Book folding – Class Of …


Brandysmom, who commented on an older post, mentioned she thought that a pattern for CLASS OF would be cool, to use in conjunction with numbers, for a decorative item at a class reunion.  Great idea, and so funny she mentioned The Class of 1976, my own high school graduation date! Well, how could I pass on that?

I just quickly did a couple of fonts, Gabo Drive, as it is big and bold, but with character, and Habano, cause people always ask for that one!

class of

and I did the numbers as well.  Gabo Drive


Habano ST


Now I do these for free, so they aren’t as easy to use as the ones you will pay for.  You will have to cut out the numbers and assemble your date, either physically with scissors or digitally with some software. But once you do, the rest is the same as usual.  Brandysmom suggests doing the CLASS OF on one book and the date on another.  Much easier than a multi-line version.

Get the CLASS OF pattern here

Get Gabo Drive numbers here

Get Habano numbers here



I know I have been missing in action for a while.  We are still dealing with the house purchase.  That won’t necessarily be a good thing for blogging, as then it’ll be all about the sorting, decluttering and packing, but at least there will be a light at the end of the tunnel!

9 thoughts on “Book folding – Class Of …

  1. Years ago you gave me a pattern for the name Silas which I greatly appreciated and now I’m asking for the word Inspire. It can be whatever font you want to make it. Thank you for all your help and all the patterns you have available.

  2. Hello again! I am searching for a bookfold pattern for a cheerleader and a crown of some sort. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!!!

  3. in which program do these patterns as on paper

  4. ooh, good luck with the house purchase x

  5. Hi Maryanne Thanks for the regular posts. Thought I’d share a pic of my first attempt from the templates you sent in January. Regards, Graham.[cid:92121b98-0de4-4f1b-b3a5-de72ce383369]


  6. MaryAnne,
    Would it be possible to do a few images like the ones below?
    The other question I have is do you have a blog where you talk about how to do spacers between letters?



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