Cut&fold book templates

I am going to add some instructions and templates for downloading here.  While the book FOLDING seems to be better suited to words and the requests for them have been for (mostly) unique words or names, the cut&fold templates work well for images.  And those might be of more universal appeal.  So I’ll add them as I make them, with the caveat that I might not have actually made them all.  In theory they should work.

Until I find the time to do one and create the instructions, you can read about the method here, and you can see the video that got me started:

In this post I show how I fold all the pages, to different depths, then cut  every other page as usual, to make a more solid edge

I’ll begin with a nice one for a wedding gift.  The image looks like this:


and the pattern is here.

To be honest this might work as a book fold as well!