, I don’t really do videos. 2nd, since the comment is on the About Me page I have no idea what project you are referring to! Sorry 😦

  9. I’m so excited to find your page! I have just received my copy of The Dash Diet and have signed up for notifications on your website. I also love paper crafting and can’t wait to investigate your site further! I would love to get your Planner for the DASH Diet to use on my journey, but I can’t find it on the Facebook page. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me!
    Sandi Murdy

  10. Hi! Just joined the Dash group on Facebook and ready to start but would love your pages to help me.get organized from the get go! March 1 is my start date! 😊 first journey I’ve been excited about in awhile. Would you share it with me?

  11. Will you be doing a circle calendar for 2021? If yes, do you know when? I make CD calendars every year for Christmas and try to work on them throughout the year. I just love the circle calendars!!

  12. Hello, I just found your blog, I LOVE your calendars, thank you so much for sharing!
    My favorite post has been the pop up cube thinga-majiggy! I am so ready to make a box full 🙂
    thank you again

  13. Thanks for all you do on your site. I depend on your calendars year after year. They are awesome! I also love your book folding templates. Please keep up all that you do!

  14. Do you make circle calendars for 2020 (6 months by page) ?

    • I probably will but am on holiday so no time soon!

    • Hi there. Finally back from holiday and ready to get moving on some older posts. Whenever someone asks for a calendar, I do try to make it, but it is essential that you send me a link to the EXACT calendar you want (or include it in your comment) as I have dome dozens of calendars and don’t want to waste time making the wrong one! Come back to me with a link and I will try to fit it in!

  15. Hi MaryAnne, I was wondering if you had ever done a teddy bear pattern? I have a niece nicknamed Claire Bear and though it would make a nice gift! Thank you so much

  16. Hi MaryAnne,

    Just wanted to let you know you’re so inspirational and awesome!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world!

  17. Hi Mary Anne-

    I just signed up to receive your posts; your site is fabulous, and your generosity with ideas and talent quite remarkable!

    I am a teacher-librarian in Canada, and have so many discarded library books that I decided it would be fun to keep them until I had one for every child in the school to book fold with. I now have enough, but here’s my dilemma. I need very simple patterns, as my students are from 5 to 13. I may have to modify for the youngest. I have never book-folded myself, but will just practise, practise the patterns before I demo for the class.

    I’m wondering if you could suggest some patterns. Looking online, it seems that the ones with the lines on a paper to fold to make the best sense, not the measuring-it-yourself ones. I shudder just thinking about measuring that out with 260 kids.

    So some simple yet appealing patterns, ranging from dead easy to slightly more challenging. I would be happy to pay you for your advice and patterns.

    Thanks so much,


    • Have you looked at the drop down menu for Book Folding? I would say something very simple is a heart. And what parent wouldn’t like to see that come home :). Or the children’s initials using one of the alphabets there. Both would be pretty simple and ANY book folding is challenging the first time you do it LOL! Have a look and see what you think.

  18. Greetings from Canada
    I love your site, your openness, your willingness to share knowledge. Trying my first book folding ever, and you have been inspirational. Merry Christmas, and a fabulous New Year to you.

    • Merry Christmas back to you too!

      • I made a heart, and made my sweetie a love-note. Literally took a book about blues musicians and did a heart and a musical quarter note. I used your line template to do this. It is obviously done by a beginner, but he really appreciated it. Thank you for all your help you offer on your website.

        • That sounds lovely and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know the lined template worked out for you. It does confuse people sometimes but I know it does work! Beginner or not, I’m sure he loved it!

  19. I’m hoping you can help me with an issue I’m having. I want to do a book for my local library : I (heart) Books,
    But I would like it to be two lines. I heart on top then books on bottom. I can’t seem to get it lined up right. Thanks for any help you can give.

  20. Is it possible to use a book folding pattern to do a cut and fold book design?

    • Yes. I think that you might want to treat the white spaces between the black lines as if they were lines (or maybe double up on each line) if you do the cut&fold that does NOT include the folded pages in between, otherwise the results might be a little on the thin side!

  21. How about a monthly calendar that will fit into a 6″ tall by 4″ wide photo stand? That would be cool!

  22. Hi,
    Could you please send me the password for the DASH Diet Planner. I have bought the gold book, The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution but don’t have a good way to track. Yours looks fantastic plus I use a Mac and the formatting on some is off.


  23. Hi
    I found your email in your about me tab, however when I put it in, my email keeps putting on the end.. Do i have it correct?


  24. Hi,
    Could you please send me the password for the DASH Diet Planner. I have bought the book Kindle version of The Dash Diet Weight Loss Solution and would like a paper version of the planner, and yours looks great.


  25. Hi Maryanne,
    Hope this finds you well. I’m just enquiring to see if you can customise some book folding templates for me and how long it take to create them? It would be for a wedding in february. I have just come across your designs and they look amazing
    Many Thanks

  26. Please help. I am very new to book folding. I decided to start with an A for my sister who is coming to visit this weekend. I don’t know what I did wrong but it did not turn out. I don’t know how to send you a picture for assistance.

    Thank you
    Sandra Olson

  27. Do you have any templates for teachers or sports like baseball or wrestling?

  28. Hi! I had asked you for templates a couple weeks ago (and they are working well, just with work and life and whatnot I am not finished quite yet!), but was wondering, do you use a specific program to make them? Or do you use a specific method? I’ve tried, as I said before, and even with ruler and protractor things still came out crooked, and not quite looking right…

  29. DO you have a template of a question mark or am i just being blind?

  30. How can I forward you pictures of the books I create?

  31. Hey Maryanne, thank you for all your freebies. As I’m new to book folding. I’ll try to make one and see how it goes. I will post pictures for the finish work. Thanks much and God bless..

  32. I saw earlier where you would send people the template for making words from folding book pages. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a template for the word “Love” using the font copper black if you have it or bernard. the book I have is 205 sheets and is 8 3/8″ tall; if that is not enough sheets I have another book that is 462 sheets and 8 1/16″. I have been trying to figure out how to do this without photoshop, but havent had any luck. thanks for your help”

  33. Can you direct me….looking for instruction how to fold multi-lines. I am so new at this this site/you are a wealth of information. Thank you so much!
    Patty in snowy Nebraska!

    • I have seen examples of multi-line book folding but only ever on sites where you must pay for the templates and get the instructions with it. I’ve never seen a freebie tutorial. There might have been a YouTube video I saw at some point, but I have no idea by who or a title or anything. You can check etsy for “book folding” and see if there is a tutorial you can buy, but other than that I don”t know. I have been curious about this myself, and am sure that it involves alternating folds, and it MIGHT need careful spacing of the letters, (so a letter like an E with three sections isn’t right over top of an a, which also has three sections, but I don’t know. I may have to break down and try one, but I need books first 🙂



  34. Hi MaryAnne

    Thank you so much for publishing the templates for folding books (alphabet etc). I have just discovered this fascinating way of upcycling old hardbacks, watched a few tutorials and managed to make a heart, but found I am helpless at creating the stripes in the words I want to make next. I have already been thinking about taking a ruler and thick felt tip pen ….. 😦

    So all your templates come in really handy to try out during the winter months ….
    Appreciate your sharing them and all the helpful tips.

    Greetings from Switzerland,

  35. Thank you so much…….Happy New year…….

  36. Hi, earlier tonight, I was browsing Pinterest and found a vid showing how to make a truck from the Tim Holtz ‘old jalopy’ die, but I lost it before I could pin it! I had been looking at your website; was the card yours, please? Sorry if not – don’t mean to offend!

  37. HELLO Maryanne…I just a note to you on your web site but Ii am having trouble downloading to my IMac the Project Life printables. I really love them – mostly all of them work for me. When I Save as I get a message that says “The file “resolutions CARDS.pdf” could not be opened because it is empty.” I usually download with SAve as and it automatically downloads? Can you help me. What am I doing wrong? Thank you so much for your generosity – i really love your cards and quotes…fits me 🙂

    • Haven’t heard back since my email and your reply so I am hoping we managed to get you sorted but do let me know if the tricks didn’t work. 🙂 MA

  38. First of all, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the free project life printables. I love them and will use them over and over. You were very nice to share them. Secondly, why can’t I get the colorbox ones to fit/print correctly on the page? Tried to open in word to be able to move them, but they won’t open. All the rest save and print perfectly.

  39. Hi Mary Anne,

    I wanted to write directly to you but can not find an email address.
    I have been enjoying your site and art for a few days now and was wondering if you’ve done any sympathy cards you’ll like to share.

    I find them to be the hardest challenge and am always looking for ideas.

    I”m also curious, how did you wind up in the UK? And for how long?

    That is, if you don’t mind the questions! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your work.

    • Interestingly, and quite sadly, I find I need a sympathy card at the moment and, like you, I’m struggling with it. I’m nto a natural cardmaker,to be honest, scrapbooking is my passion, and other sorts of paper art, but I will have to make one so if I do, and don’t cop out with a store bought one, I’ll add it.

      Thanks for yur kind comment. I’m glad you like my blog work and I’ll have to add an email address someplace for you and anyone else who feels they want to get in touch. My address is all over UKS and I guess it just never accourred to me it should be here as well 🙂

      Mary Anne

  40. Hi!

    Wanted you to know I posted a link to the Heritage {paper Bag Book tutorial today.

    Nancy Ward

  41. Hi Mary Anne. I saw your instructional YouTube video about making concertina books. They are the most beautiful concertina books I’ve seen. I really want to make them but it would be helpful to have step by step written instructions to follow. I was hoping you could send me a link if you have one or maybe you could email me directions. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and talent. Best wishes. Roni

    • I have never done a PDF for the concertina books! Maybe that is something I can do next week, although to do so I will have to use the stills that are in the slideshow – or make another one 🙂

      I’ll have a play and if I do one I’ll send it to you.

      Glad you like it – they are pretty aren’t they? 🙂

      Mary Anne

      • Hi Mary Anne,

        Love your mini albums! I was wondering your email addy and if you ever arrange swaps? I am new to album making and am desperate to find some crafty peeps to exchange ideas with in the UK. Any help you can offer would be very appreciated. Thanks, Gina

        • There is a very active swap community on UKScrappers! I don’t generally do swaps, as I always have a lot going on, but check out the swap forum there and you will soon find some like-minded peeps.

          Mary Anne

        • Hi Mary Anne,

          I have searched high and low looking for a pattern for the name ELEANOR. I would like to make my name in a book that I have that is 1236 pages. I see that you make patterns. Would it be possible to make one for me. I love books and would like to have folded book art of my name n my library. Thank you so much.


          • Will send one, but remember, I do freebies so I can’t tailor the template to a specific book. I make the template, you find the book it fits, that’s the deal.

  42. Can you make me of of these pretty pink iphone docks and sell it to me. I would love to give one to my daughter for Christmas. thanks so much

  43. Hi MaryAnne,
    I would love to link back to your distress tool tutorial at May I do so and use one of your photos while at it?

    kind regards, Dymphie

  44. Hi MaryAnne…
    It’s Valerie with the Stampotique Design Team again 🙂 Would you mind emailing me, please. I would have mailed you directly, but I am unable to find your email addy.
    Thank you,
    Val 🙂

  45. Hi MaryAnne…

    It’s Valerie from this week’s Stampotique challenge and I have the happy pleasure of telling you that your entry is being featured this week! Thank you so much for participating (and for making me laugh so hard! LOL!) Your work is beautiful…

    If you would like a little Stampotique Favorites button for your blog, please contact our Design Team Coordinator, Kim Howard at
    Val 🙂

    Valerie Wilson

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