Too hipster? Gelli ® print deer head


It has been SOOOOOO long since I got to do any sort of crafty thing except knitting (which is portable and that is the only reason I can squeeze that in!) so I am super excited to be able to add a fun project.  I love it, even if it was a ton of work to accomplish.  And the one day I sit down to actually craft I get non-stop interaction from my darling Hubby (to be fair, he is trying to sort out my desk phone so I shouldn’t complain) and deliveries that need signing for, and gutter cleaners needing input, etc etc etc.

Anyway, I had noticed these 3D animal head craft kits at Lidl for like £2.  I think there were a few options, but I only got three – the deer, a ram and an elephant.  I think there was maybe a bear and something else.  As soon as I saw them in the flyer last week I mentally noted that I needed to go on Sunday to get them.  Then I promptly forgot.  DOH!  I was in Lidl yesterday to get a few things and I thought I would check the section that has the “last week’s” stuff.  And lo and behold they had a stack of them! Woo hoo.


It’s all punch out, super simple but lots of pieces




Size-wise it is about 13 inches across


Now, given the base is white, I could have streamlined the process a LOT by pulling the prints right onto the pieces, but that seemed dangerous.  If I screwed up a print, I would ruin the whole piece. Instead, I went back to my stash of prints (recently unearthed in my ongoing office sort) and started matching up prints to pieces.  The pieces are numbered on the back so easy to see what will be next to what


I did the base piece using this weird paper – thick and almost foam-y in texture, with a wood print on it – than my DH’s Aunt sent, wrapper around a gift. I’ve been hoarding it.



and I inked the backs, except the big piece that included the antlers.


You can’t see the number at all once the ink is on so I had to be a bit more organized than I usually am.

I also covered the antlers in a similar but darker foam-y paper and that worked much better than the light version would have. AND I backed it with some quite thick black cardstock.  Cutting that was a pain but it made it all much more stable.


I inked the edges or dragged a fat marker around, and…..

ta da!


So hard to get a decent photo that really shows its loveliness!



I hung it up on my office door. It needs a name.



I think I need to go back and buy them all!!

12 thoughts on “Too hipster? Gelli ® print deer head

  1. OMG! Love this! I wonder if I can get something like this in the US. I would love an elephant head for a nephew. TFS. So great to see you crafting like this again.

  2. Just love all the colors. I have some insects to do and had not thought of using paper.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I have miss your projects. Happy to see them back.
    Hope your all back together after the move.

  3. That’s awesome!! I never would have known what to do with one of those kits, but your idea was fantastic! The first name that came to mind was Julie for some reason, Jules for short 😛

  4. Gorg! Truly a piece of art and one of a kind! I’d name her Beauty

  5. Absolutely love it. Much better than trophy hunting! And it’s gorgeous!

  6. Absolutely amazing!
    I was in there this morning, saw them and wondered who would want to buy those.. …..a genius of course!!

  7. WOW is all I can think of to say – W.O.W.

  8. Yes, buy them all. This turned out wonderful!

    Her name could be Paisley if you put a pretty flower behind one ear. Add a bow tie instead and call him “Late for lunch”.

    Happy thoughts,
    New York

  9. This is gorgeous! Love it

  10. Love it! Great job.

  11. I think it’s AWESOME!

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