Book folding – single letters


NOTE:  Scroll down to the comments to see another single letter option created by request. Read her comments on how the letterman font worked (or didn’t) for her!


I had a commenter ask for a Letterman-style single letter template.  I immediately thought, what a great idea! and the more I thought about it the better it became.

The basic Letterman style letter is a bold, angular letter, outlines in white, with a thin-ish border.

Like so:



You could opt to do the entire letter, with outline:


or maybe just ignore the border folds and do just the inner bit


I suppose you could do just the border part and omit the middle, although I am not sure how that would look.  I can’t quite envision it, but it could end up looking pretty cool.  OR you could ignore the middle bit and fold just the outer lines  – if you doubt your ability to focus on just the outermost lines you might need to connect the lines across the white space.


The only issue with doing the full outlined letter is the size of the book needed!  The A, with border, after a quick and dirty (and probably not 100% accurate, but if anything fewer pages than actually needed) count, is 600 lines – so at least a 1200 page book! I’m thinking a big old school textbook or maybe a dictionary….

Anyway, if you are game, go ahead and download the 26 page set here. Just print the letters you need then settle in with a strong cup of coffee and start counting…..

Last chance to get any requests in – I wont be able to make templates after the 12th, due to some family commitments and the holidays.


25 thoughts on “Book folding – single letters

  1. Do you have folding instructions How to fold pages and how far up

  2. It will not take me to the page to download.
    Thank you

  3. I need ASAP a book folding pattern for block letter ‘O’ with the outline.



  4. Io amo questa arte, non vedo l’ora di praticarla

  5. I want to try folding i have some old books thst were left in the trunk of the car i just bought hate to trash books this looked like a good use of them for all my book lovin girlfriends letter m an s

  6. I want to try folding i have some old books thst were left in the trunk of the car i just bought hate to trash books this looked like a good use of them for all my book lovin girlfriends

  7. looking for the letter H, please

  8. Hello, I am looking for a crafty thing to do with my teenage kids during christmas break and came across book art. Never done it before, but I think we are going to try it. I saw your website and thought it was great! I was wondering if you had templates for the words family, love, home, peace and merry. I was thinking in Habano. Thank you so much.

    • I limit request to three so I am able to spread my time across all the people who ask, but a few of the words you want will be linked in the Book Folding menu at the top. Have a look and come back to me with three!

  9. My daughter teaches Mathematics and I would love to present her a Math book folded with the word “Math”. Could you possibly send me a template of the word Math in BernardMT. I’m sure she and her students will be thrilled! Thank you.

  10. Hello,

    I tried folding several of these letter so many times, I have thrown out so many books! I have two issues, the books when complete are WIIIIIDE open, the letters are almost not recognizable. The other issue is part of some letters such as the vertical line in the J are super tiny and squished together, but the bottom round part are very wide open. Is there any way you could make another alphabet of uppercase letters with a font such as britannica? The height is really nice on these, but the width is an issue. I tried keeping out the outline, taking away the extra flares that make them letterman style, adding spacers in some areas, etc, but I can’t figure these ones for the purpose I need them. I’m trying to create single letter books such as person’s last initial for the teachers I work with. if you can’t see the email I leave than please respond and I will leave contact info.

    Thank you for this entire blog and for any help with a new alphabet!

    • Humm. I think I understand what you are saying but I would love to see a photo of your fail – it would help.

      I have a font called Britannic Bold that should work. It may take me a little time to get to it, due to some other issues and commitments, but watch this space – or better, watch for new posts.

      And thanks for the feedback – it helps me make useful things and not waste my time or yours 🙂

  11. HI!! When I try to open the pages for the lettering, all I get is many pages of what looks like football fields.

    • Sorry about the anxious comment…. I figured it out. I just had to download it to my PC and then save it before it would show up. I’ve got this now.

  12. Can you send me a pattern for the name Sarah in folds please and thanks

  13. Do you have templates for Greek sororities and fraternities?

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