Flitting about again…just cannot settle!

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I am re-thinking the cranked sweater, as the design is not working out as I wanted it to. Plus needing more yarn, of course. Stands to reason a double thickness item (made from tubes not flat panels) is going to need more yarn! Silly me.

As a diversion I am working on something – not ready to say too much about it at the moment, but I think it’s going to be interesting. I dragged out a whole bunch of the scraps from all my knitted socks

SOOOOOO much sock yarn! Some of it was collected from my MIL but most of it is mine. I have knit a crazy number of socks. And I have a ton of yarn still to use. This is JUST THE LEFTOVERS. Yikes.

A few people from WOYWW were confused by the little device – it is specifically for making i-cords, which usually take ages to hand knit or crochet. With the little Embellish-Knit cranker it flies out of the machine. Look at this lovely pile – the yarn is shot thru wit a tiny glittery thread and the spacing worked perfectly for a lovely stripey effect.

I used my Nano tape again to secure the little device to a slat so I didn’t have to hold it in one hand and crank with the other. Looks a bit shit but it works perfectly fine.

It’s not a perfect solution but it’s not horrible either. Now I am just waiting for a very odd little supply to drop thru my letterbox from Amazon. When it does, and if my idea works, I’ll share. Fingers crossed it will.

I miss the days of first and second post. We used to get mail at like 7:30 AM then a second delivery around noon when we lived in London. How times have changed!

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