Another 2017 CD calendar – very colourful! And with a one-sheet too.


I thought I would do a different version of the CD circle calendar.  Just playing around with inky circles.  I wanted to see how easy it would be to create a one-sheet version at the same time.  Turns out it was pretty easy.

The CD version looks like this:



I’ve done both the one sheet…onesheetcircles

as well as a version that is gridded so it can be cut to create either small loose squares or assembled into a tear-off.


Download the CD version

Download the One-Sheet

Download the tear-offs

Hope these prove useful for your calendar crafts!


10 thoughts on “Another 2017 CD calendar – very colourful! And with a one-sheet too.

  1. I love this new version! this look is really superb! I would like to use it in European version based on what you had done in French .. but I do not have the font used brush .. do you plan to also propose? sorry, I’m a little embarrassed to ask, but I try again ..
    many thanks for all that you share!
    Nicky from France

  2. Love these! THanks!

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  4. I save all your calendars and have used them in so many things, even my bullet journal. thanks as always for sharing.

  5. I just came accross your site and can’t believe I haven’t found it earlier. Your planner templates are amazing!! Thank you very much!!!!! ❤ <6 <9

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  8. You’re awesome. Seriously!
    Thank you for all your beautiful work!

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