The pretty calendar – updated for 2015


As requested, here is the round CD calendar from a few years back, updated for 2015.


Two months per sheet, sized to cut and fit a CD case.  Download it here.

If you look at the post here you will see how to make a nice front frame for it, to create something like this:


or something more elaborate:


That is a different printable, but the idea is the same.  I’m off to Newbury for the Stamp show today, but will hope to add how I made MY 2015 version tomorrow. Crochet is “hot” at the moment so I brought that into play to make this:


It’s not QUITE done yet – I’m considering some crocheted flowers and the date (NOT crocheted – that would be SILLY!) at the bottom.




5 thoughts on “The pretty calendar – updated for 2015

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  2. wow very nice 🙂

  3. Hi Mary Ann

    Paula here. I just dropped in because I saw (for the first time on my reader that I don’t use), that you have posted about calendars. I’ve been meaning to make family members a calendar for years and always leave it way too late , so I think instead of [not] making an a4 wall calendar which would be hard to make look decent (well I would find it hard anyway), this is more compact and versatile because it can fit more places (even on desks rather than hang and pin up somewhere). You’ve definitely inspired me – they can be decorated to theme the recipient, they taste or even where they would put it. I think I’m going to buying some blanks from the £1shop this week and get between 8 and 10 blanks for a pound! Functional and a gift. I’m loving it. Thanks again, I love coming to your blog and just meandering around and discovering wonderful things. I need to visit more often as there is soooo much to see.

    Big hugs
    Paula xxx

  4. wow – love that idea of the calendar in the cd cover – never seen it before, might have to give it a go – at least it would stand up on my desk at work!

  5. Thanks so much for the pretty calendar template,after a rough day at work it was a real treat to come home,switch the computer on and know that i will have a lovely time making pressies for the next few weeks. Once again many thanks.

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