Doily calendars for 2017 – Which one?


I’ve had a couple of requests for the DOILY calendars.  I am taking a leap and saying this is the one people mean:



Here is a 2017 version, colours slightly tweaked, slightly different font – It was driving me crazy because on the screen it looked like the thin lines that define the blocks were missing, and some of the lines under the day strip were darker.  I finally printed them and can see that they are fine.


Download it here!

And now I will go on a little break while we move house.  I  will try to get to any book folding template requests as and when I can, but be aware that if you have a pressing need (prom-posals, anniversaries, etc) it might be best to try elsewhere.  At this point I just have no idea how long it will take before I am back working.


Fingers crossed it all goes well!


18 thoughts on “Doily calendars for 2017 – Which one?

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  2. I have a question about your calendars…If I recall right, at one point you did mention which program you design them in..I love your calendars and I haven’t found an easy way to resize them…I use a 31/2 x 5 acrylic frame for mine..I find it takes me forever to print one, resize it, and print it again..but it’s never perfect. Any suggestions?

    Thanks Donna

    • Resizing is a bit of a pain unless it is a standard increment (like 2 x or 4 x) so really the best plan is to print them as they are, then attach the 3 x 4 size to a 3.5 x 5 inch piece of paper. Some of the designs (ones where there are 4 to a page) you SHOULD be able to cut the the right size, with a white border. I can try to keep that in mind for the future and make sure there is enough space around them when I place them on the page!


      Mary Anne

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your files, thye are really appreciated

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  6. Thanks for sending out this version.

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  8. Do you have a full one-page of all 12 months with this print? It is absolutely adorable! I am needing just a 2017 one-pager I can stick on my desk for work with all of the months and days listed on it (and not in a tiny font, like I’m seeing when I search on google).

  9. Thanks for these. Every year I hope to be ready well in advance of the holiday season…… Maybe this time !
    Good luck with the move. Only piece of advice – pack bedding where it is easy to find to make up beds !


  11. Good Luck with your move MaryAnne – hope it all goes smoothly but as wishes often get waylaid here’s to hoping you can make it all as magic as you do your amazing creations.

  12. Just wanted to thank you again for the calendars that you created for me using a 2″ punch.  I love these circular calendars and wonder when you can if you can create the same for 2017 when you have time. I have attached a copy of my June 2016 calendar for you to see. Thank you again,Michele HembreePalm Coast, FL

    • Sorry nothing attached, but I sort of remember this 🙂 Knowing it is a 2″ punch to fit will help. I’ll see what I can do but it might not be this month 🙂

  13. Thanks for sending out this version. The one I am looking for is the vertical one. When you are moved I would love to have one of the vertical ones. They are about 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. I love the font that you used if you can keep that it would be great.

    Thank you so much for responding so quickly.

    Ronna Crowley

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