Folded book stuff – will this work?


I have to dash off to cardio rehab shortly but I have been mulling over a way I might make the folded book templates available to all in a simple way, a way that people can customize to fit any name.

A follower, Nancy, asked for 4 or so names and hinted she would probably be wanting more.  We chatted about how I could provide her with an alphabet, but as she didn’t have Photoshop or the like, it seemed an impossible task.  But then when another commenter asked for an alphabet, I thought again and thought this might actually work!

The best I can do is add it and let you tell me if it does!

So I did two versions, one is a more plain (dare I say boyish?) font and one a bit more scripty but not overly feminine.  The fonts are Abril


and Habano ST A-F_Habano

As you can see, the PDF has all the individual letter of the alphabet.  My thought is that you can print the sheets with the letters you need, then either tape them securely into the word to create your own book folding template OR you can simply fold each letter in sequence. What do you think?  Workable or not?

Here are the PDFs.  If it does work and there is a specific font you would like, comment and I will see if I have it or can get it.  I can amass a collection of these then people don’t need to wait for me to have time to create a custom name for them.  I can also do things like hearts, stars, etc if there is interest.

Here is the plan font Abril

Here is the more scripty font Habano ST


131 thoughts on “Folded book stuff – will this work?

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  2. I thinks this is awesome! Can’t wait to see the full alphabet as i think this would be a great/unique gift.

  3. Good luck with your rehab, hope everything goes smoothly for you and I’m still praying for you. Scotland’s too😁

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  5. Would really love a “Mr&Mrs” template for my son’s wedding. Have just started book folding and struggling to work out how to do the patterns in Much appreciated if you could do me one -your choice of font,thanks.

  6. I have tried to download the alphabet patterns and I cannot get the entire alphabet to download. I can only see what is displayed on your post. Would it be possible for you to email it to me? Thank you so much! I’m a librarian and the students love seeing the folded book art! Nicole Gurley

  7. these are so awesome….thank you so much…now will have to figure out how to just get the letters i need in a row lol….thank you thank you thank you

  8. Hi what program do you use to create them? Really want Family in a pretty font but struggling to find one. Thanks

  9. Hi thank you I only have a PC unfortunately and its so hard to do with the tutorials on Photoshop 🙂 thank you for the template when I am printing it is very small and pix-elating sorry to be a pain but could you tell me how to get this image bigger?

  10. hello! I wanted to gift this to my boyfriend’s mom for christmas, she loves books and home decor but I have a windows pc and her name is AIDE (pronounced ah-ee-deh) so I couldn’t use the template above (missing the i !) I do have photoshop but the tutorials are very confusing… any help?!? 🙂

  11. I am having such a wonderful time folding books. Thanks to your alphabet, I have accomplished “Love, Family, Believe and a Train” Still working on the “Masonic symbol” you were kind enough to do for me (that one is difficult since my wonderful husband is usually nearby. Would you be kind enough to do a monogram with the initials TCN (with the C being larger and centered ) and also KGL (with the G being a larger and centered ) I simply cannot wait to give these for Christmas gifts. As always, thank you so much for kind and generous spirit ❤ ❤ ❤

  12. Hello,
    Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you with a font selection. I have tried giving you a font for a monogram for TCN (with C being larger) and also KGL (with the G being in a larger font) with no success. I have tried to access fonts for Photoshop (which I think you use when you create your masterpieces). However, each time I tried opening up I get a virus, – it has happened on my cell phone and also on my pc and laptop. Very frustrating and truly sad.

    I agree that monograms are usually more angular and very calligraphy like, which might be next to impossible to do. I trust your judgment in selecting a font that would work beautifully.

    One more question, when presenting as a gift, how have you kept the book from opening completely up (especially when the word is seven or more letters. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

    I am excited to hear from you. Have a wonderful day.

    • Sending a few….


      • Hi. I did my Ruby that you sent,& a geart. I’m sooo pleased with it. But….how do I make the book stay closed enough. I have put a ribbon round it but it looks a bit “pants” lol. Any suggestions very gratefully recieved 😊.
        Hope you are doing ok. Xxx

        • I think I replied via email, but seeing this again I worry it wasn’t received. I’ve not seen many options other than ribbon, but could you set s couple of eyelets in the covers and tie the ribbon thru them? Or use a pearl strand (thin ones) or even colourful wire? You could maybe add a stand. Is it too open because there are too many or too few pages front and back of the folds?

  13. Thank you so much for the alphabet letters what a great idea. I can now have a go at paper folding.

  14. Exactly what I needed ! Awesome ! Thank you very much !

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  16. Thank you so very much for you wonderful tips, great pdf’s and kindness for sharing all this without demanding money. It is getting so hard, now a days, to find someone so willing to share. And because I am so new to this craft, I definately did not want to spend the equivalent of 60 dollars for a few patterns to practise with! I am very happy I found your website! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  17. Could you make an exclamation mark in Habano ST?

  18. Can you add “Eleanor”? How many pages would I need?

  19. How do you put the letters together? I want to make an “Eleanor” book (or maybe “Ellie”), but I am a little confused on how to start.

  20. Sorry i forgot to say which font..Habana. 3 line’s. ..Graham on first, small heart on second and Linda on third. Ty ty n keep posting…i really enjoy your posts n your help n tips are fab xx

  21. Hello

    i recently purchased one of these folded books on line for quite a lot of money. Since then i would like to give more as presents as i loved it so much. So decided to see how easy or hard this art is. Could if doing a ballerina is harder than a word?

    • Overall, my feeling is that an image is easier than a word! But that could be just me 🙂 Again apologies that my bad back kept me from getting back to you – I’ll email you a couple of templates. This ballerina is quite sweet and not too hard, and I personally really like the shoes. they might work best as a cut&fold, not sure, but super tempted to try it out, even if I am so not a girly ballet type 🙂


  22. Hi… Is there anyway you could do a template that says “Prom?”?? That would be extremely helpful.

  23. hi, firstly a massive thank you for sharing these templates!! I would love to try book art! and was thinking my first attempt might be the date a friend is getting married, Can I ask if you’ll be adding numbers please?? Kind Regards

  24. I am in need of the name Vivian and the word congratulations both in the Haha no font. Plzzzzzxz

  25. I need them for the name Vivian and the word congratulations on the habano font. Plzzz

  26. hello, could you create a temple for “Prom?” please. your blog has been very helpful for me. thank you

  27. can you create one saying “prom?” please. my girl friend will be so surprised thank you.

  28. I’ve been searching everywhere for number templates. Would you be willing to send me “06.08.15”? It’s going to be an anniversary gift, and I’m running out of time. Thank you so very much.

  29. I have the alphabet template you made, and it was an amazing help to create a folded textbook for my desk, but I wanted to create a bigger decoration for a birthday present and am running into problems. I need three books to create it, and because each book will have two lines of letters I can’t get them to line up correctly. I don’t have photoshop so I have been trying to do it by hand and it isn’t coming out right. Do you have any suggestions, or a program you could plug things into and it’ll spit out a template? Thanks!!!

    • There is a nice program called Bookami – it will print out a series of pages with the page number and the measurements to mark then fold the book. It’s not expensive, if you plan to do a lot of book folding 🙂 Like wise there are people who have bought Bookami who will create the template for you, for a fee (under £5/$10 usually)

      For my alphabet, the best plan is to cut all the letter out in blocks, trimming them to the very edge of the printed area. Draw a dark line for the bottom of the letter. Hold the paper up to the window, and using the line as a guide, stick the letters securely and fully onto the other paper. Then you can use that as your template. To make them placed the same across all three books, you will need to mark the position of the line for each book – line them up an a row and mark where you want the line to be, so if the books are different heights, the line will flow from one to the other as they stand up.

      I do hope to get back to a multi-line alphabet set at some point, I’m just too busy moving house at the moment 🙂 but I HTH!


  30. I have been trying to figure out how to create my own templates and i have photoshop but it keeps freezing. I am in need of just a P for a wedding present. My book has 340 pages and is 22.75 cm tall. I also need a C and this book is 400 pages and is 21 cm tall. I am not particular with the font. I was just thinking of some sort of script. Thank you!

  31. Hi would it be possible for you to do a template for the name Brown with wedding rings beneath it please. I cannot understand how to make the template. Thanks in advance

  32. Hi I wondered if it would be possible for you to do a template of the name Brown with wedding rings beneath it please. I can’t understand how to make the template many thanks

  33. I have been searching for the alphabet thank you for putting it on Margaret

  34. I am new to this is this for a certain number of pages? Also could I get a masonic symbol pattern? Thank you

  35. You are a God send. I couldn’t print the entire alphabet. I have a request for a template that says Sisters. If not, maybe their names Rosie and Lisa. I want to surprise them as gifts for their birthdays.

  36. hi would it be possible for you to make me a template with the work “Jenica” (nick name) its for a friends birthday. would really appreciate it i don’t care what font it is but maybe something a little bit girly?

  37. I have been looking for a template for a wine bottle and wine glass for a gift, any chance you can help me out. Thanks bunches

  38. Hi

    I LOVE all your templates and thank you for spending the time making them so begingers like myself can learn the art without forking out on lots of expensive templates. Ive made a few now and would love to make a hand print version. Do you have a tenplate for this or be able to make one please?

    • Just a plain old hand print? I should be able to do that – far cuter if you were to send me an actual jpg of the handprint you want and I make a template from that…


  39. WOW! Thank you for this!

  40. You can send me the link of this program you worktemplate ?? THANK YOU 🙂

  41. Hi Mary Anne! Can you send me a template for something like this:
    It’s a school logo for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I would greatly appreciate it! Love your posts!

  42. Hi! Would you please send me the alphabet templates in Coolvetica font? Thank you for your time!

  43. All I can say is …..You are AWESOME!! Just starting book folding and so appreciate your templates. Thank you for sharing!

  44. Hi.
    I wonder if you can make me an template for the Norwegian word “God Jul” (it’s the same as Merry Christmas😉)
    And the Norwegian word ” Søster” (is the same as sister😉)
    I don’t know what font who is the best for a beginner to use. So pick one you think will be nice.

    Hope for an positive answer😊

  45. I would love both alphabets (fancy and plain) and the heart pattern but not sure where to find them. Thank you for your generosity. I just discovered this art and love it. Mary

  46. Thank you so much for all of your amazing information. I would like to do my first book for my father. Could you send me a template that says Dad in a cursive font like the one above maybe or any that you think would turn out really good. Thank you!

  47. Have u a template for the word teacher as my 5 year old daughter has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as the teachers have been great

  48. Could you do the Connie, Rotha, and Mimi for we. I am doing them for the women in my sisters office . Thanks Debbie

  49. You’re so generous! How about lower case in both fonts. Would love that! Struggled for days to learn online tutorials. Thank you so much!

  50. Hi, oh my goodness what a lovely lady you are to share these. I am new to book folding but would love to give my husband and nieces an unusual gift for Christmas. Would you be able to send me templates for Megan, Lileah, Family and Love please in the habano font? Thank you in anticipation
    Dawn x

  51. I’ve looked at tons of sites and tutorials about book folding and have made my own template, but I’m not sure it’s correct. I followed directions for how to do it with Microsoft Word, but the gal then put it on a pattern she already had and she lost me at that point. She put her word onto a 4-500 page pattern, but didn’t explain how to fit it on other page ranges. I hope I’m explaining clearly enough. I want to make my daughter a book for Christmas – her name is Sara. I’d like it to look as Sara (1st uppercase, next 3 lowercase), but am worried if I can do the lowercase aas. Do you have a template you could send me? I have a 300 page book to use and am running out of time so need it quickly. Thank you so very much. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • The way I make the templates doesn’t allow me to size them for a particular book. I can use my common sense and try to get them close, but a 300 page book (300 numbered pages, so no more than 150 sheets) is not the same as a book with 300 pages (600 numbered pages) and I never know which people mean. There are people who, for a price, will make you a template sized to fit a specific book. I can send you a template, but you will have to count the lines and see if it will work. Alternatively, you can just go to a used book store and find a book that is the right size 🙂

      I get a lot of people coming here saying the same thing about various Microsoft word methods. I’ve never seen it and I only use Mac computers so I can’t help you there 🙂

      Watch your mail, sending … NOW

  52. So excited to do this for my boyfriend!

    Can you please make me a template with the name “Hoai(heart)”, another with the date “11(heart)27(heart)16” and another that says “ANNIE(heart)”? Please choose a pretty font (: I sort’ve like habano font but not a whole lot.

    These are three different books by the way. I have purchased books that have 416 numbered pages, 630 numbered pages, 371 numbered pages and another with 352 numbered pages. If that helps any? If you can tell me which template you used for which book as well, that’ll be great!

    Any advice would be awesome too because this would be my first time doing folded book art!


    I’d like my book to have the word “Hoai(heart)” with a nice,pretty font. Maybe a flowy-ish one or maybe just for the H? If that makes any sense.

    I have a book that has 416 numbered pages and the height is 9.5 inches.

  54. oops. ignore that comment

  55. Can you make one that’s says Love for me I’m so confused on how to start I don’t understand

  56. Are you back? If you are can you loo at my previous comment I’ve commented before?

    So excited to do this for my boyfriend!
    Can you please make me a template with the name “Hoai(heart)”, another with the date “11(heart)27(heart)16” and another that says “ANNIE(heart)”? Please choose a pretty font (: I sort’ve like habano font but not a whole lot.
    These are three different books by the way. I have purchased books that have 416 numbered pages, 630 numbered pages, 371 numbered pages and another with 352 numbered pages. If that helps any? If you can tell me which template you used for which book as well, that’ll be great!
    Any advice would be awesome too because this would be my first time doing folded book art!

  57. Hello. I am a environmental education teacher in Florida. I have several old text books we were planning Ning to reuse to make recycled art projects. I want to make my own before I instruct the students to do their own. I will be using your site as a reference and may have questions along the way. I think the big hurdle will be to get the lines in the paper for the shape, letter or word of their choice. I’d like to be able to ask you questions I hope you feel inclined to offer your help.

    • Should be free be, as long as you aren’t expecting an immediate answer :). I try to get to things each day but some times I don’t manage it!

  58. First off- THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for a good site with book art tutorials and info and yours has by far been the best! I’ve tried reading through all the comments to see if you had a place where you have the habono ST don’t that spells Mr and another that spells Mrs. I want to do two books for my wedding table to place where myself and fiancé will be sitting. Do you suggest just copying the letters off what you have posted or do you have a file like that somewhere else I can download? Any help would be really appreciated!! Thanks! 😄

    • Using the ones already posted will result in a smaller end result. It’s easy enough to do Mr and then Mrs alone. That way they will be taller and wider. Watch for them.

  59. Can you send a template of Nana I can’t get the letters to print out properly to do it just with them.

  60. Could you make me 2 templates that says BTS and Jungkook using the Habano ST font. Thanks.

  61. Hello! Thank you for your time, could you please send me the names Nikita and Kyndal? It’s for two separate books. Thanks!

  62. Hello my name is Rhose from the philippines i am really looking for a free pattern of letters and numbers. I am also a newbie fan of book art folding. I am wondering if can you teach us how to make a name i mean how to connect it as one as to make a name? I really want to try it. Thank you so much and get well soon to you. God bless☺

    • Other than the instructions I give for lining up the letters, there is not much more I can offer. If you need a specific name, leave your email address and request it!

  63. Can you please make me a template for Friends For Life . my best friend of many years is moving away and i would like to make for her Thanks!!

  64. Hi There. I was wondering if you could do up a template saying Let’s Dance. I have quite a large book with 700 pages (350 leaves). I was hoping to get it on two lines as I think it is probably too long on one line?? I’m guessing this will have to be a cut and fold which would work fine. Many thanks

  65. Hi, would you be able to make a full alphabet template, upper, lowercase plus numbers for the font, Bershire. Thank you so much for your fantastic blog x

    • Sorry I don’t have that font in my collection – I have something called Berkshire Swash…. Generally, I don’t do full alphabets (upper and lower) as my time is limited and I try to spread around how much time I can spend helping any one person. Happy to do a name (or three) if you send me a link to the font where it is free.

      • Sorry, that is the font name! Berkshire swash. Would you be able to do, “Freddie” for me. And “I Love You” as a 3 liner. And “Happy Birthday” as a 2 liner. If the 2 and 3 liner takes up a lot of your time, just do what ever is easier for you. Thank you so much, if all that is too much for you, please do what you can. Many thanks xx

  66. Thank you so much for offering these free templates. I’ve become hooked and wish I had more time in a day to fold! Would it be possible to get a single letter G in something like a Brittanica bold/times new roman/Black chancery font (not too fancy, yet not too plain of a print)? I would also love to have a template for family, faith, and grace…I’m guessing you have already done some of these, I’m good with whatever you have on hand. You posted an example of family in a really nice font in one of the earlier comments that would be perfect. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!!!!

  67. Hi! Anyway you could make me a template in habano font w/ a heart in the middle?

    P ♥ M

  68. Hello there

    Firstly thank you so much for the wonderful alphabet templates. I just need to ask, I have downloaded your Habano St template. When using any of the capital letters (I need to use the D), could I use the mark measure and fold for this.

    Really hope this makes sense.

    Thank you so much

  69. Seems that the PDF link to these 2 fonts (Abril and Habano ST) are not set up – only get a link to half the alphabet as in picture? Please can you assist.


    • Both links work and are to 7 page pdfs. Are you mistakenly thinking the images are the links and not clicking the links that are the font names below ?

  70. Hello can you create the monogram for the initials DMO with the O being in the middle and bigger than the D and M. I’d like the font to be Bernhardt. I posted this earlier but I’m not sure if it posted. Thanks!

  71. A warm hello from Australia…. Thank you for offering templates. Please could I request “Mrs Ralph” in Habano ST font. I think this will be a great gift idea for my boy to give his teacher for Christmas… the countdown is on, so gotta get folding!
    Many thanks

  72. Can you create letters using the Acme font? I would like to see my daughter’s name: Alessia
    Thank you!!

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