Book folding templates, by request


I have a huge folder full of templates that I have made for people, various names, images, etc.  What I can see is people, when given a choice, tend to pick the font that I think looks the nicest.  I thought I would also just go ahead and add some of the other templates I have sent out, that I think might be of general appeal. Some are cropped, some are single, some are pages full of images.  If any appeal to you, feel free to grab them and give it a go.  There is also now a menu up at the top that collects all the book folding posts in one place.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the .jpg image you see here.  The quality and size are not good enough and the lines indistinct.  Download the PDF and use that.

funky flower






I {heart} you




Love (click the image to download the PDF)

loveheart lovelove2

Mr & Mrs (click the image to download the PDF) – just slightly different spacings

MrMrs_spaced MrMrs mrandmrs2 mrandmrs

paw print


Read (click the image to download the PDF)

Read_plain Read

elaborate heart


shapes (hearts, stars, &)


more & options


Hopefully that will keep you busy for a while, as I continue to sort out my move to a new Mac….

282 thoughts on “Book folding templates, by request

  1. I just found your blog! I can’t wait to dig into it! But I have a question, I’m making a house warming gift and the Paw print popped up and I would love to do that, but I’m wondering if you have the lined/numbered PDF for this. Thank you!!!

  2. Hello
    I want to make a book folding as a birthday gift for my girlfriend, her name is ELİF, can you make a template with this name? Thank you

  3. Hi,
    I’m a beginner. May I have the Name
    Thanks a lot!
    Kind regards
    Angelika Braun

  4. Very good information for a beginner. I am looking for a book folding pattern of the name Emma and Sweet 16 to make my daughter for her birthday. Any help is much appreciated.

  5. Love how use

  6. Can I get a template for my four kids – Jaiden, Dakota, Greg, Sharnae THANK YOU SO MUCH happy holidays

  7. I am needing the name Rebekah
    My email address is

  8. I am trying to find the template for Believe pattern and instructions.

  9. I’m looking for something for a poet

  10. Do you have a template for the dollar sign. ($) I have a great book to use it on if you do. Thanks

  11. Would you be willing to please help make a template of a frog?

  12. Hi. My son is leaving primary school and is wanting to make his teacher a book fold in the book he has enjoyed in her class. Do you have any school type patterns for a smaller book (244 pages) at all please?

    • That’s not really how it works 😉 you say the word, I make the pattern, you find the book to fit. I’ve done lots of school ones but don’t have a collection of them. Maybe an apple?

      • Could you do a book gold for the font as designed by my company?

        Sent from my iPhone


        • Not sure I understand what you mean. Yes I can make a template for you but no I won’t fold it! Get back to me with more details!

  13. Je vous remercie infiniment de partager tous ces jolis modèles. C’est très généreux de votre part.
    Pourrais-je avoir le modèle du mot ” Noël ” avec la police habano ?
    En vous remerciant encore.

  14. Thank you so much for all of these wonderful posts and templates! You are a wealth of information. I am brand new to the world of book folding and I am really loving it. I have big plans for presents this year. Hopefully I will have time to complete them all. I am an elementary art teacher, so I really only have the weekends for my own work. I was hoping you would be willing to share a template that says pray. Thank you so very much!

  15. Can you make a book folding pattern of the word pray

  16. My son wants to ask a girl to Homecoming using book folding by folding HOCO? in the book. Can you send me a template?

  17. Can I please get a book folding template with the name Reg. thank you

  18. Can I please get a book folding template with the name Reg. thank you.

  19. Hola solo para felicitarlo(a) esto que hace es grandioso.

  20. Hello!

    Can you please send me a pattern for these (3) names – Kailtyn , Kasey, Salvona

    So Appreciate it!
    Thank you

  21. I would like a paw print template if you have one pleases the easiest one thank you

  22. Could you send me the patterns of my kids names Kaitlyn, Leland, & Everlee I’d be so grateful

  23. Can I please get a book folding template with the name Annie. Or just the letter A in a fancier lettering.

  24. Hi, I am after a template of the word Parker please. Preferably in the script Habano. Thank you

  25. New to book folding. How do I know how many folds your patterns have?

  26. Im looking for a pattern I can download for getting the word Solidarity in some kind of cursive text, most likely chancery if possible.
    Can you help?

  27. Hello there, as most other people have said here, your work is incredible. Do you have any means of sending donations?
    I would like to request the names Meryl and Chloe in whatever font you think would suit.
    Many thanks.

  28. I don’t see my comment. Could I please get a temple with the name butcher? Or maybe a B Incase that’s too hard for my first one.

    • Some comments need to be approved (like the first time you comment) – but I’ve seen it and your patterns are on the way.

      Mary Anne

  29. Could I please get a temple for the name butcher? It will be my first book fold so I hope I can do it. It’s for a family member for Christmas. Could you just send a capital B just in case?

  30. I have been trying and trying to work out the t emplate and apparently I have hit a wall with my brain. I am trying to make the words Samantha and Sarah. Is there any chance you could help me out or send me in a different direction? Thank you! You must be a genius to be able to do these so easily

    • Nope. I just have the right tools! Samantha is a looong name so it will fold up very small in stature. I sent SAM as well which will work much better, in case that nickname applies!


  31. Hello, i love your work. Can i somewhere found a template for folding for a word BELIEVE? Thank you.

  32. Hi! I was wondering how I could make a template with the phrase C♥️J on it? For a 350 page book. I’ll leave my email if there’s any way you can help me, thanks again!

  33. can you make #UROCK for book folding pattern? Thanks

  34. Hello, My daughter would love the instructions for the Heart with the design inside of it. (Elaborate heart)

  35. Hi, I was hoping if there was one that read live, laugh learn? I’m a beginner so I don’t know much about this yet

  36. Hi, I am hoping to create this for a school competition. Could you please help me with a template for the word Rokell
    Thank you

  37. Hello, LOVE your page! Wondering if I could get the pdf for the word MOM. Please and thank you so much.

  38. Hello 😀. May I request you make a couple of templates for me. The first is Rita. The second is
    6-20-84 (if you could put the ♊️ sign in place of dash that would be great. Make that small) and the last template would be the Gemini ♊️ sign. How would I go about paying you for this. I like the Habano font.

  39. Hallo ich hätte gerne die Vorlage von love, der Pfote, home
    Mein Buch hat 400 Seiten lg

  40. Hello I would please like the word home with the o being a heart in a fancy font if possible please x

  41. Hi so I just folded every other page on my first book to realize I folded both pg 43 and 45 with out skipping so what’s the best way to fix this? Just leave it and tuck page 43 inside page 45 fold or since it’s close to start just go back and refold the opposite ones or my friend says cut it out but that would be my last choice I would think. Lol thsnks

    • If a page or two makes it so you are short a page, sure, go back and refold, but it means you have to re-fold 50 pages, I’m with your friend – just cut out a page if need be. If you are doing a cut& fold, the pre-creased edges might affect the overall look of the final book. Overall, I think cutting out a page or two is a better solution! Of course, YMMV….

  42. Hi, I am new to book folding and have just started school holidays in Australia. I want to make a book for a teacher friend with her name. I paid for a pattern that says Mrs Uppy but the beautiful book I have is too big (1219 pages). I was thinking of doing Mrs.Upcroft but wasn’t sure if it would be too long or is there a way to make the Mrs Uppy twice as big? (So confused and haven’t started yet!)

    • A few things – first, is it 1200+LEAVES or 1200+NUMBERED pages? Numbered pages is only 600 leaves so not massive. Also, the S the Ps and the Y all have alternating folds so that ups the count. I think the best plan is for me to send you the template, then you could the lines and see where you are. I can also suggest if you are far short, to add a heart at the end, the beginning or both! I have planned on adding some “filler” folds so people can add to fill in. I’ll try to do that.

  43. Do you have a deer head pattern?

  44. Can you do a law symbol (weights) or a gavel?

  45. This is amazing. I have never done book folding before, but would sure love to try. Which pattern would you suggest to try first. I would then like to do a number one. Do you offer the pattern for numbers. 10-12-19 is what I would like.

    • Also, try doing one of the single letter in a paperback book, just to get a feel for it first. A long day is a lot for a first fold 😀

      • thank you much for the info and the pattern. So far so good. Not completed one yet. It is harder than one thinks to find books with the number of pages needed.
        If you could make a pattern for me with the names of 1) NASH and 2) BLATT
        Again thanks so much for all the info and patterns.

  46. Can I get 2nd year wedding anniversary templates..

    • Had some internet issues but back online! Pretty sure 2nd anniversary is going to be too long and have so many alternating folds you will need a huge book to do it. But I’ve sent it, along with one that just says 2nd. Maybe you can fold that part then add ANNIVERSARY as a tag or using scrapbooking letter embellishments>

  47. Is it possible for you to create a template for my daughter’s name “Lylaa” and/or my son’s name “Bradford” to celebrate them moving into their own rooms??? Please let me know so I can get started as soon as possible on these gift

  48. Hi, I’d love to make the Mr & Mrs for my wedding in November, I have never done any book folding before, do you have any advice on where to start? How to use the pattern? And of the patterns for Mr&Mrs if there’s one that would be easier to try? Thanks!

  49. Please let me know if you cannot make a template for a hot air balloon as requested. Thank you

  50. Thanks for sharing am going to try thanks god blessyou

  51. Can you plz make a Campbell’s template from the Campbell’s soup logo.

  52. Could you please make a template with my dads name “Linas”. ?? If it’s possible could I get it today?

  53. Do u have a Dad template?

  54. Hello, are you able to make a cut and fold alphabet in capitals for your website so people can use that? Thank you

  55. Hello. Can you please send me a template for “Vivian”. Thanks

  56. Can you tell me how i can get the dash diet pages that go.with the book? They look perfect. Thanks

  57. Hi. I am very new to book folding family. It fascinates me. Would you be able to help me with “Trust” and ” Believe” template please?

  58. Hey could you please make me a template of my girlfriend’s name, she’s called Isa 🙂

  59. I was wondering if you could make me a lightening bolt. My son loves the Flash. Thanks Robin

  60. I have learned so much from you, thank you so much. I am in need of the word “Nana” and a picture of a single rose (2 different patterns) would you be able to help me? Thank you so much

  61. I need a template for love you always him x ,could you do this for me please

    • Love you always hol x, could you do a template for me please

      • I can do it but Love You Always is actually fairly long – To fit it on a page it will be quite small – maybe only about 2 inches tall? If this is your first book fold, can i suggest a heart or just the word Love?

      • Confused. A template if what? Love you Always? or is Hol the name and you want Love You Always Hol? also re: the other comment? Love you always him?? Please get back in touch to clarify!

        • Hi. Just wondering if you could make me a template with the word ” sisters” to fit a 500 page book. Thanks Bette

          On Tue, Mar 19, 2019, 6:25 AM scrappystickyinkymess wrote:

          > UKMA commented: “Confused. A template if what? Love you Always? or is Hol > the name and you want Love You Always Hol? also re: the other comment? Love > you always him?? Please get back in touch to clarify!” >

  62. My son wants to do a special prom-posal to his girl…can you do a template for me that says “Prom?”
    I’m not sure what font would look best so I trust your judgement …please keep in mind it should be easy since this is my first book folding!

    We will be using the 4th Harry Potter book since it’s her favorite. That has 636 pages. Thank you for your help!!!!

  63. Hello there iv been Tring time after time to work out how many sheets u need for the elaborate hart can u help me please

  64. Hi Mary Thank you so much for the last pattern you sent I appreciate what you do and can’t thank you enough for offering these out to us. Any chance I can get the name Gracen in abril, Britannic bold and or Helvetica. I so appreciate this, you are so gracious

  65. I want to thank you for sending the Albert in the two you did but I hate to ask if you could also do Albert in Britannic Bold or Helvetica neue, thank you so much, I really appreciate it

  66. How many lines are in the mum one?

  67. would it be possible to make a bunny or rabbit template? I want to make a gift for someone who loves rabbits. 🙂

  68. Hello! Thank you for all that you do. May I get 3 name templates- Leonardo, Gracie, Penelope

  69. Is it possible to do a wedding wedding?? 09-15-18 thanks in advance! This will be my first go!

  70. Hello,

    Would you be able to make a template of the name following names:
    Gracie, Penelope, Leonardo, avin, cloud, and adin. Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  71. Would it be possible to get a template of the date 9-16-08 (bullet points instead of dashes)?

    The book I will be folding has 326 pages.

    Thanks much!

  72. Hi there
    This is a great site!
    Is it possibly to have a template for the names
    And one for

  73. Hi your templates are great I’ve made a few now using them I was wondering if possible could I have a template for
    1st wedding
    Done over 2 lines
    Many thanks

  74. Can I please get the name Caitlyn in a template?
    Trying to make one for my niece.
    Thank you.

  75. Hello,

    Would you be able to create “Raphio” in Al liberto script please. Thank you in advance!

  76. Greetings from Tennessee! My first attempt at bookfolding with MR & MRS as a wedding gift and was a hit! Thank you for the templates! I’d love to try a simple profile or silhouette of Mickey Mouse or Goofey. Any chance you have either of these?

  77. I can’t figure out how to download the paw print. All tapping on it does is make it bigger.

    • Do you have a PDF reader installed?

      • Yes. I’m able to download other pd item

      • I downloaded the picture how or where do I find the instructions

        • Click the Book Folding Templates menu item at the very top of the page for all the links to Book Folding info I have added here. Or Goggle it for other instructions from other people. YouTube also has some videos – one of them is in my links and that is the one I learned from. HTH

      • I am new to book art, and want to gift one to somebody who lost a very special pet cat named Mowgli. Any change of something with his name, and possibly a small paw print, in as simple a template as possible pretty please.

        • Hummm. A two line design is never simple, and Mowgli is actually a slightly long name for the kind of templates I do. Add a paw-print and the letters will be very small. I suggest a cut&fold would be MUCH easier. Maybe you can look at that link in the Book Folding menu up top and come back to me? Otherwise, what about maybe a cat paw print and adding a photo to the book as an add-on?

  78. Love your beautiful templates, I tried looking but couldn’t seem to find one, I do apologise if I missed it but do you have a template for “Granny”

  79. Thank you again for your help with making the faith template. My mother loved it. I’m wondering if you have or could make a shamrock and/or 4 leaf clover?

  80. Greeting, I really enjoy book folding and I am so excited to come across your website. Thank you so much for offering so many templates and helpful ideas!! I was wondering if you know the estimated size of book needed for the ” I {heart} you” template.
    Thank you so much!

    • Nope. There is a whole post that explains why I won’t count the lines for people linked in the Book Folding menu at the top. But there ARE place that (for a fee) will tell you exactly what size book you need. Find about 50 of them on FB – they pretty much all use Bookami and can also give you the measure,mark & fold info.

  81. Hi would it be possible for you to send me a fold of the name Rab and another Dad one please in the same font as you’re mum one I have tried everything to do it myself but nothing works a massive thanks if this is possible

  82. I realize I may have left my question/comment under the wrong topic area on your I will put it here where it belongs : ) I am in search of a book folding pattern of either a horse or a horseshoe. Have I missed that somewhere? or may I request one? Thanks so much!

  83. Hya I love this sight! I was just wondering if you have a the template of the harry potter ‘Always’ ? I would love to do it for my sister.
    Thanks 😀

  84. I’m so intrigued and excited to try this! I believe I’ll try the mr&Mrs for an upcoming wedding. However, they are both Irish, and I’m wondering if you have a template for the celtics love knot?
    Thank you for being so generous!

  85. Your posts on book folding are so comprehensive, it’s hard to know which post to start with as there is always a link within the page to explain something important! 🙂 I was trying to find a post/template on how to do letters above a date like “J&J” above say “19·09·17” and the difficulty of it. Since serif letters seem to be a bit fiddly as it is…

  86. Hi. Just wondering if you could do a masonic emblem template for book folding. Thanks for all your great ideas and helpful hints.

  87. Hello there
    I am new to the art of bookfolding but am loving every single second.

    May I ask if you have any patterns for music notes (mmf)

    Thank you so much and can’t wait to hear from you

  88. Hi. I am new to book folding I am currently trying to work out how you do the swirl heart. Would you be able to give me a brief tutorial how to get the swirl pattern within the heart. Might be crazy to begin on the swirl heart but I’m always up for a challenge. Thank you.

  89. Hi can you do a tutorial for the elaborate heart. I really love the design but a little confused how the detail of the swirls are folded into the heart. Maybe not the best one to learn with but I do like a challenge.

  90. I’m wondering if you have ever done. Book folding of a dashhounds face

  91. Hi,
    Im loving all your designs and templates I want to use them as decorations and table numbers at my wedding but wondering if there is a template for numbers as words ie one, two, three etc?
    Also anything for Mrs & Mrs? Im probably being lazy but I don’t think my fiancé will appreciate being Mr in our relationship.

    Thank you


    • Congrats to you and I will send you a Mrs & Mrs template! Also can make the numbers but how many tables? and what font?


      • Thank you, all very exciting. 18 months to go…. Luckily by the sounds of the time consuming folding!! 6 tables (nice and small) looking at you’re fonts page I think lobster two or black chancery please. We having an elegant feel to to day.

  92. Hi. Just wondering if you could do a template with the shape of a maple leaf with 150 inside it kinda like the hearts with numbers or a 2 line template with Canada 150. Thanks as always for all your great ideas.

  93. Can you tell me how wide a vertical line is? (Each of the black or white stripe.)

    Thank you.

  94. Hi..complete newbie here. I’ve done 1 book fold with the pattern listed with marking points.
    I’m intersted in trying your ‘mum’ template so any tips woukd be greatful. Reading a few previous comments I need to count the lines (black lines?) To find the total folds?? For the pages? And count 2 pages when the line covers the letter at 2 points??? Am I on the right track? Ha x

  95. I have a request for an unusual symbol. An interrobang (the combination of a question mark and exclamation mark, preferably one that looks like the this:

    I love your posts! thank you so much for these lessons in book folding.

  96. I have never done a book fold before but would love to do a daschund for a friend. Would you be able to help me with a fairly simple one please?
    Many thanks in advance

  97. Sorry I forgot to add a dinosaur for my grandson. A T Rex or something like would be great. I can’t wait to do these

  98. Hi could you please do me a couple of names for my granddaughters.. Daisie and Scarlett
    I think bold type would do well as one is three and the other not born yet. Thanks

  99. Hi, I’m just new to this. You are very clever. I was just wondering about the elaborate heart pattern. I would love to try it. Do I cut the parts that dont have lines. If I do how far in from the side of the book page do I do it.

  100. I am so thankful I found your site! I am new at this and realize it is hard to find free templates. I want to make a birthday gift for my mom, and wondered if there are any birthday theme templates you have already done that I have not found??? Thanks so much!!

    • Not sure what you mean by birthday themed? The word or an image or the year/age? Lots of people ask for just a date, but if you have an image in mind, tell me and I can see what I can do 🙂

      • Thanks for your speedy reply! I was thinking an image, like a cake, balloons, party hat, or something like that…not specific any one person…that way I can reuse the same pattern for many birthdays : )

  101. Could I bother you to do some templates for me…i am new to book folding…so you can use any font you want
    I need patterns for words volim te, samo ti, oko moje, jedina, udaj se za mene, mama, tata….
    I hope its not too much to ask

    Thank you for your help
    Una from Bosnia

    • It is a bit much – I am limiting people to THREE requests at the moment so I can spread out the time I have between all the people who request stuff. I also see that you want the Bosnian alphabet via email request so I’ll do that. The templates I do won’t be in the Bosnian alphabet so that will be better!

  102. I have tried a couple of your templates and simply love them. Thanks so much for sharing these. I noticed one lady asked you for a family template. I tried contacting her To see if she would share but have not received a response.
    Would You happen have the one u may have sent her.? Not too fussy on the font style. Any style would be appreciated.

  103. Can you create a Myers, Tilley, Dickens and Jones templates for me. I hope it is not asking too much. Just use your judgement on the font. I am just starting this new hobby and can’t wait to get started on these names. Thank you and they are no rush

    • For new folders I usually use a very plain blocky font, so it is easiest to fold. Watch for them in your inbox and if you don’t see them check your spam folder!

  104. Thank you SO much for this website! I spent at least two and a half hours last night looking for a template to make a book folding project that says “READ” and I could only ever find ones that cost money! I’m a librarian in an elementary school and was looking for ways to decorate on a low budget and thanks to your generosity I can make these awesome creations! You do a wonderful thing by providing these templates for free. Not many people would be willing to do that — everyone is looking to make money any way they can. Thank you so much for your generosity!! It is very much appreciated!

  105. Would you be willing to create a “sister” template for me, my soster’s birthday is coming up in about a week and I am desperate to find a template!

  106. Would you mind creating a template for me with the word “sister”? Thanks!

  107. Do you have a template for ‘Thank you’ ideally with the ‘you’ below the work ‘Thank’ in any font. Many Thanks in advance.

  108. Do you have a Thank you template available? I have tried using the alphabet creating the word myself but would likethe ‘you’ on a second row below ‘thank’ and it doesn’t seem to work out for me!

    • Two level templates like that will require either a really really long book (due to all the alternating folds) or it being done as a cut&fold. I can do it but you will need to count very carefully to make sure you know hoe big the book needs to be!

  109. Not sure if you received my request yesterday…. I have two sisters that are celebrating their bdays very soon and I would appreciate if you would send me a template that reads their names Lisa and Rosie. I appreciate your kindness and can’t wait to see what other templates you have in store for your followers

  110. Have you got a butterfly template please

  111. I have bee looking at your artwork for over an hour and can’t stop. 🙂
    I would love to do a shamrock or 4 leaf clover.
    Have you ever tried either?

  112. Im trying to do your bride and groom cut and fold, first how do i wok out what page to start on and all so the numbers lined out on the page is that how many lines there are

      • i am doing the bride and groom cut and fold the book im using has 405 pages i found someone ells that told u how to worked out what page to start on but i have not even finished the bride and im nearly out of pages i do not know what i have done wrong can u please help me im lost.

        how many pages do i need and i have folded evry other page should i have done that that what i seen others do in so lost

        • You should never start till you have done the counting to see how many pages you need. And the counting is different for cut&fold and for pure folding. I’m not sure you will be able to salvage the book you started. If you read the post it tells you how to count. If I had to guess I would think you are counting the pages by looking at the numbers on the page. That is not correct. Each page has a number n the front and a number on the back. So that means you 405 page book is really only 202 PAGES. That is why you have run out. Sorry to say you will have to find a bigger book and start again!



          • how many pages do i need for your bride and groo desighn

          • I have said probably 20 times in posts (and am fairly sure I added the link explaining to another comment from you) that I WILL NOT count out designs. I am as prone to mistakes as anyone and I refuse to be responsible for ruining someone’s project if I count wrong. If YOU count wrong then that is a different matter. There are plenty of people who will do a design for you and sell you a PDF that has all the pages counted out, if you really don’t want to do it yourself. I do the templates for free, but it is just the template. The counting is up to you.

  113. i need help with the paw print pattern is it a fold and cut. and wen u come to a line with aulty folds in it witch one do u do first

    • You can use it as a fold and cut or as a fold only. It should work for both. You might want to fold both the black lines and the white lines between, depending on how fat you want it to look.

      If you mean alternating folds,it doesn’t matter if you do the top ones or the bottom ones first, just be consistent. ALWAYS do the top first or ALWAYS do the bottom first.


  114. How meant Pages for the paw print

    • You need to count the lines. You can see links to the instructions for doing that, and why I won’t do it for you, in the menu at the top.

      • Hi. I was just wondering if you have done a three line book fold. I managed to find a couple books with over 1000 pages and thought I might try. Would it be possible for you to do templates in a plain font for me to try. I wanted to try home sweet home and live love laugh. As usual your blogs are extremely helpful and I look forward to your new posts .
        Thanks again for all your great ideas.

        • Nope, never done one. There are a some tutorials for multi-line books, where your slice the book into thirds, maybe an inch or so from the spine, then fold each section as if it were a one-line one. I can easily do you a 3-line template but then you either have to tell me the height of the book (for placement) or cut the template apart and use each line singly. I am pretty sure a 3 line template won’t work as alternating folds – imagine you have an e fall over a b which falls over an k. You might have like 9 pages between the first fold of the e and the next one! That is never going to look good IMHO.

          Back to you then….


          • I am going to try it if you don’t mind sending me a template. The book I have is 23 cm. It will either turn out awesome or I have wasted some time and a $1 for the book. Thanks again.

  115. How many pages? Folds?

  116. Hi, I haven’t long started to do book folding, mainly for work as part of our window displays. I’m looking to do something for Remembrance day, any chance you could make a template of a poppy?

    • I’ve had a look at various poppy images and the problem is there is no real way to create a template that is going to fold and make sense. Either it is a block of red with an open centre or an outline – neither will look good from a book folding standpoint. It MIGHT work with a cut&fold, where you could do a template for a line drawing, but even so I would have no way to know for sure that it will look good in the end. It might work to try to create shading by folding the petals to different levels but that is pretty complicated stuff to try to explain without doing it first – I know in theory what might work, but no time to do it to test it out.

      I’ll think on it and if I figure out anything useful, I’ll post it 🙂

      • I think I have become addicted to book folding and my friends are all getting one. I’ve had good success using your alphabet templates but now am trying to do a 2 line book fold and not sure how to get my spacing right. I wondered if you could do a template that says Caledonia Fair in two lines probably in a plain font. I managed to find an old book with over 900 pages and hope to make it work. Thanks for all your great ideas

        • I have simply not had the time to go back to the multi-line folding idea. But it is easy enough to do a 2 line template. With a book that big it should work for a couple of short words, but with that long a word I am just not sure. I’ll send it, you can count it out, and see. Watch for it.

  117. how many pages will we need for the first LOVE template?

    • Why I won’t tell you how many pages you need can be found here

      You can go back to my blog post for info on how to calculate the page count. has links to two different posts for how to do this. Be careful to count the alternating folds correctly!

      Once you know HOW to count it’s not hard, just tedious 🙂 There are people who can make you a template and will tell you the exact number of pages but they will charge you for it. I recently bought the Bookami software that does that but I am not selling the templates, I just got it for me. 🙂

      • I agree it is tedious to count the folds but it definitely helps with the end result. I have found that now I count twice just to be on the safe side. I have seen the word hope in your templates but wondered if you have the breast cancer ribbon symbol that could be put at the front and back of the word hope. Your ideas are great as usual.
        Thanks Bette

        • I had that kicking around from one I made with the Diabetes awareness butterfly on the top. Not sure if it’s helpful or not, no one eve used it to my knowledge, but if it works, use it!


  118. Hi! This is amazing!
    Do you have a downloadable template for ’21’ or ’21st’.
    If really like to make a gift for a birthday!
    Thank you!!

  119. Hi all, As a newby could I ask the following question. If I am folding a single page (say for the letter “C”) do I do both lots of fold on the same page or one fold each on the next two pages.If done on the same page do I need to cut the page through the middle.

    • If you haven’t already, you really need to click on Book Folding at the very top and check out the posts linked there. What you are talking about is what I call ALTERNATING FOLDS. This is when you have a letter like a C or S that has two sets of black lines on the same vertical. You have to alternate the folds, top of C on the first page, bottom of the C on the 2nd page, next top of C on the 3rd page, next bottom of C on the 4th pages, etc etc till you complete the letter. It is impossible to do more than one fold on a full page. It IS possible to do the cut&fold method or do the method where you slice the page into sections (for multi-line designs) and if you search for cut&fold you will see samples of that.


  120. Hi. I’m just new to paper folding. The templates you provide work great. My question is do you leave pages between each letter or how do you distinguish between and I and a H if side by side. Thanks Bette

  121. Hi, I love your site, thank you for keeping it! I would like to use the middle template for the word “love” but the pdf that opens only show the first one. Could you help me to get that, it is such a beautiful font, best one i’ve seen.

    Tiina from Finland

  122. Hi, Thank you for the post of these wonderful book folding items. I am new to this and would like to know if you have all of the alphabet letters that you could posts. I’m sorry if this sounds greedy but thought I would ask. Thanks you either way and have a great day. Can’t wait to try these. bought books at the library book sale.

    • I did post two complete alphabets and have had a specific request for another one, which I hope to sort out today. Have you looked at the menu item at the very top for Folded Books? Links to all the posts are in there!



  123. You are so sweet. 🙂 Thanks alot. I will look forward to that. That was a great idea to find the middle… 🙂 Thanks again 🙂

  124. Hi. Love your blog and all your templates, but how do you know how many sheets you’ll have to use for each letter, number, heart etc. Thinking that letters like e, o, a needs alot more sheets than letters like n, i, l. Then there will be alot of counting 😀 Anyway. Could you also make the alphabet in a font called Black Chancery size 216 or 144?
    Greetings from Karina in Denmark

    • The post has info on calculating the number of pages you need. This image may help

      You can also use both the black lines and the white spaces between if you have a really fat book and want really fat letters for a short word. As to the font, I only have Apple Chancery. I can see that there is a free font called Black Chancery. Is it this one?

      • Hi. Thanks for quick answer 🙂 Yes, that’s the font in the link 😉 I was thinking, that if I would make a word like a name… eks. Jennifer, then I will have to know how many sheets the book needs to have and to figure that out, I’ll need to count every black line in each letter, right? 😉

        • Yep. The thing is, I am just not willing to tell someone “Oh you need a book of X pages to do that word,” then have it turn out to be wrong if I am! You really need to read the post because, as you say any letter that has more than one area along a line, you need to alternate the folds, first the top section, then the bottom, then the top again, like in the image. I also suggest finding the middle of your word and the middle of the book and working OUT. That way if you are off a bit you find out faster, and you also end up with the same number of blank pages at the beginning and at the end. 🙂 I’ve downloaded the font and will try to make the alphabet tomorrow, upper and lower case, with numbers.

  125. Hi, thank you so much for the templates you posted today, I am a novice to this art. I started making Christmas trees and hedgehogs 3 weeks ago and now I am hooked ;-), I downloaded the letters yesterday and stayed up till 3am this morning making my very first letter fold, I made J and H, these are my initials, once again thank you very much I really do appreciate the time and effort you put in for these templates X

    • I’d sure love to see a photo… hint, hint


      Glad you are finding them useful- I am lucky that I have a program that lets me make them super fast and easy. So far the requests haven’t gotten out of control, so I am happy to take 5 minutes to make a template to help someone out.

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