Baby Book folds


I get such interesting requests!  Thank Em for this one.  And I have to say thank you too, because I learned something new in doing these. I am only able to add the folding lines to certain types of images (.svgs, or dingbat/text images) but with my upgraded OS, and a new version of the program I use, I can convert other types of images so the folding lines can fill them!

Here are all the images – there are two distinctly BOY ones, a pair that I think could be generic, and four girl ones.


DO NOT be concerned by the weird stuff you can see here on the baby feet, nor any odd things you see on your monitor when you open the PDF.  I am guessing it will have something to do with your resolution ON THE SCREEN, if you see the ghostly echo of some of the edits (like the fill on the feet so they are solid and not outline) or lines that look less distinct.  I printed them and they print fine.

ANY of the faces can get bits left out.  You can either use a PDF editing tool or simply NOT FOLD any of the lines you choose.  That could simplify some of the more complex ones like so:

girl boy

Here is the 4-page PDF to download.

I’ve had another couple of requests that may be of general interest as well, so look for them over the next few days.

There is something so right about a baby for the New Year.  New year, new life!

4 thoughts on “Baby Book folds

  1. My sister is expecting a baby boy christmas eve and I would love to make one with the baby’s name one it. Could you possible provide me with the template needed to create a book fold with the baby feet in this blog post but with the name Chance in between the two feet? Thank you so much! I have come back to this blog so many times looking at all the creativity and I love it!

    • I could but I promise you it is going to be hard to do and require a huge book. I think you should look at the Cut & fold option for this.Look for an email from me….

  2. Hi
    I am a teacher and I am wanting to do book folding with my class but I think I need to create the templates/patterns for them. I was thinking about using the alphabets on your blog but was wondering if you have figured out an easy way to create words without physically cutting and pasting. I dont have photoshop and I have about 28 differnet words I need to create patterns for. Any help would be great.


    • Humm. I can’t think of a way that would be easy. Could you not get the class involved in making the templates too? let them collect all the letters they need to make the word the stick them onto another sheet to create their own template. If you are very young, I can see why you would want to do them, but I’ll bet most of the would be capable enough to do it. If not, the only shortcut I can think of is for you to create the word and xerox it so you can reuse the letters you’ve cut. Maybe decide on three or four words (I don’t know, maybe smile play fun laugh, something like that) and ask them to pick. Make one of each and then you can make copies for all of the class.

      That would be a lot faster for you!



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