Two more calendars, one request, one old updated

Last week I mentioned that I had found a calendar that I thought was very pretty. It was one I did a few years back and never updated. Well, I did it now.

I love the delicate lace.  I am sadly out of touch – do people still do a lot of pocket scrapbooking? Project Life or some other form?  The 3×4 cards can be used in many ways other than in Project Life style spreads.  They could work in planners or maybe even art journals.  They could even be used to make tear-off stacks for gifts, or mounted on a patterned paper block to fit in a CD case.  There are sample projects for many of my calendars, by me and by others, in the drop down menu at the top. You can grab the download here – it includes a couple of blank cards that would work for journaling.

The other set is one that longtime follower Marg uses, year after year, for making tear-offs. 

It is nice and simple, easy to read, and quick to update for me.  So it was no trouble up update it for her.  YOU can also download it, here if you like.

If you want onesheets or other formats, do search for 2021 or even 2022, cause there are a fair few already added. 

BTW, If you have made a project with one of my calendars, do send me a link, if you put it on your blog, or even just a photo, if you have one.  I you send either, be aware I will probably share it.  I don’t get the time to make tons of samples, so I am very happy to share inspiring ideas.  Gift ideas or projects you use yourself, either is fine.  That holiday is looming and crafty ideas for gifts are probably very welcome.


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2021 Spanish calendars

I always take note of the followers who come back, year after year, to ask for, and then thank me for, my calendars. Nubia is one such follower. Lucky too, because I had some time while the laundry was on the go, and rather than me having to wait for a reply to an essential question, I was able to just look back, year after year, and find the answer.

I do occasionally make calendars in other languages. Not as many as I used to do, but I generally try to make Spanish ones. As Nubia is from Uruguay, what I thought I remembered, but I knew I had to check, was that there the week begins with SUNDAY. Confession. I HATE having to make Monday to Sunday calendars. I don’t use them myself, and once I go to all the effort to make the Sunday to Saturday versions, it really is starting all over from scratch to make the Monday to Sunday version. Converting from English to Spanish is a whole lot easier. My wash cycle was an hour and it took me less than that to do this. Not bad.

Sorry that is a little small – usually I just grab a single page to show basically what the calendar looks like.  This time I thought I could grab the Contact Sheet version so you could see all the colours.  You can grab the PDF here! Nubia, I hope you enjoy it once again.  I know the doily one is your favourite.

I hope you find it useful.

Interestingly, I stumbled across a really pretty one I made…gee, I think it was back in maybe 2015. I saw it and I was charmed by it my own self LOL!   I think I will have to update it for next year. 


Calendars for 2021 and 2022

Calendars have come up recently and while it has been a while since I’ve made new calendars, it always seems people want updates for old ones.  They use them for gifts and may have a sort of template they use over and over. 

It feels like a good time to link up older posts that include current (and even future) calendars. And I have a head start on 2023, as the dates are a match for 2017, and I made plenty of them!

Some of these will ALSO include 2020 calendars,  As with any of the PDFs I post you can print only the sheets you need in your printer dialog box.

I’ve already linked to the Pretty CD calendar circles. one of my oldest designs and one that still gets requested every year.  Others include:

  1. The Doily calendar for both 2021 and 2022.  Sizewise, these also work as Project Life cards.

2. One-sheets are another popular style.  Again, 2021 and 2022 floral versions can be found here.  The link will get you both the B&W version for 2021 and the colourful version for 2022:

(You can download a 2022 version of the one above by clicking here.)

You can also grab some Doily One-sheets for 2021 and 2022 here and the PDF include blank pages with the decorative elements and the year, in case you want to use them in a planner style notebook.

I also have a one-sheet that is horizontal.  This is for 2021 only, so far. 

That is what I already have.  As ever, no guarantees, but if you comment with a link to an older calendar and a request for me to update it, I will, as and when I have the time!

BTW, the new WordPress editor totally sucks. So time consuming, every step takes multiple steps to accomplish. Hoping that the so called “shortcuts” might prove useful once I invest way too much time to figure them out. Why can’t they just leave things be when they work well? Super frustrating.

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2019 One-sheet calendars, Landscape mode

A week or so ago I had a request from Niki, who wanted my one-sheet calendars in landscape rather than portrait/  It sounds like an easy process but it … isn’t.

The originals are here. You can go to that link and grab them if you prefer the portrait versions.  They look like this:

Changing the layout isn’t as easy as just shifting things around.  I recall doing a lot of work creating the chunk of grasses and flowers from the original file of elements.  I didn’t save it as a working file, so the landscape version is not the same. Also, it is not as easy to arrange the 12 month blocks landscape.  Anyway, this is what I came up with:

And as I was doing that one, the other one in the folder was the cherry blossom one.  So I did that landscape as well:

If I’m honest, I prefer the cherry blossoms, which is a surprise, as I prefer the watercolour one in portrait orientation.

Grab the WATERCOLOUR one here

Grab the CHERRY BLOSSOM one here




Forgotten calendars – worth adding? 2019-22, Dogs, Cats and Project Life.

In rummaging thru some of my folders of half-forgotten work, stuff I abandoned for one reason or another, I found a few things that I thought MIGHT have an audience. Some of them I updated in my Tall Box calendar style.

I made another set of One-Sheets for 2019 thru to 2022.  They use a similar sketchy design as the cards here.  Links to both the Sunday to Saturday and Monday to Sunday options in that post.

It could either be a plain, simple B&W one OR you could opt to colour it in.  You can download that here.

I also had requests from different people, for a DOG or a CAT calendar.  I always had dogs growing up, never been a cat person at all, but having had more than one person ask about them I figured I might give it a go.  I had found a font that I thought was cute, that had some really quirky little drawings of cats and dogs.  To be honest, for some of them I found it hard to tell which was which! I mean, look at this:

I added the whiskers cause I thought that was what made it look more cat-like.  Flipped it looks more bulldog-like, sort of.  Anyway, I had made the calendars but never added them.  I will.  Comment and tell me what you think. Cat:



And Dog:

Lastly, I’ve kinda jumped off the Project Life bandwagon.  I used to do a lot of designs for cards, not just calendars, but they seem much less popular at the moment.  As my time (and energy level) is pretty limited, I generally tend to do things I know (or at least think I know) will be useful.  This is a set of calendar cards I made ages ago and never added.

I liked them pretty well, I just didn’t LOVE them.  If YOU like them, grab them here.

I have a few others that I might update (like a little cartoon monster one for kids – thought it would be cute printed BIG for their wall each month) but any thoughts you have feel free to comment them here.


2019 calendars – some musings, and some calendars

I have been making calendars for quite a while.  I learn new things about the process every year.

I was testing out a new process (boring, work-flow stuff) and had a thought I might do a calligraphy style calendar.  Luckily, just as I started working on it, I got a ping-back request from Lolly Jane for their yearly round-up.  And guess that? of the calendars they feature, a ton of them have calligraphy month names.  Maybe even the majority of them.  (Of course they featured the doily one – I am so tired of that one, but people do keep asking for it so I guess I’ll keep making it.  Actually that has given me an idea…) While I thought the font I picked was super cute (and not a freebie one so not common) it was such a crowded field no one needed yet one more in the same style.

Saved myself a ton of work there then.

Instead, I decided to do something totally different – and because I really wanted to test out this work-flow process, I had to make two. Here they are – one black and white, but definitely not at all calligraphic:

and one bright and colourful:

Now, these will print at any size you like.  When printing, look at your dialog box.  Expand the Paper Size option.  Here you can see all the native options for my (new A3) printer.  Yours will have similar.  At the bottom thee are my own specified “custom sizes” like coin envelopes or a 1/2 US letter size:

So if you want to print this as a sheet for your planner, you can.  You can print it as a Project Life size card or as a huge wall calendar:

Virtually any calendar can be printed in virtually any size, if it is a PDF – some jpgs might work but if the resolution is low they might not be as crisp and clear as you would like.

My process seemed to work OK so I may explore a few other options throughout the year.  Probably NOT a calligraphy one ‘tho.  LOL!

Time to update my own page of 2019 calendars – I’ll probably try to do that and post in the next day or two.  Now, about that idea….



Requested – 2019 gradient One-Sheet calendar


Funny, people seem to have real favourites when it comes to calendars!  Every year I used to try to come up with something new, but most times, people comment to say Gee I love THIS one, will you be updating it? Which is easier on me, I’m not gonna lie.  This is one of those.  I like it too, and it wasn’t hard to do so here it is!

Download it here!




A few more 2019 Calendar bits

It has been quite the madhouse around here, on all fronts.  But I do have a few follow-up calendar things for you.

First I have a set of the circle calendars with journaling space beside them – nice for PL style spreads or even to add to a layout.  You can download them here.

And as another variation of that, a smaller set that I think would work well for a birthday calendar.  Print on cardstock and punch a hole for a book ring and there you go. And you can download that one here.


And lastly, another couple of bold calendar squares for making tear-offs.  Note the darker dividing lines.  I’ve had some feedback that the very pale lines are harder for older eyes to follow.  If having the lines show is annoying, simply cut just INSIDE the lines and they should still stack fine for a tear off. Download the 2 page set, black and brown, here.

Hopefully that will keep you happy as I am off doing touristy things with visitors, till November!


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2019 CD Circle quotes calendar

Another request. Luckily, I have always saved old calendars so generally making a new one based on an old one is actually pretty simple, if a bit boring.  But I know that people like what they like and if a particular style has worked for years it is nice to keep using the same one.  One of my favourite stories was a commenter who was using my calendars as a tracking device for the two years she and her hubby were working towards selling their ranch.  She had a whole display and timeline set up in their kitchen.  So she had a specific reason to want the same style over multiple years.

Anyway, here is the circle calendar with quotes, as requested.  I’ve stuck with the same font and same quotes although I may try to update that to a more modern style.

And I also did the 4-a-page version.  These print at just about 3×3 square.  They might fit the mini-CD boxes but I don’t have on to test out! Make what use of them you will and if you do, please share!


I am also working on creating the variation I have done before, which is the calendar on the left with lines for writing on the right.  They are Project Life sized (are people still in to that?  I am very out of touch!)  but would also work on a book ring, for example as a Birthday Calendar.   watch for that soon.


2019 DIY Calendar with BOLD TEXT PL-style cards

There is one of those awkward titles again.

Still working thru some requests.  This time it is for one of the DIY calendars with bold text, easy to read for those of us with older eyes. This is based on the original one from a few years back:

And as a result is the 5-a page for 2 pages then a trio of blank cars with Daily Celebrations, Trending and Currently headings.

You can download that here.

Still working on the circle CD calendar with quotes but it should appear very soon.