Floral calendar. A post with the actual download in it. Doh!

Yeah, I am clearly losing my mind.  It’s been days since I blogged, the in-laws and family and Drs. are keeping  me busy, my Dear DS is home for a few days (yay!) and I am working in some Christmas gifts.  Somehow, I managed to ONCE AGAIN leave off the download link for the pretty floral B&W calendar.  In this particular case it turned out to be a GOOD thing, cause I noticed a couple of the floral borders were not perfectly lined up at the edges of the boxes.  Now I can add the corrected ones without worrying that people had downloaded the not-perfect ones.  All good, then.


See what I mean?



HERE is the download! I’ll get back to normal soon, fingers crossed, with only the rare error, rather than one every other printable.  {sigh}


B&W floral calendar, by request!

I am such a twit.  See the next post for the actual download…. DOH!

A commenter, Anastasia, asked about a black and white floral border for one of my 2016 calendars. When people don’t specify something really specific, I tend to do what *I* think they want.  Which may or may not be what they actually want.  I used the calendar from the post that prompted the comment, and while this is less a border than a corner detail (cause a border would mean making the calendar part a lot smaller so it would fit) I think it looks good and hopefully will appeal, to both the commenter and the rest of the calendar fans.  It could be printed on lightly patterned paper as well.


Like the original, there are three blank cards at the end for journaling cards.

Hope you like them and find them useful!


My in-laws are still here (one more week) and MIL and I have been busy, busy, busy!  Add in all the Drs. appointments  and rehab sessions (I have SIX next week, plus the alarm company, the cleaner, and the WOYWW crop) and time is short, for sure.  I even had an appointment for an echocardiogram this (Saturday) morning at 8AM! I have to hope normal service will resume at some point, but with Christmas looming who knows?  Roll on 2016, I think….

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Some more travel related Printables

Each month I do a set of printables for the UKS Project Life Challenge.  This month the challenges are:

  • Places you want to go
  • Monochromatic (one colour)
  • Fabric

The challenges used give point for the Teams, so the more you use the more points a layout/spread gets.  This month I used two elements in the printables, as well as using a gradient, so they can carry on with the monochromatic theme as well.


The background is a fabric texture, although it isn’t super obvious.  You can grab it here. Like the map printables from a while back, the little “pins” can be used to mark a location, limited by the size, obviously.  Perhaps a little gem or pearl dot might work better?  Anyway, I hope you find them useful!


Halloween printables for Project Life

Super busy at the moment but I had made these a month or so ago, in preparation for Halloween.  They are a variation of a set I did a few years ago.  I still like the images and the text, I just updated them a little.


You can grab that here. And if you want to see the older set, not Project life-sized, but for scrapbooking, you can find that in the post here. This post has some cute cards made from the printables.


Just trying to re-add the PDF – one person says the C is only an outline in Jeepers Creepers.  If that happens to you, see if this one is better.  It isn’t happening for ME!


Just one more folded book template

I had a request via comments for a book folding template, with Mr & Mrs.  I made two versions, one with spaces either side of the & and one without. My thought was that you wouldn’t need the spaces, along with how the heck you create them!  I could only think you would fold a handful of pages so they stopped short of the edge, then after doing 10 or so if those, carry on with the next character.  This is more at the beginning and the end, but I think the effect will be the same


Notice how the point falls well short of the edge of the pages.


And the effect when the book is upstanding


And a slightly different angle:


So here are the two templates.  Please, please do share your book with me if you make one!

The one with the spaces

The one without

As a side note, I get a lot of comments and follow-up email discussion about determining the page count.  I would suggest going back to the original post to see how I determine that.



Where all the women are strong…

...all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average. My in-laws arrive today and I have such fond memories of sitting around in their house, listening to Prairie Home Companion.  The News from Lake Wobegon was a firm favourite.  I have a couple of sets released, gosh, in the 90s, probably, on cassette tape, and I recently listened to a couple – they really don’t age.  They are just as funny now as they were when I first heard them.  But it isn’t just the humour – there were always lots of quotable quotes buried in the stories, things that made you nod your head and smile.  So this is a quickie set, added as I take a break from the final hoovering before they get back from the airport.  All Garrison Keillor quotes that strike a chord with me – maybe they will with you too?


I can think of lots of uses. I hope you can too.  Just a single sheet to download.  I splurged on a large set of fab handwritten fonts and I am sure I will be exploring them further in upcoming printables!

I can’t believe I found this on YouTube – one of my all-time most favourite episodes.  Have a listen.  It still makes me LOL!


More book folding templates

UPDATED: I’ve re-added the PDF to include the number zero.  Critical for 10th 20th, 50th, etc and really it should have been there from the beginning.  Sorry about that.

So I am going to add these as well.  Hopefully they will prove helpful.  I’ve done some basic shapes, and numbers, and the ordinal abbreviations (st, nd, rd, th) in what I hope is a good size.  I thought they would work for Anniversary gifts, or birthdays.


The lines may not look right, depending on the resolution of your monitor, but I would say print a single page first before writing them off. For example, on MY screen it looks like the two hands holding are darker, like maybe it is showing them overlapping, in the shot above, but in reality…


I had to rotate the 5’s, because the thin line did not show up as lines to fold.  I may do another font that works better, but all the rest of the letters look so good for this one, I wanted to add it. I would say probably all but the solid heart is at least an intermediate level project.  Although, maybe they aren’t any more challenging than a name…

You can grab the multi-page PDF here.

A word about A4 v US letter – if the bottom of the page is cut off for US letter printers, please let me know.  I suspect this might be the case for the alphabet pages from yesterday, I just don’t know.


Folded book stuff – will this work?

I have to dash off to cardio rehab shortly but I have been mulling over a way I might make the folded book templates available to all in a simple way, a way that people can customize to fit any name.

A follower, Nancy, asked for 4 or so names and hinted she would probably be wanting more.  We chatted about how I could provide her with an alphabet, but as she didn’t have Photoshop or the like, it seemed an impossible task.  But then when another commenter asked for an alphabet, I thought again and thought this might actually work!

The best I can do is add it and let you tell me if it does!

So I did two versions, one is a more plain (dare I say boyish?) font and one a bit more scripty but not overly feminine.  The fonts are Abril


and Habano ST A-F_Habano

As you can see, the PDF has all the individual letter of the alphabet.  My thought is that you can print the sheets with the letters you need, then either tape them securely into the word to create your own book folding template OR you can simply fold each letter in sequence. What do you think?  Workable or not?

Here are the PDFs.  If it does work and there is a specific font you would like, comment and I will see if I have it or can get it.  I can amass a collection of these then people don’t need to wait for me to have time to create a custom name for them.  I can also do things like hearts, stars, etc if there is interest.

Here is the plan font Abril

Here is the more scripty font Habano ST

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Some early Christmas tags

Yes, yes, I know.  Long-time readers will be well aware that I generally tend to leave every bit of my Christmas shopping and wrapping till the last minute.  Well, this year I have vowed to change my wicked ways.  I’ve made some little tags for Christmas and am adding them for those who like to get ahead of the game.  Not early enough for those who make cards over the summer (or heaven forbid on 1 January!) but hopefully useful.


You can grab them here.