Multi-line folding!


I made a multi-line folding alphabet, using the most popular font (and am working on a more plain version) but am nor quite to the final sharing point.  I have been super busy, and it is half-term week for DD this week, so it is all taking longer than I hoped.  MAKING it was a piece of cake, but composing a blog post to explain it all is a different matter. And I pre-stretched the letters so you can see the fold in proportion, just using the black lines.

Here are a couple of (flawed) samples.  Long time readers know my private subtitle for this blog is I make the mistakes so you don’t have to! and these show that pretty well.

First, I unfolded an old sample (a paperback) to test out a pattern:


Pretty good, but I mis-calculated the start page.  and I kept trying different things for the extra side pages where the words were shorter.  Still, not a bad first effort.

Then I worked out the right start pages and a side-fold for the extra bits that I liked well enough, but for the cutting into sections, I TOTALLY ballsed that up.  I know what I did – I didn’t mark the CUT LINE from the PATTERN, I marked the cutting line from the previous cut.  Than mean that if I didn’t have the previous page well place, every new mark was just that little bit off.  It went up and down like a mountain range!


I tried to sort it by cutting away a bigger gap but it still wasn’t right. The second cutting line was better, nearly perfectly straight, even if it seems less s in the photo.


And overall?


I am certain I can mask the wonky first cut with some ribbon across the divide, and I wish I had carried on with the original plan of making Lots with a capital L, making the first and last line virtually the same length, so the side folds were only in the middle section. But as a test to see how it works, I learned a lot.

So, once I can take the time to explain how to use it, this is what the PDF looks like. Sorry, still not willing to do the counting, but I can better explain why! You can see the s, for example.  If your book was right on the edge of having enough pages, can you see how it would be very easy to omit the 10 folds at the end and make it 47 folds, rather than 57?


You can make note of that on the count page for future reference.  And maybe you can also see where some breaks are SO CLOSE together, they COUD be counted as a single fold instead of two?  the end of the s and its tail in the above sample? That sort of thing is personal preference and specific to the folder and the book she uses.


Your count sheet will be specific to you.  Plus I still don’t want to give a wrong count and ruin someone’s work {wink}

This is what the PDF will look like



I added numbers and some special symbols as well.  Watch for it in the next day or so – I just need to carve out a little bit more time to finish up!

12 thoughts on “Multi-line folding!

  1. Is possible to get a copy of the Love you lots book folding? I say it to my daughter and granddaughter all the time. I love your website!!!

  2. Love your site, I would like to make a book for our doctor. Could you make a 2 line pattern for “Dr. Klay”?

  3. I am so excited to have found this site. Why did I not know this was a thing. I have a ton of old books just dying to be part of our wedding Centerpieces! I really think this is going to “wow” the guests. Is there any way you can make me a few templates? I would like to say “the best day ever” , but I’m not sure how to make that one line? I’m so intimidated by two! Also, can you do one that says “De La Torre”? I would also like one that say “Russ”. That is the last name of our officiant and I think he would LOVE one of these gifts! Wish me luck on my new hobby!!

    • I really feel like such long phrases are going to be a huge challenge. If you really have many books, how about Best (one book) Day (one book) Ever (one book)? De La Torre should be a two line one (and cut and fold is a LOT easier for longer/2/3 line phrases) and Russ is OK as is. Watch for an email from me 🙂

  4. Hello! I absolutely love your templates! I did the word home with another template and it looks absolutely awful and i found your site and used it last night and it came out perfect! My sister is getting married and would like one for the wedding reception by their pictures and was wondering if you could make a template for me. I have not tried the two different lines before so I am sure I will need some practice. She is wanting it to say

    Mr & Mrs

    I like the lettering you used in the You & Me!

    Also what did you use and how did you cut the paper in the book to make the separate lines? how do you know where to cut and how much space you need for the words to look good? I put a ribbon in the home one i did last night and want to add a ribbon in the middle of them

    Mr & Mrs
    “add ribbon”

    I tried to print off just the lettering that you have on this page and it was super tiny as a pdf file I could not find.

    Thank You so Much and I greatly appreciate it if you could help me out! You are pretty awesome

    • I’m sending it. Not too sure about the ribbon, yo may have to do the folding and see if it fits. It’ll depend on how big your book is. I don’t usually do these, so I have no hard and fast rules. I do know on the one I did as a sample, I found that there needed to be a couple of inches at the top and the bottom of the book. So MAYBE and idea would be to mark two inches from the top and the bottom, then measure the height of the pattern and make sure it will fit between with another two inches in the middle. Something like that.

      I used a small cutting mat and a craft knife and cut only a few pages at a time. The hard part was keeping the cuts straight!

      Frankly, with a complicated fold, I almost always suggest a cut&fold rather than a two line fold. It’s easier!

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