Book art – book heart

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Funny how things happen.  This morning I was looking at my blog stats and saw an old post had been pinned.  I was curious so I went to the pinboard, and saw quite a few really cool looking folded book art.  Which made me curious, so I Googled that.  There are a few places that have tutorials you can buy, but I found this free sample pattern on Instructables.  I thought it looked easy and was quite cute, so I looked thru the books I had earmarked for the Charity shop.  No hardbacks, but I did have one quality paperback, heavier pages, sturdy cover, that I thought would work.

It did.


The heart is a little on the thin side, so I added some points before and after.  They sort of look a bit like wings. That also allowed me to have the same text along the top edge – good title for a project like this!



I did something that I am not sure is right, technically, but if I listed some of the words on show  when I folded all the pages one way you will see why I instead went to the middle and folded towards the covers! They weren’t very lovely, trust me.

I also added a ribbon around the middle section.  and the clamps might turn into something that can be more decorative, maybe a little bag-charm style hanging beaded thingie.

I also thought that this could make a cute wedding gift.  What if you added photos of the bride on one side and the groom on the other?  I have some ideas so I may play around with this a bit more.



I have seen some free tutorials for creating a pattern using Photoshop (maybe PSE too, not looked at it that closely) to create words, which I am interested in too.

As diverting as it has been I still have work to do, and that laundry isn’t going to wash itself…

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