Book folding Templates – BIG Alphas


I am getting the sense that the serifs on the collegiate-style alphabet makes them less useful, and have been meaning to take the 20 minutes it needed to make a big, bold, plain alphabet, like this:

Only the I and the J share a page.

I also did the numbers (use the O from the alphabet for Zero) with a couple of extras:

Grab them:



Hope they are useful!

32 thoughts on “Book folding Templates – BIG Alphas

  1. Hello! I am wanting to do a capital F. How do I get the pattern? Is there a link? Thanks so much!

  2. Ok m looking for a M ❤️ A pattern for 350 page book can you assist with a pattern? Also do you fold only the place lines? Thanks for any help!!!

  3. Hi! I really wanted to try this for a friend’s birthday gift with the letter R. I checked out the big alphabet templates you posted but they’re too big for the book I got (the book is about 17cm tall and 150ish leafs) and I was wondering if there’s any way you could make me a template a bit smaller than the big ones you have? As for the font I was thinking maybe something like Bookman Old Style but thicker so like Bookman Old Style bold? Or if you have anything similar to that that looks nice with book fold art! It’s so cool that you’re doing this for people and I would be so grateful if you could make this for me!

      • Thank you so much! I did the fold count for the smaller one but it looks like it’s about 20 folds over the amount of pages that I have. Do you have any tips on what I could do to make it fit? For example I was thinking of making cutting off a few folds from the beginning and end of the letter but would that end up making the letter look weird once it’s done? Or perhaps there is a similar font that wouldn’t have quite as many folds?

        • Sent you a slightly smaller one. If it is STILL to big, it won’t be by much. I would say you can omit a line at the beginning (alternating folds, saving two pages) and a line from the main body of the upright (one more page) then one line from the middle (where there are THREE alternating folds, saving three pages) and one line from the end serif (one more page) which will get you SEVEN pages saved. You probably won’t need that many, with the one I sent, but some combo of those will not distort the letter a lot, and you can save as many pages as you need to make it fit. Also check and see if you have extra blank pages (unnumbered ones) that actually increase the page count. Maybe you have more than 150 leaves….

  4. is it possible to get a diamond? Looking for something to put on either side of the letter and the hearts add to many pages so something small and simple like a solid diamond might look nice? Like the diamond on a deck of cards is what I had in mind. Very simple. Thanks!

    • Without an email address I can’t send you anything! Also, not sure a diamond is less pages than a heart, especially if it is on a deck of cards. I think I’d need a link to an image of what you want.

  5. Hello ! If i were to request a template how long will it take?

    • It depends on how busy I am 🙂 We have had non-stop visitors for the last month and very busy with birthdays and the like so I’ve been slow. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes from when I see the comment to maybe a week. I aim for a day or two but that doesn’t always work out… 😀

  6. Could you possibly do a template that says “ Ambria F. If that’s too big Ambria will do thanks in advance

  7. Hi

    Please can you make me a template with the word ‘Charlie’ in the easiest font to fold.

    Thank you

  8. Im new at bookfolding and i love it. Can you send me various templates for my collection.? Tysvm

  9. Hi. Can you make two book folding templates for me in Habano ST font for my daughter and my niece’s graduation? Their names are Cassidy and Audrey. I would truly appreciate it.

  10. Hi I was wondering if I could get s template for my niece’s birthday. Her name is Audrey.

  11. Hi, I was wondering if you could make a template that says Tyler in the milk script font? Please

  12. Hello, I am wanting to make some of these for christmas presents. I was hoping you could send me some templates? I would like the words Brave, Kind, Peace, Love, and Joy. I looked at a separate post of yours and I like the font Pacifico. Thank you for your help. My email is .

    • I limit people to 3 templates at a time, so I can spread my time around across all who want freebies. Lucky for you this post has templates for Joy, Peace and Love. I can send you Brave and Kind. Watch for them in your inbox.

  13. Thank you for all

  14. Hello could you do a monogram with the initials DMO. It’s for a guy so I think Bernhardt font might work well. I’d like the O to be in the middle and bigger than the D and M. I hope that makes sense.

  15. Hello, I wanted to try my hand at book folding as a baby shower gift for my friends having triplets. I was wondering if you would be able to do three templets for me? I’m not sure what font would be best but the shower theme is Harry Potter and I will be using Harry Potter books. The names I would need are Charlee , Demi , and Joey

  16. I wish I was brave enough to try this.

  17. Thank you! It is almost like you were reading my mind. I was planning on making a large B today!

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