Peace templates for book folding


Thank Ashley for this one.  Although I was already working on JOY when she asked for it, I hadn’t even considered PEACE.  So here you go – a companion set. Not all the same fonts, because certain fonts work best with certain words.

I discovered a lot of new stuff working on these templates.  The first is the counting.  While the method I originally mentioned worked really well for simple shapes and words where there were small, very distinct areas where counting double folds was important, for complex  and especially slanted words it was hard.  I discovered if you count, and keep track of, every starting point (so the top of every line) you will have a very accurate number for the total sheets/pages you need.


As this font needs spaces between the letters, I’ve added 5 pages between the J and O and the O and Y.  I would just fold those back so there is nothing showing at the edge.

Another thing I learned is that I have very little accurate recollection of the fonts I use, when I do big groups.  They all seem to muddle up in my head.  One good thing about upgrading to el Capitan from Snow Leopard is some added tools in Preview.  So this snapshot of all the options has the font names listed too.  Nice, eh?


And the multipage PDF is here.  Have fun with them, and if you do, say a thank you to Ashley!

16 thoughts on “Peace templates for book folding

  1. Can you make me a template that says “Madison”

  2. I’m revisiting your site and remember seeing several fonts of the word family, one of which was in a heart but I can’t find them now! Also there were other words besides peace and love, which I was able to find before but can’t now!

    • Possibly in the Book Folding menu at the top? Although I don’t think I ever did Family in a heart , although I did a heart with the word Family stuck across it with cut out letters….

      • Thank you. The page with the heart and the word Family stuck across it with cutout letters was what I was looking for. I found it and downloaded it. For some reason I can’t find all the pages every time I log on to your site. In fact I just found the cat pages and the name Maddie.
        Would it be possible to make the stretched heart pattern using only about 150-155 lines. Several of my books don’t have enough pages for the pattern you offer.
        Thank you!

        • I don’t make patterns to fit specific books, although there are people who do, for a price. Look for people who use Bookami software!

  3. Hi

    I am really new to this and have found your page very helpful however i am struggling the the number of pages required for one of your templates, no.8, ReaD. I am not sure if i am doing it correctly as i am coming out with rather a high number of pages required. The first attempt gave me 492 pages the second attempt gave me 600 pages !!!! I am really reluctant to ruin lots of books (i’d rather give them to charity).
    I have looked at how you calculate joy but get in a mess doing ReaD. Could you please give me a little help and let me know how many pages i require to do one of your Read templates. It would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    • Sorry, but no. I will not count them out because I won’t be responsible if the count is wrong. I have a whole post about it 🙂 Just count a few more times, be very careful and use the tips I give in the top menu for Book Folding, and you should be fine!

  4. Hi. Would you please be kind enough to do a book folding pattern for Bella in black chancery. I am new to book folding and would love to try this. Thank-you for an awesome site. so

  5. Hi. Would you please be kind enough to do a book folding pattern for Bella in black chancery. I am new to book folding and would love to try this. Thank-you for an awesome site

  6. I just found this site and don’t know how to navigate it …am looking for a template “to” ..because I already have love and just want to say love to read…

    • I don’t have a template for “to” – are you trying to fold Love To Read with each word in it’s own book, or Love over to which is over Read as a three line fold? What I do is create a template as a request, so generally what you find are things people asked for that I thought light be of general interest. if you click the Book folding category, most posts will pop up, but there is a sort of overview post at the top in a Book Folding drop down menu. That has links to most of the useful posts. HTH

  7. Have you ever thought of doing a snowflake design? I have the perfect book I want to fold into a snowflake but cant find anything except measure, mark, and fold patterns.

  8. Thank you for all of your fabulous and helpful posts about book folding! I am a librarian and am planning a book folding program, and your templates and tutorials are the most helpful I’ve found! I will be sure to give you credit during the program and send my patrons to your site for more ideas, Thank you!!

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