More Freebie Book Folding!


I had a request for some READ templates, which is pretty popular – it’s a nice simple word to fold, and makes a great gift or decoration. Lots of the request mention they are from Librarians or for Libraries.  I thought I would start of with this on, as I update some of the original book folding templates.

Let me explain.  When I started, I would sometimes suggest to people that they might fold both the BLACK LINES and the WHITE SPACE between, in order to get a nice fat full looking word.  But having done it, I know that is hard on the eyes.  I also know it is possible to fold just the black lines and still get a credible design.  But fatter is better in this case, so instead I started s t r e t c h ing the word to create more lines,  When folded the design looks in proportion.


This PDF has all 8 versions.  Just print the page you want.  There is a mix – some scripty, some blocky and a couple that are rather childlike.

You might be able to see some areas where the lines look darker, overlapped or outlined.  This may depend on the quality of your monitor.  If you see it on the screen, don’t worry.  It doesn’t appear when you print.


What you MIGHT see on some words is an area where the lines don’t print fully.  That seems to happen most with text on a slant.  It is easy enough to fix – find the area (see it there between the a and the d in Habano ST font? Very slanted!)


and connect the line with a pen. Low tech solution for sure.


Remember the lines DO NOT tell you how many pages you need for your template, they are to help with the counting. Be sure to go back to my blog post for info on how to calculate the page count. has links to two different posts for how to do this. Be careful to count the alternating folds correctly!

Why I won’t tell you how many pages you need can be found here

27 thoughts on “More Freebie Book Folding!

  1. I am a senior citizen that has come across book folding and love it. I am reading everything I can to learn plus trying to figure out how to make patterns. Would you please make me a template for Smith in the easiest font I would deeply appreciate it. I will continue to read so I may learn more. Thank You


  2. Hello

    Wondering if I can still request a template?


      • So sorry I missed ur reply! Busy life during the week. When, if you can, please send me these names. Kasey, Kaitlyn , Salvona I trust you to choose the font. I posted a previous request but not sure if it was received.

        Thank you for all your time and energy that you so freely give to all of us! U Truly are Amazing! 🙂


  3. I’m looking to make these for my daughter and her 3 teaching partners. I was wondering if you could make me the word teach in Bernard (or something similar) for books with 574 pages? The read templates where you stretched the words out had too many folds, but the original read templates worked perfect! Thank you so much! Your site is terrific!


    • I don’t make templates for specific sized books. There are people who do that but they will charge you for the templates – find them on facebook. It’s a trade off 🙂 I send you one for free, you count the pages and find a book that fits. Sorry.


  4. Hello! I think you are amazing! I can’t wrap my head around how this all works (so much for an advanced university degree). I would kind of like to try a Read template, the Black Chancery is my favorite. I’m the director of a small library in the United States (love the “Oh dear. Too late,” btw), so I have access to tons of used hardcover books.
    I just can’t seem to understand the way the designs are created or how to use the templates.
    I would love to use this as a craft for adults and kids to do at home, since we cannot do this at the library safely.
    Can you help me understand it?


  5. Could you do Dream in Black Chancery


  6. Bonjour, bravo pour ce que vous faites, j’adore… serait-ce possible d’avoir les alphabets en mik script et gelato script?
    Hello, well done for what you do, I love … would it be possible to have the alphabets in mik script and gelato script?


    • Sorry, I don’t really do the alphabets as requests. Happy to do up to three words for you but the alphabets take a lot more time. I will keep it in mind and let you know if I find I have a chance and make them, but I will have to look back at other alphabet requests first if I decide to do it. I might have had requests for one or the other of them before and if so, that is where I will start!


  7. This was very helpful and helped me improve considerably.
    If you happen to sill send templates, may I please have ‘Star Wars’ in writing?
    If not, is there a trusted Website you would recommend ?


  8. Please could you send me a template for a cut and fold hot air balloon. Thank you


  9. Thank you for your great advice and wonderful templates! I just finished my first ever book folding project thanks to you!


  10. Can you pls send me templates on yolanda, jennifer. Zeke and $oniaMarie. My cildrens name. Awsome work tyvm


  11. Would please love a pattern using Helvetica Neue font and the name Kate.


  12. Please let me know if I can still request templates.


  13. This is awesome! I really want to learn how to do this!


  14. I know you make it sound easy……but it still amazes me!!


  15. Thanks for this READ. I’ve not tried folding yet but love to read your blog. This one is probably the one for me to begin with as I’ve always thought it would be a great gift for the school librarian.


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