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ATCs final steps, custom stamp, and the beginnings of a new series

Just one of those compilation posts of a few hanging threads, finally all tied up. The first thing is all of the bare-backed ATCs have now had their backs created, printed and stuck. I always save the final signature for just before the ATCs go in the mail. I have them all (all my available ones, cards and coins) to my ATC Cards and Coins menu at the top.

As you can see, I also managed to fir in the no cash value text onto the small stamp for my ATC mailings. I cannot recall where I got the nifty little storage thing that holds all those tiny letters, perfectly organized, but it is so helpful.

I also started fiddling with those backgrounds I had hanging about – just placing the words leftover from the previous play and part of me wonders if nothing more is needed? Or am I just being a bit lazy? I like my ATC series to … mean something, or at least SAY something, and generally I am not one to do the single word slapped on as an afterthought kinda creator. Not that I have never done that, it’s just something I always think of as a crutch. Made a great card? Slap on one of these words to make it seem pithy: art, create, believe, inspire, play. I am much more of a quirky quote person than a single-word person. So these seem at once almost done and nowhere near done!

And finally, I spied my junk journal under a pile of chaos and managed to do a few entries, some hidden.

Skating comp this weekend so you won’t see anything from me till Monday. I feel like I need to re-charge my creative batteries by doing some mindfully mindless craftiness. Not sure what it will be, but my brain is full of too many ideas to focus on anything and I need to figure out how to focus it.

Enjoy YOUR weekend and I hope it is a creative one!


Tidying up my blog, bad news and printable ATC backs

I am getting close to the limit for storage on my blog. Back in the good old days, when it seemed like I had nothing but space, I tended to upload quite large images. Now, after blogging since 2009(!) I find I am nearing the limit. Because I have never monetized my blog, it is not something I am keen to start now paying for. So I am going back and deleting stuff – mostly it’s old calendar PDFs. The thing is I don’t trust what I see when I click to see “unattached” images. I can’t figure out a clear way to know if they are actually attached to something or not. So there might be things (links) that no longer work, especially for old (2020 and earlier) Calendars. I have left the images of those things but I feel like I might need to delete them as well. I am also considering deleting all the Project Life printables. I feel like the style of the ones I did years ago are no longer in fashion, and for the very very occasional hit they might get, it isn’t worth keeping a big PDF file and a large image. Sorting that.

The bad news is my knitting mate has tested positive. Almost 100% caught it from her daughter and her daughter from school. Not good at all. I did a test and so far I’m negative – it was almost a full week between when last we met and her testing positive, and while we met inside cause of the crap weather, we did keep distance between us and no hugging hello. Not sure having the 3rd jab yesterday will help but you never know. Have now had to tell the potential birthday guests the timeline and test status, and will test again (and maybe again) and update them on the day for a final decision. It’s only three guests in total and if need be I can just stay well away (on a different level I think) while guests are in the house, if they do choose to come. Bah!

So now I am going to ADD stuff LOL! I have been printing and attaching backs to some of the ATCs and Coins I have made recently. I have my standard image that I tend to alter with colour so all my backs don’t look exactly the same.

It’s simple to do and keeps things fresh. So I made a set of Halloween/Creepy ones to download (see the bloody drips above for a closer look) and they look like this:

And the other set is a trio of three cards in three different patterns to download as well:

Hopefully that will be helpful.

I have quite a lot of behind the scenes stuff I need to do

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It’s all about the moon – ATC coin series

As promised, here are the close shots of the coins I showed in process yesterday:

Very bright, very collage-y, little pocket pieces of art. So much fun to make and trade. And in aid of that, here is another printable sheet of ATC coin backs. Make sure your printer is printing at 100% for them to be exactly 2.5 inches, but if you wanted to size them slightly smaller you could – like if you also have a 2.25 inch punch and you don’t like to have to get them precisely placed! They look like this and you can download them here:

I re-jigged the placement every so slightly to give more room for writing.

WOYWW tomorrow and no knitting this week as it is the last week darling daughter has before beginning her last year of school so we are doing a lot of mommy/daughter things. I love my girl!