RBG – notorious, iconic, gone


When I woke up yesterday to the news that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died and I have to admit it, made me well up.  She was a feminist icon, lived a long and amazing life, and will be sorely missed on the US Supreme Court.

I have been playing around, old school, with my 1st generation Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot.  It worked well enough for me to cut a stencil of RBG and make an art journal page.  Simple, focused, and will probably carry on making me get a bit teary as I page past it at least for a while.

The stencil is in two parts, because it was too hard to join up the bits and still have the image look enough like her to work.  Limited colours, as red, white, and blue are all that it needed – anything else, save black and white,  would muddy the waters.

Still a bit wet.

As a side note, I am finding that working on the crumpled paper bag pages of this journal do offer great texture, but the thinness of the pages and the lack of stability when wet, even with a coat of gesso, limits the techniques I can do.  At this point I am 90% done with a thicker card journal I am anxious to move on to but I have 8 or more pages in this original one.  I know many people have multiple journals on the go, but I really am not ready to jump to that, given I had already set journaling aside for, let’s be honest, YEARS.

Should I have waited to make this page, or leapt into it as I did when it was a fresh, as I did?  Not sure. Is it the best, most artistic page I could have made? Probably not.  But I do love it anyway, and it speaks to me.  I think it always will, possibly BECAUSE  I didn’t wait around and overthink it.  It looks as raw as I feel. It’s hard to know what more to say.

May the Almighty comfort all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

2 thoughts on “RBG – notorious, iconic, gone

  1. This is a beautiful tribute and a beautifully culturally sensitive and appreciated ending. Jewish lore says that someone who dies at the beginning of Rosh Hashana is truly a righteous person – someone who spends their life caring about just treatment of all. I have been really depressed this weekend – especially with all the political games being played around her replacement. I pray for my country too.

  2. Thank you for your post❤️

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