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Pixel Calendar updated for 2016

You see?  All it takes is someone to mention a need and if I have the time, I jump in to fill it.  I had a comment about the Pixel calendar (one of my all time favourites, but although it has been downloaded often (nearly 1000 times) it isn’t one of the most popular) from Melissa, saying she loved it but was hoping for the 2016 version.

As usual, once I have done the work to create the month blocks, swapping them around to make a new year isn’t much work at all.  So here is the 2016 version:


Just like the 2015 version.  No tear-off version but I trust if that is needed someone will ask.

Download the three-page PDF here.



Two requests – Italian and BIG blank calendars

I’ve had two requests for different versions of the blank calendars.  One was for an Italian version – easy enough.  My heritage is 3/4 Italian and the grandparents who weren’t born in Italy were 1st generation immigrants.  So making the Italian version was a joy – and something I perhaps should have thought of before.  I can add that to the list that includes Spanish, French, German and even a Jewish calendar.

In case you want it, the Italian version is here.  Note it is a Monday start for these, as that is the Italian way.2016_Italian_blank


The other request came in just this morning – but it is one that at least one other person asked for.  She and I have chatted via email but not come to a conclusion.  I had already figured out the biggest size I could fit on an A4/US Letter size page and this is it:


Those blocks are 3.75 x 5.25 inches.  That allows them to fall within the printing borders of most printers. I did dither over whether or not to include the thin grey lines.  Some may prefer not to have them, so the vertical dimensions could take advantage of the blank borders, but I think for most people, they would prefer to have the cutting lines clearly defined.  So you can grab THAT set here if you like.  They don’t fir Project Life sleeves, too big for 3×4, too small for 4 x 6, but you could trim them and mount them on 4 x 6 blocks of cardstock or patterned paper and get them to fit.


When in doubt, add a calendar!

Here is another 2016 calendar.  Just something I was playing with “before.” I wanted something a little more hand-drawn looking and I think this fits the bill.



I like the font for the letters, which is called Quirky Knots. I did check three times and really concentrated so am as close to 100% sure these are correct as I can be.  Avoiding any crappy site that added a calendar that had the wrong info on it, I found one that I feel is reliable and have saved it so I can come back to it again and again.


On a personal note, I saw the Dr. and he is happy enough not to increase one of the meds.  Apparently the normal thing to do is to start on a low dose and work up to a high one.  I’m on 1.5mg and the norm is 10mg.  I did a little research on something my sister mentioned in passing, the DASH diet.  Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension.  I like it,  and it’s been rated the top diet (in the US anyway) for 5 years for both how easy it is to stick to as well as how effective it is.  I got the book for the weight-loss version, and it IS good.  When I lost 40lbs a couple of years back, I did it by cutting out virtually all carbs and limiting my fruits to berries.  That “cured” my type 2 diabetes (ha ha) according to the Dr.  but it really wasn’t sustainable.  I love toast too much LOL!  I can live without ice cream and candy, even muesli or granola far easier than never having a potato or toast with my eggs.  Just before the heart attack I had noticed a slow weight gain, and had just started to go back to removing those foods from my diet again.  But the DASH diet includes all sorts of fruits and grains. There is meant to be a two-week phase that is no fruit, no grains (which I didn’t know cause I had only read the info on the Mayo Clinic website, which is the original diet, without the focus on weight loss and as a by-product, metabolism re-set and sugar control) but the diet after that has all the things I love in small quantities.  Yes, even dark chocolate!

It has really only been two weeks since I got out of the hospital but so far I have lost 8 lbs, brought my sugar levels down to an acceptable level (not good, but far better than in the hospital – the combo of the so-called “diabetic diet” foods like piles of mashed potatoes and carrots and very few GREEN vegetables and the stress of being in the hospital probably contributed to that at least a bit) and am not struggling with it at all.   Well, I am struggling a little simply because the UK is far behind the US in offering low-salt, no added salt or sugar, non-fat or low-fat versions of foods.  I’ve yet to find pancake syrup in any store I’ve shopped in, let alone the sugar-free versions I saw in the USA 15 years ago.  And reduced salt chicken broth?  25 years ago that was common in the USA.  I still struggle to find it reliably.  I gave up on proper Jewish rye and pumpernickel bread (as opposed to the damp, Polish market ones) and there are 100 other things that the book mentions as “in any grocery store” that can’t be found here.  It’s made me have to research every little thing, read labels like never before (and I really did read them a lot already) to stay on track.  But I am seeing the benefits already.  I feel better, and am looking forward to the Cardio rehab sessions to get more info.  I’ll be dragging out the stationary bike – with winter coming it’ll be a reliable way to exercise – and am looking to find a yoga DVD for stress reduction.

OK so that was all super boring, I’m sure.  I’ve rarely let much of my real life slip in here, keeping it to mostly crafty things, but this is huge for me and I find writing about it helpful.  I promise I will try to set this sort of personal stuff apart so it is easy to skip over.  I might even relegate it to another blog, so I can satisfy the need to write about it without boring the crafty folk to tears!

Thanks for all the kind comments, BTW.  It means a lot.

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CD Calendar – updated again, by request

I have had two requests from commenters/followers for this CD calendar to be updated for 2016.

It was easy enough to do and while I was at it I also made the 1/2 – size and 1/4 – size versions. Why not?  It is simple and perhaps useful.  See the comparison?

The largest is the standard CD calendar size of 4 3/4 x 5.  The 1/2 – size one (roughly) is a little over 3 1/4 x 3 1/2.  The 1/4 – size one is (roughly) 2 1/4 x not quite 2 1/2 .


The half-size is good if you want to decorate a standard CD sized piece of cardstock and add the month block as a topper.  The 1/4 – size one might work for that too, but I see it more as a tear-off.  Likewise it could be added to a 3 x 4 card and used as a PL calendar.  The 1/2 size one could be trimmed and added as a topper on a 3 x 4 filler card and that would work too!



Standard CD size download

1/2 size download

1/4 size download

So there we go.  Enjoy!

(although the thought that people are already making Christmas gifts gives me the shakes…. )


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Another horizontal calendar for 2016

I am just struggling to find time to blog, with everything else going on, but I did have this calendar I haven’t shared yet, so I thought I would add it.  I love that overprinted look, and that was what I was trying to accomplish here.


I did the 12 months then added a trio of filler cards at the end.  I usually try to limit the font use to just a couple, for most sets, but while I loved the font for the numbers I didn’t like it for the additional text on the filler cards.  I hope the over-printed big words tie them together well enough.

You can get the 3 x 4 card size here.  I also did the half-size version, which would make a cute tear-off set.  The smaller filler cards would certainly work on a standard scrapbook layout so you wouldn’t need to waste them.  Get the half-size set here.

The first of our fall visitors arrive next week so I may still be less seen for a bit longer.

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The 2016 Pretty CD circle calendar – Monday to Sunday version

The Sunday to Saturday version was yesterday, and today …prettyCD2016_Mon_to_Sun

This is the link to the Monday to Sunday version.  Sorry this is coming so late in the day, I had it done yesterday but have been busy with UKS stuff and another thing I have to get sorted.  Life is just too crazy busy right now.

I just needed to find 10 minutes to sort out the half-size version just like the other one, so whether you do Sunday to Saturday or Monday to Sunday, you have a half-sized version to download.



I’ll repeat myself: Don’t be fooled by the image size!! The first set is sized to fit a CD case,  4 3/4 inch across and 5 inch tall. The four-a-page prints at about 3 5/16th inch across and 3 1/2 inch tall.

and I’ll add a different project link to inspire you:

I think the grid paper photo cube could work for the half-size set:


Gosh that is a bad photo! Better?





Pretty CD Circle calendar updated for 2016

OK, I’ve checked and checked and an as sure as I can be all is as it should be! I did NOT use a Dreamstime calendar for the dates LOL!  I’ll never trust them again.  But here it is.  Pretty much as I showed in the preview except the year has moved to the top to give the scroll more room at the bottom.


This is the SUNDAY to SATURDAY version – 6 pages, two months per page.

Now, I so often get request or smaller versions so I’ve made this one a half-sized pdf as well.  Four months to a page.


Don’t be fooled by the image size!! The first set is sized to fit a CD case,  4 3/4 inch across and 5 inch tall. The four-to-a-page version prints at about 3 5/16th inch across and 3 1/2 inch tall.

The Calendar Making menu at the top has lots of projects that can be used or adapted to make gifts or for yourself.  One of my favourites:

Make a frame

Make a frame

Possibly a good one for the half-size ones:

NEW: CD with tear off

NEW: CD with tear off

Composing this post made me realize that I still have calendar projects that I’ve NOT added to the Calendar making menu! But that is a task for another day….

the MONDAY to SUNDAY version will be coming along soon.

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2016 CD Calendar NEARLY done!

I am hoping I can eke out some time to finish this up and be ready to post at least the Sunday To Saturday version for download tomorrow. It is double checking the days for each month, start and end days and number of days, that is one of the hold ups! Having been badly let down by the Spanish language calendar from Dreamstime having errors in it, I had to make sure I was using a calendar from another more reliable source as a double-check!

The other issue has to do with the circle with the month name.  I tend to use free fonts, and the requirements for accuracy in things like kerning are not so strict as they are for professionally designed cost-a-lot fonts.  This makes getting a smooth circle, nicely spaced, pretty difficult.  Even though I am using a HUGE monitor, and a 400X view of the circle


(you can see my bottle of flavoured water there – that gives you an idea of the size!) I can’t always catch the little quirks thrown out by different fonts.  As a general rule the fonts that work best are the straight up and down ones.  Any bit of a lean (like with MOST script-y fonts) affects it.  The best way to check it is to print the sheets and look very closely at each circle.  With Sweetheart Script, every sheet had one month with some little anomaly.


Some times it is as easy as adding or removing a space between the words, or adjusting the Path bias in tiny increments.  It is time-consuming.  But I think it is worth doing.

Why am I boring you with this?  When I do post the download, if there is an extra space between two words (like the one between the two there at the bottom of the photo above) be assured it is NOT an “error”  but required to avoid an even worse issue somewhere else around the circle!  I look at them and decide what *I* think looks best from the options I can see.

I’ll probably check them a few more times to salve my paranoia of putting one with wrong date info put there LOL! but keep an eye out.  Then I have to do the replacement to make the Monday to Sunday versions too…..

no rest for the wicked…and clearly I am VERY wicked indeed.



If you ask, be specific….

I am usually pretty happy when my commenters ask for things.  I am honest about how much time I have, if I think it is too much work to take on, and try to be realistic about when I can do it.  I’ve (occasionally) said Sorry, no and tried to explain why.  Sometimes what people ask for is simply not something I can do.

For most of my calendar files I have them saved in groups. in order.  So looking at this CD calendar:

2016cdworking backwards, I have:

  • the square locked in place
  • the entire middle grouped
  • the two halves of the scrollwork  and the white circle with the blue border grouped


  • all the month block info grouped
  • the Month name and 2016 grouped 
  • the sideways day abbreviations grouped
  • the columns of days grouped then grouped with that

The italic bit is what allows me to swap out a new dates block for a new year. What that means is I can UNGROUP things in reverse, and I only need to UNGROUP the centre (leaving the colour part and the month info part in the locked frame) and delete the colour part, leaving the month block intact. Align that block in the frame so there is more blank space at the top and Save then Save As >PDF.

Thinking about the groupings in a logical way when I made the calendar allowed me to create this blank to-decorate version in about 15 minutes.  It gave me a post for the day when I would otherwise have been too busy to sort something. So YAY! for that.


But just to go back to the post title for a moment…I went out on a limb with this – my commenter just said she loved the original and would have liked a “blank version to decorate.” Fair enough, I THINK I know what she meant and I THINK what she wanted is this. But I could be wrong!  I don’t think I am, or I wouldn’t have taken the time – well, I did think to myself even if I WAS wrong I was making something that potentially might be useful LOL!

This was one of the easier comments to figure out, assuming I got it right, of course.  Sometimes the comment is so cryptic I have NO IDEA what the person wants.  If there is an email, I contact them directly and ask.  Sometimes I read their reply and think I did NOT see that coming! LOL! So if you want something specific, be really specific when you ask me.  Because my readership is pretty international, time zones come into play.  If you comment from the USA before you go to bed, I may get up, read the comment, have time to do whatever it is you asked for and have it posted on my blog or in the mail to you before you wake up – IF I know what you want SPECIFICALLY.

I should say that this in no way implies a contract between us, that I will do anything asked of me {wink} but I will read the request, consider how long it will take, if I have the time to do it, and if I’ll enjoy it or find it a challenge I want to take on.  And anything I make that isn’t super personal is not going to get saved for you and you alone (so yes, Jenny, that makes you exempt, fair dinkum! )  It’ll get shared with everyone.

Now, I have a million things to do before a big day on Saturday.





Keychain calendar additional months

A few people, over the years, have said when they make calendars they like to do the remaining months of the current year as well as the following year. Some like to do the following year and a bit of the year AFTER.

So I had a request for the remainder of 2015, in this 2016 key chain calendar I made, download found here.


I figured as long as I was going to do the next 5 months, I might as well do 5 months on the OTHER side, for 2017.  Five months work out as an even row, without me having to jump thru hoops to make sure it all fits for both A4 and US letter.  It’s a bonus, a bit of an extra for those who like to have a few extra months.  I altered the colours slightly so they don’t repeat


That is just a slice from the middle – the actual sheet has two each of the five 2015 months and two each of the 2017 months.  I checked and re-checked, and used two different calendars just in case! You can grab the single sheet here. Hope they help!


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