A delaying tactic – 2022 Circle CD calendar

Well, typical. I threw out my back over the weekend and was in no fit state to sit at my desk. So, as I have been asked for this a few times, I thought I would add my 2022 Pretty CD Calendar. It gives me another day to recover and prepare for the week ahead.

It is a new version, but the same IYKWIM. Different fonts, a different ornament, but otherwise just like the perennial favourite. I know people do like to get started on their calendars for the upcoming year quite early, and many of the people who got in touch to ask if this was coming soon did so because they want to use it for making Christmas gifts. I always mentally mark JULY as the month to add it and I feel like I have hit that target. And Grrrr. for making me think of that winter holiday far too early for my liking…

You can download it here!


2021-2022 DIY CD style calendar, by request

Yeah, well I did day I was a bit all over the place lately. I had a request for a calendar that I made, I think, only once in 2013. I did the small “diy” calendars, where you could decorate the top and make a 3×4 Project Life sized card many times, but not really the CD sized ones. Funnily enough I made a 2021 version kinda in error, not taking on board the fact that it was CD sized ill I finished it. I guess I was a bit distracted LOL! It looks like this:

As you can see, there is a blank area to decorate at the top, just like the smaller ones, although there is maybe less area, proportionally, than on the smaller cards. Once again, that same sample shot:

Lots of option, from simple strips of pretty paper, to carefully built collages, to use-your-washi versions, as well as stamping and gel printing.

As I had the 2021 version done, it is easy enough to create the 2022 version. Not going to bore you with another sample shot, as the design is identical to the 2021 version above. So here they are.

2021 DIY CD-sized calendars

2022 DIY CD-sized calendars

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Last calendars for 2021 – pretty cherry blossom one-sheets

As I mentioned yesterday, this is the last calendar I am doing for 2021. While one-sheets are still useful for the planner folk, I feel like I have added enough of them at this point that there will be one that will suit you, if you come looking. I’ll plan to update the page in the header that lists links to all of them, but you can also just plug in 2021 (or 2022 even!) in the search bar and all the posts should come up.

I quite like this one and use it myself. You can download the two-page PDF with both the 2021 and the 2022 versions.

Hope you find it useful! And here is my 100 days page for today. From next week yo will get two on a Monday and I’ll be lazing around with the family on Sundays! I’ve added a stamped element and am considering making at least the OPTION to do that a part of the project. Ideally I will be adding a stamp that I have either NEVER or very RARELY used. This may be one of my favourites so far…

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2021 DIY calendar

Yes, yes, I know it is slipping later and later into the year, but people still email me asking for these and I am sorry it took me a little longer to get to them. I have shared, many times, these images of how people have used the DIY calendars. They are individual pages, so easily added to a planner or a Project Life pocket page any time during the year, not just used as a stand-alone project or gift. Here is my original set, decorated with a variety of goodies:

and here are some that were done by people who downloaded the set and brought their own flavour to them!

and this cute Cat version:

Download the printable PDF here. Hopefully you will find them useful!

And because I have to stay on track, here is Day 3 of my 100 days project – perhaps my least favourite. I feel I am slipping back into more chaos. Hopefully I can reel it back in today!

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Another 2021-2022 Floral Onesheet Calendar

Yep. Sunday again. I only have one or two more of these, generally requests for updates of previous calendars. This one is another very pretty one, pastel and floral – almost romantic {wink}. Hope the pair is useful for your planners! Grab the 2-page PDF here. Here is an image of the 2022 version:

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Another set of 2021-2022 One-sheets

I still have a few of these to share. Just because the first of the year has come and gone, I find people still ask for updates of the current year +1. These are pretty, pastel, and floral, not something I make often, so enjoy!

You can download the pair here, and just so you know what you are getting – slightly different fonts, but the same surround:

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2021 and 2022 Calendar One-sheets

Feeling a bit better today, so here is a quick Calendar – I get many requests from people to have more than one year available so I am trying to do calendars in two year sets. This one is one I really like – you can download the 2021-2022 set here . Hope you find it useful!

I won’t keep banging on about it, but do look back to the post here for info on how to alter the size.


Sunday is calendar day, I guess….

Every year I get a request for my Leafy Circles calendar. One of my followers makes a very nice project with them every year so if I am slow off the mark, I get a request. I think I may just have pipped her at the post, as they say! This is the original version and you can download that here.

Ad this is an updated version that might also appeal. You can download THIS version here!

I’ll just add Melissa’s calendar project to show you what you can do with them. You can easily print the two pages and use them in planners as well – and you can pop back to this post to see how to alter the size to suit your planner.


Planner calendars – many sizes, up to you

Firstly, here is the calendar I have for you today. By request.

And a close up of one of the pages – I call it my Washi Tape calendar, cause the little colourful banners are meant to evoke washi tape (DUH!) Here is a sample – I am bored of always adding JANUARY as the sample LOL!

It is interesting, to me, if no one else, that my blog has a bit of the multiple personality thing going on. I suspect the most popular blogs focus on ONE THING, so their audience knows when they visit, what they see will be of interest. Makes sense, right? Clearly, I never got that memo LOL!

I have a widely diverse audience. I have not posted an actual post about book folding templates in ages, yet literally every day I get requests, via email or comment, for a custom template. I still provide them. My (hidden, by request only) DASH diet planner gets a handful of requests every week. I have a very old post about starting Tunisian crochet so it doesn’t roll and THAT gets 10+ hits every week, as does the post about my no-sew knitted heart in the round and my Bobby Buddy pattern for charity teddies. What I post most NOW is art journal stuff and that rarely gets hits or comments, except on WOYWW days. What does it all mean? Who knows? But it is interesting to me, as the blogger.

The OTHER thing I get a lot is a request to update some old calendar I made. I still do them every year, mostly cause it’s kinda fun, but it always amazes me which calendars people like. Sometimes I will get a request for a certain size, but usually it seems people just look for the size they want and get that. But if you explore your printer dialog box (the pop up that displays when you try to print somethig) you might find you can use ANY calendar and print it in the size you want!

First, look at the page size. You can pick many different sizes for printing, to match your paper size. If the file is a PDF, your printer will scale it to fit that size (the options to tick for that are hidden in the image by the drop down menu) without loss of quality, which means you can print a PDF on A4, US letter, A3 or an index card if you want and can load that paper size into your printer.

If you like the look of a calendar (or indeed any printable) designed for a large 3-ring or 4 ring binder calendar, but need a smaller 1/2 sheet size for that size planner, your dialog box will show you the way!

You can better see the scale-to-fit options here. As you can see this will print two of each page of the PDF, but you can mix selections – in my dialog box I can pick the number of pages to a printed sheet as well. Picking two will give you 1/2 sheet planner size prints. Picking six or nine will give you blocks that would work for tear-offs or desk calendars

I have not tried it but it is possible you can cut a multi-page print with a border to fit Project Life sleeves.

I have posted about this a few times before and while I can only offer instructions for a Mac, I know in my heart that Windows machines will have the same options, even if they look a little different. So if you see a printable, be that a calendar, a planner page, some home schooling tool, whatever, that is not the exact size that fits your needs, explore your printer options and see – it just might solve the problem!


Chevron Calendar for 2021

I find it hard to say no.

I had a lovely comment the other day from Kim, saying how much she liked a calendar I did back in 2015. I replied, saying this was one of my least favourite calendars and that I had only done it once(because it had been hard to make, really, not so much I didn’t like the design) and I said I may not respond with a yes.

But like I said, I find it hard to say no 🙂

So I did make it and here it is, for Kim and anyone else who likes it:

A few minor positional changes but otherwise just the 2015 version updated. Like the original there are a couple extra chevron-only cards at the end of the last page. I hope you find them useful!