WOYWW 312 – and now we are SIX!

Finally it’s here! WOYWW the 6th.

I’ve got the last of my ATCs done although I am waiting on a few addresses (Pearshaped Chris and  Debbie@ Tattered Rocks from the crop, and Bridget from far away) and have a few to deliver next crop (Julia and LLJ) and three to mail this week (Voodoo Vixen, SandraDe and Felix.) Phew.


I will share the template and will probably try to explain how it works tomorrow – it’ll take a while.  Just look at all the scoring!


I am annoyed that in the smaller size I either have to use a single loom band as the mechanism (in which case the cube tries to self-destruct during the making) or use two linked bands, which means it sometimes needs a little encouragement to POP like it should.  Especially after it has been stuffed into the pocket on the ATC and take a long trip around to the other side of the world.  But hey ho.  And really, next year I am doing an EASY ONE for sure.

I did have an overall desk shot but it came up mighty blurry so I won’t bother to add it.  The other close up is of the map-fold books I’ve been a bit obsessed with over the last week. Mostly done,  but needing final bits, all except the closed one – that one is DONE done. And I have two more that are earmarked as gifts that will be sent blank for filling.


Now, I did great with visiting last week, at least early on in the day, but once I stepped away I never made it back.  I have a few return visits to complete so I’ll be starting with them this week.  I feel like I should have made more of an effort to have a festive desk, for such a big day.  But honestly the combination of the school holidays, a long overdue family day out, various appointments and scheduled events, the upcoming visit by DS and his GF this weekend, and a bunch of stuff I have probably forgotten momentarily, meant that it was all I could do to get organized to schedule a post.

But HAPPY WOYWW to ALL!  Looking forward to another year of nosy desk hopping, and of inspiration, envy and awe, in equal measures.



WOYWW 311 – post crop

Hello my WOYWW mates! Lovely crop day Saturday, but so sad it’ll be another year before we get another one.  It’ll take that long for Jan and Julia to recover, poor things.

I won’t spoil any surprises but I collected a huge pile of ATCs.

I also got some goodies from other WOYWWers – the most wonderful pile of books from My Name is Cindy


The bottom one is a large print dictionary and is my favourite thing EVER.  Well, almost.  I used a page for a little Turkish Map Fold book, just one page in the centre.


More on that another day, but a lot of what is one my desk is debris from that


On the floor is more crop goodies – bits of a map from the freebie table of the home of my table mate Cardarian (Slovenia), and my family’s heritage, Italy.  I have a plan. We’ll see if it turns out.



I got to pick fairly early on from the raffle table.  I picked this gorgeous heart from Debbie of Tattered Rocks. So pretty, DD almost claimed it.


And finally this pretty coaster from FairyThoughts Janet.  I adore it.


And finally, DH got a small dash-cam from the RAC to review, and he had problems with the brightness of the screen (it’s always on) so he wanted me to make a little cover for it.


The little lens just fits a 1″ circle punch and the flop over piece helps it stay in place.  There are little plug-in ports (four!) on the various edges so it wasn’t as simple as it could have been. So that’s my desk this week.  From here on out I will be working on the last few ATCs I owe to crop folk and those I arranged swaps with.  They went so fast!  I swear next year I am making nice but simple….

yeah. right….






Happy WOYWW.  Nearly crop day!  YAY!  My desk is actually pretty tidy.

A little pile of partially done ATCs and a little hat – I’m playing around with a pattern.  It’s cute, but hard to see in variegated yarn.




I mean, I know charity knitting should ideally be quick and easy, but sometimes, just round after round of stockinette gets boring.


I may write up the pattern.  But not yet.  I still have one element of the ATC to complete and a few more to make so I have enough to swap at the crop!

Busy day, with a few appointments so better get moving! I’ll be popping round to as many desks as I can after one early morning task.  See you at yours soon 🙂





Happy WOYWW to all.

This week I stumbled across a quote that could be the WOYWW motto. OK so the researchers were referring to Einstein’s desk, but still…

Mess isn’t necessarily the absence of order.  A messy desk can be a highly effective prioritising and accessing system. The more important, urgent work tends to stay near the top of the clutter, while the safely ignorable stuff tends to get buried.

Yep.  That’s my desk to a T.  At the top is the box with the ATCs for the swap,  then some printables and a book folding pattern I want to try as soon as I get a thick enough book, and there is a completed sock and a 2nd sock partly done, and some beads, and right at the bottom there is some notes for something I don’t have to worry about till November!



So looking forward to the crop….will I see YOU there?




Happy WOYWW Day!  The crop draws ever nearer.  Working on my stack of ATCs and trying to get the adhesive right.  Really, for crafters, is there anything more frustrating than trying to find the right adhesive for the job?  The one that marries form and function?


What else? Another couple of background pieces for the ATCs there in the front.  Oh yes, my washi tape phone case.  DD and I had a girlie Mom & Daughter day a week or so back (shopping, movie, lunch) and at lunch she added the googgly eyes and sticker smile to the back.


It’s on my desk because I have taken something like 200+ photos and never moved them to my Mac.  This one I took of the menu, with the macro lens, thru the ice in my water glass.  I really like it.


And this label that came on one of DHs spice shipments. Made me smile so I snapped a photo to drop in the IM window to make hubby smile too.


Lastly, there at the back, my new stack of preemie beanies.


As much as I dislike purling, and knitting rib, I decided to have a go at that pattern.  No denying it’s cute, but the rolled brim ones are a LOT easier…

Have a great WOYWW day.


WOYWW 307 – 6th anniversary ATC-back printables

Happy WOYWW!  I missed last week (my back was just too bad to sit at my desk and my iPad too annoying for the usually long comments I tend to leave) and as my first wrenched back came after posting WOYWW the previous week, but before managing any comments, it seemed better to skip it than join in and NOT comment.  This week my back is better, but I am taking it easy as I am sure the second spasm was caused by doing too much too soon.

I got a fresh blade for my Cricut, so I can cut some things, and I am still working on my ATCs.  I made all I could from the darker backgrounds and am now working on a lighter and brighter one.  Similar elements but a little different.


Here are the ATC backs I made for this year’s swap.  The sheet has nine backs. Do feel free to grab them and use them.  I will probably edit out the WOYWW related bit and re-make them for download after the Anniversary swap.


I also share this little “memory game” from my local Tiger.  I just loved the colourful chipboard rings.  I think it was maybe £3 for 50 doughnut-shaped pieces.

2woyww307They are colourful but have a cute dotty scribble pattern on the back, and could be covered with cardstock too.  I think they could work on a layout, obviously, but maybe on a card too. So cute.


As it is a “memory game” there are two of each pattern.

I also have a whole pile of little preemie hats ready to mail off.  I didn’t count them but I think it could be close to 20.  And I still have loads of yarn leftovers so will make more.  Part of the spring clean was getting the oddments of yarn that were scattered all over the house in one place!

 PS If you want to swap ATCs for the WOYWW anniversary, drop me a comment and I’ll confirm so we can exchange addresses. 


WOYWW 305 – BIG changes…


Doesn’t look like BIG changes from this angle.  Just some of the beanies, ready to pop in the post.  I did a pile of the knitted version


and then went on a bit of a quest for a good crochet pattern.  I made up a number of them and will send the patterns along with the beanies so the organizer can see them.  She mentioned in her email a few knitters had asked for a crochet pattern and I thought it would be good to see how they work up – and how they fit.  There are so many versions out there! I love the ribbed beanies, they look so cute, but if they don’t fit, then what’s the point?


OK so the BIG change is that we got a new Smart TV.  Nothing wrong with the old one, 40″ screen, but with a wide bezel and heavy.  It fits my desk, so now my two screen set up is the rotated monitor and the TV.  I am sure yo can’t get any sense of exactly how big it is but however big you think, trust me it’s bigger.



If I hold up an A4 sheet of paper over that A4 image of yesterday’s printables, it doesn’t even cover it on the screen.  🙂

So that’s my desk.  Let’s see yours.  Is it as messy?  I hope so – I do love a busy, beautiful messy desk.



WOYWW 304 – more ATC play

Hello WOYWWers!  I have finalized my design and in the midst of making.  Sadly, the crop has been cancelled this month (sort of expected, falling between Good Friday and Easter, but I finally cleared the decks and was 100% I could go, even if I had to leave early.  Oh well.) so I am working on them at home.


Much like my blog, the ATC incorporates a lot of different elements, including some at first handmade items (stamped then coloured) then scanned and made digital.  With the best will in the world I couldn’t get as many Ws cut from book pages as I would need to multiple ATCs LOL!

There will be an interactive element, and I may cut a few to assemble at the WOYWW crop, as they can stand alone (literally) without the ATC.

I asked a trusted fellow WOYWWer if she thought an ATC that wasn’t 100% hand crafted from beginning to end would be a disappointment and luckily she said she thought it would be fine.  Even with the glimpses here you aren’t getting the whole picture, so I’m not worried about spoiling the surprise.  Not that I ever have been. I’m not one to hide my ATC until it is received.  The “official” swap one will be hand crafted from beginning to end, if possible, and there will be different versions, depending on the masterboard background, so it might still be a surprise.

I am working on a design for the backs – as with past years, I’ll share those if anyone wants to use them.

But not today.  Today I am desk hopping till DD gets home from her last day of term. I’ll be popping round to yours soon, I imagine.  Hope you didn’t tidy up, I like a messy desk LOL!




Getting close now to the WOYWW 6th anniversary and as usual my mind turns towards the ATC for the swap and something to make for the crop, like the little pointy eared fellows from last year.  This time I wanted to have something that I could mail, and I think I cracked it.


The Cricut mat on the left has the template, created and sized for the ATC I have in mind.  I did in using a combination of an online” gift-card”  download, my Intaglio drawing program, my Cricut with SCAL and a LOT of trial and error.  I even found a use for the bajillion loom bands that litter the floor in every room of my house.  DD is still hopelessly addicted to making them.

I have a couple of experimental versions – and no, clicking the photo won’t make it bigger so you can get a better look!- some easier than others, but I am limited by the tools I own.  There is no way I am going to be able to make more than a handful. I have the structure of the ATC already sorted bit the design of it is a different matter.  I am loving my ATC displays and already thinking I need to make one specifically for the 6th.12landscapeATCdisplay

I still haven’t worked out the best way to make one that handles both portrait AND landscape ATCs in the same hanger…

Have a happy WOYWW day.  See you round at yours in a bit.


WOYWW 300 (finally I can join in again!)

Well it’s been a while.  I refuse to bore you AGAIN with the stupid saga of my rubbish internet.  Instead I will show you what I have been doing while offline.  Knitting!


The sheet of paper is for Cats Sweet Tomato Heel.  It’s one I have wanted to try but when I finally got around to trying to buy the e-book I keep getting an error.  It’s all that new EU VAT stuff, I’m sure. But there is a YouTube video so I just watched that, made note, did some screen grabs and created my own little PDF of what are the important bits for me.

I’m doing toe-up socks, and there is no pattern.  Well, the basic one for size, but not for the design. These are learner socks.  I am trying t get to grips with the handed two-colour knitting, and I am making t up as I go along.  While at Hobbycraft with DD,  I sat by the checkout flicking thru a mag.  I saw a pattern for a sweater – sorry, not a pattern but a photo, saying there was a pattern – with a scattered design.  This is my attempt.   A closer look:


Unfortunately they are a little loose, I think.  I have LONG feet but they are fairly thin, so I always struggle to get then to fit perfectly.


Being that I am using them to learn a few things I went with slightly coarser yarn and slightly larger needles.   They will have the Sweet Tomato Heel, probably in colour wedges, I think, and a two-colour ribbing.  A lot in one sock.

I want to practice a bit as my friend and I went to a small yarn show and I got a couple of hanks that I like


Funky! The other big project is a sweater.  Also a learning tool, the lace chart for the yoke.  Ugh.  Hate charts like I hate spreadsheets.


The two sleeves are on a VERY long circular.  They will be knit to the length of the purple on the body then finished off in the grey to match the block at the bottom edge.

A few printables will be dribbling out and I need to now start thinking about the ATCs for WOYWW 6th anniversary, so it’ll be a real mixed bag for me in the coming weeks.  Just how I like it!

Looking forward to catching up and seeing what everyone is doing.