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I envy prepared people… 2017 and 2018 calendars

{sigh}I am NOT a prepared person – well, maybe when I am cooking but only sometimes.  I like to SAY I’m prepared, to PRETEND I’m prepared, but I so am NOT.

So I was a little surprised at how many people have emailed to commented that they want 2017 and even 2018 (!) calendars.

I did one – it’s the one I got asked for the most.  I have said we are possibly moving.  Buying a house in the UK is very unlike buying a house in the USA.  It feels like it could all go wrong at any second.  But I have to get prepared in case it doesn’t.  I know, in general, readers have gotten used to asking, then getting, and usually pretty quickly – please don’t expect that for a bit.  I’ll do my best, you can always ask, but patience is a virtue, or so they say….

This is the one I call the Pretty Circle CD Calendar.  Those who want to make gifts with more than one year, or update an old gift with a new years worth of circles can do so. To remind you:



Just a slight font variation in the year.

Get the 2017 calendar here

Get the 2018 calendar here

I have only done the Sunday to Saturday versions, as they are the least effort – I may get around to a Monday to Sunday at some point but no time soon. I use Sunday to Saturday so it will always be the one I do first!



Quote calendar – other sizes

Sometimes, it’s just a mystery. A commenter pointed out that in the previous post, the upload was missing the May Friday strip.  Huh.  So it was:


but the really weird thing is it was in the original working file!


and when I re-exported the PDF, it was there too. So that has been sorted, and is surely something I will be on the lookout for. As I had another comment via email, also asking for the half-size (two pairs  to a page)


to go with the full CD calendar size and the 1/4 size from yesterday (4 pairs to a page) I figured I might as well add that too.


I’ll go ahead and add all of them to this post, so no matter which one you land on you will find them all.

Full CD size PDF – makes one calendar

1/2 size – makes two calendars

1/4 size – makes four calendars

Did I mention how much I hate upgrading computers?  Why oh why will the software designers insist on losing functionality that was relied upon? And while the new version of Intaglio fixes a few issues from the past version (like I can finally align things to the top) it seems very glitchy. It crashes a lot and I can no longer mock-bold a font, and this missing strip thing.  I have had stuff disappear before, but I could make a case for it being my fault.  That I can live with – I’m a ditz, I make mistakes.  But NOT ME?  DOH!


2016 Quote Circle calendar

Bizarrely, one strip seems to have dropped of of the pdf.  I need to re-upload but can’t do it now.  I’ll re add the link as soon as I remake the PDFs.  See the next post for an explanation.

Well, I have done a ton of 2016 calendars already but I did have a request for a 2015 one that I had NOT updated.  I hate to disappoint so I’ve done it.

The original 2015 set looked like this – a standard CD calendar-size

and the quotes are:

Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and
resign yourself to the influences of each.

How do you measure a year? Measure, measure your life in love   Share love, give love, spread love …

Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of

Time, by moments, steals away, First the hour, and then the day;
Small the daily loss appears, Yet it soon amounts to years

Live in the present. Do the things that need to be done. Do all the good you can each day. The future will unfold.

The hours pass and the days and the months and the years, and the past time never returns.

We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery

We live in deeds, not years; in thoughts, not figures on a dial. We should count time by heart throbs. He most lives who thinks most, feels the noblest, acts the best.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes  …  How do you measure, measure a year?

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, To the last syllable of recorded time…

…today, well lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a dream of hope.

I went ahead and made a little project.  Not step-by-steps but the basic idea is to cut the circles


add a border


I made one background and added the month circle with the brad you see at the top.


The background slips into corners on a simple easel.


Humm. Black on Black s hard to see. On the back of the easel there is a sort of pocket to hold the other month circles


At the end, I added a small Post-It note thingie (I cut down a chunk one of a 3 x 3 one) and a pen clipped on the top


Just a quick and easy project, but mostly to show that just because it is a CD calendar, it doesn’t have to be used that way!  And testing out the results of a previous poll, there is a HALF-SIZED set (2 images per page so it will make 2 complete calendars) and a 1/4 size version, to be used for tear-off versions.  You can see how it compares in size to the 3 x 3 Post-it note pad.


The circles also fit a 2″ punch.  You could probably use them as add-ons in a planner!

Full CD size PDF – makes one calendar

1/2 size – makes two calendars

1/4 size – makes four calendars

Have fun.


Calendar woes.

A commenter found that the September month for some reason (probably my fault) retained the 2015 date arrangement.  It doesn’t happen often but it aways chills me to the bone when I find I’ve made an error with the dates.  I always try to be super careful in checking again and again but occasionally I miss something.  I am so grateful when someone else notices and lets me know so I can correct it.

Here is the corrected PDF

The worst of it is that the new printer driver doesn’t allow me to say PRINT, then create a PDF of the 1/2 and 1/4 size calendars with a click. It will only do the 1/2 size by duplicating the image on the page, rather than doing two pages on a sheet.  So while I can produce the 1/2 and 1/4 size PDF, they will have either 2 or 4 of the months and be 2 or 4 times as many pages.


This is a very annoying lost-function!  So I put it to you- would you accept having to print 2 or 4 calendars in order to get the smaller size?  Do most people print multiples of the smaller sizes for gifts, etc?

Here is the half-size PDF so you can see what I mean. Seems when I added the corrected September/October months I got them upside down.   doh!


So tell me what you think, and I’ll keep it in mind when considering making1/2 and 1/4 size versions in the future.


Hungarian? You betcha!

I have had a huge flurry of activity on my blog from a Hungarian blog, that has a round-up of calendars. Despite my best efforts (and with the help of an online translation bot) I am unable to figure out how to contact the poster directly without registering.  So I am doing this the lazy way LOL!  I just converted the calendar that seems to be the focus into a Hungarian version. Never done one of them.  I looked at a number of sites that listed the day abbreviations and while most places say the names of the week are NOT capitalized, most of the sample calendars I saw did use capital letters for the abbreviations.  Some of them used SZ twice.  I ended up using a variation of the abbreviations used on medicine packs, but it may not be exactly right. My head spins.

Here is what it looks like.  Maybe someone who is (or speaks) Hungarian can let me know if it is OK or not!


The PDF is here for download.

Just as an experiment, I thought I would translate my blog post into Hungarian sing the BING translator.  This is what it says:

Volt egy hatalmas szélroham a tevékenység a blogomban egy magyar blog, hogy egy kerek a naptárak. Az én-m legjobb erőfeszítés ellenére (és egy onlinefordítói bot segítségével) nem vagyok képes, hogy kitaláljuk, hogyan lehet felvenni a kapcsolatot a poszter közvetlenül nélkül beiktat. Szóval én ezt a lusta út LOL!Én csak át a naptárban, hogy úgy tűnik, hogy a hangsúly a magyar változat. Soha nem történt meg az egyik közülük. Én nézetton oldalak, a nap rövidítésekszereplő számos, és míg a legtöbb helyen azt mondják, nincs tőkésítve a nevét, a hét, a minta naptárak láttam a legtöbb tett használ nyomtatott nagybetűkkel arövidítések. Fejem forog.
Itt van, amit úgy néz ki, mint. Talán valaki, aki (vagy beszél) magyar is hadd tudjam meg, ha ez rendben vagy nem!
I wonder how close it is to what I actually wrote.
Off to link in the original so people can find it!


Housekeeping – book folds and a calendar

I’m just adding a couple of things from requests.

First, a calendar.  I’d made this one in 2015, then updated it as a Spanish language one for 2016. When I got a request for an English version, I couldn’t find that I had made one.  So I sorted that out.  I asked if the original requestor wanted the Sunday to Saturday version or the Monday to Sunday version like the Spanish one.  No reply yet, so I just did Sunday to Saturday.


The PDF with all the months is here.

Next, I had a request for a ! book folding template.  The request was for a specific font, Habano ST, but that one was pretty slanted and I just wasn’t sure.  So I made a few others, as well as a Habano that was straightened


I figured with those choices there would be ONE that worked.  Having made the 3-page PDF I might as well share it.You can download it here.

So as far as I know all request have been dealt with.  Phew.  Busy day for me, so I’m off….


What someone did with one of my calendars. Wowza.

Been a while since I did a Sunday-Somplace-Else.  I happened to see a few visits to my blog from a site I had never encountered before.  I decided to follow the link, as I often do, and was totally blown away by her project.  I just love it.  To be fair, my calendar is only a VERY small part of it, and I would encourage you to visit the site to see all the photos cause it is well worth it.

Isn’t that just fabulous? I have to say I love the Translate function.  It tells me the blog title is Smile.Live.Scrap and I loved everything I saw.  Not quite tutorials, but total eye candy for sure.

If you are inspired, do pop to her blog before you Pin the image.


One more 2016 Calendar for you

I bought another set of handwritten fonts that I love, and a total bargain at £7 for 20+ of them.  OK, so not ALL of them are winners, but more than 50% are.  I needed an excuse to play with them.  This is the result:


I also made the sheet with blank space instead of a calendar month.  I thought it would be useful for journaling. You can grab the 4 page PDF  here. I called it Last2016, but I may still make more, if the mood strikes me.

This is also a chance for you to comment to say which of my past calendars you would want to see for 2017! I’ve made…well, I haven’t counted but I am guessing is at least 20 unique designs.  I may have to do a post with samples of them all, and do a poll LOL! But I still have one more super-easy, very cute Big Knit hat design to share.  I am SO CLOSE to being done with my 100.  I also have to knit a couple more Baby beanies Santa hats for that charity, then a trip to the post office and I am DONE.

Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my American readers.  We have acquired some fresh turkey parts at the grocery store and will be creating another Franken-bird.  Finding a fresh turkey in the store is near impossible before the big Christmas pre-order date.  As it is just us three this year, a bit pointless to order a £45 massive bird, even if we could have gotten it in time, which is a big IF.  I suppose it saves me from having to cook TWO big birds this year…..


Floral calendar. A post with the actual download in it. Doh!

Yeah, I am clearly losing my mind.  It’s been days since I blogged, the in-laws and family and Drs. are keeping  me busy, my Dear DS is home for a few days (yay!) and I am working in some Christmas gifts.  Somehow, I managed to ONCE AGAIN leave off the download link for the pretty floral B&W calendar.  In this particular case it turned out to be a GOOD thing, cause I noticed a couple of the floral borders were not perfectly lined up at the edges of the boxes.  Now I can add the corrected ones without worrying that people had downloaded the not-perfect ones.  All good, then.


See what I mean?



HERE is the download! I’ll get back to normal soon, fingers crossed, with only the rare error, rather than one every other printable.  {sigh}


B&W floral calendar, by request!

I am such a twit.  See the next post for the actual download…. DOH!

A commenter, Anastasia, asked about a black and white floral border for one of my 2016 calendars. When people don’t specify something really specific, I tend to do what *I* think they want.  Which may or may not be what they actually want.  I used the calendar from the post that prompted the comment, and while this is less a border than a corner detail (cause a border would mean making the calendar part a lot smaller so it would fit) I think it looks good and hopefully will appeal, to both the commenter and the rest of the calendar fans.  It could be printed on lightly patterned paper as well.


Like the original, there are three blank cards at the end for journaling cards.

Hope you like them and find them useful!


My in-laws are still here (one more week) and MIL and I have been busy, busy, busy!  Add in all the Drs. appointments  and rehab sessions (I have SIX next week, plus the alarm company, the cleaner, and the WOYWW crop) and time is short, for sure.  I even had an appointment for an echocardiogram this (Saturday) morning at 8AM! I have to hope normal service will resume at some point, but with Christmas looming who knows?  Roll on 2016, I think….


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