Last one – Lots of LOVE templates


UPDATED:  These are now stretched to produce a thicker folded word.

Just to complete my “set” of word templates, generic ones that will be useful for many occasions as gifts, here is a set of LOVE templates. As requested by Rose …



The PDF is here.

Just to go back to a question I have had a few times in comments, how to keep the folded book closed, I thought I would show you the one I did manage to do, for the word JOY.


As you can see, it is tied with a ribbon, as I have suggested before, but the ribbon is tied thru a pair of eyelets, set into the front and back cover.  A Crop-a-dile does the job nicely, although depending on the thickness of the cover and the length of the barrel of the eyelet, you do have to really SQUEEZE to make sure the eyelet is well set and not going to just pull loose.  I was lucky to find a £1 book, where the end papers were a lovely shade of forest green.


Setting the eyelets will allow you to really keep the book at the optimum state of openness, to show off the word you have folded.  A ribbon simply tied around the book doesn’t always stay put! As I think I may have said, you could also add some dangling beads or charms, either to the bow or to the eyelet holes.  I’d love to see any other ideas you might have come up with too!

This book was numbered about 340 pages.  I really need to be looking for 4-600 page books, but I just never seem to come across them in cheap charity shops.

14 thoughts on “Last one – Lots of LOVE templates

  1. Hi Maryann. I know I’ve seen book folding templates of all different words you’ve done but I’m having a hard time finding the link. I’ve only found the page with the Love words. Can you send me the link. I’m specifically looking for the word M❤️M. I also want to do others but need this one first. Thank you, Luann

    • Hi again. I found your Mom patterns but unfortunately there’s not one with a heart replacing the O. My friends mom had heart surgery and she wants to give it to her as a Christmas gift. Is it possible for you to make a pattern for me please. I’d like it like this:
      M❤️M. (Of course with a smaller heart.) I’m thinking with Bernard font but whatever you think looks best.
      Thanks again,

      • I just looked at your font list again. Wondering how milk script might look with the M❤️M. Is it possible to send me both, Bernard and Milk script?
        You’re a sweetheart and I truly appreciate all you do!

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  3. I do hope you can help, all I need is a G pattern in the style of a letterman’s jacket letter. Between trying to find a program to download to make my own pattern, the letter style or a template, I feel like I’ve put in a 40 hour work week. Thank you in advance either way.

    • As it is just one letter that should work out well. I am tempted to go ahead and make the whole alphabet in letterman style as I suspect it might be one of those things people see and think I can do that and it would be perfect for…


  4. Hello I love your patterns and explanations!

    I was hoping you might be able to do of a template for


    And whether

    Happy 1st anniversary

    Would work or not? As it’s paper so a folded book seemed apt! What sort of book size would I need?

    Don’t mind the font though do love flowing ones!

    One thing I don’t get is how you centre it so there’s not loads of pages left or how you get rid of those extras? One video I watched tore them out but it ruined the look of the end design! Thanks!

    • Sent. Basically after you count the lined to determine how many pages/leaves of the book you will use, you need the find the middle of the book and either fold from the middle one way then the other OR count forward half the pages to find the beginning. HTH


  5. Could you send me a love and heart template. Thank you

  6. I just love your post. THANK YOU FOR SHARING !! Keep sending all you like

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. You are such a sweatheart. Thank you for answering two requests. I especially like the way you have solved my dilemma of keeping books closed. You and your selflessness have brought so much joy into so many lives. Thank you so very much

    • It really does work very well. The real beauty of it is that you can snug the ribbon tight, to keep the book very closed or let it expand quite widely, as you prefer. And it is likely to stand up a lot better because tying it in place makes it all more stable! Fun, eh?


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