ATC mark-making stencil from Toughprint paper


Fun! The artists group I am part of does ATC swaps and I have been looking thru my mark-making stencils and stamps, looking to one to use. I have a bunch of stamps I make where the elements are…arranged I guess, in what is meant to be a “random” layout. I will often get a bit heavy-handed when stenciling and as my mind wanders I end up stenciling the whole area. So I created some using simple images that I like, but arranged them so I can’t over-do it.

As I mentioned yesterday, I just did my design, printed it on the Toughprint paper, then cut it. It did amazing except the tiny little dots in the one design. It got some but missed out more.

I solved that by punching out the dots with my Cropadile!

I grabbed a bunch of papers from my desk and cut them into ATC sized bits, just to test out the designs.

I really like them all. They are quite small scale, and all on one sheet, which is nice. I like the scattered nature of the motifs, and they stencil nicely. A big win!

I have a few other designs I might play around with. I am trying to think of some more unique marks. I am also on the hunt for the exact little man silhouette I used on this piece. I found lots but not this exact guy. Driving me MAD, it is. I found one of the little ladies cute from a transparency, and the file where she came from but the stocky dude is not there.


3 thoughts on “ATC mark-making stencil from Toughprint paper

  1. Love this post. I am amazed by how you can make your machine produce such great stencils., especially for ATCs. I find that it is very challenging to create artworks at ATC size, perhaps that is why I enjoy them so much.
    Are you with ATCs For All Group by any chance?

    • I am, but just busy with other sorts of art at the moment and the whole mail system seems to be having issues so mailing internationally is a pain. Hence not really doing ATCs as much. But I did do one recent swap and might do another (UK only) so… 🙂

      • I understand. I sent 3 themes out on 4th Jan but only one received so far……. and today’s closing day!
        I’ll look out for you….. My handle is Bishopsmate.

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