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Check out THIS POST for a full alphabet for making your own templates. Also see the menu item at the top for links to ALL the book folding posts.

NOTE:  If you ask for a template PLEASE give a font suggestions or style.  Otherwise you may just get one I like…. 

I was sending this to someone and I figured I might as well post it. I’m not an expert, but it might give you the courage to try it.  I promise it is way easier than you think it is!

The only potential  problem was with the adding lines.  It should be stupidly simple but I don’t think it is in Photoshop/PSE.  I tried to find a B&W fill pattern of stripes that would do the same thing in PSE as I do in Intaglio but I just could not find one. Marta, the YouTub-er from yesterday, has a video for creating the stripes but there has to be a better way.  I’ll keep looking.

All I have to do in my program is type a word in whatever font I want then click to fill. Is that an option in WordArt for example?  Or Paint Shop Pro maybe? Here is an example:


The lines look weirdly wavy in the lower dpi but you’ll see they aren’t when printed

Here is the process:

1. Print the thing you want to re-create as book art. Fold over a ledge and stick it to a piece of scored and folded cardstock.  The thickness needs to be thinner than the book you are using to fold.


so trim it if you need to, and as you fold more pages and the book gets thinner, trim again. Can you see it lying along the top edge of the book?


2. Grab a bone folder or a teaspoon or something you can use to get a nice crease.  A nice crease is the key. In the video, she just folds.  Sorry, I’m not that good.  I use a strip of a placemat (thin is the key) to fold the page over.


3. Look at your word or image.  Identify the areas where there is just a single fold needed (there is one line, one top of the line, one bottom of the line) and where there are multiple lines along the same column. Can you see what in the simple heart outline what I mean?


It may help you to mark those areas.  Or maybe begin with a simple solid shape, like the freebie heart Instructable from yesterday.

4. EACH LINE will need a page – and by page I mean sheet or leaf, not page as in page count of the book!  Make sure you have enough leaves/sheets.  You can count lines for a simple shape, but if you want to do an open letter you need to count both the lines that are single fold + (the double lines x 2). So let’s say in the heart there are 10 single folds on either side and in the middle there are 30 lines,  that would be 10+30+30+10 = 80 leaves (assuming pages numbered on every page, at least a 160 page book)

I would ALWAYS suggest overestimating the pages you need.

NOTE:  If you have a really FAT book, fold to both the LINES and the white “line” between for a nice FAT word!

5. Starting at the very first line to the left, slip the template under the first page you will fold.  I tend to leave a couple of pages blank at the beginning, or if the book is very fat and the line count minimal you may want to go to the middle of the book and then count forward to where you will begin.

In the video she marks the top edge, to denote the fold-to line.  She scores the top edge with a razor blade to make a mark she can see. I can’t sit comfortably and see that mark.    I’m lazy so I just cut a strip of card and use the edge to show me the fold-to mark.  And I shift it to the front as I move to the next page.


6.  Fold the top corner of the book like so:


from the top edge of the page to the top of the first line.


Crease well!

Now fold the bottom corner from the BOTTOM of the same line to the edge of the page like so:


In the end, your fold should look like this:


Mark the line with a pencil dot and repeat the process with the next line.  Here you can see the first two lines folded, and hopefully imagine how it will build to create the 3D heart.


7.  When you come to a double line section, alternate top fold, bottom fold like so:



Make sure to mark each line section!

I am working on the JACK pattern from above.  I didn’t have a hardback book to hand and really wanted to try out the pattern to make sure I was on the right track, but here is how it has progressed:


Once the whole word is done, the word should be more obvious, like the video samples. So much fun!

I am keen to try the open heart and a couple of other patterns I’ve made, a couple that I know are going to be challenging.  And if you fancy having a go but making the lined word is holding you back, drop me a comment.  Seriously, it takes me seconds to do and I will do a pattern for you.  I’m betting there won’t be so many takers I can’t keep up LOL! I’ll have to be a font I own.  So say the word or name and the font you want, but also the  “feel” you want and leave it to me to pick an alternative if it isn’t one I own.

Hoping to finish this one today, and I have five more beanies and a few more ATCs to complete, but I won’t make you wait too long for a pattern I promise.

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  1. May I have a template VELARIS? Tried my first book thanks to your generosity of knowledge and patterns! THANK YOU!

  2. Gracias por tan buenos consejos.y elocuentes explicaciones.
    Me gustaría saber si podrías mandarme plantilla del nombre de Ruth y el de David,
    Fuente de letra habano.
    Agradecida de antemano esperando contestación.

  3. I am looking for templates for two names Anna & Ellery I would like them in habano st font. Is this something that you can do for me? Thank you

  4. would it be possible to have a copy of this “Jack”. My oldest son goes by “Jack” and how fun it would be to make him a book of his own.

  5. Hello! Could you please do BFF, Love, and MR? I would really appreciate it. You can surprise me on the fonts. Thank you!

  6. I feel rather bad for asking. But could you please do a simple font for the name Coley. I would appreciate it. I’ve wanted to do this for some time. My mother was an avid reader and has hundreds of books. I picked out around 80 or so (I’m an avid reader myself. Quite a few are from her childhood and just as many are over 100 years old. I would like to use several with folded book art. It would be a great way to use some of the books I probably won’t read again.

  7. Hello! Can you please make a template with the Helvetica Neue font for the name Kat? Thank you so much!

  8. Could you please make a template for the words: BANNED, BOOKS.

  9. Hi there. Thanks for such detailed guidelines for a book fold. May I get a template of letter M in Harlow solid italics font for a book of 160 sheet, i.e. 320 pages. Thank you again.

    • That isn’t how it works :). I make the template for free, you count the lines and find a book to fit. Also, that is not a font I have – send me a link for a free download and I can get it, but I won’t buy a font to make a free download 😀

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this info. Can I please get a template for ABUNDANCE, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE


  11. Hi thank you for this helpful post. I was wondering if you can do me templates with the name Charlotte and Harriette also the word Dance please.

    Many thanks

  12. Thank you for your helpful posts! Can I have the words Cami, Cali and Grammy please?

  13. HI, just a couple of clarification:
    1- when there is 2 or 3 lines/black section on the same vertical axis I have to consider 1sheet each black section right?
    2- when you said to consider also the white lines for thicker letters, do i have to make twice the same fold, the one i make for the “black section” i repeat it in the next white line?
    thank you

    • Yes, each section on the same vertical axis needs a page to fold it – so an E will need three pages for one line running thru the three horizontal lines but only ONE page for the long vertical line. And also yes, repeat the fold if you are doing the white spaces too. HTH!

  14. Hi Mary Anne I was wondering if youd be able to make me a template with the name Laura and also tell me the number count of pages i need I am trying to do something special for valentines
    Thank you!

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    I planning to make one for my girlfriend for valentines day! I guess a cute but simple design if possible
    Thank you!

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  17. Can you sent me this one to Koen☺️

  18. I was hoping that you might have the time to send me three templates for the names Malia, Lina and Angelina in Bernard MT Condensed font. Do you think the name Angelina would be too long? Thank you so much for doing this. It’s extremely thoughtful and greatly appreciated!

  19. Hello, can I have a template with KOEN please?

    Thank you very much, it’s for a Christmas present.

    Sarah x

  20. First and foremost! WOW – You and your guides are incredible!

    I am looking to do the name “Lauren” and wondering if you suggest I use your alphabet template or try to make a cursive version in photoshop? Thanks in advance!

    • A lot of people have come to request templates after being frustrated when they couldn’t manage it in Photoshop 🙂 If you did manage it be sure to come back and share how! In the meantime, I’ve sent you two versions for your request. Have fun!

  21. Wow! This is fantastic! Thanks so much!

  22. Would like WALKER PARKER and RUBY
    Thank you in advance.

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  24. I have a clarifying question. In step 7, when you come to a double line you say to alternate top fold and bottom fold. You are simply saying that for that one line it takes two sheets, one for each fold, correct?
    Thank you!

    • If I understand your question, yes. When I say double line, what I mean is there is a line at the top of the letter (like the top of an O) and on the same vertical axis there is another line (like for the bottom of the O) so you need to fold the top line and then the bottom line, one line per page of the book. Does that help?

  25. These patterns are wonderful. Could you do the name Emily? Thank you for sharing your time and talents.

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    Always was my first fold and with your help you made it so I can figure it out!

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    Is it possible you could give me Ron template please, easy-ish if possible. Very new to this. And also Caitlyn please.

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    Could I please have a “Grandad” template in any (easy!) font of your choice?

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    Chloe x

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    Would it be possible for me to get a flower template and a Teddy template please
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  31. Hi
    Would it be possible for me to get a flower template and a Teddy template please
    Thank you

  32. Hi Thanks for so much awesome information. I have a question, When you say to fold the Line and the “White” line also for fatter books, what do I do on the white section? I am planning the letter C on a book with 515 pages so I want it to be nice and full so I need to add the white spaces, just not sure how. Thank you!

  33. Really well thought out instructions 🙂 Can I please request “KARN” (not karen), “HONEY”, and “MOMZ” Thank you for your time and effort!

  34. Thank you again for your amazing resource and for sharing your creativity and talent! I think I get it! I practiced in an old spiral notebook. I see you have shared so many templates. Did you share the open heart somewhere? I think I’d like to try that one if it’s available. (I see several other heart options on another page.) Thank you again! Truly inspiring!

  35. The first photo shows the ledge guide along the top edge of the book. You attach the template to it to give it better stability. HTH!

    • Wow! Such a quick response! Thank you. To clarify, is the ledge guide attached to the top of the pattern? Perhaps it is longer than the pattern so it can be placed under the top of the book? I’m sorry. I’m not making sense of the photo. Everything is so clear! You really have made the process seem do-able!!

  36. Wow. This is such an amazing resource. Thank you for sharing your passion and talent with others! I’m just confused about how your ledge/guide works in the first step. Which edge of the book hits that ledge? Can you please help describe that? It seems that its purpose is to keep the book in line as you progress along the pattern.

  37. Wow thanks explained lovely, I need a template for Kate if possible, Thanks carol x

  38. Thanks for the link! Now I get how it works!

  39. Wow is all I can say. You have explained the folding technique very well. Could I ask you to create a template for names for me? I need Tasha and Erica any font should work. Thank you for your assistance.

  40. Loving your site & information you share. Great folding whilst in lockdown in NZ.
    Finally getting the hang of this fabulous craft!
    Looking for patterns for AVA, EVERLY , SOPHIE, LIBRARY.
    Can’t seem to find anything. Are you able to help, if you are still doing that sort of thing?
    Any font is fine.
    Many thanks

    • I’ll send along the three names, as I limit people to 3 requests at a time. Once you complete those, com back to me and I can do another! Watch your email…

      • Fabulous – yes I’ve found the email. Many thanks for your time.
        Looking forward to some folding now!

  41. I tried a cut and fold pattern like this and I had trouble keeping it straight. Is there somethting I can do to help
    stay straight. My email is:
    I am learning this fascinating craft. I am a crafter of all sorts of things but this striped pattern has me a tad frustrated. Thank you for taking time to answer

  42. Hello, this is so good and addictive !! But I’m struggling with templates, I’m looking for a template for Evie – dont mind which font etc – if you can help? Thank you

  43. Oh and the risk of sounding super greedy (sorry), do you have a template for “Hogwarts” by chance? Don’t know if you have a font used for Harry Potter but if not, something similar to a school-like font would be fine too. It’d just be for me anyhow. Hehehe

    Thanks for considering!

  44. Hi! I’m new to the book folding world and your techniques are explained so well! Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us. When you have a moment, and if you are still willing, do you mind to create a template for “Bailey” please? Any font you choose would be fine, it’ll be a gift for my parents. 🙂

    Again, thank you for your generosity. If you ever set up a donations link, for ex. via PayPal, let us know.

  45. Hi.
    You are a wonderful person for doing this for us.
    May you please be able to do up a template for me please the name
    In what ever font you deam appropriate
    Thankyou so much

  46. Thanks so much for all the wonderful materials and info you are sharing with us. I am looking for something musical like a clef by itself or a clef with a couple of music notes for my daughter -in-law who is a music teacher. Thanks so much

    • I made a couple of these recently and will send you copies

      • I’d love templates for a beginner folder that says:
        M & E
        Do you have counsel on how to use a book with thin pages (if using it at all) ie; a Bible?
        Thanks for the generosity of your time and talent. 😉

        • sent. No recommendations for super thin bible sheets – not entirely sure it will work, actually. Try Google and see if you find examples – the people who folded those might offer some advice.

          • Hi, this is incredibly generous of you to do. I’m new to book folding and have done so much research and just can not figure out how to make my own templates. I’d be grateful if you are still doing this and if you have time, could send me a few. Any font is fine, I’m looking for the words, Love, Faith, and Hughes. Thanks so much for your time

          • Sorry I never received anything.

            (Yep. Always worth checking spam! Glad you found it. MA)

  47. Can you do one that says Retired in a super simple (Easy to do) font? I’d like to do one for my co-worker that was once a librarian. Thank you so very much!!!

  48. Please could you make me one with the name Dragoon please. Thank you xx

  49. This is an amazing site – thank you. Could you make me a template for the name Minna, please? In a font that doesn’t take too many pages, please. Thanks.

    • Sent. But it isn’t the font that determines the number of pages. Your word has a LOT of uprights right next to each other. Unless you want it all to merge into a block you need to have a font with serifs – and that increases the number of pages. If you go for a thinner font it will look very odd when folded. I’ve sent one that I think works best with the letters. Once you count the lines, just find a book that fits!

  50. Hey! I love these so much, is there any chance I can get templates for the words Live and Serve in Bernard MT or whatever font you would recommend?

  51. Hi I’m new at this but want to try my hand at book folding. I would like to try one that says “Lawyer” and one that say T & L and one that says T & N. Thank you so much for doing this and have a great day!

    • Sent, using a nice easy font!

      • Your generosity is astounding! You are a very kind soul. 😊 Could I please request Callas, Pharr and Horton? Thank you so much for your time.

        • Sorry. Been a bit busy. I’ll try to get to this later today!

        • I’m so sorry, but I do not find the templates. I’ve searched spam and every other category of my email. When you have time, would you please try to resend them? Thank you!

          On Sun, Feb 16, 2020 at 3:25 AM scrappystickyinkymess wrote:

          > Lacy commented: “Your generosity is astounding! You are a very kind soul. [image: > 😊] Could I please request Callas, Pharr and Horton? Thank you so much > for your time.” >

  52. I have recently started trying book folding
    and wanted to see if you would possibly be able to make the following templates:

  53. Waw 🙂
    So you are doing this for free 🤗 Thank you!
    Migena & Riccardo 💕

    I have a 800 pages book

  54. Hello! Can you please do 5 different names? All in Black Chancery.
    1. Coleman
    2. Dancy
    3. Neis
    4. William
    5. Eleanor

  55. I am just starting out folding books. I would love to make one (or two) of your custom patterns. May I request two please. The names are Jesse and Osiris. Could you find a ‘blocky’ or square ish kind of font for Jesse and a ‘boyish’ font for Osiris. Thank you so much in advance. I really enjoy your site.

  56. Hi, there!
    I am a novice at book folding, and hoping this project won’t prove to be too ambitious (as I’d like to try a font different from what you recommended).
    I plan to gift the book to my sister for her birthday. I also want to create a book w/ my Wedding Anniversary date.
    So, if/when you have time, can you make a template w/ the name Tana? I am picturing it in an elegant scroll print (or serif type font); maybe Black Chancery or Abril Fatface (perhaps this one is easier), or one you think might work best.
    My anniversary date is 1*13*19. I am not sure of the print, but I like the fancy numbers you have under your “Book Folding Templates”.
    I sincerely appreciate all of the work you do, and the time you spend sharing w/ all of us! :))

  57. Thank you so much for the tips! It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these and I got excited to try again. I’d like to request the word “nerd” in lowercase font, if you have the time. I’d like to make it using one of my husband’s old textbooks, so the pages are kind of fine—I don’t know if that makes a difference. Thank you so much!!

  58. Hi! I’m wanting a pattern with the date 9.28.19 (periods or dashes, I’m good with whatever will fold best, if any?). I’m also folding a specific book with 694 numbered pages. How do I adjust your pattern accordingly?
    Thank you so much!


    • If you want to fold a specific design and use a specific book your best option is to look for Book Folding templates using Bookami. There are people who will create a template for you (for a fee) that will fit. I don’t do that. I make a template, you count the lines and find a book that fits that number of pages. I can also say that I am pretty sure a 350ish page book is probably too small for the design you want. Numbers have a LOT of alternating folds!

  59. A quicker way to do the stripes is to use Illustrator instead of photoshop. First, you’ll need your design opened in a vector format (where it looks like a black silhouette of an image) then you’ll put a stripe image (vector) on top of it but on another layer and then you click on a button that automatically blends them and then creates a new vector image where you’ll be able to delete excess stripes, leaving you with your image needed!

    • I use neither Illustrator nor Photoshop, but I would image that probably only a few people have Illustrator! Those that do will be happy to see your explanation. Thanks

  60. Hello, you kindly did one for me a while back and I was wondering if I might be cheeky and ask for some others? They aren’t for me but for one of my library users having seen my efforts. He has asked for 6 (!) and I said I would see what I (you) could do

    Many thanks for all your work, you rock!

  61. Acabo de descubrir este munco y me encanta, muchicimas gracias por compartir tu tiempo y tus plantillas con nosotros,voy a intentar con las iniciales hacer la N nombres enteros no m,e atrevo todavia, pero si pudieras pasarme el nombre de SAIOA te lo agradeceria. Un saludo

  62. Hey!! It is extremely sweet and generous of you to give your time and effort!! Can I please get a G, I tired downloading your alphabet but I don’t have a program to open it to isolate the G 😦 Any pretty font would be lovely. Its going to be a baby shower gift for a friend having a girl. Do your templates come with a suggested number of pages to use? TIA

  63. Can you do one for me that say zaine and one for hailey thank you

  64. I’d be most grateful if you would send me a “scott”. My husband is a police officer. He was just promoted to the position of SRO, school resource officer. He asked me to decorate his office and I think he’ll love the time and effort that will go into a folded book. I also would appreciate one that says “game of tomes” it’s the name of my daughter’s booktube channel on YouTube. I know it will be small but I’ll find a book big enough no matter how many pages you decide on. I like the font that you used on the “jack” pattern. I’ll be happy with that for both patterns and all lowercase for both please. Thank you very much in advance!!

  65. Hi, please could you do a template for the word ‘Bushby’. In a similar font to the word Jack on your website would be great. I’ve done a couple of folded books before and it’s always the templates that I struggle with. The book is around 375 pages. Thanks.

  66. May I use these instructions for the bookfolding program I have put together at my library? I’ll make sure to put the name of the blog and a link on the instructions I pass out. TIA!

  67. Hello, I don’t suppose you could do one that says LIBRARY could you? I work in a library and I have a 2000 page book we were about to dispose of that I want to fold to display behind the loan desk. I did one that said READ a few years back and it gets loads of comments
    Many thanks

  68. Hello! I was wondering if there was any way to get a Simba pattern. The symbol not actually Simba. My friend is having her baby nursery done in Simba and requested one! I have made a few book folds because I learned how on this website. I have also made a pattern before but I do not remember how I made it.

    Thank you

  69. Hi I’m new to book folding and so far I love it. A friend ask me for a book for her birthday and I have no idea yet how to make patterns. Can you help me create one. It needs to say Lacy & Corderald. I wold appreciate it greatly.

    • Lordy, that s a very long “name” for one book. I will send you two – one with Lacy & and one with Corderald and suggest you do them as a pair. And if you want to do just the names you can simply leave out the &.

  70. Hi,

    I really love this! I did the Deathly Hallows as my first fold, definitely need some practice! Would you be able to send a template for the name Kelly in whichever font would be easy lol and if possible one of the state of Florida? Thank you so much for all the work you put into this site and how helpful you are!!

  71. Hello! 🙂 I have never done book folding before but am looking to make one for a friend for his sobriety anniversary .. looking to do just the date of his anniversary “1-09-18” with just circle bullet points between? Would it be possible to get a template so I can try it out? They are selling them on etsy for 95.00 but I would like to give it a go myself before I go that route! Whatever font might be easier I’m good with! Haha.

    • That is a crazy price! I will send one but dates are actually very LONG so it will be 1.9.18, to cut out a bit of folding and allow me to make it a bit bigger (taller) – watch for it and check SPAM if you don’t see it in a few

  72. Hello Do you could do a state outline template? If so can you please do one in the State of South Carolina? Thank You

  73. HI ! I was wondering if you could make a template OF A BUTTERFLY , A PRESENT FOR A FRIEND. THANK YOU

  74. Hello, what you are doing is amazing! I found this on Pinterest and in love with the idea but don’t know how to make the templates. Any chance you can make a few templates for me? I am looking for “VICKI”, “CHAVEZ”, and “SANTOS”. I greatly appreciate any help you are willing to offer. These look like greats gifts!

  75. Wow your site is great, I am so glad I found it. I have been to several tutorials and I cannot get the pattern to print right. I have an old computer with a very small word program. My grandson is very excited about learning French and his name is Jove. I want it to say Bonjour on top and Jove underneath. An attractive script that is curvy is what I had in mind, but you are so talented that anything you pick will be great I am sure. I will find the book to match whatever page count you feel is best. Thank you so much for doing this. Ruth

  76. Would you be able to do a template for the date 13.10.17 but with hearts instead of dots if that’s possible. That book im using has around 400 pages but I can change it if needed. Could I have it in the font Bernard MT. Thanks again, it’s a huge help!

  77. Can you please help me. I’m trying to make a book fold for mine and my wife’s first anniversary I’ve been trying for weeks to create one but they all come out wrong. Any font will do and the book is 556 pages (278 sheets) all I’d like are these numbers


    If possible with small hearts as periods of not then just periods

    • I am happy to make a template but my guess is that a long “phrase” like that is going to be very small on a small book. 278 pages is small. Also, I DO NOT fit the free template to a specific size book. There are people who will do that, but they will charge you to create a Bookami style measure and mark template. What *I* do is create the template, you count the lines and find a book that will work. Just to let you know.

      • Okay I can go buy a bigger book I just need to get this done. We’re so close to the date I’m freaking out thank you so much

  78. I have a first anniversary coming up in a few days and just discovered this book art thing and I’m amazed! I would love a template of
    if you have the time. Any reasonable size or attractive font will work just let me know what size book I will need to build it and I’ll purchase one. Hoping to find a good one with love in the title.
    PS very generous of you to provide this to so many people!!

  79. Hi, I’ve been admiring book folding for a while having done a few basic trees at Christmas. My brother is getting married in September so I’d love to do him and his wife a display piece. I have a huge 1111page hard back book to use (thinking I can leave some unused at the edges) their initials are M and D so I think I’d like to perhaps do an M with a heart under then a D under that. Perhaps slightly off set from one another or staggered. I don’t think I’ll be good enough to do the date as imagine that’s tricky but another alternative could be to do M & D with 15/9/18 underneath it. I’d be very grateful if you could do me a template. In whatever font you think would look best. Thank you in advance.

    • Of course the 1111pages is the printed number in the book so will be working with 555 sheets.

    • Pretty complicated, even for such a big book, but check for an email from me

    • I’m so wanting to learn to do this but I am having trouble with understanding how to use the program to get some words on a template. I’m confused over some have measurements to follow & some have just pictures with lines. I’m looking for a template to make the word READ for one book that has 264 pages & the word BOOKS for a book that has 292 pages. I’m trying & hoping I can do these two books for when school starts in Sept. My daughter is a librarian at an elementary school & I know she & the children would love seeing a book with those words on it. Is there anyway I could inconvenience you into sending me info on how to do that. I’m using childrens books to do it with. I REALLY would appreciate it!

      • If you have a specific book size you need I would suggest looking on Facebook or eBay for someone that sells patterns to fit and instructions for the measure and mark system. I don’t do that. I make a (free) pattern and people find a book that fits. If you look at the top menu there is a link to a pdf with 5 or 6 READ patterns that might work, and will get you started. Also instructions and other info. HTH

  80. The weather will be 100 for next few days and book folding would be perfect. Would love to do amonogram with initials SMR, with the M in the middle being larger. Any simple font would be incredible and most appreciated. Thank you so very much

  81. Hi, Thanks so much for the easy to understand directions!
    I am looking for the words the (lowercase) and STORY (uppercase) and a heart symbol to use on three separate books. So when put together they will say heart (love) the STORY.
    I have books that are 399 pages (for heart), 408 pages for the, and 421 pages for STORY.
    Theses are going to be displayed in my classroom so the font should be pretty easy to read, so the simpler the better, but I don’t have any specific type of font preference.
    Can you please make me templates for each? I get how to fold, but the templates are difficult for me to figure out.
    I appreciate any help you can give me!

  82. Hi Mary Anne,
    Thank you so much for all the information! Finally you have made book folding easy to understand, I think I may even be able to do it lol. Is there anyway you could make a template for me? The name is
    SaraAnn I’m not picky about the font, just something simple and easy lol.
    Thank you so very much!

  83. Hi I’m looking for a template for 1st wedding anniversary on 2 lines please

  84. Hi I love what you are doing. I was wondering if you could do a template for me. One for mum and another for dad. As they are going through a hard time with an illness and I wanted to cheer them up with a folded book. As they both love reading and I thought it be a lovely idea. Thank you

  85. Hello Mary Anne, if you are still doing templates I would Love to have two.. One with the name Skye and the other Kloey in a scriptive type font.. thaks so much

  86. Mary Anne, thank you so much for taking the time to make the templates I requested! I will take your advice on using multiple books for each word. It actually will make a more spectacular centerpiece at my wedding. A bonus to this: my future husband is loving my new hobby! He is planning to do a book of his own this weekend!!
    Thanks again!!

  87. I would like a template for mr and mrs

  88. Good Afternoon, I was just wondering if it were possible to make a few templates for me please if possible.
    I would like
    Ben – in century gothic maybe with a love heart next to it to fill space?
    Brandon in gabriola.

    I am completely open to fonts and designs.

    Very grateful


  89. I get that! I found your alphabet templates (great idea) and used that to make an awesome container to wrap a book gift certificate!

  90. Hello,
    I would love to have a last name template for my family. Our last name is Faulkner. I would be happy with any font for this. Thank you

  91. I am so excited to try this. Could you send me Annika in a bold typewriter like font? I so appreciate this generousity

  92. You still willing to make lined templates? I would like to have my students try to make “CSD”

  93. Hi MaryAnne! I would greatly appreciate the name Kelly template when you get a chance please.

  94. Hello I am going to give this a whirl since the MMF style I have been doing is limited. Have you made any template for those pesky 2-300 page books? If you would point me to them or tell me how to adjust yours I can get rolling. I DO double the page count of the printouts like sisters don’t I? like it has 180 the book should be 360 pages.

    • Yes – the page count is halved – so if the book has 300 pages, looking at the numbers printed on the pages, then there are 150 leaves/”pages” available for folding. From the reverse, if there are 150 lines in the template, then you need a book with 300 printed numbers to get 150 “pages”

      There are templates that work with smaller books. With this style, it means the folded thing (letter, image, whatever) is smaller in height (so 3-4 inches rather than 6-8 inches)to get enough folds to look full. But you could do a single letter or a heart or a circle, something like that.

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  96. Thank you so much for sending the elephant templates they were perfect and made my friend the perfect Christmas prezzie. Iknow I’m being really cheeky but I don’t suppose you could make a template saying Disney in the Disney font. Thanks so much x

  97. Hello! I love that you do these templates for us 🙂 I was hoping you would be kind enough to make me a template in the shape of an elephant. Thanks in advance x

  98. Hello, Mary Anne, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make me a template for “MUM” in Cooper Black (I think that’s the Font name, it’s for a small book only 18 cm high), I just don’t know how to make a template for “MUM”, how do YOU make a template, I’ve seen some being made on Youtube but don’t have Photoshop or advanced editing software (I’m not very technically minded, Practical yes, but computers are a like a Harry Potter Book to me, full of Magic, many thanks for a great website.

  99. Fist of all THANK YOU! I am just beginning to do book folding. I appreciate the alphabet very much. However I would appreciate if you could possibly do a simple beginner template for name ZAC in block letters. My grandson is 10 years old on Nov 30th and I would love to do this as a gift.
    any chance you might

    • Hi Jacqueline again…the book I am using is 9.5 inches and 501 pages

      • Watch for an email from me. But bear in mind I do NOT fit a template to a specific book – there are people who sell templates that are fit to a specific book or page count. Mine are free so I make the template, you count the lines and then find a book that works. Fair trade, I think 🙂

  100. Would you be able to make a pattern for the name Eaton. I can’t figure out how to make this on my own. Thanks

  101. Can you please send me a template for the name Jess in whatever font you think would look the best. Thank you,Laurie

  102. Hi, would it be possible to get one with 60th on it for my dads birthday if so please send to I need it before November 12th if possible, cheers in advance

  103. Thank you for sharing these! My 11 year old daughter has been wanting to try them, she is currently working on a heart. Would you be able to assist in the measurements for the names Krystyn and Lynnsay, we would do them in separate books.

    • A my templates are free, the deal is I make the templates, you follow my instructions for counting the lines and find a book to fit. I will say both names are fairly long in the book folding world, so may take some pretty fat books. I will do them in a very plan no serif font but LyNNsay is tricky because of the side-by-side uprights on the Ns (lower case too). Look for an email from me 🙂

  104. Hi
    I am getting married and would like to use the book art as decoration and forever keepsake. I would be extreeeemely appreciative if you could make a pattern for the date
    With little hearts as the dot in between!
    I’d be forever grateful

  105. Would you please send me a template for J (heart) S. I would like to give this a try.

  106. Hello!! I have always wanted to learn this and I think I have finally found someone that explained it clearly enough!! Thank you!!!

    Would you please send me a template for the words/names

    I don’t anticipate it to be quick, but I am hoping to get some practice in and be able to use the Relay one as a fundraiser for the Relay For Life Event that I am in charge of…something new and different!

    Thank you again!

  107. Hi,

    Sadly the book I have didn’t suit the template for “Jack” of which you sent to me.
    Might I please be able to get the letters
    J W B – probably in a plain or bold font as the book I have to work with only has 510pgs

    Kindest regards and thanks

  108. Hello,
    What a gorgeous site you have here!
    So extremely glad I stumbled upon it!
    Might I please be able to get templates for
    “Harper” and “Jack” both in the Black Chancery font?


  109. Hello there I am desperately looking for an inverted heart pattern, is your open heart the same.

    Lookingforward to your reply

    • When you say “inverted heart” you mean a heart that in concave (inwards) correct? Like this?

      So done as a cut & fold? if so, ANY heart will work. Likewise if you did it as a FOLDED book, you would fold the the bits outside the lines, although it would probably look more like this

      If I saw what you were looking for I might be able to help 😀

  110. Hello! I loved your explanation. Could you do a template that says the word déçu please. If the accents are too difficult then normal English alphabet would do just great. This would be a great addition for my group of friends.
    Thank again,

  111. Hi i have tried evetywhete to make a tempkate of my friends name anf i cant seem to be able to. Could you help me out possible. Ive done several books for friends but cant seem to be able to make this one possible. Thanks in advance. Would like it to say Thyion

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  113. Thanks for the clear instructions. Maybe there is hope for me yet. I would like an C, L and P, if possible, my grandkids initials. Thank you in advance.

  114. hi what a great site, I am looking for the word “Read” for my English teacher friend. would appreciate your help 😃

  115. I would like Mr. & Mrs. please and also 10.12.13 and I am new to this so maybe in an easier style please

  116. Could you make one with my name? It’s Edie

  117. Hello. Are you still being a generous soul to get us going? I would like a template for the word LIRE (French to read). I want to make it as a welcome home gift for my son who has been studying in France for the last 10 months.
    Thank you so much if you are still doing this for folks…and I completely understand if you’re not.
    This is going to be my first attempt. If I like the activity and the product I will invest in some software for myself…just wanted to try it out first.

    • I am and I have. I’ve sent two, all upper case as in your request but also mixed case, cause I think it looks better 🙂 Pick which you like!

  118. I just want to thank you for your time and talent that you share so generously.

  119. I am late to the show, but would love to do this for both of my special needs children’s teachers/therapists for an end of the year gift. I was actually just thinking initials of their last names. I have 17!!!! If this is too much, I completely understand!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  120. Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while. Please do me a template with ‘NeeNee’….

  121. Hi, could you possibly do Oscar Wilde (on 2 lines – Oscar above Wilde?) in a script font please? Many thanks, amazing resources here

  122. Hi there! Would like to do a monogram letter of E with the Goudy Old Style or Gabriola font. The book I’m doing it on is 8 inches in length so was thinking of a 6 inch letter. Thanks!

  123. Is it possible for you to do 2 templates? One on Kaylah and the other on Nguyen. Thanks so much.

  124. Can someone help me make a template for “PROM?” I have 450 foldable pages in my book.

  125. Hi there! I was wondering if you could possibly send me a template for the name Cobar? I was looking into making one for my friend who is becoming a teacher and thought this would be a great gift. Please and thank you!

  126. Hi! Thank you for the explanation – very easy to follow and understand. Also thanks for helping us with the patterns. Can you help me with the patterns for the names : Mihaela, Nicoleta and Alex. I trust your judgement on font.

  127. I’d like to order some patterns. How do I go about that?

    • It’s less that you “order” them as yo request them. Just drop me a comment and keep in mind I limit the requests to 3, so I can spread my time over many requests!

  128. This is amazing. And my head is spinning, this is really cool! You are so generous to be whipping up patterns for people. Is it possible to make one that says “Books” but the o’s are hearts?

  129. Hi, I was wondering if you could do one with the name Barraza in a fancy cursive please

  130. This is such a great page! I was actually worried about trying to figure out how to even start!! If you could help me with a pattern for the name.. Liana that would be amazing! I trust your judgement on font! I can’t thank you enough!

  131. Hello! Your work is so wonderful! I would love a line template for the date: 05 – 06 – 2017 and the following: T&H
    If there is any way the dashes could be circles, then that would be fabulous! If not, I would still be so, so appreciative!

  132. Hi Mary Anne,

    Love your blog. Thank you so much!

  133. your explanation on creating a template to fl
    old was very encourageing but id like to take u up on ur offer to create one for me or several . one for each of my grandchildren Kenndal ,Kyrstin,Savannah,Jennaka,Keegan,Journey thank you in advance:)

    • In order to give everyone a piece of my time I posted I am limiting the template request to THREE. I’ll do the first three then once you have folded those you can request others.

      The three are on the way…

  134. Hi Mary Anne, love your work
    Would you be able to do me


    2liner, just a simple font as I know it’ll be tricky but I’ve been practising and would like to give it a go for my sons wedding
    I would be very grateful, thanks for your kindness and help x

  135. Can you make me one that says

    L heart Z heart C

    I don’t have hearts on my fone so had to type the words, but I want the shape lol just to b sure u know what I mean lol an can u make the letters pretty, swirly, romantic like, I want to make it for valentines day, and I’ve never done this before… Please help me!!! :))

  136. Hi maryanne, could you please send me baby newborn feet please. I have done the dinosaur u sent and Scarlett. They were terrific. Many thanks. X

  137. Please send me a template for the names Megan. Audie. Pretty please and thank you!!!

  138. Maryanne you are amazing, so talented. My friend loves to read and she is going through a divorce. I would really love to make her a folded book with the words in any font.

    A New Chapter

    A New

    Thank you in advance

  139. Your work is amazing. My best friend is going through a divorce and I would love to have the pattern for
    A New

    Any font you like.
    Thank you in advance
    Cheers Wendy

  140. can you please do me a SIOFRA with an accent on the I and if possible with a cat. You are so good

  141. I don’t know why Im having such a rough time understanding these directions. Can you please dumb it down for me. I want to do two books for my hubby for valentines one with: ♥Mr&Mrs♥ in a words 2016 Modern No. 20 or similar and another with our anniversary date 10♥10♥15

    • I’m not sure I can dumb it down more. The process is pretty basic as it is – did you watch the video? That was what got me started! What I would suggest is you download and fold the basic heart, to practice, then try one of the harder ones (and both the date and Mr & Mrs with hearts are long, will require a larger book, and are’t ideal for your very first fold!)

      I am adding a handful of hearts today in preparation for Valentines day – see if one of them appeal to you. All should be pretty easy to fold!

      • Planned on practicing with a basic heart. I have zillions of old books so longer templates on be an issue. I’m a doer so once I can actually sit down and work on the foldo I’m sure I can figure it out. Really want to get at least one done by v day so I would appreciate the templates so I can get folding.

  142. I have just run across your blog and I am so thankful! I have wanted to do book folding for a while but it seemed so complicated. You have given me hope. Would you please do the names for my 7 grandchildren (one family – triplets, twins and 2 singles) and the word Christmas. The names are WALKER, JUDAH, ATTICUS, JONAH, WYATT and ASHER – please do all the boys in HELVETICA, The girl’s name is ADDIE and I thought HABANO for her unless there is a prettier one that you feel I could accomplish. I would like CHRISTMAS in a prettier font also unless you feel it would look better in another font. Also I have used all caps to show the correct spelling of each name. I am thinking that only the first letter of each name should be in caps. The same for Christmas. I am most thankful for your help. Could I please pay you something for this? The books I am using are all 568 pages and 7 1/2 tall by 5 1/2 wide.

  143. Hello, I’m new to book folding and I’m going crazy trying to figure out how to do the line spacing, can you send me the name –Silas–please, any font you like. Thank you so much.

  144. HI, I am new to book folding;) but was wondering if you can send me a pattern for heart (shape) family heart (shape). I wanted to make this grandma who is turning 90!!!thanks and if you can’t it’s ok…
    Also do you have a you tube tutorial in how to.make these patterns?

    • No You Tube from ME but there are links to other people’s tutorials in various posts. The ones I used are found in the drop down menu st the top.

      Template is on the way….

  145. I would love help with a template for the word MAHJONG in all capitals. An Asian font would be cute, but not necessary. Thank you!!


  146. Could you help me with a cross?

  147. Hey, I wanted to create a book folding piece for Christmas but have failed to find how to make a template. I would really appreciate your help if possible, I know it will be a perfect present. I was looking just for the initials “H” and “T” with a Heart inbetween if possible? if not “T&H” would also be great. Thank you very much and you’re certainly doing a really nice thing here.

    Kindest regards and have a wonderful Christmas.

    • Wish I could help, but as stated in the big banner at the top, I am in a different continent to my computer and unable to help after 12 December…maybe for NEXT Christmas. Or look at the alphabets added and cobble together your own.

      Happy Christmas

  148. Hi there can you please make me three templates one that says NTE (all caps), one that says Public Sector and one that says Vicky.
    Please you will be a live saver! 🙂

    • Wish I could help, but as stated in the big banner at the top, I am in a different continent to my computer and unable to help after 12 December…maybe for NEXT Christmas. Or look at the alphabets added and cobble together your own.

      Happy Christmas

  149. Hello :), can you please make me a template that says Josie. Any font that looks flowy/girly and is on the thicker side so its easy to read would be appreciated! My book is 1054 pages long and it is a little shy of 9 inches tall. Thank you so much in advance!!

    • I’m sending two options. But remember, I don’t fit the template to a particular book, other than trying to use my common sense 🙂 I make and send a free template. It’s up to you to count the lines and find an appropriate book. There are people who will tailor a template to a particular book for a fee.

  150. I am looking into doing a book sculpture, and have it planned out, but have been having a crazy time creating the templates…the three attempts I’ve made haven’t been evenly spaced and come out looking off (I am doing it by hand)…would you be able to help me out with the templates? It’d be 3 templates with two to three words each.

    • Just say what you need in a comment and if I can do it, i will.

      • Thank you so much for considering it! My attempts have been pretty bad…
        The first book is 520 leaves (not pages) and would need the top line to say ‘You are’ and the second line to say ‘where you’
        The second book is 372 leaves and would need the top line to say ‘Just’ and the second line to say ‘breath <3' (no e on the end of breath, and then a heart at the end)
        The third book is 542 leaves and would need the top line to say 'need to be' and the second line to say 'take a deep'

        If you could do that in Habano ST or something similar I would SO appreciate it!! And I did check everything, spellings and capitalizations are all intentional and correct!

        Thanks again for looking into this!

        • I can try but keep in mind that I send the template and its up to,you to count the pages accurately and get a book the right size! There are people who will provide a template to fit a certain book, for a price. You might consider a cut and fold version, which would likely fit in one book. Have you looked at them? I cannot see need to be and. Take a deep breath fitting in anything other than a massive dictionary with 1000 leaves, and even that might be too small!

          • I have thought about the cut versions, but I don’t think they look as nice, and I actually have a plan for the sculpture, lol, probably making it overly complicated, but I believe it will come out pretty awesome 🙂 I’ll work on my template and see if cutting it up and respacing it will make it come out straight 🙂

  151. I have been struggling to figure out how to get the lines on a word for a Xmas gift and so far I have been unsuccessful. I ran across your site. This would be a first time for me. Can you make the word HOGWARTS for me in a HP font? Thanksfor any help

  152. hiya, thank you so much for your help and templates on book folding, I managed to do a lovely “70” for my aunties birthday. I was wondering if its possible for a template I saw on fb of a vase with the word mum cut in the middle please, my wife saw a lovely one on bookaramis fb page recently,
    thank you again

    • The one I saw is a cut and fold pattern, so if you know of a folded version, better add the link no so I can see what you mean 🙂

      • Hiya Mary. I just saw your email and replied with a photo, yes it was a cut and fold one I wanted to attempt. thank you so much for getting back to me and your site is brilliant compared to any thing else i’ve attempted to follow.

  153. In March someone had requested a template for love with a heart for the o…if it’s not to much of a bother I would like to have the same . You are very generous and I thank you in advance!!
    Xmas around the corner and these are perfect!!

  154. I am making a christmas card for a competition, and I came across tthis site, and the book folding is a great place to start. I would love to have the words Merry Christmas, Its Christmas, or something similar, in any christmassy font, I don’t mind!

    Maggie x

  155. Thanks, very clear. I’m just starting in book-folding, and also prefer to work from a template rather than from numbers.
    In Photoshop, what I’m doing is setting up the resolution to be very coarse – one pixel per sheet! – and then set up the grid to very fine, one or two pixels per line. You can’t print with the grid on the printout directly, so I screenshot it, and then print the screenshot. Not ideal, but it works, for now.

  156. This is a really great idea! thanks for going through it step by step 🙂
    I wonder, is it easier to start with a shape, or words? I would love to try this out – maybe with a big heart, or the word “READ” i think will look really cool!

  157. Hi MA! I love that you are helping people to create one of a kind gifts and memories! I am wondering if it is possible to create a template of a face. more specifically, Bob Marley 🙂 Thank you!

    • I can do it, it’s a few more steps but not hard. But even a fairly stripped back face is going to be might hard to fold. I think you might have to consider a cut&fold version. What do you think?


      I’ll send them both

  158. Can you please send me a template for the words Star Wars just like on the logo in the star wars font please?

  159. Wot a brilliant site only just found u will be a constant user thank u

  160. Hi we’re did u get ur plastic template for book folding from or were could I order one from I’m using a ruler at the moment and its verry hard thanks

  161. I am a complete novice and have Decided to have a bash at doing this? I would love to make a book with my son’s name (Declan) on it. Would this be too difficult to do for a beginner?
    Your work is fantastic!

  162. This is awesome, I love that you offer this free within reason of request of course! I have tried watching youtube vid’s to assist me in making my own, but to no avail. I would love an “I (heart) you” and a “Davis” template. Preferably something not to formal but no spiral letters I am still a newbie lol. I can’t thank you enough for this service you are offering, it is mighty generous of you! Best wishes… Stephanie from the states!

  163. Hello,
    Is it possible to do some names for me. I want to fold for Christmas presents
    Whatever font you think will look best
    Thank you so much

  164. I would love to make one for my sister. Her name is Merri. Such a wonderful thing you’re doing. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much for your help! You are a wonderful Lady! If I can pull this off, it will make a great birthday gift! You’re a blessing!

  165. Can you send me the template for Dream? I would really love to try this out! And font! Thanks 🙂

  166. I love these free templates. Its so hard to find good ones online. Thank you.

  167. Hallo , Is there any program for parents you are working on ? Can you give me the link of the program please ? 🙂 Thank you .

  168. Hi Maryanne, just found you and you are so very generous to supply all these people with free templates. If you’re not too fed up with doing it please could you send me a MR & MRS. And the letters K and M. Also a clue for number of pages as I am a newbie!!!
    You are truly a generous person and I know that you have encouraged many people like me to “have a go” bless you.

  169. Hello Maryanne!
    I discovered your site today and I’m in love with you work.
    If you have the time, can you please create a template with J❤️S (a heart in the middle of J and S) in any font that you find most beautiful and e-mail me?
    I would appreciate if you can also tell me how many pages I would need.
    I never tried book folding before, but I want to try and make one for my parent’s anniversary.
    Your work is creative and amazing! 🙂

  170. Hi Mary Anne,
    I tried commenting before but I’m not sure if it worked so if you see this twice, it’ll be why😅
    Could I please get a pikachu template from pokemon if that’s not too hard. Preferably one that won’t take up too many pages (150-200 or so)

    Many thanks

  171. Hi Maryanne! Love the idea.
    Can I please get a template for pikachu from pokemon(not the word)? Preferably one that doesn’t take too many pages (around 150-200 or so)


    • I think it is very very unlikely that I can make a pikachu with that few pages, unless you only want the silhouette, with no features. I’ll do a normal one and the silhouette and you can count them out and see.

  172. Hi Maryanne please could you email me the name Wayne in GABRIOLA font. I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks

  173. Oh my goodness ! How kind of you💞 All I NEED RIGHT NOW IS A “B” for a wedding reception I’m doing 🙏🏼😘 Any font you choose! Thank you so much! Silverlane5468

  174. Hi Maryanne
    Are you able to email a template for family and Keeley in a nice flowy font. Thanks Danielle

    • I’ll do my best, but Danielle in particular is a long word so it might end up needing quite a big book and still being a bit squat. Let me see what I can manage….

  175. This is SO neat!!!! I am a big Doctor Who fan and I was wondering if you could do the word “Allons-y” ? I love this idea and once I learn how to do it I would love to do my own! Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  176. Are you able to convert solid black silhouette type images to a striped book folding style pattern? If so, what type of file does the image need to be? I’ve been struggling to create a pattern for myself as I don’t have any of the appropriate software, even though it seems like it should be easy enough to replace a solid black fill with a striped one 😦 any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

    • I can. It has to be a .svg file (or a font character)but I recently found an online converter, which lets me convert any in age to an svg. It is easy with my program but all the Photoshop versions I’ve seen seem really difficult. Have you grab the lined sheet I added and played with that?

  177. Hello! I am making a book for my sister and cannot figure out the lines! I would like a sweet cursive of “Lily” if you have the time!

  178. Hi Maryanne,

    Great advice and help for people wanting custom words. If you ever come across a pattern you are unable to make then let me know as I make custom patterns as well and may be able to help (I do charge for them though on Etsy)

    best wishes

  179. Hi,

    How are you? I am trying hard to find the template of my wife’s name “PRAVEENA” but nothing I could find. It would be very helpful if you can send the template of the name “PRAVEENA” for her birthday coming soon.

  180. Could I possibly get a masonic symbol one? And are your patterns for specific number of pages?

    Thank you,

  181. I love your advice – it has been so helpful.

    I am about to reinstate the Library at a school I work at and will have a lot of books that have outgrown there use so this will be a fabulous thing to do with them at the craft club I am starting as well.

    I am going to have a go at ‘Read’ I have see listed but wondered if you would be able to do Library for me please?

    I am on school holidays at the moment so it is an ideal time to have a go and get some samples made ready to inspire the students.

    You are so generous with your advice and offer to do words – I really appreciate your generosity.

    I may get the students to try Mum can you advise how many pages this takes and I can make sure I keep books with this amount of pages (and more) .

    Many thanks

  182. Can you do the shape of Louisiana for me, please?

  183. Hi, I would love a template for the name Kay or just a K if possible. Many thanks

  184. Hi this will be a first for me. Would like to do one for our dance instructor.

    Could you help with a template please . …. Danceinline

    • I can, but with such a long word I think you will find that the height of it will be small and that you will need quite a long book to accommodate the folds. I’ll send you one that has both Danceinline and one that is just Dance so you can see the difference.

  185. Hi, Im new to book folding and have made a couple using lined templates. I was wondering if you could please do me the word Dream in black chancery font. Would love to hunt out a book of children’s stories to fold for a friend as a Christmas gift 🙂 thanks

  186. I don’t know if my comment posted cause I can’t see it, so I’ll just sum it up can you PLEASE make an emoji template and can I just use the letter templates already made to make a word

  187. Him I don’t know if you still make templates for this but if you do I was wondering if you could make ones of emojis. Also if I want to write a word can I just use the letter templates and space them, and if I do how much would I need to space them. I would be really grateful if you could make the template, but if you can’t I understand. Pls email me.

  188. Hi, I don’t know if you still make templates for this but I was wondering if you could make some for emojis. Also if I want to write a word can I just use the letter templates and put spacing between them and if I do, do you know how much I would need to space them. I would be so grateful if you could answer my questions and make a template, but if you are busy I understand. Please email me.

  189. Hi I was wondering if you could possibly do me a template please I would like the name Kyerah in a pretty/ girly script thank you very much

  190. Hi I was wondering if you could possibly do me a template please I am looking for the name Kyerah in a pretty/girly script thank you very much

  191. Would you mind terribly making a template with “J K” with one big heart in the middle? Or three hearts two small on the outside and one larger in the middle? Your choice! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  192. These would make fab gifts for my bridal party, any chance you could send me a template with Bridesmaid and Mum in a pretty font.

  193. (I posted a comment on your website but I forgot to tell u the font)
    Can you please make a template with “Josh” on it, with the easiest or
    simplest font you have? And also, can I use a composition note
    book? because you did it for the jack example , and they are like the same
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Please email me

  194. Can you do a template for:
    Josh please? Thanks please email me.

  195. Can you please make a template with
    for book folding? Thank you, email me when your done.

    • I’ve seen that one before, it’s very cool, but no, I have no idea how it’s done. Try searching the image and see if you can find the original poster and ask them. Maybe they will share!

  196. PleasE can you do a template for me with 5 small HEARTS and an initial in each heart

  197. Hallo Mary Anne, not sure if is possible to do, but would you be able to do me a template with 5 small hearts and in each heart the initial of person, first heart K, second J, third J fourth K, fifth S, thank you Jackie

    • I can, but I can’t imagine you want all five of them to be in the same book – it would be a 2000 leaf book and the hearts and letters would be tiny! Do you mean you want one heart each, big enough for a book? It might work as a cut&fold instead, all 5 in one.

      I just think there needs to be a discussion about it 🙂 rather than me sending you exactly what *I* think you are asking for and there being NO HOPE of it actually working!

  198. hey i would love a template for V&V for my cousin who will be getting married soon. HP in a harry potter font. I would also love some butterfly templates if that’s not too much trouble!! thanks !!!!!

  199. Hi, I need templates with a “S” and “Savanna” (font:”Abril fatface”) please.

    🙏🏽.I know I can just use the ones you have with all the letters, but I need a bigger size because the letters are too small. And because I have a slow computer that can’t get ‘photoshop’.

    So pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee can you send them to my email

  200. Any chance you could do the word “inspire” for me or “teach”?


  201. Hello, I love your book art, I was hoping if you could please send me a template for the word ” Mine” in the font of Bernard MT or Black Chancery

  202. Hello!
    I love your book folding 🙂 I was hoping you could please send me a template for the word “Mine” in either the font: Bernard MT or Black

  203. Hi I am Hoping you could do a template with Leila on it. Thanks. Please pick a font you think would work the best.

  204. Hi Mary Anne. Would you be able to make a pattern for me using my daughter’s wedding date – 7.9.16 and put a small heart centered between each of the numbers? Use whatever font works best. And thank you in advance. This is a great thing you do for people.

  205. Hi, I am wondering for letters like a or e do you cut the middle bit and fold it? I am keen to try this to give as gifts but not sure how to start. Also where do i print a template out like the ones above 🙂

    • Letters like the e are treated just like the middle of the heart, using alternating folds. Click on Book Folding Templates at the very top and look at the posts linked there. I think that will answer many of your questions and there are also links to templates you can print!

      • Hello again
        Could I bother you to do some templates for me in Britannic Bold please.
        Thank you for your help 🙂

  206. Hello!!!
    Could I get a pattern for the heart, ‘love’, ‘zach’, ‘brie’, and ‘smile’. Any font should work. Thank you so much!!

  207. hi would like to do ADAM, GRACE, DAD, TOMMY, MUM, if you could email to me please

  208. Hello
    After reading your explanations
    I’m ready to give this a try. Please send the following when u r able.
    Please send patterns for Jordyn, And Tayler.
    Are u using word to make the patterns?

  209. Hi

    Your patterns are lovely and so easy to follow. It’s my brothers 1st wedding anniversary soon and I was wondering if you could do me a template with the date 6.6.15 please. Not fussy about the font. Thank you so much!

    • Sorry I didn’t reply right away. I am moving house on Wednesday but I will make sure I send this out to you today. You may be the last one for a while as I won’t have access to my desktop computer, only wireless iPad access, for at least a couple of weeks!

      Be on the look-out for it. If you don;t see it check your spam folder!

  210. Your patterns are so easy to follow I love them! Could you please please please send me a pattern for 6.6.15 it’s my brothers first wedding anniversary and this will make an amazing gift. Dont mind what font. Thank you so much x

  211. Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited. I’d love to try the name Addison. As far as fonts, you pick whatever you think will look nice! Thanks soooo much for sharing all this great information and talent with us!!

  212. Hello!
    Could you email me a PDF of just the letters EJW. I have tried and failed to put them together on my own. Thank you!

  213. Seems like it may be possible😩. I want to let my juniors In high School do one that says ‘READ’. I guess we will have to make a template and just jump in. If I understand we need to estimate the number of pages for each letter fold. Guess I need to watch a few more demonstrations.

  214. Love this blog. can I have a template for the name Maria(heart) and one for Elizabeth(dog paw)? thanks. I couldn’t find these templates so I supposed I could try yours. pls tell me how many pages needed. Thanks again ❤

  215. Hey MaryAnne! I absolutely love your blog; I cant get enough of your posts. Would it be possible to get a Mr & Mrs template in the font BROADWAY? The book I have in question has 424 sheets (848 numbered pages) and is 23cm high. I know you have some mr and mrs already made but that font has significance to the bride and groom. It even is used on their invites! Thanks a lot x

    • Broadway is not a free font. I found a free one called Broadway Bold that looks very close to it, certainly close enough that you won’t be able to tell when it’s folded. I’ll send it but I think you might struggle with the thin lines of certain letters – I might send a fattened up version as well and you can test fold a letter from each then pick which one you prefer! Watch for it….


  216. Would there be anyway you could created a “Mom” pattern with a design like a flower or heart for Mother’s Day? I would like to make one for my mom. Thanks

  217. Hi Maryanne! I absolutely love this and would like to craft one up for my cousins wedding.
    Are you still doing these? could I please have one that is like “J (Heart) K”?
    LOVE your work!

  218. Hi MaryAnne. I love you tutorials! I want to do something for my mother for Mother’s Day. I would love for it to have “Mom” and maybe a heart or flower with the design. I can’t seem to find the perfect idea, but I just know you have something in mind! Thank you.

    • I’ll see what I can come up with and send you something. We are deep in the middle of packing to move but I set aside some tie today to try to catch up with requests 🙂

  219. When your doing more than one word such as merry xmas and merry is on top of xmas how do u do it?

    • That is very complicated. You need to divide the book into sections and slice the pages to create a top section and a bottom section then fold the words one in each section. I have seen videos that demo it, check for Bookami on You Tube and you might find newer ones ore different ones to the one I linked here.



  220. Hi there
    i folded one book in a heart with the word MUM…. it was fun doing….. i am looking for free patterns. do you know of any available. would love to do one for my grandaughter, IZRA. Also in a heart shape.

  221. Hi. I’m wanting to make a 1st anniversary gift for my husband and I love the idea of these books. Is it possible to get a template for 8.4.15 please? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance xx

  222. Hi. Can you please make a template of the word “Steele” The book has 432 pages. If possible, can the font be Iowa Old Style or something around that if that’s not possible. Thank you soo much. I’ve been looking for templates for days. Once again, thank you. Much appreciated!

  223. Hi. Can you please make a template of the word “Steele” The book has 432 pages. If possible, can the font be Iowa Old Style or something around that if that’s not possible. Thank you soo much. I’ve been looking for templates for days. Once again, thank you. Much appreciated

  224. I ave just briefly glanced through the comments…is it for REAL that you are creating templates and offering help at no cost?? If so please let me know 🙂 I have been online for DAYS trying to obtain 4 templates. I have folded 3 books with great success, but it has been a while. Any recommendations for good tutorials for names? Thanks!! Mickie

    • Yes, although the help is limited. I can provide a template but you have to count the lines and calculate what size book you need. As to tutorials, I would say look at YouTube. I’ve linked a couple in various places but there are new ones every week so a quick search for book folding might turn up something great, you never know!

  225. Can you please send me the word “Daisy”? If possible, could the font be a calligraphy style (cursive, but not over the top if you know what I mean!) Thank you very much!

  226. You’ve been a big help in my quest to start the book folding craze. Why is it so difficult to find patterns? You are so generous to offer help. With that said, could you please send “Ashley” in a script font & “Friends” in something bold. Fonts of your choice….

  227. Hi i would like to try the heart,my book i have has a 381 pages and is 24cm high and 15 and half cm wide, how big would would i need to print the heart please x

    • It doesn’t really work that way. You print the template then count the lines to calculate how many pages you need then find a book that fits. You can’t alter the size of the template unless you are printing an image on the lines-only sheet.



  228. Hi there, I am loving book art and would love to give it a go. Please could you tell me how I can make my own templates. I have seen software online but is it any good? I am a teaching assistant at a primary school and I would love to make one for our class book corner with the name of the class ‘Robins’. Thank you in advance of your help.

    • I use a program that no one else does, and it isn’t a book folding one specifically. I’ve heard of one called Bookami that is meant to be good but I think it is the measure and mark method. I can make you a lined template for you class name, but a font style would be helpful!

      • Thank you so much, I will look into that. Thanks for the template, I will leave the font up to you, whatever you think is easiest for a novice!

  229. Hi if I sent you a picture could up send me the fold measurements grid to make it x

    • Nope. That isn’t the style templates I make. Sorry. I know there are people who can do that for you, for a fee.

      • Thank u could u give me the details of who does please many thanks

        • I don’t know anyone personally but I do know there are a couple of people on a Facebook group that might do this. I’ll have to wait till I get to a device where I use FB, or just search book folding groups and a bunch will pop up!

          Are you willing to pay for a template?

  230. Please could you do me a couple of templates? Aela for my daughter and Terry for a colleague that is leaving soon.
    Approx page numbers required would be great thanks

  231. Hi this is amazing. Was wondering if you could send me the template for Nettie and Oklahoma this would be a wonderful gift for cousins thanks thanks

  232. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Would you be able to send me D♡D. Would love to surprise my husband for our 1 year anniversary.
    Thank you (:

  233. Hi! Love your site it’s been really helpful!! I’m wondering if you could do a few names for me– Gavin — Paxton — Averie — Baby — For the first two, I like the font you used for your Joel book. For the girl and baby could you do something a little more like
    I also love how the word is bigger from top to bottom of the page if thats possible too.
    THANK YOU!!!

    • The bigger at the top illusion is the folding and nothing to do with the pattern. The word on your sample image is placed further down the page rather than smack in the middle of the book. To get that effect you just need to add a piece of cardstock with a lip folded at the top (to hook over the top edge of the pages) then stick the printed template to that in whatever position you like. That goes for any template I send 🙂 especially when there is more than one on a sheet!
      And yours are on the way….

  234. Would like a template for the word “friend” all lower case in the font habano ST. Thank you.

  235. Hi, I’m not sure if you got my last message as it doesn’t seem to have appeared in the posts?!!

    I love your tutorial which is easy to understand and makes sense. I was wondering if you were still doing templates for people if you could do AMELIE and EFFIE in a script type writing. Also, would you be able to give me an idea of how many pages I would need and roughly the size of the book please?

    Thank you very much

  236. Hi Mary Anne,

    Thank you for your tutorial which is the first one I have been able to understand!! If you are still creating templates would you be kind enough to do one for Amelie and one for Effie in the script type font please?

    Also do you have any of what book size and amount of pages required?

    Thank you in advance

  237. Can you email me template “HEY JOJO” with 2 line pattern? Thanks. Malaysia

  238. I don’t have a computer at home …well I have a very old computer, so I’m forced to use the library. Now, I’m hoping you could still help me out! I would like to make one that says “Mr & Mrs” and I’m assuming the library has Microsoft Word and would allow me to download it somehow. Id like it to be a fancy font but not so fancy that it’s really hard to do! 🙂 What size book would I need? I have various sizes, up to about 700 pages. Is that long enough? Thanks for your help!!

  239. Great instructions. Please can I have a template for Katie in a cursive font? Thanks x

  240. Oh WOW… there’s a lot of intricate work going on right there… KUDOS to you!

  241. Could I get a templet of RRC, with the middle R being a little bigger. It is for a wedding gift so any font will do. Thank you so much.

  242. ‘B♥L”

  243. Hi Maryanne,

    I just found your site while looking for articles on book folding. I would like to attempt to make one for my boyfriend. I’m not sure if you are still making templates but I would love one for “B♥L”.
    Thanks so much!

  244. I find this very interesting and would love to give it a try. My grandsons love football but they each like different teams, is it possible to get a pattern for the “Steelers ” and one for “Eagles” I would appreciate it so much. Thank you for sharing.

  245. Hi I’m new to book folding but I’d love to try the word faith if you have any templates. Thank you for the breakdown of instructions they have really helped 😀.

      • Thank you I’ll let you know how I get on.

      • Thank you I’ll let you know how I get on.

        Quick question, is it always wise to leave 5 pages between letters or does it depend on the size of the word

        • Depending on the word, I might not leave ANY pages between. I think it is a personal choice – well, maybe except for where you have uprights beside each other! So an M and L or H and F, things like that. And it depends too on the book – if you are just on the edge of having enough pages, leave out the between letter pages. Where I think you DO need then is between WORDS. So Love You would def. need spacer pages between Love and You. Or at least *I* think you would…



  246. Hi Maryanne, could you make me a template like this or something similar? If you could I would greatly appreciate it.

  247. Hi Maryanne, could you make me a template that looks like this book or something similar? If you could I would greatly appreciate it.

  248. I have made a template for writing my name, which contains some open letters. I have read different advice in various places about what to do with these and wonder if you might be able to give me some guidance…..

    When you have two bits of black on the template and you do the top section on fold 1, do you move the template to the next line and then do the bottom section on fold 2, or do you leave the template where it is for doing the bottom section and only move it to the next line on fold 3? If I’ve understood your instructions above (which are great btw), you do both fold 1 and fold 2 for the top and then the bottom sections BEFORE you move the template to the next line – does this not mean that your open letters would be distorted in comparison to your non-open letters? But if you move the template between the top and the bottom fold, then you are only getting every other line?


    Thank you for your help in anticipation!

    • From what I understand (and what works for ME) is that you alternate the folds and do not move the template. It does work. One thing I have seen a lot of is S T R E T C H I N G the word, so it takes up more space lengthwise but NOT altering the height. If you look at the JOY book, it has lots of alternating folds.

      joy book

      This was a short book, so I wasn’t able to stretch it, and the letters are a bit thin, but readable.

      I am reading what you wrote and I am not sure if you are understanding – but it could be my reading of it too! Lets take an S as an example. There is the top of the S, the middle curve, and the bottom curve. If you place the lined template under three pages of the book and DON’T move it. On the 1st page, fold the top of the S. On the NEXT page, fold the middle line that is on the same vertical. On the 3rd page, fold the bottom line that is on the same vertical. Shift the template to the next vertical line (of three parts) under three more pages, and fold those, top, middle and bottom, one a page.

      If you check YouTube I am sure there are some book folding videos that show alternating folds.

      Do get back to me if this isn’t clear!

  249. Hello,

    I wanted to make a folded art book for my husband, it is our 1st year anniversary. I was wondering if it’s possible to make a date 2♥14♥15? Also how many pages book should I get for design like this? It will be my first time trying this. I am very excited! Thank you for making tutorials, you are truly a life savior.
    Here is the font that i liked by looking at etsy but I am open to anything cool .


    • I can’t identify the exact font from that but will email you something similar. You will need to count the lines to see how many pages you need – the info for that is in the Book Folding Templates menu at the top. I do need to know if you want 2.14.15 rather than 02.14.15 (and yes, I know the .s should be hearts :))

  250. Hi I’m trying to find easy ideas that are quick and simple to do – I always give my books to the local Red Cross shop where my mum works but I thought this idea would be great for them if possible could you please send me an easy heart and also the name RYAN. (Il try one for my son too lol). any ideas you can let me have I would be very grateful

  251. Hi would it be possible to do a ’90’ please and also 16-02-26, I don’t mind what font, as long as it’s clear. This is a fab idea, new to this but really looking forward to having a go.

  252. Hi MaryAnne, my name is Sandie. I’m looking to do a special template for valentines day for my boyfriend. what i would like is “T ♥ S” or something in that manner. I don’t mind what font you choose as long as it fits for Valentine’s Day, nothing to too hard, but something pretty and nothing too girly. I just want to impress my boyfriend. Thank you bunches!! ☺

  253. Hi Maryanne, Im trying to do this as a 1st anniversary gift for my wife, could you please help me with two templates the first one should say (Mariana) with a girly font like Habano ST a (small heart) in the middle and (Jonathan) in a masculine font please i think i would use a 800 to 900 page book, and a second one with a date but hinted of a dot a small heart in between the numbers 04hart21heart15 and i would use a 400 to 500 page book. I would really appreciate the help and advise on the amount of pages and just some nice not so complicated fonts pls. thank you very much.

  254. Hi Maryanne, Im trying to do this as a 1st anniversary gift for my wife, could you please help me with two templates the first one should say (Mariana) with a girly font like Habano ST a (small heart) in the middle and (Jonathan) in a masculine font please i think i would use a 800 to 900 page book, and a second one with a date but hinted of a dot a heart in between the numbers 04hart21heart15 and i would use a 400 to 500 page book. I would really appreciate the help and advise on the amount of pages and just some nice not so complicated fonts pls. thank you very much.

  255. Hi Maryanne, Im trying to do this as a 1st anniversary gift for my wife, could you please help me with two templates the first one should say (Mariana) with a girly font a (small heart) in the middle and (Jonathan) in a masculine font please i think i would use a 800 to 900 page book, and a second one with a date but hinted of a dot a heart in between the numbers 04hart21heart15 and i would use a 400 to 500 page book. I would really appreciate the help and advise on the amount of pages and just some nice not so complicated fonts pls. thank you very much.

  256. hi! i’d love to try this, i want to give something unique for my friend, can you send me a pattern of a date 01-25-14 thank you! i live your blog!

  257. Looking to get a template for Victoria my great niece was born today and I’d like to send a beautiful treasure like this to El Paseo TX from Philadelphia PA…please any suggestions of where to purchase the template would be great.

  258. Hi I was wondering if you would be able to do me 2 templates one happy 40th Becky its for my sister in law so in a like girly roundish font and mum same font will be fine also would u be able to give me an idea on how many pages I would need I’m new to book folding and would like to do these as presents thanks in advance

  259. Hi, thank you for the wonderful tutorials and patterns. I was wondering if you could send me a pattern that says Nick – Michelle and put a heart between their names. It is for my son and his fiance. They are getting married in August and I would love to make them a book. Also if get some spare time could you do one for my daughter please? Her name is Abbey and it is spelled with an E in it. No rush on hers. I really appreciate it and I’m hoping someday to get photoshop so I can make my own patterns.

  260. I came across your blog whilst looking for bookfolds and I have read your blog posts on bookfolding and you make it look so easy, thank you x

  261. Oh I’m hoping you can help me! I have been trying to create a pattern for myself, but I’m having absolutely no luck! I am trying to get a pattern that says “Always” and then the symbol from the book Deathly Hollows (from Harry Potter). The pic is basically a triangle with a circle on the inside. It can be found numerous places through a google search. Is there any way you may be able to do this? I want to use the actual Deathly Hallows book, which is 750 pages, and (crossing fingers) should be good for a larger/longer pattern. Thanks so much!!!

    • I think I’ve done it 🙂 Check out today’s blog post for some more detail, but I will mail you the PDFs. It was an interesting one 🙂 and helped me explain why I don’t do the counting for people LOL!



  262. I would appreciate it so much if you could make me a template for G&L – my friend just got engaged and these are the initials 🙂 In regards to font I would like something quite ‘romantic’ but still would look good for folding (so nothing with 4/5 interuptions). I have included my email for you, thanks in advance!

    • I can’t think of many fonts that aren’t going to have multiple interruptions with a G and an &! Three is a given and anything romantic is likely to be scripty and therefore more likely to have more interruptions. I’ve sent two – see what you think


  263. Hi, would love to try this, can you make me one for Jennifer with a girly font and Kevin in a manish? font please. The books I am thinking of using have 500 pages if this helps. Thanks, Marion

  264. Can you make a template for me in the Walt Disney font? (Waltograph)


    Thank you in advance!


  266. Hi Maryanne, I know you do names you did my grandchildrens names for me (which they loved) but do you do dinosaur patterns as I am looking for one for my grandson birthday x Thank you x

    • I can do that if I can find a file .svg that suits you – what feel do you want? Cute or realistic?


      • Thank you, could I have a realistic one please. Thank you for your help x

      • Hi Maryanne, I have received your patterns for dinosaurs they look great, I can open two of them the other needs a different app Im not much good with computers so I will leave that one. I might do both patterns for him and I will send you a pic of finished book. Thank you once again for doing this for me x

        • Oops – I thought I deleted that extra one. Sorry about that, but glad the other two look like they might work. Can’t wait to see them 🙂


  267. Hiya! Im seriously struggling with getting the lines on the date i want to do… could you help atall? Thanks in advance xxx

  268. Hey, not sure if you still do this but I would love the pattern for Amelia in a simple ish, somewhat girly font and if it helps the book I’m thinking of using is around 600 pages (HP7)

  269. Hi, These are awesome. I really want to create one of these for my first (paper) wedding anniversary, thought it would be a cute way to incorporate the paper into a wedding gift. If you wouldn’t mind creating a template with “C & T” in the Book Antiqua font that would be super helpful! In case it makes a difference, the book I have in mind is 900 pages long and is 9.5″ tall and is 6.5″ wide. I’d like to make the letters nice and fat so it fills most of the book so as per your suggestion I’d probably make folds for the black and white lines. Thank you in advance! Email address is

  270. Hi
    How kind and generous of you to offer these patterns. I would love to give this method of book folding a try. Could you do me the name Caitlin please (capital C) in a “girly” font. Thank you for you time.

  271. Hi.
    How generous of you to create patterns for people such as myself who have no clue how to create a pattern!!!
    If you could make one for the name Caitlin that would be great. A “girly” font would be great.
    Thanks Dine

  272. Hello! would love to give this a try … I have two separate books I would like to make…first one is just for the letter “G” book is 650 pages and is 6.5″ wide and 9.5″ tall. second book is for the letter ‘M’ book is only 255 pages 5.5″ wide and 7.5″ tall. don’t care on the font style..whatever you think will look the best. Appreciate all your help!

  273. hi! These are amazing – please may I get the word “Home” with a heart as the O? For my brothers new house.
    I don’t know if you do images – but my brother and wife are having a baby girl – so if you have any templates that could represent that too?
    Thank you so much would be greatly appreciated!

  274. I would like one that says READ and I have a book that is about 584 pages…Thank you so much! Merry Christmas, Kwanza, and New Year!

  275. Hello! What you are doing is wonderfu! I would love to make one of these for a friends birthday!! Would you be able to make an ‘Emma’ for me? A font that is a little bit curly or flowy if possible, but plain fonts looks nice too! The book is rather small with around 260-270 pages : ) Thank you very very much!!! and merry christmas!! 🙂

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  277. My daughter is getting married and I would appreciate a template for Jones. Since this is my first attempt, probably plain and simple, medium size.

  278. Could I get the word Joy in block letters. Capital J, lowercase o and y. I am making 4 of these on books that are 450-650 pages. I am thinking that should be enough pages to do folds on the white lines as well as the black ones. Would that be the right assumption?

    • Also, my books are all 10-12 inches tall

    • Sending in a few. Just as general advice to all:
      Be sure to go back to my blog post for info on how to calculate the page count. I won’t suggest or recommend that. If I get it wrong it’ll be my fault your book is ruined and I’m just not willing to take on that responsibility 😀

      I sometimes like to begin in the middle and work out – that way if your calculations are off you have the same number unfolded pages at the beginning and the end! Also, for short words in long books, use the BLACK lines and the WHITE lined between for the folds, so the word is nice and fat. I usually test a letter each way on a cheap paperback (black lines only, white AND black lines) and see which I like better!

  279. Sorry I got my email wrong, its … and could I have the word bacon in plain/simple medium sized lol sorry to be a pain.
    Thanks again

  280. Hi are you still doing these??? I’m in an emgergancy!!!! I’ve just been asked to do a book fold with the word BACON (lower case) could you help??
    If so could you send it to :

  281. Hello, I am very interested in this craft! Could you make me a template of “Ryan” and “RTM” ? Please just plain/simple/big/bold?

  282. Hi Maryanne, I just came upon this craft and since money is extremely tight this year I have been looking for nice and unique things to make that are inexpensive that my daughter and Nieces will like for Christmas as I am unable to go out and purchase them many gifts this year as I have been in years past. Would it be possible for you to send me patterns for a few names….(Claudine, Jade, Jodi, Theresa & Morgan)….If I am asking to much and you cannot do them all then please just do Claudine. Thank you so much for your time and generousity

    • Happy to do it, but as you need so many it would be very helpful to know what fonts you like – or at least a description of the style (plain and simple, scripty and flowing, big and bold. etc)

      Also as you are doing a few, all the same or each one different?

      • Since this is my first time doing this I will go with Plain and we can keep them all the same. Thanks again

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  284. Hi Maryanne, im new to book folding ive done the heart and it was a good attempt quite pleased with myself. Would it be possible for you to do the names Jade for one and Bradley for another one. Thank you for your time.

    • Happy to, but can you suggest a font, or at least a font STYLE that you prefer? Plain and simple? Big and bold? Scripty and flowing? Same for both names, or different?



      • Thank you for the patterns they are just right. I don’t know much about fonts, I will be starting these tomorrow ready for Christmas. Thank you for your time.

  285. Hi Maryanne, what great info you give 🙂 ive done the heart one as my 1st attempt and its great. But i’m struggling with making the pattern for the word mum in italics. could you send one to me please? thanks in advance julia

  286. Hi,

    Do you sell your templates or how does that work? I would love to get a bunch of templates done. Thanks!

  287. Hello could you make me a template of


    Thank you!
    This is amazing!
    Any font is okay!
    (Also approx. number of pages would be great too!)

    • On it’s way! But I won’t put myself in the position of recommending a page count then having it be wrong 🙂 There is info in the post about how you can calculate to approx page count. I think the method is pretty clear, and pretty accurate, if time consuming. But that has to be on you , sorry 😀



  288. I came across one of these books recently and it looked very effective. I should be really grateful if you could let me have a template for 80th and I’ll have a go for my Dad’s upcoming birthday.

  289. Could you send me a feminine font (nothing too fancy) for Gracie and one for Kenzy? And could you also tell me how big of book I would need for each name approximately? Thank you ever so much!!

  290. Searching for a book folding tutorial I could actually understand led me to your site. You must enjoy teaching because your instructions are actually understandable. Thank you!!! Could I bother you to do a monogram for me? I trust your judgment to choose a couple of fonts for me to choose from, that are masculine and sophisticated. the letters are P H L

    Thank you for this site, I look forward to learning and crafting with you and all the other members.

  291. Looking for an book folding tutorial I could actually understand led me to your site. You seem to enjoy sharing your knowledge and do so in terms even I can understand. Thank You!! Could I bother you for a monogram template? If you could do a couple of them in a masculine, sophisticated font it would be perfect. The letters are P H L

    • I realize these are both from you 🙂 What I need to know is which is the dominant letter? Usually, with monograms, the last name initial is in the middle, bigger. If I am doing that I need to be sure which is the last name one!


      Mary Anne

      • I’m sorry for posting twice, I didn’t think my first post was successful. First name P . Middle name L. Last name H. H is the dominant letter. P H L Thank you so much. I’s so excited to start this project.

  292. I loved reading your site. Could you make me a template for my name Isabella or Bella? Thank you : )

  293. Hello,
    I love your site (the placemat idea was genius) I was wondering if you could make me the name Emma. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for me.

  294. I’ve enjoyed reading through your site. I love that you are helping this way. If possible could you do me a template for Ruby. Some sort of flowing but chunky lettering. My 1st grandbaby 😊. Also, some idea how big a book I would need.
    Thank you 😊

  295. It’s great that you are offering to do the patterns for people. Could you do the name, Shona , please.

  296. Hi, I think its fab what your doing here 🙂 thank you for sharing your talent , Please could you do me a stencil with the word lilsis and a small heart at the end?
    thank you in advance xx

  297. It is incredibly kind of you to offer your services for free to folks. I don’t have a request for anything, I just wanted to tell you, you are appreciated! Renee

  298. what a truely generous offer, i would love to have a go at this, please could you send me Imogen in any font with a soft girly feel if that makes sense, thank you

  299. I would love to try one of these to give to my wife for Christmas. If you would be able to make me a template for “love” but with a heart in the place of the “O” I would be so grateful. How many pages long should the book be?
    Thank you!

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  301. I love this idea!! and thank you so much for the instructions.
    would you be able to do me templates for Elise , Jayden and ELC please. id really appreciate it, thanks


  302. You are AMAZING – I followed your instructions for the alphabet and formed “LOVE” – cannot wait to give to my daughter and new son-in-law for Christmas. Any way you could do a template for “Thomas The Train” for my grandson. He would be over the moon. Thank you again for sharing your talents with all of us. I will start working on the “Masonic Symbol” you did for me. Haven’t been able to work it since we are both retired and we’re always together. I can work on it once my husband has his monthly meeting – he is very tough to surprise and he won’t believe it – thank you, thank you, thank you

  303. I love this idea! Please may you make a template of a heart and another saying READ. This would be amazing! Thank you.

  304. I would to have a go at this as I love to read! Would you please be able to make a template for me of a heart and another saying READ. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  305. I would love to do this for my first grandbaby due soon. Can you do the name Jameson? Thank you so much, this is so very kind of you.

  306. I would love to do this for my first grandbaby due soon. His name will be Jameson. Can you do that name? This is so very nice of you 😀

  307. Love this! Please could you possibly make a Samir, Laiylah-Mae or Family template for me please in whichever font you choose. Email is

  308. could you possibly do Frasier for me please

  309. Hello,

    I am unable to make the patterns by myself. Could you please help me with patterns for the word “Aadya” and “AVANTIKA”.

    It would be of great help! 🙂


    • Thanks a ton 🙂 I go your email.

      I have not started them yet. Will keep you posted once I do 🙂


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  311. hello I’m not sure if you can help me but I’m trying to do these for my sons but I cant figure out how to make the patterns my self and I’ve noticed you email a lot to your writers and wondered if you would mind doing the same for me please x

  312. Hi again, i hope you don’t mind, I would like another one because i don’t know how to make these myself… It’s my friends birthday next week and I’d love to give her one of these. Could you please make one with — Emma — on it? thank you so much!!
    same email as before

  313. Hello, I love the idea of turning books into art! I’ve tried to find many patterns available but all of them I have found are paid options so I was trying to find the free one 😉 I would appreciate it if you made one for me, I don’t mind a dog paw or my name – Nancy. Thanks so much 🙂

  314. Hi, What great instructions you have given. I would love to do one each for my grandchildren Angus and Pippa in the flowing script if possible please. Many thanks. My email is {deleted}

  315. Could you do something that says “Elena S.” on it as soon as possible? Thanks so much!

  316. Hi! Can you please email me ” I (heart in the middle) you ” and ” Love “. Thank you so much!!!

  317. Hi I would love to do Erin with a heart, its for a Baptism. Thank you!!!!

  318. I would very much appreciate it if you made me a template. Amanda and in a font that kinda looks cursive, you can pick the font. thank you so much!!!! the book i have to use has 488 pages in case you need that.

  319. Can you please email me Gabriella and Karyna, have their bday next week

  320. Hi Mary , Sorry to here you are in hospital , hope you are on the mend .Jackie xx

  321. I’m in hospital at the moment so it’ll be a few days before I get back to you!

    Mary Anne

  322. Hi, I have been trying for ages to find what you do 👏🏼 could you send me a Mr & Mrs stencil with the guide lines as I would love to try this & give it to my sister as a unique 1st anniversary present xx

  323. Hi Mary,
    Could you do me Kay ( with a heart in the middle) Matt , in a nice font please xx

  324. I think I can do it, my daughter is due in a few weeks, and would love it if you’d please send me the template for Charli. Thank You!!

  325. Hi I would love to do this for our first wedding anniversary! Could you please make the word Love for me. Thank you

    • I’ve emailed you a number of times and the emails are just not going thru. Can you check your SPAM folder? and PS that reply was to someone ELSE who didn’t leave an email. 🙂 You did, I just can’t seem to make my mail be delivered! We can just chat in Comments if we have to 🙂

  326. Hi, I would love to do this for our first wedding anniversary! Could you make the template for the word Love. Thank you

    • Maryanne, do you create these just because, just for anyone?? That is great, I have only tried one of these in the past and my sister thought it was pretty cool. So if, you do do this just because, would you attempt one for me? looking to do one for my sister…. we usually refer to each other as ‘sissy’…. so Sissy is what i would love, if possible. Not sure what font, but something that is a bit fancy, yet very readable. I know some are a bit harder to read. I trust you judgment Thanks a bunch

      • I don’t know why people are surprised I do these for free 🙂 Honestly, with very few exceptions it takes me a minute, 5 at most, to do one. If I had 100 requests a day it might get a bit old but one or two don’t bother me. Yours is on the way 🙂

  327. Hi Mary Anne. I’ve always wanted to try this, I was wondering if you could make a template for the name EMILY for me please. it would be greatly appreciated. X

  328. Hi Mary Anne, I must say I love the easy way you explain things, with such clear pictures too. I would love to do one each for my grand children, the names are Emily and Paige, I would like a flowing script/font if possible. Many thanks for your kind offer to help 🙂
    my email is, thank you soooooo much again.

    • I have emailed you a couple of times, with attachments and without, but never had a reply. Not sure if your email is blocking my emails but wanted you to know I did TRY!


  329. My fellow coven member folds books….does my head in as I struggle to visualise it! Plus I am rubbish with straight lines so don’t think mine would look like anything!!

  330. Ooh yes please, Mary Anne, I’ve fancied doing this for ages. SOPHIA is the name I’d like. 🙂
    Sue x

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