Book folding Templates – BIG Alphas


I am getting the sense that the serifs on the collegiate-style alphabet makes them less useful, and have been meaning to take the 20 minutes it needed to make a big, bold, plain alphabet, like this:

Only the I and the J share a page.

I also did the numbers (use the O from the alphabet for Zero) with a couple of extras:

Grab them:



Hope they are useful!


15 thoughts on “Book folding Templates – BIG Alphas

  1. Hi. Can you make two book folding templates for me in Habano ST font for my daughter and my niece’s graduation? Their names are Cassidy and Audrey. I would truly appreciate it.

  2. Hi I was wondering if I could get s template for my niece’s birthday. Her name is Audrey.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you could make a template that says Tyler in the milk script font? Please

  4. Hello, I am wanting to make some of these for christmas presents. I was hoping you could send me some templates? I would like the words Brave, Kind, Peace, Love, and Joy. I looked at a separate post of yours and I like the font Pacifico. Thank you for your help. My email is .

    • I limit people to 3 templates at a time, so I can spread my time around across all who want freebies. Lucky for you this post has templates for Joy, Peace and Love. I can send you Brave and Kind. Watch for them in your inbox.

  5. Thank you for all

  6. Hello could you do a monogram with the initials DMO. It’s for a guy so I think Bernhardt font might work well. I’d like the O to be in the middle and bigger than the D and M. I hope that makes sense.

  7. Hello, I wanted to try my hand at book folding as a baby shower gift for my friends having triplets. I was wondering if you would be able to do three templets for me? I’m not sure what font would be best but the shower theme is Harry Potter and I will be using Harry Potter books. The names I would need are Charlee , Demi , and Joey

  8. I wish I was brave enough to try this.

  9. Thank you! It is almost like you were reading my mind. I was planning on making a large B today!

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