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Colourful gradients (portrait style) for 2022-2023

Last one! Today, the portrait version for both years.


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Leaves One Sheet – another old design

I have been having a lot of fun, looking thru my oldest designs to see which ones deserve a new lease on life. I love this one too, so remade the 2022-2023 version. Hope you like it too!


WOYWW 656- but still a calendar one sheet!

Happy nearly-2022 WOYWW to all. An obligatory desk shot, but as I am working on a different desk it’s very boring, I’m sure. Sorry about that.

The other desk is not so much a desk as a deskTOP.

The Hubster listened to me moan and complain for months about my fear of losing the program that I love when I eventually have to give up my 2009 Mac Mini running (wait for it) el Capitan! Word is that the newest OS breaks my program. My clever hubby hunted thru his old Mac Mini stash to find the best one and gave me the gift of upgrading it to Catalina (and making it work) for Christmas. It took days. It is a slight struggle, like any change is, but overall it’s fab. The only thing that totally broke is the Cricut running SCAL (also from 2009 LOL!) but the old mini will get hooked up to the Cricut so I can carry on using that when I need to. I don’t feel like I need a new cutter, so I’ll be happy with that.

One other gift to share is a tee shirt from my darling daughter. She knows what I like LOL!

To make up for my boring desk, I have an unusual landscape version of my 2022-2023 one-sheet calendars for you. Hope you will find it useful!

The portrait version will be here Friday, if that is the orientation you need.

And normal WOYWW will likely resume next week, although I am toying with the idea to take a week off. Actually, I’m toying with a few things for 2022 but so far nothing is settled….yet.

Happy New Year, if I don’t see you again before the next WOYWW!

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Colourful Pixels One Sheet

The is a very old design, but one I always loved. I decided to make both the 2022 and 2023 versions, totally new for those years. What do you think?


A week of One Sheets for 2022-2023

I will be spending the holiday enjoying family fun, and hope you will too. Pop round each day till New Year to grab a 2022-2023 pair of One Sheet calendars to print and hang or add to your planner or keep on your desk.

First, a very popular design, the DOILY calendar:

The sample is the 2022 version – the 2023 version is slightly different, to keep it interesting.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

I will be adding a number of 2022-2023 One Sheet calendars over the next week. That lets me spend precious time with my family. I hope your Christmas is a happy, healthy, and festive one!


2022-2023 Colour It! Calendar

It’s been a while since I have done these, but as I was on a roll I thought I would add something new! Sorry, I grabbed the Jan/Feb sample for 2023 and the Nov/Dec sample for 2022. It annoys me, but not enough to take the extra time to do it again LOL!

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Outside lights

Not the greatest photos, The Hubster snapped them in a rush to share with his parents and mine, as well as dear son, way far away in San Francisco. We didn’t do any staging, so here it is, warts and all!

For those who don’t know, this used to be two houses, now combined into one, hence the weird two-different-doors situation.

He snapped a couple of “artistic angles” that may or may not be totally in focus LOL!

And just for fun, a shot of the BBQ hut, when The Hubster was cooking brisket at 4:30am last week.

Quite festive, am I right?

From here on it is mostly calendars to finish out the year. Have a lovely holiday season, no matter how you celebrate – or not!


WOYWW 655 – It’s almost Christmas!

A happy, festive, but safe and Covid-free Christmas to all my WOYWW desk-hopping mates!

It’s all about the holiday decor this week, not a desk in sight. We got a new tree! It’s one of the pre-lit three-part snap-together no-fluffing required ones and I swear within 10 minutes of opening the box, the tree was up and it! It finally ended the age-old argument between me and my darling daughter about White Lights only (me) or Coloured Lights (her.)

Here is a short video about how one like ours works. Watch it on 1.5x speed (or faster) just to see the ease of set up. We got ours at Costco and I would highly recommend it.

The rest of the house is quite festive, but none so much as the front room!

The Bakery statue of the two pigs you might recall – it was a Christmas gift from last year!

And a quick shot of some of my favourite ornaments:

Two were gifts from the same friend. And one well-loved by darling daughter:

I have some outside shots but you might have to pop back tomorrow to see them – stragglers (of which I am one most weeks lately!) will get to see both.

No If you HAD to… this week. Life this year is full of enough hard choices!

Have a great week and a lovely Christmas.


Another Most-requested – the Doily Calendar 3x4s

This design was one of the first ones that I did that got picked up, year after year, by calendar blogs. So many of them list 10 or 20 or 25 or 50 printable calendars and many of them listed this one. If I don’t make it I get asked again and again. Only the Pretty CD Circle one is nearly the same for requests and downloads. I have already added the 2022 version, but I’ll pop in here for ease:

And I have now done the 2023 version as well. I have been asked for 2024 and 25 as well, but that won’t come for a while!

The last WOYWW before Christmas tomorrow! How time flies…