2015 calendar Printables


I’ve been dithering over adding these – for a start, I worry they are too busy.  I know people tend to like colourful printables but I usually do my calendars with a lot of whites space, cause I like them like that.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and made this set them just kept holding them back.  Also, it IS pretty early in the year – come December/January, I imagine people will have forgotten all about them.  But what the heck…

They are usable for PL books, obviously, but would also work as CD calendars mounted on a bigger piece of cardstock.  You can find many other ways to make them work, including printing them two to a page. That will give you blocks that measure just shy of 3 x just shy of 2 1/4.  They could then be used to make tear-off calendars.  Perhaps a little ink-intensive but you can decide if it’s worth it!

It’s a three page PDF .

I always print them, because I can find errors more easily in print than I can on the screen.  Still, I do always have a fear that I will have made some stupid, unnoticed mistake, get the dates wrong somehow, and still miss it.  {sigh}


There are the 12 months then there are three blocks with slightly smaller chevrons, in three not-used colours, that you can use for journaling or filler cards if you like


And a screen shot so you can see all the colours:


You should be able to click and see it slightly bigger. Maybe – it doesn’t work in the preview but may when it’s live. 


Hope you find them useful.



18 thoughts on “2015 calendar Printables

  1. Can you please make these for 2021?! I love them💗💗🙏


    • LOL! No offense in any way, but those have to be my least favourite calendars ever and that is probably why I only ever made them once. Plus they are a huge pain and super time consuming cause of the circles around the numbers – I am not promising I will do it but I will look at how long it might take. Watch this space….


  2. I love your chevron 2015 and have printed for my PL album for next year, by any chance could you make them bigger like 6×8 so I could print for my daughters album. I cannot find anything bigger for hers and I would rather use yours as they are so pretty! Thanks Annie.


    • Well thank you! Gosh i have never had anyone ask for them BIGGER, only smaller 🙂

      I think I possibly COULD do that for you, althoughI can only get 3 to a page n the larger size. I did have another thought for you too – what if you printed them as is, then mounted them on a 4 x 6 block? That would leave you the 3 x 4 blank area to add a photo or some journaling. That would be a portrait orientation rather than landscape, but it give you another option.

      If I get the time I will see what I can do tomorrow.

      Cheers and Happy Holidays



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  6. These are so cute! I am going to print several copies — to keep one set my my computer, another at my desk, etc. I love small things and would rather have these sitting in a cute little box/easel than a big wall calendar. thank you!


  7. Hi , I made your lovely circular calendars last year 6 of them altogether and was hoping to make them again this year.Please could you tell me where you found the template for them or did you design them yourself and wondered if you would be doing them as a PDF file this year for 2015. Thanks


  8. Love these! Wish I had colored ink for the printer and I’d have a go at printing these.


  9. My word child…do you ever sleep?


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