WOYWW 313 – post crop/post-anniversary let down

WOYWW time again.  Feels like I just returned all my visits oh wait, that’s cause I did! Ah me.  Now all the excitement over the anniversary  is over, real life once again asserts itself.  My desk is full of accounts paperwork  (ugh) and my art journal, dragged out to share with DS and his GF.  She’s been thru most of the scrapbooks and some of the DVDs of DS as a baby, so we are moving on to more crafty things.


Not at all interesting.

I did manage to get all the ATCs for the anniversary swap into one ATC holder.  Apologies for the crappy photo, but I didn’t know my batteries were dying, and there was a bit of a power issue in the area so we shut everything off for a few hours and I couldn’t re-charge them before snapping the photo to schedule. When the batteries are close to giving up the ghost, my camera will only take blurry shots.


Such a lovely variety in style and colour, and yet I absolutely adore every one of them.  Each one is a little bit from a friend to inspire me.

I did manage to get the inside of DS’s computer clean.  Ready for a scare?


Bear in mind that is two A4 sheets, the flyer.  That gives you some idea of exactly how much dust I removed.   Blocked fans are no laughing matter, and overheating is not good for a computer. I didn’t measure it but I am going to say it was over a 1/4 cup of dust.

And still working my way thru piles of laundry, only 4 more loads to go…maybe 5 …. then it’ll be regular laundry day again.  Lucky the washer and dryer are close enough to my desk I can multi-task – put in a load, visit a desk or two, switch to the dryer, desk hop some more, hang our a few things, more desks….

Let’s hope it plays out that way!  Sorry mine is so boring this week.  Bet yours is absolutely fascinating {wink}




ATC holder folder

So I just had to work it out.  And I obviously can’t keep it to myself till next year’s ATC swap, so although this has a WOYWW theme, it is easily adaptable for other sorts of swaps.  I may take the time to work up a printable, more generic version others could use for their own swaps, at some point.

I am loving my monster monitor, btw.


The placement of the printed images was the tricky bit.  This isn’t the final one, as you can see a couple of bits are ever so slightly off perfect placement


That is the outside – an ATC fits that flap pocket.  And likewise the inside:


Room for an ATC or two or even three, and a little pressie of the flat and small kind.  I think it I were using the folder AS an ATC I would stick the ATC back, for all the info, to the outside, so it couldn’t get lost or slip out. But as a folder to hold it, not every pocket HAS to be filled. As for the side openings, you can slip a ribbon right thru from side to side, creating a tie. Or stick it to the inside before you tuck in the corners

And, yes, I am sorry to say, the text is all too accurate…



It’s a folder, it’s an ATC…it’s and ATC folder!

LOL!  Funny how this one came about.  An email asking about an origami folder.   I think I actually made one of these before but it’s been AGES and I had totally forgotten about it.


One of my followers was working on something that used a variation of this as a base.  She wanted my opinion on one element, which I gave, and I think sorted out the problem she was having. But in order to do that, I had to make one again, to see how it worked. It’s a fairly well-known origami fold, but making it gave me an idea.  I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to make one that was ATC size, to use as either an actual ATC or as a folder/mailer for an ATC.

The trick is the size of the paper and where to make the folds.

1. Cut your paper to 8 x 10 inches – I was using a sheet of grid paper from a spiral notebook so couldn’t manage 8 inches across


Mine ended up about 7 3/4 inches, but so long as the essential fold falls at 7 inches, it’s fine.  I’ll reference it when it comes up later.

2. Fold in half, top to bottom


3. Open and with the mountain fold up, fold the top edge to the fold, then the bottom edge to the fold, creating a W


4. Open the sheet and crease and fold 1/2 inch down at the top and bottom edge, towards the centre mountain fold.


 5. Fold all four corners in to meet the first fold, like so:


then fold in. Again, the mountain fold is facing you.


6.  Flip over, and score one end at 7 inches.  This is where the width of the paper might make the size of the folded edge differ.


Mine is only 3/4 inch because my sheet couldn’t be 8 inches once I cut off the holes.


 7.  Insert the edge without the fold into the small triangles, like so:


and fold along the centre crease to close and create a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 folder!



You now have a folder that can BE an ATC, HOLD and ATC, or just be a cute little folder for anything.

Kinda sorry I have already made most of my ATCs for the WOYWW swap, and they are too thick to fit inside this, but I have another idea to play with that I might keep in my back pocket for another swap sometime….

I’m not mentioning the follower only because she told me what her plan is for her version and she might not want that.  If she wants to, she can comment with a link or more info.


A little swap with a commenter

I have the best followers.  One of them, Diana, lives in Oregon.  She commented on my WOYWW crop ATC and asked about a swap, so we arranged it.  I actually got these a couple of weeks back, but hadn’t shared them.  I really don’t do a lot of ATCs.  Sometimes when I just crave doing something crafty but life is hectic (like it seems to be nowadays) I’ll carve out a little time and make a couple.  I told her I don’t have but a few and picked out what I hoped was a nice one for her.  She, on the other hand, went over and above, sending me not one but a whole pile of ATCs. Had I know I would have made more!

Look at the variety:



Isn’t The Dark Horse cute? And the Mad Hatter? And don’t you love the pretty butterfly (the photo doesn’t do it justice) and the real shell pieces on the “beach”? I should have taken off the little plastic protectors.  I did with this one, perhaps my favourite.  I love the look of it and the title – perfect.


I guess I have ATCs on my mind, as I am prepping a pile of them so I can have a productive day on Saturday.  I want to go to the WOYWW crop with a stockpile of swap ATCs cause there are always on-the-fly swaps arranged there, as well as people from far flung places who send ATCs you might not be expecting, that say they aren’t expecting a swapsie.  But I want to be ready with one to drop in the envelope.

Thanks Diana.


WOYWW 307 – 6th anniversary ATC-back printables

Happy WOYWW!  I missed last week (my back was just too bad to sit at my desk and my iPad too annoying for the usually long comments I tend to leave) and as my first wrenched back came after posting WOYWW the previous week, but before managing any comments, it seemed better to skip it than join in and NOT comment.  This week my back is better, but I am taking it easy as I am sure the second spasm was caused by doing too much too soon.

I got a fresh blade for my Cricut, so I can cut some things, and I am still working on my ATCs.  I made all I could from the darker backgrounds and am now working on a lighter and brighter one.  Similar elements but a little different.


Here are the ATC backs I made for this year’s swap.  The sheet has nine backs. Do feel free to grab them and use them.  I will probably edit out the WOYWW related bit and re-make them for download after the Anniversary swap.


I also share this little “memory game” from my local Tiger.  I just loved the colourful chipboard rings.  I think it was maybe £3 for 50 doughnut-shaped pieces.

2woyww307They are colourful but have a cute dotty scribble pattern on the back, and could be covered with cardstock too.  I think they could work on a layout, obviously, but maybe on a card too. So cute.


As it is a “memory game” there are two of each pattern.

I also have a whole pile of little preemie hats ready to mail off.  I didn’t count them but I think it could be close to 20.  And I still have loads of yarn leftovers so will make more.  Part of the spring clean was getting the oddments of yarn that were scattered all over the house in one place!

 PS If you want to swap ATCs for the WOYWW anniversary, drop me a comment and I’ll confirm so we can exchange addresses. 



Getting close now to the WOYWW 6th anniversary and as usual my mind turns towards the ATC for the swap and something to make for the crop, like the little pointy eared fellows from last year.  This time I wanted to have something that I could mail, and I think I cracked it.


The Cricut mat on the left has the template, created and sized for the ATC I have in mind.  I did in using a combination of an online” gift-card”  download, my Intaglio drawing program, my Cricut with SCAL and a LOT of trial and error.  I even found a use for the bajillion loom bands that litter the floor in every room of my house.  DD is still hopelessly addicted to making them.

I have a couple of experimental versions – and no, clicking the photo won’t make it bigger so you can get a better look!- some easier than others, but I am limited by the tools I own.  There is no way I am going to be able to make more than a handful. I have the structure of the ATC already sorted bit the design of it is a different matter.  I am loving my ATC displays and already thinking I need to make one specifically for the 6th.12landscapeATCdisplay

I still haven’t worked out the best way to make one that handles both portrait AND landscape ATCs in the same hanger…

Have a happy WOYWW day.  See you round at yours in a bit.


Twisted Card ATC holder

So I was looking at the Twisted card from yesterday, and as I still had some of the ATCs from last week’s play on my desk, it occurred to me that the card, with a little change, could work well for an ATC holder.  When we did the WOYWW swap of ATCs I seemed to get either just the ATC, in a plastic sleeve, in an envelope, OR I got the ATC in a card that looked like it took as long to make as the ATC did! I thought that old, unloved double-sided papers could be used to make a twisted card, starting with a slightly wider strip, and used as both protector and card.  I don’t doubt some people would still put the ATC in a plastic sleeve, but they would still fit.

The only change to the cutting is to start with a 5 inch wide strip – I used the A4 papers from the pack, but I am fairly sure a US letter sized sheet will work fine.  Try it with scrap paper and see. Using double-sided paper means no other decoration is needed, really.


Then the first part of the scoring and folding is exactly the same:

Score corner to corner on the diagonal


Fold and crease sharply


Fold in half to create the card.


Now a little change – if you slip the ATC into the inside pocket, you can see where to fold over the right edge – the key marker is that the ATC not overhang the top edge.  See the top left corner of the ATC? Still contained within the diagonal …


and that pocket, when folded, works for portrait or landscape.


I folded the front over, then folded the opposite side as well, so the edges matched


then stuck all those folded edges down –





Gee, you can really tell some of those photos were taken last night and a couple this morning!  Amazing the difference in colour. Anyway, I also ran a thin line of adhesive in the middle near the fold to secure it all nicely.

And still, the card with ATC enclosed fits nicely in a 5 1/4 inch square envelope.


So now I’ve solved two problems – using up paper I am unlikely to use for any other purpose AND making a card that holds my ATC for mailing and looks cute but doesn’t take hours to make.  Result! I added a card adapted from my ATC info backers, which could be stored with the ATC (same size) if you wanted to keep the personal note along with the actual ATC.  They would work well in my hanging display sleeves…

I also wouldn’t discount this variation on the twisted card as a card in it’s own right.  With the right double-sided papers it only needs the bare minimum to decorate it, it is sturdy enough to stand up, can hold a gift card or photos and is easy enough for a kid to make.

I just love it when a plan comes together….


Dingbats as digital stamps

As I was making the ATCs the other day I found myself using dingbats because I didn’t have actual stamps and wasn’t able to find digital stamps that suited my needs. It got me thinking…why NOT use dingbat images?  The always scale beautifully with no loss of clarity, although the lines tend to thicken in proportion to the size


The font names are on the right – you know me, there are LOADS of lovely butterflies and flowers and wings and birds and the like available in dingbat form, but I am always looking for slightly odd images and these suited my needs. They colour up with Copics just as well as any digital stamp


I also wanted to make use of the prints from the Creative Palette – they weren’t brilliant but they worked OK for what I had in mind, a small set of ATCs with some favourite sci-fi movie quotes.  So they formed the backgrounds, with a bit of stamping and printed text.

Well, except for this one.  I seem to have a few of the office supply, tiny text create-a-stamp sets and I decided to give them a go.  They actually worked pretty well, although placement is a bit tricky.


So, how many can you identify, without checking Google?



I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

Nobody touches my brain. They may drop it.

Never give up! Never Surrender!

“More Human than Human” is our motto.

Rushing now, as DD has an eye dr. appt. in an hour so better get moving! Eeek! time slipped away from me today….


ATCs done

Fairly happy with at least 5 of the 6 I made.  The group:


While I like the IDEA of the mostly text one, I’m not wild about my execution.  Might scrap it or re-do it, not sure:


It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine, having ATCs with stuff hanging outside what will fit in the sleeves so the strip of considered and rejected Christmas greetings are meant to collapse.

And I really like these two in particular – I checked the official Christmas Countdown online to get the exact timing between NOW and CHRISTMAS for the circle.  It really is QUITE a long time away….


The Santa is another of the 2Peas font (and I see you can download it for free from here now so perhaps other 2Peas freebies are still out there to be found) and the screaming man still unknown.  If I ever get the info on that old image bundle I bought I’ll let you know.

In general I do think I demonstrated that printables CAN be used quite nicely in other ways, not just for Project Life, or indeed just for scrapbooking.

Now, time to consider moving on to more season appropriate crafting….. {wink}


WOYWW 269 – Christmas in July

I am still making anti-Christmas in summer ATCs using my printables.  I’m quite liking how they are turning out.

I thought this week I would take a shot from a different angle, just to show you that my mess is NOT confined to just the “working area” of my desk:


It really is that bad, from one end to the other.  {sigh}

And the working square is just about tolerable:


You can see the Bah Humbug ATC from yesterday as well as the other three in my set of four:


The bag of coal needs some more text – I’m leaning towards “not bloody likely” to answer the Been Good? question and explain  the bag of coal.  The screaming man is an old image I think I bought back in 1999, for UKS – I used it a lot when I wrote the Scrap Musings.  Always liked it and the images are VERY large and thus high quality – I saw no reason they wouldn’t work as “digital stamps” but they seem to have disappeared from the site where I bought them.  The tech support team in on the case.  This guy is def. my favourite but there were a few others I quite liked as well.  We’ll see if they find them.

The other images are dingbats – the Bag o’ Coal and the little boy catching snowflakes are from David Wilson fonts from 2 Peas – shame they won’t be available anymore.  The snowman is built from white cardstock circles, and the face is a bit of a pumpkin carving font, some black dots and a clip art carrot.  The grasping arm is a bit of a Stampotique stamp.  I think he looks suitably scary, don’t you?


You can’t see the Diamond Dust snow very well but it’s there – might punch some tiny white snowflakes as well.

Now last week got away from me – I was busy on Weds. with DD all day, and it was Sunday morning before I realized I never got to even one desk last week.  Oh the SHAME of it all – I am thinking (although Weds. is still skating day AND we have haircuts booked AND DD is home with me all day and craves girlie time when that happens) I may try and see if for once I can visit every blog on the list.  I won’t say comment cause some people only allow comments from Google accounts and some just will not accept my input for some unknown reason. But my plan is to visit everyone.  Never done it before and it’s time I made the effort – if for no other reason than to make up for my poor showing last week!

So, see you round yours in a bit…but if I see Christmas cards …..


(update: PHEW! visited every desk and only found 3 or so that only allowed Google comments so I couldn’t say how much I like what I saw – that was a challenge but glad I managed it at least ONCE!!)