Book folding – why I won’t count them out.


I get a lot of book folding requests.  I have 100s of PDFs in the folder (that I seriously need to delete cause I have only ever had the same name requested maybe once – I think it was Emma) and for many of them people ask What size book do I need? My standard answer is that I refuse to tell you what size book you need – YOU have to count it out so if there is any mistake, it isn’t ME responsible for ruining your project.  That seems fair – if I were charging people to do templates I would feel like I’d have to count it out for them, and that just isn’t for me.  BUT I had a really cool request, from Tanya, for the word ALWAYS and the symbol for the Deathly Hallows.  I used the HP font and ended up with this:


I played around with a few things (capital A, size of the symbol, position of the symbol) and came up with four slightly different versions.  They are all in a PDF here. But the point is, I was curious myself what the page count might be – she planned to use the HP and The Deathly Hallows book for the project and said it was 750 pages.  I knew the symbol would have many multi-fold areas (as would the letters for that matter!) so I decided to count it out myself, just out of curiosity. The first one looked like this:


All well and good.  But then I noticed I had missed out the bottom serif of the A. DOH!  That took the count up by 7 – not a lot it might seem, but that makes a difference in 14 numbered pages/7 leaves.  As I had used the count to quickly tot up a couple of the variations, I had to then adjust:


See?  THAT is exactly why I refuse to tell you how many pages you need in your book!  And why the COUNT TWICE warning is a valid one.  Also, I sometimes omit what seems to be a line.  Like at the bottom of the symbol, where the circle and the inside of the triangle meet?  The closest line to the meeting point will likely look the same as a single, rather than interrupted, line.  Why waste a page (or 4 if you omit every intersection, for a page numbering count of 8!) if it makes a difference in being able to use a book or not?  MY calculations would SEEM to indicate that a book with a page count over 700 will work.  But there are a lot of interruptions.  I just have no idea what the final book will end up like!  I do think that the symbol on its own, using both the black lines AND the white spaces between, for a really nice fat image, could be a much easier way to go.  And that could take up 600 – 700 pages, the slightly smaller (by my count 150 black lines image) or the slightly larger (by my count 174 black line image) version.

I am glad I can finally SHOW why I won’t give you a page count.  I am far too ditzy, I let my attention wander, my eyes ain’t great,and I omit lines if I think they won’t make a difference.  So really, I am doing you a service.  Really.


So get counting!



46 thoughts on “Book folding – why I won’t count them out.

  1. The book I have is 14 pages short of what I need. The pattern calls for 449 and my book has 435 pages. Will this matter?

    • Yes it will. You can usually maybe skip a page in each UPRGHT letter – so if an I or L or N etc has straight up and down lines, skipping one line in a couple of letters (like 2 or 3) MIGHT be ok but 14 is a lot to skip. I would look for a different book to be sure. otherwise you risk getting to the end and it not working out. I’ve ever tried it, but if you find a book that is exactly the same dimensions, you COULD try taping in pages right at the spine, scattered throughout the whole book and again it MIGHT work….

  2. Hello, I’m hoping that you can use the Harry Potter font to spell Magic or magic (all lower case) as I am hoping to fold a book for a friend who is a magician.
    Thank you.
    PS I enjoy your daily posts and especially like your ‘stained glass’ circle window suncatcher!

  3. Hello, Could you make a template in the Harry Potter font for Magic and also all in lower case (magic)? My friend is a magician and I’d like to surprise home for Christmas. Thank you.
    I enjoy your daily posts and am especially drawn to your circles window suncatcher!

  4. I appreciate you explain this. Not that I expect you to do anymore than you already have kindly offered. This is actually an exciting endeavor for me. A scary one; since I have never actually done more than just read up and watch videos on book folding art. I also smiled when you mentioned you could be a bit ditzy. Ditzydame is my email 😁

  5. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing these templates. It is very kind of you and I think I like the picture/line pattern more than I would like measuring each page. I just started one of your READ ones and finished the R. I am so excited, it’s going well! We do a homemade gift exchange with my siblings each year and this may be one of my favorites I have ever done! I may attempt the deathly hallows symbol next to make a pair. Thank you again!!!

  6. I have a pattern for book folding , but the book I want to use has many more pages than I need .I need 490 and the book has 1324 pages. What can I add to each side of the design? How do I incorporate something else to the pattern to make it look cohesive?

    • That sounds odd. A 490 page design seems like it would be very small. I’d pick a much smaller book! But if you really want to use it I think it would depend on the design as to what to add. You might be able to double up folds by folding 2 pages together or folding 2 where the design says fold one, or fold a bunch at the front and then again at the back into a pattern. But without seeing what you are working with it’s very hard to say!

  7. Hey! I love your work! I’m planning on doing a Deathly Hallows for my school library as a sort of “book end” to our Harry Potter books. Is there any way I can get a bigger version of it?

    • Not sure what you mean by bigger? Can you explain?

      • I guess I thought it might be too short, but once I printed it out, I think it’ll be fine. I guess making it taller would also mean making it wider and therefore more pages. I’m excited to give this one a try!!

  8. I’m Looking to do my niece’s name (Ella) with the Deathly Hallows symbol following it. Do you think if i used the alphabet you provided to us (in the build your own template blog) and used the hallows symbol from here, would it look right. They look roughly the same size but I didn’t know if it was taboo to take something from one template and add something from another. Hope this makes sense.

    • Probably a trick of the eye. The Deathly Hallows symbol is big and quite a challenge to fold. Adding the name would make it really challenging. I would suggest maybe doing the symbol and adding the name in cut out letters to a ribbon across the pages – maybe pretty glittery ones? See the JOY book sample in the drop down menu for an idea of what I mean (no letters but you can see the ribbon)

  9. First of all I want to thank you for your generosity with your templates and your expertise. I know everyone appreciates it.
    I am very new to this craft and I really love it so far. Im looking for a download of of Florida logo, Gators logi etc. It’s a gift for I know there are others that sell their design, I truly enjoy your site and would rather pay you if you were willing to create it.

  10. Hola mi nombre es Esperanza . un saludo desde Mallorca ( España ) te agradezco en el alma tus publicaciones eres un sol , aun sin saber inglés y gracias al traductor de Google mas o menos me voy informando sobre esta técnica . Hoy he hecho mi primer libro plegado y estoy entusiasmada.
    Quisiera pedirte un gran favor acabo de ser abuela y quisiera regalarle a mi nieta un libro con su nombre me harías una plantilla con su nombre te lo agradecería eternamente su nombre es ( CRISTINA ) el tipo de letra lo dejo a tu elección se que no me defraudarás . Un gran saludo .

  11. Have you ever made a temples with Times New Roman font letters and numbers?

  12. I love this! I would really like to try this for a friend and was wondering if you could make a template with the deathly hallows symbol as the ‘A’ in Always without the symbol at the end? Let me know – thanks! 🙂

  13. Thank you very much for your generosity. You are great. Fortunately there are still people like you. Thank you again and good continuation. I come regularly to see if you have posted new tutorials online.

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  17. This is by far the best tutorial I’ve found on this! I’m so impressed! I could be missing it, but do you have a pdf of the word “Always” without the symbol? I’d love to give this a go, and can’t wait to try out your suggestions. Thanks so much!

  18. So when you count you are only counting the black lines, not the white spaces as pages?

    • You can do either. On older designs I didn’t s t r e t c h out the design and sometimes the word will fold looking a bit thinner than you might like, especially if it is a small word. For them I often suggested folding both, if your book is big enough. I suggest folding a letter if two on a cheap paperback and see which you prefer. Or counting both and seeing if you book can fit both!

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  20. I printed off the always template and in the A and I keep getting 44? I would have to fold 44 sheets but you’ve counted 32. What am I doing wrong?

    • Hi! I ended up giving it a go with my count and it doesn’t look too bad! So far I’ve got the A done. The rest of the numbers my count matched yours.

      Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

    • Maybe nothing. That is a worksheet and I can’t promise I didn’t not write down all the bits. It’s been a while 🙂 I might have left off some of the letter to accommodate a particular page count book, or just been lazy while doing the sample. Which is why I won’t count them out LOL! Unless it is a project I am folding myself I might do a quick count. If I am actually planning on folding it I will count, count again and count a third time to be sure. If I get differing numbers I will keep counting until I feel confident I am 100% correct.

  21. Hi there, This is absolutely amazing!! Is there a template for 600 pages where I can just do the dealthly hallows symbol across the book? I’ve never done this before but want to use the Dealthy Hallows Book and do the symbol so it’s nice and large.


    • I don’t do the templates for a specific number of pages – people do, for a fee. Check for Bookami template sellers on FB and Etsy. I did send you a template that might work – count out the lines and see if it fits your book!

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  23. Hello, Thank you so much for sharing this! This is amazing. I would like to try this one myself, but the PDFs only seem to show the Deathly Hallows symbol?

  24. Hello Mary Anne. You are fantastic, the font- superb! Thank you very much for your generosity for making that fantastic nanan pattern. Best wishes Kasia

  25. Thank you so much for your helpful sharing of “friend.” Can’t wait to give it a try!

  26. Maryanne I want to thank you a thousand times over for all the work you do, do and the fact that you share it so freely! There is no way you should be asked to do the counting for us too! Come on people…..can’t we do our own few hundred counts?

  27. First if all you are amazing to share all
    The patterns thus far! Not enough
    thanks can I give you. Not everyone
    will share their knowledge without a
    price attached. Again thank you!!
    Do you have any patterns for Greek
    sorority and fraternity letters?


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Nope – I was never in either 🙂 But if you tell me what you need I see no reason I couldn’t make them. Is it the entire greek alphabet?



  28. I want to,thank you for generously giving these patterns away. Giving us your knowledge that took some time to learn all this. I have made my own patterns and names from learning how on your website. Your lined paper is by far the coolest. Wishing the lines were darker but I won’t complain because you generously offered it to us for no charge. Thank you. I am working on a name now that is going smoothly because of all your little helpers like the card stock idea to get it on your book the same way every time. I jay really wanted to say thank you!

    • So nice of you to say. It really all springs from my frustration. You are exactly right – it took time and research and trial and error. I don’t see why everyone else has to go thru all that when I can make it easier. LOL! I can have a look at the lines but I am pretty sure they are black so not sure how to make them any darker – it must be the thickness of them that is the issue. If I can sort out how to make them print darker I’ll do so and add them. Might not be possible and have them work in the same way, but I can look…



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