Some book folding templates and Artistic Flair discount for the USA folk


I was kindly given a specific code for the USA readership for shopping the Artistic Flair site.


I can only guess the original code did not work for USA customers? Drop by and see if something falls into your basket….

blogdividerWhen I get more than one request for a kind of template, I try to take notice.  Teacher templates seem to be the thing.  So I will add TEACHER, in a couple of fonts and then something else that has come up, sports icons.  teach

Download that PDF here – if you wanted, you could easily stop after TEACH as an alternative!

Funny think about the sports icons.  These come from an Olympic official pictogram set.  Note that they are very stylized, but none of them appear unisex to me.  the gymnastics one is the most “feminine” but even so..



See at the bottom there?  I initially thought the ballroom dancing one was for wrestling.  Side by side you can see the differences but initially, you can see why I was mistaken! Except for the slight skirt on one of the figures I thought it was either judo or wrestling, till I looked closer!

Download that set here.

There is some construction going on across the street and the constant jack hammering is doing my head in.  I think I will have to leave my office and knit while I watch the rest of the OJ documentary on the BBC iPlayer.  Or maybe listen to the podcast Someone Knows Something – it’s no Serial, but interesting in its own way. The house on the other side is both farther from the jack hammer and has better, more airtight windows. Another thing to add to the long list of stuff that needs doing….

10 thoughts on “Some book folding templates and Artistic Flair discount for the USA folk

  1. Good Morning ScrappyStick. In your download of “Teacher” how big does the letters turn out to be? Interested in doing one but this is the question I have. Beginner here and would like to learn and see so many I would like to learn the technique.
    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.

    • The height is the height as printed. The width is measured in pages so you have to count the lines to know how thick a book you need. Read the linked posts in the Book Folding drop down menu for more info!

  2. would you happen to have anything in the aviation field for book folding templates?

  3. Would you happen to have a hedgehog mmf? I would prefer one that is not cartoony! Thanks!!

    • I don’t know what you mean by mmf and most of what I find is cartoony. The problem with a drawing is that the hedgehog bristles will make it impossible to fold, and likely very difficult to cut&fold. I’ve sent you a very simple line drawing made into a template to play wth, but am aware t is probably not what you are looking for.

  4. Thanks for the icons.
    Followed your link – somebody knows something – looks very interesting, may hav eto listen in!!

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