Gel Plate Image Transfer with Mica Powders and Laser Prints


I have been having so much fun experimenting with all kinds of things. I started playing around with a technique I had seen years ago, resist on the gel plate using cornstarch or baby powder. Funnily enough I bough some cornstarch baby powder for … making texture paste maybe? a decade ago so I can;t quite recall. Anyway I dragged it out to play and I made a really nifty looking print or two – or three!

These give a more matte old plaster effect that I really love, and all of these were layered by adding more paint and powder after the initial pull off the plate. Each one pulled bits that were left behind. But as my mind was wandering, I started thinking of other powdery things that might work in a similar way. I remembered I have a drawer full of little pots of Pearl-Ex (and one lonely pot of Perfect Pearls, which is just Pearl-Ex with the binder already added) go I grabbed them to have a play. Wow.

I sprinkled both the baby powder and the Pearl-Ex onto the paint on the plate (dark grey in this case) then brayered on some ochre I think, and pulled the print. I think it is just yummy and the photo simply does not do it justice. Of course that took me in some completely different directions! The best one was brushing the Pearl-Ex over the plate (no paint, just the mica powder right on the surface then using the brayer to roll black paint over the top. A very thin coating, as usual, then I laid on a laser printed image and gave a firm but not too firm rub over the back and…

Yes, Twiggy, I was shocked too! So, looking at it, it is hard to see but imagine the layers. The Pearly-ex is UNDER the black paint. So when you pull the print (and I used heavy bodies white paint and again, very thin layer) you get your image transfer where the image is the Pearl-ex and the white part is not so shiny.

Slightly different angle to catch more of the gold.

Of course then I had to have a play with THAT using different colours for the transfer and for the pull and using some of the colour shift Duo Pearl-ex (I have a red/blue and green/yellow) to see what happens. Oh yeah!

But the magic happens when you tip them:

I tried a bunch of other things as well but this is already a long post so will share more tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Gel Plate Image Transfer with Mica Powders and Laser Prints

  1. oh yes, loving this!

  2. Another interesting post, loving this effect.

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