More book folding templates


UPDATED: I’ve re-added the PDF to include the number zero.  Critical for 10th 20th, 50th, etc and really it should have been there from the beginning.  Sorry about that.

So I am going to add these as well.  Hopefully they will prove helpful.  I’ve done some basic shapes, and numbers, and the ordinal abbreviations (st, nd, rd, th) in what I hope is a good size.  I thought they would work for Anniversary gifts, or birthdays.


The lines may not look right, depending on the resolution of your monitor, but I would say print a single page first before writing them off. For example, on MY screen it looks like the two hands holding are darker, like maybe it is showing them overlapping, in the shot above, but in reality…


I had to rotate the 5’s, because the thin line did not show up as lines to fold.  I may do another font that works better, but all the rest of the letters look so good for this one, I wanted to add it. I would say probably all but the solid heart is at least an intermediate level project.  Although, maybe they aren’t any more challenging than a name…

You can grab the multi-page PDF here.

A word about A4 v US letter – if the bottom of the page is cut off for US letter printers, please let me know.  I suspect this might be the case for the alphabet pages from yesterday, I just don’t know.

26 thoughts on “More book folding templates

  1. Hi, this is all very new to me..
    I would love to try and make a 21st gift..
    The name I would like is ‘Megan’
    It is all a little daunting but would love to try, I am a crafter so thus would be a lovely challenge…

  2. Hi- just wondering if you have a set of numbers the same size as the Abril font alphabet in the book folding templates- the set of numbers posted are to large to match with the letters. If not could you do me a template that’s says
    Isaiah 40:31
    Let me know
    Thanks Bette

    Could you please do the word dream in cool vita and the word family in milk script so I can fold my fingers to the bone. Thank you

  4. in which program do these patterns as on paper

  5. Hey! can you help me with a template for “treble cleff” ? i dont find one anywhere and have no idea how to make it…

  6. I love what you have done here! I have been looking for a line pattern of a nativity or holy family scene. I can fib one that is a measure, mark and fold. I much prefer the line patterns. Thanks!

    • Your email and name are not included so I can’t respond to you directly. I have had a look and the only SVGs I can find that are suitable or for a fee. If you buy one, and send it to me, I will convert it to a lined template. Or if you find an SVG you want me to convert that IS for free download, drop me a comment with a link.

    • I got a little creative with my searching and managed to find one that, with some fairly heavy editing, worked OK. The PDF is here

      It’s pretty basic. Ignore the ghostly outline, if you see it on the PDF – it should not be apparent when you print it. The original SVG is made up of bits and when joining the bits the ghosts show on screen.

      The lines DO NOT tell you how many pages you need for your template, they are to help with the counting. Be sure to go back to my blog post for info on how to calculate the page count. has links to two different posts for how to do this. Be careful to count the alternating folds correctly!

      Pay particular attention to the difference between the NUMBERED PAGE COUNT (the numbers printed on the pages of the book, front of a page and back of a page) vs the LEAVES count (the number of pages counted where each leaf = two numbered pages)

      Why I won’t tell you how many pages you need can be found here 🙂


  7. Just wanted to say congrats on your move. Wishing you and yours health and happiness as you begin a new chapter. Thanks for always being so generous to us all.

  8. This blog is great. I didnt know where else to ask my question. So here it goes, I am looking for a nativity or holy family book folding pattern that uses the lines like you show here. I can find Etsy patterns but they are the measure, mark, and fold method. I dont really want to measure, mark, and fold. do you think you could help me out?

    • Probably, but no time soon. I am in the new house, with mobile internet, and my Mac is back at the old house. Possibly by mid July, I might have time. If you need it fast, I’d say look elsewhere. Sorry but the new house needs a LOT of love. 🙂

  9. Hello! I’m nt sure if my previous comment posted or not. I was wondering if you could make a template;

    “J” (infinite symbol) “D”

    Any font you think looks best is fine with me! I know some fonts distort the infinite symbol.

    I tried making my own with pen and paper because I do not have photo shop, mess up one line it messes it all up.

  10. Hi i am loving your blogs,tips n advice. Ty so much. Could you find time to do a template that has 3 lines …first line Graham. Second line a small heart. Third line Linda.. hopefully n ty in anticipation jan xx

    • I really can’t help you if you run into any problems with a multi-line template. I have only done single line ones. I know in theory what needs to happen, but I have my doubts as to how well it will work! All I can say is COUNT VERY CAREFULLY, read the part about alternating folds very carefully and keep close track of the order that you are folding the interruptions. I’ll make the template but I don’t know how well it will work!

  11. Hi again! I sent you a request asking id you could do a pattern for my son Nick and his fiance, Michelle. If you can, I would like the Blackchaney font. (I think that is how it was spelled. Its a fancier one).
    Thanks again. I’m so excited to try this.

    • I will do the template as requested, but when you count it out I am fairly sure you are going to need a HUGE book (maybe even two LOL!) to fit all those letters. I will probably also send the simpler N (a heart) M which should be easy to fit.

      Watch for it….



  12. hi there, I was wondering if you have created a zero (the number) template anywhere because it doesnt seem to be with the other numbers

    • Dear me! You are absolutely right. I think at one point it occupied that empty space near on page one, before the “st” but perhaps I deleted it by accident then never noticed. I will redo that page, add the 0 and re-add the PDF once again. Watch for it later today!!
      Thanks for letting me know.

      Mary Anne

  13. Thank you for the letter templates. My daughter is going to make a “b” for her teacher.

  14. What software do you use to make these? 🙂

  15. Any chance you could do a “Masonic” symbol – would love to make for my husband for Christmas. Many thanks for your kindness

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