WOYWW 385 – long time, no see!


Happy WOYWW day!  Oh it has been so long!  I drastically underestimated the impact of

  • the move to a new house that needs a lot of work
  • the move to a new county and the impact on DDs SEN status
  • dealing with the ridiculous amount of stuff left by DS after he moved to California
  • getting my ridiculous amount of craft stuff organized

I haven’t managed WOYWW for AGES – every time I think maybe THIS week I can do it, SOMETHING comes up and I end up being tied up with contractors or needing to be away for the day and therefore unable to take part. And I won’t take part unless I KNOW I can at least return visits.

But I do actually have something on my desk this week and I am home awaiting a couple of deliveries and a pick up for return, and only have to pop out to collect a prescription at the pharmacy.  I may get a text from the plumber (almost all the downstairs radiators fail to heat up at all) but that is about it.  Seems a good week to take the plunge.

Remember this?



and my Gelli print version? It is a post or so back.


Well, I did wind up buying a stack of the kits from Lidl and in tidying up I came across some lovely tissue paper from our trip to the Bombay Sapphire distillery:


So I have been covering the bits of an elephant with the tissue paper


and misting the centre brace pieces with Glimmer Mist


The nice thing about tissue paper is that you don’t need to X-acto knife around the pieces, just scrub along the edges with an emery board or nail file.  And the emery board fits inside the tricky slots to make it super easy to remove the tissue paper from them.


It just needs some ink dusted on the edges and it can join the deer head.  I still have a rams head and a bull’s head (maybe a rhino too, the only one I am sure I didn’t buy is the bear!) but am not sure what other technique I might bring to it.  I did consider doodling on the white pieces but I’m not that good at it, to be honest.  And the mountain of scrapbooking paper I have on hand would make that an obvious choice, but maybe too obvious.  I might go for stamping with my Teesha/Zetti stamps but I’m just not sure how visible they will be once the piece is assembled.  Time will tell…

So have a wonderful WOYWW day and I will hope to manage a few visits before it all goes pear-shaped.

Pessimistic? Me? Nahhhh…..

19 thoughts on “WOYWW 385 – long time, no see!

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  2. Welcome back! A move? Congratulations. And I”m loving the wall art. Leave it to you to not do an as is project LOL I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your freebies in the past. I’m just not going back through your ‘keeper’ emails of the last 18 months and saving files. If I can every do something for you, please ask. Creative Blessings! Kel

  3. I was here on Wednesday. Then I got sidetracked by your other posts as usual and forgot to leave a comment. Oh stupid me….

    So where is it you moved to? I didn’t get that far back! Got totally waylaid by book folding templates! Hah. You’re a minx, tempting me with alternative hobbies…

    Lovely to see you back here – I’ve been in absentia somewhat my self, so it’s good to hop back and spot favourite “faces” as it were…

    Hope to see you here again soon!

    Morti @ 40

  4. So pleased the move went well. Tidying a craft room is bad enough without the thought of moving it too!!
    The deer head looks great.

  5. Oh, I think the gelli print deer head is so, so great!! I love the layers of color you got on it. I can’t wait to see how this elephant turns out. As for what to do on the next one. . .scrapbook paper may be obvious, but how you use it doesn’t have to be. What if you did some kind of ombre or alternating colors on it? Have fun with it!

  6. Goodness…I am out of touch. Where have you moved to? Things have been out of sorts here too. My DH passed away suddenly in August and I am having a time getting back to crafting. Time heals all wounds they say, They ( who ever they are ) just never say when. Missed you. I still make your Kennedy Word books for all of these grands that keep popping out. Lol

  7. So pleased to see you back again. Gorgeous projects on the go here. Have good crafty week and great woyww, Angela x 17

  8. I love these kits! I’ve never been brave enough to buy any because I never know what to do with them… I adore your ideas!! Have a great week! Heather (waywardgypsy) #50? #51?

  9. Hi Mary Anne
    Lovely to hear that things are starting to settle down, it seems to go on forever doesn’t it? My daughter has her fair share of ‘new to her’ probs as well.
    I loved your deer and that elephant is amazing, thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week
    aka Bishopsmate #20

  10. Loving the look of your projects..can’t wait to see the elephant. Happy WOYWW Elaine no. 16

  11. Hi Mary Anne,

    I love your work and just wanted to let you know that you are a major enabler! i scoured the stores and then the internet and
    finally found these at amazon today and purchased the dragon. I have had a gelli plate for a couple of years and other than use it for
    card backgrounds, well i have a small mound of unused prints. Your deer is gorgeous so I thought i would give it a go.

    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful creativity.

  12. well hello Mrs!! long time no see, indeed. Love that paper your re-purposing. sounds like a great place for a visit! I have heard good things of it from others too. Thanks for your visit, and hope to see you at the crop. Helen #1

  13. Love the deer project. Looks very bright and colourful. Sounds like you’re awfully busy with the move. I know what you mean about kids’ stuff still being in house. Not sure it will ever be retrieved – maybe I should put my foot down? Lol.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #34

  14. Thanks for your message Mary Anne! WOYWW is sure fun!

  15. It is always hard to get back into the swing of things when life interfere with fun. I love those kits. I bought a regular sandpaper block for using with the heavier card stock/paper. It does the same thing as the files do on lighter paper…just has to be really dry before you file it. Have fun crafting and posting again! Have a great week. Vickie #11

  16. Great idea to cover the kit pieces with gelli prints – it looks awesome! You don’t know this Mary Anne, but it was one of your posts that got me into WOYWW – over two years ago now! I remember thinking what the heck is WOYWW, and got completely hooked! Have a lovely week! Hope they can sort those radiators – it’s getting chilly now! zsuzsa #22

  17. Hi Mary Anne- lovely to ‘see’ you! I do like that stags head, I saw the post and thought it was marvellous. Great job with the elephant so far. Awesome paper from the Bombay Gin! Love it. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

  18. Welcome back and it looks like you have had the best excuse. Wow to the amazing deer project …. absolutely fab. You have really made it your own style.
    sandra de @28

  19. Hi Mary Anne. Goodness – you have been busy in my absence! And you have been having FUN. Love the quirky deer, and now the elephant. Enjoy.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

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