Interesting quilt tying technique


Yes, I know, I am a huge wimp.  Sort of.  I had an idea to bring a little playfulness to my quilt by tying it in a different way.  A couple of things to note.  First, I started tying with yarn then decided I didn’t like it so I took it all out.  DOH! The photos ar using the bright orange yarn so they show up really nicely, but they aren’t what the actual end quilt uses.  I used a slightly less intense 6-strand floss, because I like the fray on the back.


I hope you can see what I am talking about in the photos!

I started with a long strand with the yarn, but I would say maybe a yard for the floss. You can make the Xs any size you like, and on my first try I found that I was wildly irregular size-wise.  After doing it for a while I found I became more consistent.  Also I am “tying” it with the quilt spray-basted and in a hoop.  I prefer working in my lap rather than hunched over on the floor.

1. Come up from the underside of your quilt – leave a 3″ tail. Go down into the QUILT TOP and THE BATTING (wadding for my UK friends) but not thru the bottom. Slip the needle across between the batting and the backing and pop the needle up, in line with the spot where the needle came up from the back.  I experimented with a sort of template to see if I could get my Xs a consistent size, but it ended up being a little to big.  But I think you can see what I mean.


2. Bring the needle up to complete the X.  ANGLE the needle back thru all three layers so when it comes out thru the backing it ends up CLOSER to the original hole.  The keep you from being to far away to tie neatly.



See how it is closer than the area of the X?



Now, you can carry on to make the next X, leaving a loop of yarn/thread at the back – doing in a hoop I just catch the yarn on my finger under the hoop, and make sure when I come up for the next X there is some slack. Snip the loops and tie with a square knot.


I’ll take a shot once I get the centre done with the new tying thread so you can see how it looks. But I think you get the idea.  My goal was to bring a bit of playfulness to the quilt, which is made from not overtly childish fabric, so if the Xs are not PERFECT they will make it so. But my aim is for them to be FAIRLY consistent.

One point to note: you need to keep the quilt oriented the SAME WAY – so don’t twist and turn it while you work – keep the top at the top at all times.  That will make all your Xs crossing the same way – and I found mine were slightly skewed wider across than top to bottom, no matter how hard I tried to match them if I rotated the hoop. You may not care, or you may be a MUCH more precise hand-stitcher than I am, but be aware.

From what I did (before I took it all out) I really like the look of it – it IS playful and the orange (even the toned-down floss orange) highlights the orange in the fabrics and the Xs are just cute as can be. Plus with the extra stitching, the thread is “caught” more so even if some nimble fingered kiddie were able to pick apart the know they would struggle to get the thread out! A bonus, in my mind.

At the moment, because I don’t have a ton of this floss colour, (thank goodness the colours are standardized!) I am making an X, snipping and tying, then doing the next X – it’s a little bit less wasteful, and because I can sit comfortably while I am doing it I don’t mind going slow.  But I swear, I don’t think I have actually SEEN an episode of Eastenders in yonks.  I’ve HEARD them all, while my eye is focused on whatever I am doing, so I haven’t lost the plot yet, but I almost forge what the characters look like LOL!

Anyway, that is what I am dong at the moment.  Hope you find it interesting.

4 thoughts on “Interesting quilt tying technique

  1. This is brilliant and EXACTLY what I was looking for. Really clear instructions. Thank you so much for sharing. Di x

  2. You are always so analytical in all you do. Your experiments produce the best tips and it’s great that you pass them on! TYTYTY! I’ll try this one out.
    love jo x

  3. I love your posts! So informative…and you seem to get so much more done in a day than I do! 🙂

  4. Gosh you must have the patience of a saint there is no way I could do the quilt and sewing but I do have to say it looks fantastic

    Hugs Eliza

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