Freebies and Project Life Printables

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Mary Anne

21 thoughts on “Freebies and Project Life Printables

  1. Just love your book folding templates!! Looking for the word “Faith” in a book fold, haven’t come across one on your site, hoping for a chunky cursive version or a block style that pops. I tried your pre-lined page but I can’t seem to stretch the image enough to look “full” after folded.

    • I should mention I have used your alphabets – they’re fantastic but looking for a more cursive styling

  2. good morning…i have lost my download of your 2021 calendar with the lines on the side….
    could you tell me where i can find them on your site…thanks so much…
    hope your holidays are great…
    much thanks…

  3. do you have a music note by any chance

  4. I have been looking for the block letter A that you have on your site for a cut/fold or just fold pattern. Would Really appreciate your help.

  5. do you have a document with nothing but vertical lines (250) i can draw my cut fold image onto? tia

  6. Hello, I was wondering if there was a way you could maybe send me a sunflower template for the book folding? The book I am using is “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare” from Barnes & Noble and it has 1260 pages total.

    • Sorry, I don’t make templates to fit specific books. People do, they just usually charge for them. I make a template then you count the lines and find a book it its. If you have an image you want me to use, reply with a link and I’ll have a look.

  7. Could you make a book fold template for me please with 2 lines?
    I am

  8. did you once upon a time do some bug printables?

  9. Hello – any chance you could do a template of a shark – my grandson is obsessed and I’d love to surprise him for his 5th birthday.

  10. Hello could u help with me doing a folded book for my daughter AVA

    • Depend on what you mean 🙂 I can’t help you make the book but I can create a template for your to make one. Just tell me what sort of font you want and I’ll email it right over…..

  11. Wow your pages are amazing 💖 I love them I do book folding thank you for the amount of amazing stuff

  12. Thank you. I have printed and used several of these along with my project life kit cards. Love them.

  13. Thank you Lots of interesting stuff! I love it!!!!!!

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