The pop up cube how-to


This is a multi-step process and I hope it will be clear.  Let’s begin with an annotated template that will act as an overview of the steps. This is the BACK SIDE (inside).


1. Print and score the template as shown. It will need to be on decent but not super heavy-weight cardstock, although see my note later for a method to use thinner paper.

This is what it will look like


2.  I use two interlocked loom bands as the mechanism.  It’s not as springy as a slightly larger rubber band, maybe about  an 1 1/2, twisted into a figure 8 would be, but it works well enough and it’s what I have.

You can see where the rubber band goes.  it fits into the valley behind the mountain folds – this is the front/outside you see.


The two sides get stuck together, encasing the rubber band. Then the flaps get stuck to the flat inside.  Now you are looking at the back/inside of the cube.



You can cut just the hourglass section again, and reinforce it on the inside it the rubber band looks like it is tearing the cardstock. This will let you use scrapbooking paper rather than cardstock.



3.  Looking at the annotated template, you will stick the tabs to the triangles.



Be aware that at this point, the cube will do it’s best to self-destruct.




Do this in pairs – the two top


and then the two bottom


4. Collapse the sides so you have a flat piece.  You are likely to think an extra hand would be useful about now.  Do one side


then the other.  The last tab gets tucked inside and stuck.



Once you release the tension, the cube will pop up!


This is the paper-weight version and it pops beautifully.

Hopefully that will help.  You can print or otherwise decorate the outside before you begin, or cut squares and add them to a plain cardstock base.

Have fun with it.

10 thoughts on “The pop up cube how-to

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  2. do i print this on letter size paper or legal?

  3. Thank you for this tutorial it is very well done. 🙂

  4. I love this card. No svg for it?

  5. Thanks for the great instructions

  6. the templet is really helpful
    don’t wanna spend an hour drawing and cutting the paper

  7. So glad you shared this how-to…I struggle with this idea for a pop-up-box-card, you know them? The ones I found all doesn’t really POP-UP by themselves…but with your loomband version it might work…will further try…thank you!
    Hugs from Germany,

    • You could do the card greeting stuff around the outside, and might even be able to create the cube, collapse it, then fold it in half LIKE a card. Then decorate the front and the inside, but when it pops it might not “read” right. Give it a go – I have about 12 loads of laundry to do, thanks to sone arriving home from UNI with suitcases FULL of dirty everything 🙂 I won’t get a chance for days…. 😀


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