Already begun my Anniversary ATCs


I cannot believe that this will be the 14th Anniversary on What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday. Yikes. Another number – 728 weeks of posting desk photos and sharing with a close-knit community of people across the world. Yes, the numbers have dwindled over the years, but when it is anniversary time, people tend to pop in to look and say HI even if they no longer post a desk.

One of the traditions is we always do an ATC swap. You can opt to join in simply by adding an * next to your name, and then you will send an ATC to the first name with an * above you in the Mr Linky list (or maybe below, depending on the instructions) and will receive from the next person with an * below (or above) you in the list. Simplicity itself.

That is the bare minimum. You can (as I plan to do) make a bunch and offer them for trade to anyone who wants to claim one, or offer them to someone and ask if they want to reciprocate. It’s fun and links us all in real world terms, by physically sending and receiving a little piece of art in the actual mail.

I have amassed my supplied, made my test version, worked out many of the details, but darn it there is always a glitch. In this case, as my ATC will follow the “theme” of What WOYWW means to you and will involve quite a few words, the glitch is stamps sets with only a single of each letter.

I have a lot of stamps sets. But honestly, WOYWW alone has three Ws. I have been experimenting but am just not happy with any of the options.

I mean they aren’t awful but they look wonky. I do have a stamp set I got, crikey, maybe 30 years ago? It is super useful. The letters are a nice font, fairly big, as these single letter sets go, and I do like how it looks.

As you can see I am using Distress Oxides for the backgounds, but that droplet effect sometimes bothers me too.

I have a lot of words, and I am not keen to be stamping partial words then going back to fill in letters, so at this point I m kinda thinking I will print then and stick them, because the rest of the ATC is going to be a bit complex – not as complex as the pop-up-cube one I did way back for the 6th anniversary

but it isn’t going to be fast to make either. Usually people are very secretive about their ATCs so it is a surprise when the swap partner gets it, but with very few exceptions I am pretty sure my WOYWW mates aren’t reading here every day LOL! So I might end up sharing it before the big swap happens. We’ll see…. But at least I am on my way and not waiting till the last minute.

4 thoughts on “Already begun my Anniversary ATCs

  1. well there is always someone ahead of the game! well done you; I like what I see so far. You’re right about the “W”‘s though, I always think they look wonky…. Will try and get my thinking cap on at the weekend.


  2. I did try to comment earlier this morning, but it wouldn’t let me! Then, just now, a popup tells me that my VPN is off. (So what I think) anyway, I quickly try and get into Stamping ground. AND! in stead of spinning round and round like its been doing for months…I could turned it on and! Not only am I here but also popped into Julia’s too! Love your ATC’s…I will make some, but can’t promise to be there because this link may turn off at any moment…like standing on quick sand, really


  3. I’m here, (contrary to popular opinion!!) Been AWOL lately as life settles with the new bubba. Hope we will be swapping. Must get my thinking cap on!! Cindy xx


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