Another 2017 Calendar – fun and funky


Just another funky calendar.  I am slightly obsessed with gray at the moment, enhanced with a pop of colour.  Hope you find them useful!


You can get the 3-page PDF here.

I am always happy to convert to a different size, so long as I can do it easily.  Drop me a comment if you need a different size and I’ll see what I can do – and when!  We get the keys to the house next week and I suspect June and July will be slightly manic. And give the idiocy of BT (yes, yes, I know you UK folk know this already!) I may not have internet for a time.  Honestly, how many hours do you have to spend trying to solve a problem?  I’m sure the goal is to just get people to throw their hands up in despair and say FINE. Screw it.  I’ll have BT Broadband then. But then, if I hadn’t sat on hold for so long yesterday I might not have had time to create these…. swings and roundabouts, right?

5 thoughts on “Another 2017 Calendar – fun and funky

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  2. Thank you for both sets of calendars. I can see both of them as gifts for different generations.
    I wish you a smooth move to your new house with no problems. Wishing you many blessings in your new home.

  3. Love this calendar… Thank You!!

  4. Thank you for starting to include your calendars again. Do you think you could do your doily calendars again. I love those and they work great with the projects I make. Also I love the colors. Thank you in advance.

    Ronna Crowley

    Sent from my iPad


    • If you find the exact set you want, and link it in the comment, then I will be sure to pick the RIGHT Doily calendar. I’ve done three or four versions so best to show me the one you want!



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